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. . . just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!



Skiing 3 Skiing 3 Skiing 3







Monday, January 21st

@ 6:00 p.m.


*** Reservations Needed ***


Contact Wynelle D. Greenway: gwtwjw@mchsi.com

Phone: 229-435-8746


For more information click here:






*** Hey 1983!***

Some of your Classmates are asking about a reunion this year????

Anyone have info we can post in the UPCOMING REUNIONS?



Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find ...



*** Class of 1968 ***

45th Reunion


April 5th and 6th 2013

Both nights will be Merry Acres

The Grapevine playing Saturday night

More info later!


*** Class of 1963 ***

50th Reunion


To be held

April 26 - 27, 2013

At Merry Acres


For more information, visit our class website


or contact Bruce Garey at brucegarey@bellsouth.net

or phone (229) 439-0546


*** Class of 1958 ***



May 3 - 4, 2013


FRIDAY, MAY 3: Barbecue/picnic dinner at Merry Acres Motel

SATURDAY, MAY 4: Dinner in the Merry Acres Motel Ballroom


Details will be announced later.

Contact person: Linda Cullom Jordan (LJordan848@aol.com) or AC 229-888-5098

Our webpage: Class of 1958

Click here: '58 Misc. Pics


*** Class of 1983 ***

30th Reunion


Saturday, June 22, 2013

6:00 pm

Location: TBD


*** Are there additional upcoming reunions?

Submit your information to:



*** Class of 1962 ***

The next Girl's Luncheon for the Class of 1962 will be held atJoann Arneson's home on March 21, 2013.


Details will be sent in an email to the girls in the class.


Joann Roark Arneson or Carol Pate Stark

(jprarneson@aol.com) or (cpstark@att.net)



YOU ASKED… ? ? ?


Second try:

A few months ago the daughter of an AHS Indian, Mary Shular Hopper, wrote to ask if anyone could help her find info on her uncle,Lawrence Edward "Ed" Shular, Class of 1944, who is listed on our“In Memoriam” webpage as deceased. Mary wrote, “Uncle Ed was estranged from his family and we have lost touch with him. Could anyone tell me (1) his death date; (2) place of death; (3) burial place; and (4) any other info you can give to me. I would be so grateful.”


Mary is working on her family geneology. If anyone in the Class of 1944 or during those years could help her with information, it would be a gift from AHS for her!


?~ Do you have Betty Ann Brown's daughter's address or anything where I could contact her. I didn't know Betty in high school, but she became a good friend of mine after high school. Thanks!

~ Betty Dunn Logan (’49)

A~ I have her email address - let me send your email address and let her contact you! I generally don't feel I can share emails without permission - will email to her next.



?~ Could you send me the email address for William "Billy" Langford. He was listed in the newsletter. He lives in Dothan, AL. I know Bill and haven't heard from him in years. He was helpful in gettingJohn Crosby and me into amateur 'ham' radio.

Thanks as always.

~ Leon Perrett ('56)


A~ Billy” - the following is an email from Leon Perrett, who saw your name in the Albany High Times "News & Clues" and would like to get in touch with you! I don't give out email addresses, but handle requests by sending to the "Indian" and then if you'd like to respond ... DO! Knowing Leon - he would really like to be in contact with you! His email is included!



R~ Thanks we have gotten together.

~ Leon






What is a blog ... and why do we do it?

Glenda Council Beall

Class of 1958

In 2007 I had no idea of the meaning of the word, blog. Blog is short for weblog I learned when, intrigued by the bios of speakers at the last session of a writers conference, I stayed to see what they had to say. Each one had found success in publishing their first book by going online and setting up a weblog or blog.

I had taken the leadership of our writing organization, the North Carolina Writers Network West, and was searching for a way for our mountain writers’ voices to reach beyond the Blue Ridge into the rest of the state and around the country. I left the conference impressed with the people I’d met and very enthusiastic about the possibility of getting the work and the names of our members online.

