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60th Edition ~ 1/11/2012


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. . . just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!


Windchill Windchill Windchill



January 16th @ 6:00 p.m.


*** Reservations Needed ***


Wynelle D. Greenway: gwtwjw@mchsi.com

Phone: 229-435-8746


For more information click here:







*** Class of 1961 ***

"AHS Girls of '61" will meet again January 12, 2012. Join us if you are in town.

~ Corinne Beverly Flannigan - 1snooks@bellsouth.net


*** Class of 1952 ***

60th Reunion

April 13-15, 2012

*** For complete plans and costs, plus a printable reservation sheet: Click here: '52 60th Reunion Reservation Form)

Other classes welcome by paid reservation


Merry Acres Motel & Conference Center

* Friday night fellowship @ poolside

* Saturday evening Dinner-Dance in Ballroom


Planning Committee: Don Bravaldo, Reba Willis Stewart, Margaret Landford Rowe, Jesse Way, Mary Ann Blackshear Oakes, and B.B. Rhodes


*** Class of 1962 ***

2012 50th Reunion

Information is available on our web at



Friday, April 20

@ Shackleford House on Dawson Rd

Saturday, April 21

@ Doublegate Country Club

7:00 PM for both events

The Planning Committee is working! Monthly meetings will be held through April 2012. The meetings are open to all classmates and are held the second Thursday of each month.

The next reunion planning meeting will be January 12, 2012, 6:00 PM at Sunset Grill.


Jonnie Holley-Douglas and Eleanor Simpson Banks are guiding us and keeping us organized.

No meeting in December, but will resume in January.


Girls Luncheon

The Girls Luncheons are held quarterly

11:30 a.m. at the Sunset Grill.

Next meeting - Feb. 16, 2012

For reservations contact: Joann Roark Arneson or Carol Pate Stark at cpstark@att.net



*** Class of 1972 ***

Albany High & Westover High

45th Class Reunion

Combined 40th Reunion

April 28, 2012

Please contact Susan Griffin at: griffin6999@bellsouth.net


*** Class of 1967 ***

45th Class Reunion

May 4th & 5th, 2012

Contact people are Mike Patterson (229) 420-8654 and Ginger Myers (229) 432-2947


*** Class of 1956 ***

The Planning Committee Meeting

met January 11, 2012, 5 p.m.

at "Freddie's office" (Merrill Lynch)

2421 Westgate Blvd., Albany, GA 31707

Discussed having a "mini-reunion" in 2013


All class members are welcome at future meetings!

If you live out of town or are unable to attend, but would like to submit ideas or suggestions for the reunion, please send them to: Leon Perrett, k4gcr@bellsouth.net


*** Class of 1983 ***

30th Reunion

Saturday, June 22, 2013

6:00 pm

Location: TBD


*** Are there additional upcoming reunions? Submit your information to:








1957 Indians

Don & Diane Pulliam Wells

Document Indian Trail Trees


“Mystery of the Trees”



Don Wells, President of the Mountain Stewards, a 501(c)(3) organization located in Jasper GA, has announced the publication of their book Mystery of the Trees. The book will be available for sale on the Mountain Stewards web site, www.mountainstewards.org. It will also be available in other locations to be announced soon.


The “Mystery of the Trees” is a never-before-told story about curious, oddly shaped trees that were used by Indians to guide themselves across the North American Continent, to trade, to hunt, to communicate with other tribes, to gather plants for medicines and more.


This book covers six years of work in documenting a part of the cultural heritage of the Indians that is rapidly disappearing. In the early 1900’s, some information was published, but then it languished in archives. It has remained below the radar for years. Through interviews with tribal elders and extensive research the story can now be told.


The Indian Trail Trees are sacred to the Native Americans and their preservation is very importance. Although, many of these trees can live to be 300 to 600 years old, some are near the end of their lives. Others, unfortunately, have been destroyed by urban development or vandals. The meanings of these trees are not completely known. The meaning may never be known since those who know are all but gone.


Some of these trees are found marking old Indian Trails. Others point to water, shelter, stream crossings, medicine plant sites and more. The techniques for bending a tree into a particular shape have, for the most part, been lost. However, these “living artifacts” are a testimony to the skills and knowledge of the Indian people in their being one with nature.


Native Americans traditionally transferred their culture and history through oral means. Each year, at festivals and family gatherings, the elders told the historical and mythological stories of their tribe. After the white settlers and the missionaries came, the oral stories began to disappear. By the time of the removal to Oklahoma, Indians had lost significant parts of their culture and history, and with each succeeding generation, more knowledge faded.