Within a month I had researched the idea of free blogs, learned all I could from other bloggers, and I had quietly created and set upwww.Netwestwriters.blogspot.com.
 I didn’t reveal this to members until I was confident I could explain to them how they could use it and benefit from using it. Most of our 90 members were only familiar with using the keyboard of a computer for writing their stories and poems and sending emails to their children. But after we held a class on blogging at our library, several writers created their own blogs, became administrators for the Netwest Writers blog, and enjoyed sharing their thoughts and stories online.

The state writers organization, the North Carolina Writers Network, put a link to our blog on the home page of their website,www.ncwwriters.org, and our blog attracted readers from all over the world. When I resigned from office in 2009 when my husband passed away, I opened a writing studio in my home. Instead of building a static website for my business, I created a personal blog, Writers Circle,
Click here: Writers Circle around the table.

I like blogging and communicating with readers around the globe. Through my blogs I have made friends with writers in the U.K, Australia, Canada and from Washington state to all over the deep south. A delightful octogenarian contacted me soon after I created theNetwest blog. She wanted help with promoting her novel. Traveling was too difficult for her, so I encouraged her to create a blog. She says she will be eternally grateful. She has published two more books, writes regularly for www.seniorwoman.com and is all over Facebook now. I consider her a dear friend although we have never met in person.

Kathryn S. Byer, the first woman poet laureate of North Carolina, was inspired by our Netwest Writers blog and soon created a Laureate’s blog for the N.C. Arts Council and for herself. She was like most of the over fifty- five generation, a little afraid of the Internet, but just recently she set up her own website which she has linked to her blogs. Visit this south Georgia native atwww.kathrynstriplingbyer.com if you enjoy poetry or want to learn more about her journey to become one of the most respected and well loved poets of our time.

Blogs are created for many reasons. A young mother of twins cleaned houses to earn extra cash. She learned how to create a blog for free and now sells numerous products including recordings of her family band, her own art work, a book she wrote on planting by the signs, and by selling advertising space on her popular site. She grew as a person as she grew her blog and found the love and admiration from her readers. She returned to college and is working on a degree in the computers field. Her theme is her own Applachian heritage. Read her blog at www.theblindpigandtheacorn.com.

A blog can be found on any subject one might imagine, but to have a successful (well-read) blog, time should be taken to first plan what you want to say, who you want to reach, and what purpose you have for blogging. I suggest reading many different kinds of blogs before taking the first step. Be aware that a blog is a commitment. A blog needs to be fed with your articles or “posts” two or three times a week to build up a following and the posts must be interesting. Most bloggers encourage comments to their writing. Some do not. Whether you blog for fun, for profit, for a purpose as I do, it takes time and consistency to find readers and keep them.

From the first writers who took my class, one has become a food blogger, someone who writes a weekly food article in the local newspaper and who is writing a memoir with a food theme. Her blog is a good example of a popular site. 
Click here: My Carolina Kitchen 

Through blogging our writers’ verses and stories have escaped the mountain ridges and flown all over the world. Our members, men and women, have fully embraced all the social media now and post their blog links on Facebook and Twitter, further reaching out to possible readers. 



Writers Circle Around the Table


Writing Life Stories -

Click here: Writing Life Stories

Writers Circle

Click here: Writers Circle around the table



Adair and Suzanne Mellichamp


A romantic candlelight dinner accompanied by operatic arias and duets graced "An Affair to Remember," an Opera Santa Barbara fundraiser on Valentine's Day. The Event at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara also featured a cocktail reception, an auction led by Andrew Firestone ("The Bachelor")and dancing to Society Jazz. Adair ('54) is the opera board president.


*** SAM FARKAS ***

A Man for All Reasons

Sam Farkas was born October 25, 1921, the eldest son of Anise McCormack Farkas and George Washington Farkas. He died December 30, 2012.

He attended local schools, graduating from Albany High School. He attended the Citadel in Charleston, SC and the University of Georgia. At the onset of W.W. II he joined the Army Air Corp as a radioman on bombardiers. He served in Italy and North Africa. His plane was piloted at one time by the famous movie star; Jimmy

At war's end he returned to Albany and thoroughly enjoyed managing the family owned New Albany Hotel, where he gave Ray Charles a job playing piano in the famous Continental Room in the cellar of the hotel.

He married the love of his life, 
Elane, 63 years ago after knowing her only one month. The couple made friends with movie stars, Broadway producers and Generals over the years.

After many years he left the hotel to open F&F Industrial Chemicals followed by Container Services, Inc. which he opened with his son, Marvin, III. He was a longtime member of Temple Bnai' Israel.

He was a self-taught magician and hypnotist. As his fame spread he worked with doctors and their patients to overcome such issues as smoking and obesity. He also donated his hypnosis skills to civic organizations in fund-raising efforts. He entertained at many parties for family and friends over the years with his talents.

He donated his time and magic talents to entertain hundreds of children at the Jr. Museum over the years. He also donated his time and talent to entertain returning Vietnam War wounded Vets, both in Philadelphia, PA and Walter Reid Hospital in Washington, DC.



Samuel Farkas House 1 Albany GA

National Register of Historic Places




~ CLUES!!! ~



*** Kim Komando has this privacy information for FaceBook folks:


Click here: 5 Facebook privacy settings you need to check now - Kim's Columns – Reviews and Advice on All Things Digital - The


*** Adair Melichamp ('54) shared a cute card he recently received … you may want to make your own card and send on …Click here: Funny eCards, Personalized Birthday eCards, and Holiday Cards - JibJab.com


*** This 4 Year old will rock you! Hank Williams, Jr. brings a 4 year old accordion player on stage to perform with him. This little boy is so unassuming and unaware of his amazing talent.

Click here: Biertijd.com // Media » Hunter Hayes - Jambalaya

~ Pat Adams Shays (’56)


*** INTERESTING.......

The screen is going to fade to black; have your glasses on, and 'click' onYear of your birthbelow. 
You'll be pleasantly surprised with this one! Type the year only!! Then click the question (?) mark! 
Sit back and enjoy!!

Year of your birth

I then tried it with other years, like my kids and grandkids...it's all very interesting indeed!

~ Wynelle Davis Greenway ('50)


*** A little late for Christmas … but how about a birthday or anniversary? Click here: Aunt Chippy Shows You How To Wrap A Present : Stuff I Stole From The Internet

~ Gordon Kilgore (’56)



AHS Class Websites



Class of 1960




AHS Class of 82 Homepage

*** If your class has a website - please email your link to:albanyhightimes@aol.com



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* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) has a new FaceBook page now. Would love to have more Classmates join!

* AHS Class of 1969

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* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

* Email for '71 FaceBook:ahsclass71.40th@groups.facebook.com


* AHS Class of 1983


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?



Snowball Smack Messages from FaceBook!!


*** I loved the December AHS News & Clues letter. The Sistine Chapel is unbelieveable. I keep going back and looking at something new. I remembered very little from my personal viewing. It is impossible to take it all in. Thanks for all you do for us.

~ Jeanelle Wiggins Mellorposted to(’58)
*** Just viewed the following at the Albany Herald for today, 01-04-2013. Thought you might find it interesting!! :) 

"Police have a male suspect in the apparent robbery of 
Jimmy's Hot Dogs, located at Jackson Avenue and Oglethorpe.

Officials responded to a call at around 5:05 p.m. Friday, and have one man cuffed inside a police car as many onlookers observe. Bystanders are also watching the drama unfold from the nearby bus station."

*** Bobbie Young Wade ('62)




“News & Clues” Subscribers!



*** Please add Mary Simmons "Crosby", Class of 1959 to theAHS Times Newsletter. She was married to John Crosby Class of 1956.

~ Leon Perritt (’56)


NOTE: Leon is another who lovingly keeps tabs on his classmates and their mates as well!


*** Please add a dear friend from Class of 63 to the mailing list to receive the fantastic newsletter. She is Betty McLeod Bowen.Thanks.

~ Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck ('63)





50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ….


None submitted.


Send your 50th anniversaries beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com







*** The Winecoff Fire ***

Click here: Winecoff Fire

(AHTimes new webpage)


More than a year ago, a woman named "Mary" emailed asking for information about the three AHS girls who vanished in the Winecoff Fire while attending Youth Assembly at the State Capital in Atlanta, GA, and representing the AHS Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. She was trying to put together something that would include all those who were lost. I shared what I had posted on the "Classes of 1940's".