The methodology of bending the trees and their meaning are part of what has been lost. Wells said, “Probing the evidence will allow us to recover, explore and preserve this fascinating part of Indian culture. In addition to the book, a video documentary is being developed that will show the ingenious and resourceful ways that Native Americans used trees.” Interviews, historical research (both oral and written), dendrochronology, GPS, satellite systems and sophisticated computer-based mapping programs are being used to validate the extensive geographic knowledge Native Americans possessed.


In less than six years, bent trees have been documented as existing or as having previously existed in 39 states. Some of these trees clearly marked Indian Trails. GPS and digital topographic technology are being used to correlate trees with known Indian trails and village sites. The plotting of these trails and village sites on topographic and 3-D maps graphically tells more about the cultural history of Native Americans.


The Stewards have partnered with WildSouth, Inc. of Asheville, NC, and Moulton, AL. Together, these organizations are collecting cultural and historical data of Native American tribes in the Southeastern United States. The first project in this massive undertaking is the trail mapping for the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians (ECBI) in Cherokee, NC and in the surrounding territory of western NC. Work on this project began in April 2009 and continues through 2012.

Don Wells, 706-692-1565 mountainman93@gmail.com



Doug Dahlgren, Class of 1965

announces the release of his third book

in the "SON Series"


"The Basics of Fundamentals"


This book and others in the series are available through Amazon.com in either Paperback or Kindle version. Click here: Amazon.com: Doug Dahlgren: Books



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ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?


Messages from FaceBook!!


Do not open any message with an attachment called: Invitation FACEBOOK, regardless of who sent it. It is a virus that opens an OlympIc torch virus that burns the whole hard disc C of your computer.

~ Deanna Cannon Royal ('66)


NOTE: One method by which the Koobface virus spreads is via e-mails and posts that appear to be messages sent by friends or contacts from social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. The messages typically include invitations to view video clips; when the recipients click on the provided links, they are taken to a counterfeit YouTube website and informed that they need to install an Adobe Flash plug-in to view the video The faux plug-in installation procedure is a ruse to cover the loading of Koobface's trojan horse program in the user's computer.


*** Shirley Wallace Clay also commented on Albany High Times Website's link. Shirley wrote: "Thank you again for the Albany High Times ... I enjoy hearing about people I know and many I don't know. Good job.


NOTE: I have no way to determine class years from those sending messages from FaceBook.

But we always love hearing from them.



“News & Clues”



*** Please add me to the Albany High Times email list.
~ Jill Robertson Hiers - Class of 1970


*** Thanks for your Search Page. I was in the Class of 1953. Faye McFee ('55) told me about it. Please add my name and email. Happy new year and GOD bless you.

~ ben bailey (bennie)


*** Please add me as a new subscriber.

~ Betsy Bedsole Choate, Class of 1966


*** Please add me to your mailing list. You do a great job with keeping us together. Thank you!

~ Charles H. Thompson


*** Be sure I am on your list. I was in the class of 1949 but since it was only 11 grades, I stayed for an extra year for girls, football, etc. and was graduated in 1950. If anyone wants to know what I look like at age 79 they can go to our web site below. I still go to the office but my son-in-law runs everything.

~ Robert D. Culbertson (’49 –’50)

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50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ….


Wanda Olivent Proctor Class of 1961 and her husband, Ramsey Proctor (from Doerun) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary November 4th 2011.


Send your 50th anniversaries and over, to albanyhightimes@aol.com






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James Buford Collins

AHS Class of 1936

Former Albany Mayor


James Buford Collins, 95, of Albany died December 31, 2011 at Morningside Assisted Living in Albany.
The funeral service will be Tuesday January 3, 2012 11:00 AM at Kimbrell- Stern. The Rev. Jim McBride will officiate. The family will receive friends 1 hour prior to the service at Kimbrell-Stern.

Buford was born in Albany, GA on March 24, 1916 and moved with his family to Johnson City, Tennessee where he attended grammar school at East Tennessee Teachers College. At the age of fifteen his family moved back to Albany where he attended Albany High School. He was a graduate of Albany High School, Class of 1936, where he was Captain of the Varsity Football Team and was on the track team. He attended Middle Georgia College on a football scholarship for three years. While in college he was the 1937 South Georgia Golden Glove Champion — Bantam Weight.