In April of 2012, I received the first of several emails from Chet Wallace saying he had been working on a writing project about the Winecoff Hotel fire of 1946 in Atlanta, Ga. since October of 2010, and that his project was going to mainly to focus on the victims of the fire to memorialize them. He wrote: "I've tried several places in Albany such as Albany High School, the historical society and the library but no luck. I've seen the Albany High Times website and it's dedication to the victims which I thought was wonderful!


Chet talked with Ralph Calhoun ('47), and apparently a few others, and recommended a website, which ironically was sent to me in December 2012 by Luke Simmons ('52) who had received it from a friend who was aware of his connection to the fire through AHS. (see link below)



Winecoff Fire

Remembrance Page

Honoring The Victims Of The Winecoff Hotel Fire


A college friend sent this to me. It is a remembrance of the December 6, 1946 Winecoff Hotel fire victims. The three young girls from Albany High School are listed with photos. All three were staying in Room 822. The Atlanta firemen had ladders that would only reach the 6th floor. The Winecoff Hotel was one of the tallest building in Atlanta at that time. Click here: Winecoff Fire Remembrance Page

~ Luke Simmons (’52)


Deadly Winecoff Hotel fire led to improved safety

by John Wallace

Click here: Albany Herald | Deadly Winecoff Hotel fire led to improved safety

An interesting response to John Wallace's article: "I've been researching the fire for two years now and have written an article about the victims from Thomaston, Georgia. Here's a link to the article" Click here: Thomaston Times - Frozen in youth forever the aftermath



Windchill Windchill Windchill






Carol Rockett Megathlin

Class of 1962



Carol Rockett Megathlin's Adopt-a-Soldier program was featured on NBC Nightly News last Sunday night! Carol is a retiree and private citizen who has attended almost every deployment of theArmy's 3rd Infantry Division since 2007! She calls the volunteers ... "Adopted Families".


One minute after the broadcast ended Carol began to receive emails asking to adopt a soldier. Three hundred plus so far, and requests are still coming in.


In case you were focused on the NFL playoffs - here is a video link that will make you very proud of this '62 AHS Indian who is very beautiful ... inside and out!


Click on the following link and wait for the short 33 second commercial!

Click here: Making a Difference: In Georgia, a mission: Adopt a soldier


~ Thanks to Joann Roark Arneson (’62) for forwarding this information!



Tribe Notes …



*** Banks and Shane are just as entertaining today as they were 40 years ago (Banks Burgess - ’66). As Paul Shane said, "Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer to the end of the roll you get, the faster it goes."

Click here: Banks and Shane - 40 Great Years - YouTube


*** I really appreciate your support and friendship. By the way, I’m Class of 1966!

~ Banks Burgess ('66)


*** If any groups of AHS graduates would like for us to talk about our book, let us know.

Spring Release of a New Book

To Dance with the Devil's Daughter: God's Restoration of the Rev. Grady Caldwell

Albany High School Class of 1967

Sincerely, Bill Lightle (’75) Click here: Bill Lightle, Author - Class of 1975


*** I have been missing Albany High Times because I changed my email address almost 2 years ago. The new one is attached. Thanks for changing it, and Happy Holidays!

~ Ray L. Johnson, Class of 1951


*** For some reason I have been deleted from the E-mail list. Could I please get reinstated? Thanks! I am Clara Louise Jordan Bennett, Class of 1945. Appreciate it!


*** Please change email address for: Glen Gosa ('60) Thanks


*** Please change my email address. Thanks so much!

~ Vicky Snell Rogers ('70)


*** Please change the e-mail address for Judy Belle-Isle Gosa.don’t want to miss a beat with Albany High Times. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

~ Judy Belle-Isle Gosa, Class of 1963


*** I'm writing a sixth SON novel (about a SEAL Team mission that goes bad), and editing the fifth, with help from some friends.

The fifth should be ready in a couple months. That's "Six of Eight" !!!

~ Doug Dahlgren (’65)


*** Thanks to Joann Roark Arneson and Bill Satterfield for notifying us of the death of Harry "Ray" Tillis. Class of 1962.


*** Barbara Tillis's maiden name is Barker.

~ Eleanor Banks, Class of '62


*** Barbara's maiden name is Barbara Ann Barker.

~ Barbara Anderson Robinson (’62)


*** Barbara Barker Tillis

~ Linda Edwards Wells (’62)


*** Betty Ann Brown was indeed a senior in the Class of 1947.Carleen Newell (’48) is correct.

~ Bill Huggins (’47)


NOTE: Indeed! Carleen Newell Flowers is one of those wonderful “students’ who lovingly makes an effort to keep tabs on her classmates!


*** My mother, Betty Ann Brown, did indeed attend what appears to be a 40th Class Reunion July31-Aug 1, 1987 for the Class of 1947.

Seeing her friends there brought much joy to her.

We grew up knowing how special Albany High and those friends were to her.


We laughed at her stories, especially of the senior trip to Radium Springs where she got sunburned,

and then wore a stiff taffata dress to graduation...


I remember her still being sad over the young people that lost their lives in the hotel fire in Atlanta. (Incidently, my father's sister was a nurse and worked during that tragedy in Atlanta.)


We have pictures of friends including Ann Heidt - her best friend. And some senior cards from her buddies that she obviously treasured.


In marrying that boy from Turner they traveled quite a lot, and unfortunately items were lost along the way (one wedding shoe, pictures, photo albums).


But her memories stayed in her mind and heart, and at her last she remembered home, and good times at Albany High.


Thank you for giving me a chance to share this with you. I feel I have just spent a nice visit with her.

~ Ann M. Hall


*** My sister, Claire LeSueur Bagwell ('63) and I went to seeHelen Long Cordell recently, and she's just as perky and spry and up to date on what's happening in the world as ever! Claire's husband, Bob, went along with us to meet her, and they had a great time swapping stories and jokes. She is a delight to visit, so Indians living in Albany or coming to visit, or for reunions, give her a call and/or drop by to see her. Just be sure to call first because she's a busy lady and isn't always there. Hard to believe she will be 101 this year!!!

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56)


NOTE: Send an email to albanyhightimes@aol.com if you would like her telephone number. Please remember that she has sight issues and prefers not to receive mail ...


*** Bobby Ruffin was in the Class of 1949 rather than 1948, I checked our 1948 annual to be sure.

~ Carleen Newell Flowers (’48)


*** My sister, June Council Hunter Council was a graduate ofAlbany High School, Class of 1941.


Art teacher, Mrs. VanCise was influential in June's life and helped make it possible for her to attend college.

~ Glenda Council Beall (’58)


*** So very sorry to hear about our loss of Mary Annette Martin (’54). She was such a nice, friendly person in school.

~ Frieda Howard Randals (’54)


*** Our mother, Jimmie (Cox) Wall, did not graduate from AHS High School so she went back to school & got her GED in 2004.We were so proud of her! Thank you,

~ Sara Cox Kofoed ('58)


*** My sympathy to you all. I know that you are proud of your Mother's acheivements.

~ Sandra Boger Steadman (’57)

*** We lost another Class of '58 classmate. Bill Maxwell died yesterday. Thanks for helping me get the word out.

~ Linda Cullom Jordan ('58)


*** I learned last night that we lost another of our 1958 classmates. He will be missed by many as he was very loved. William E. (Bill) Maxwell. September 16, 1939 - January 4, 2013

~ Ruth Chambers Honick (’58)


*** Bobby Johnston (’56) sent me an obit on William E. (Bill) Maxwell an AHS 1958 class member. Sending it to you if you don’t already have it. Take care.

~ Leon Perrett (’56)


*** I recently saw in the Albany Herald where two more of our classmates have passed. Mr. William Dale Holland, Class of about '59 and brother of Tonia Holland, Class of '55 who passed on Jan 5th at his home. Mr. William E. “Bill” Maxwell, Class of '58, passed on Jan 4th.