Buford served in the Army Air Force during World War II and the Reserve recall during the Korean War. At the completion of his duties in the military be returned to Albany where he was employed by Albany Coca Cola Co. for 48 years. He was Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Albany from 1960-1972. He was also the 1972 Georgia Municipal Association President 2 District, on the Board of the Albany Chamber of Commerce, 1976 —1977, Chairman of Military Affairs for the Chamber of Commerce and on the Water, Gas & Light Commission City of Albany Utility Board from 1991 —1994. He received the Georgia Recreation Society Lay Award for 15 years of service as an athletic official of the Georgia High School Association. In 1988 he was an initial inductee into the Albany Sports Hall of Fame. Other honors include honorary member of the Air Force 4133 Bombardment Wing, 1978 United Way General Campaign Chairman, Dougherty County Stadium Authority and 1976 Outstanding Citizen by the Woodman of the World. Through the years Buford was known for his love of sports and has been an active supporter of Darton College from the 1966 ground breaking to the present.

He is survived by many cousins in Albany and South Carolina and was preceded in death by his parents J. F. (Frank) & Hattie Barnes Collins, his wife of 49 years Billie Speer Collins and his beloved dog, Herman.
Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.









If you wish to join this FaceBook Group

Visit: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/301379319884693/



Betty Rehberg, Class of 1974, saw a need and came to the rescue of the historical bridge. She used her popular Vintage Albany Georgia to reach out to her many members for help. Read about the growing movement just posted today below.

Click here: Broad Bridge Facebook group grows - Live, Local, Late Breaking news, weather, and sports



Plaque on Broad Street Bridge Reads:

"As a memorial to those who went from Dougherty County to serve their country in the World War"


Recently, Betty Rehberg ('74) found an old book from 1920 with the names of the men from Georgia killed in WWI. They deceased are listed by city rather than county. She is trying to determine those names connected with Albany, etc.


According to Tommy Kinney, "the plaque on the bridge, says, "As a memorial to those who went from Dougherty County to serve their country in the World War." From that it seems that the bridge was dedicated to all who served not just those who died."


*** An Excellent Editorial by Brian Burton



~ CLUES!!! ~


*** My grands were on the computer this morning exploring the Nerf Toys and I remembered that David Laughridge, '52, was the inventor. Just pulled up this article (he didn't even mention his days in Albany - but he has attended a few reunions). He also has another great site, Dr. Tinker - re: trains (see below). He dated quite a few girls in Class of ’52. His nickname was “Doober” or something like that!

~ Annelle Stem Griffin


AHS Alumnus David Laughridge ('52)


David recognized the potential and named the world's first indoor ball; but then, he has made a career out of play. Really interesting article, though published a few years back, produced by his college. He attended Emory University, Georgia Tech and University of Cincinnati

Who Knew?

Click here: Winter '95 Alumni Magazine: The Bouncin' Nerf Ball


Click here: Dr. Tinker Home Page



Tribe Notes …


*** Keep up the good work with The Albany High Times. I enjoy reading every issue. I have not lived in Albany since 1977, but in many ways it will always be home.

~ Anne Watson O'Connor, a "Girl of '61"


*** A great edition. You really covered it all. Thanks.

Best wishes to all for a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

~ Ed. Martin, Jr., Class of 1945


*** My husband and I also were able to attend the Ray Stevens concert at the IP in Biloxi last November, and enjoyed his show. I made an attempt to get more "Indians" to join us, but did not run into the one's who were there. I just regret never making it to Branson, MO while he had his theatre there.


Harold always enjoys our '57 class reunions, says they are much better that his own (and I have to agree!) As

I attended 14 schools (part of 6th in Albany, first part of 9th grade in Albany, then back for my senior year), mostly due to my dad being transferred with A.C. Samford Construction Company, he now knows almost as many classmates as I do.

~ Carolyn Vaughan (’57) Holiman and Harold Holiman


*** Removed Andrew Parker ('60) from lost list to deceased list. Andy died 9 Sep. 2009 in Jacksonville FL.

~ Ann Parker Parsons (‘62)


*** My address was changed and I would appreciate it very much if you could continue sending me the Albanyhightimes. Thank you!

~ Mary Alice Crawford ('60)


*** Bud Greer, Class of 1949, was killed in a tragic automobile accident in South Carolina on Tuesday, January 3, 2012. Bud was a good ol’ boy. He and his late wife Margaret came to many of our AHS Blackbeard gatherings. He will be greatly missed, because he was such a sweet soul, and was so lonesome after his beloved Margaret died of Alzheimer ‘s. Not too long ago, there was memorial service for Margaret, and his older sister, Betty, came down from Williamsburg to be on hand for it. Hope this sheds further light on Bud. So many of the boys back in the day of 11 grades, stayed back for sports and to gain more credits.

~ Evelyn Butler Clifton


*** Bud Greer's son David, a preacher, did the eulogy.

~ Joanne Fitzgerald Gauntt (’49)


*** As I remember Bud Greer he was a football player in Albany High School in 1949-50.

~ Francis Chambers Dillon (’50)


*** Ben Greer was the oldest, Betty next, then Bud and then Rachel. Their father worked at the post office. they lived on Third and Society.

~ Lucis Ellis Brantley (’48)


*** Ruby Terry Cain was what I would call a great Albanian. Though I don't know if I met her, she was Albany.

~ Richard and Jetta Simpson ('48)


*** Stafford Moznette, Class of 1959, passed away today 12/31/11. He lived in Portland, Oregon. He has been battleing cancer for the last 18 months. His wife, Sharin called us.
~ Doodle Rouse (’59)


*** Ernest Sutton (’61) sent a beautiful obituary for Stafford Moznette which included these remarks: "After a valiant fight against neuroendocrine cancer, Stafford was graduated to Glory on December 31, 2011. Stafford was well known for his incredible intelligence in business, economics, finance and education. Jim enjoyed golf, history, Oregon Duck football and flexing his savvy quick wit resulting in the most original and memorable "one-liners" you will ever hear. We can only imagine what his first words entering Heaven were.

A celebration of his wonderful life and his promotion to Glory is planned for January 28, 2012 at Countryside Community Church in Sherwood, Oregon, at 3:00 PM.


As Stafford highly valued education, a school for children who would otherwise have no education will be built in his memory in India.



In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...


*** Charles "Bud" Greer, Class of 1949, brother of Betty Greer Powell (’46), and deceased siblings, Rachel (’53) Norras Greer and Ben Greer


*** James Buford Collins, AHS Class of 1936


*** Elizabeth Ruby Terry Cain - March 1916 - December 2011, mother of Clayton Cain (’54), deceased.


*** Stafford Moznette, Class of 1959

~ Sent by Doodle (’59) and Betty Nix (’60) Rouse, Ernest Sutton, Class of 1961, and Wanda Olivent Proctor ('61)


Note: Notices and/or obituaries are sent to the deceased’s class, plus the classes of the spouse, child, or close relative, as soon as possible. Each is then listed on the “Our Deceased” webpage (if the class has submitted a list) and also in the News & Clues at month’s end.


Check out your class at In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates

A Suggestion


We try to let all classes know of any classmates who have left the Tribe as best we can. Mainly we depend on our Staff in Albany, and those in Albany kind enough to let us know. But what about all the Indians outside of Albany? We are only notified if someone knows about the Albany High Times. If anyone has a suggestion - please let us know.


Now here is something you can do: make your requests known to our family regarding your obituary, i.e., include your AHS class year and for the women, your maiden name.


I have recently sent emails out trying to find out about a woman whose obituary said she had lived all her life in Albany - her birth year was 1932. Yet there was no maiden name and neither of the parents or siblings (where I could have found her maiden name) were listed. So far none of the responders to my email remember her by her married name. Please give this some thought. We try hard to notify each class of a classmate who has died whenever possible. We just do the best we can. Any help would be appreciated.



YOU ASKED … ? ? ?


? ~ Any word on a 55th reunion this year for the class of 1957? We are all aging and having health problems, so I am sure we will lose more before the opportunity for number 60 arrives.

~ Carolyn Vaughan (’57) Holiman

A ~ So far - no word! How about it '57?


? ~ Happy New Year! What about us? I know we’re not on FaceBook, but we DO have a website. What about the classes who went to the trouble to pay for, develop, and maintain websites for our classmates? I can’t believe you left off a list of AHS class websites.


I know you keep a "permanent posting" of all the class websites, but that's not as HIGH a VISIBILITY as being on Albany High Times! http://www.ahs1963.us/

~ Bruce Garey ('63)

A ~ Fair question! In the past when I was sent a website from a class, I either added to their class page or created a page for them and featured their website. But you are right - many more would see the listing if we had a list of them on "News & Clues" ... and so it shall be, my friend! Now to do that - I need all the classes who have websites to send me their website addresses .... PLEASE!??

? ~ I received an email from Bill Fern that read: May I suggest that you add a couple of things to your web site, i.e. name of city and STATE. There are probably many Albany High Schools in the country and one doesn't know which one your wonderful listings are for.

A ~ I responded that the Albany High Times Home Page is designated Albany GA, and asked if he could tell me which page(s) he visited.


He responded: I went to Albany High School in Albany, New York so I probably googled Albany High School and found your web site and thought our group finally got it together but when I went to the grad. year realized that there wasn't one name I recognized. However, I did double check the heading and didn't see a State at all. It is possible I missed it but never saw Georgia


So I thought – he makes a good point. It would be important to people visiting “In Memoriam” and “Missing classmates” that they had come across the correct high school. So, thanks to our fellow Albanian, I have made those changes!

~ Beverly Smith Herrington (’55)



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