~ Jackie Phillips (’57)


*** Apparently Bill Maxwell was very well-loved by the number of notifications I received. I even had a friend, Ruth Chambers ('58), call me at home. I had been very sick and had not checked email in a while, and she knew that wasn't like me. When I got to the computer - there were 5 more Indian death notifications, and several others have come since. TOO MANY.



*** Carl Adams should be added to the deceased classmates list.Carl died in 2006 and was a member of our 1959 graduating class. Attached is his obituary. Thank you for your assistance.

~ Jack C. Corbin (‘59)


*** Thanks Jack (Corbin).

~ Henry Duggan (’59)


*** Many thanks for the information about classmates. Curtis Harper (’49) was one of my dearest buddies in high school and many years afterwards. We stayed in touch until the end.
~Richard Simpson (’48)


*** Sam Farkas must have been in the same class ('38) as Ernest Bivans, who was virtually our next-door neighbor in Santa Barbaraa few years ago (see May 2012 issue of News & Clues … “Meeting Ernest Bivans, Class of 1937” Click here: 05 2012 News & Clues.


Sister Farkas was in my class, '54. I hope she is doing well.

~ Adair Melichamp (’54)




In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...



*** Carl Thomas Adams, Class of 1959


*** Joseph Carlton Shirley, Class of 1950; brother of Donald E. and John Marion Shirley


*** June Hunter Council, Class of 1941; sister of Max Council, Glenda Council Beall ('58) and Gay Council Moring ('60)


*** Jimmie Cox Wall - mother of Thomas '57, Sara '58, James '62, and Brenda '64 Cox


*** Grace Traylor Coleman, Class 1951; sister of Barbara Traylor, Class of 1949


*** Bertha McDearmid, mother of Walda Collins Pitts, Charles (Butch) and Henry Collins


*** Sam Farkas (no class given), brother of Leonard and "Sister" Farkas ('54)


*** Lucille Topshe Ernst, born May 1923


*** William E. (Bill) Maxwell, Class of 1958; husband ofMarideane Melton (’58) ; two sisters, Loretta (’53) and Marilyn Maxwell; and two brothers, John and Charlie Maxwell.


*** Roger Dale Thompson, Class of 1968


*** Martha H. Knight, Class of 1949


*** Curtis Vinson Harper, Class of 1949, brother of Richard "Gooch" Harper ('54)


*** William Dale Holland, brother of Tonia Holland Helvik, Class of 1955


*** Lois Clower, Class of 1941 (no maiden name listed)


*** Gladys Piper Brown (no class given)


Note: Thanks to all those who send obituaries of AHS Indiansinside and outside of Albany. We would not otherwise be aware of our losses.


* Notices and/or obituaries are sent to the deceased’s class, plus the classes of the spouse, child, or close relative, as soon as possible. Each is then listed on the “In Memoriam” webpage (if the class has submitted a list) and also in the "News & Clues" the following month.

Check out your class at In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates


Send corrections or additions to albanyhightimes@aol.com





A little house with three bedrooms, one bathroom and one car on the street. A mower that you had to push to make the grass look neat.

In the kitchen on the wall we only had one phone, And no need for recording things, someone was always home.

We only had a living room where we would congregate, unless it was at mealtime in the kitchen where we ate.

We had no need for family rooms or extra rooms to dine. When meeting as a family those two rooms would work out fine.

We only had one TV set and channels maybe two,
But always there was one of them with something worth the view. 

For snacks we had potato chips that tasted like a chip. And if you wanted flavor there was Lipton's onion dip. 

Store-bought snacks were rare because my mother liked to cook and nothing can compare to snacks
in Betty Crocker's book.

Weekends were for family trips or staying home to play.


We all did things together -- even go to church to pray.

When we did our weekend trips depending on the weather, no one stayed at home because we liked to be together.

Sometimes we would separate to do things on our own, but we knew where the others were without our own cell phone. 

Then there were the movies with your favorite movie star, and nothing can compare to watching movies in your car.

Then there were the picnics at the peak of summer season, pack a lunch and find some trees and never need a reason.


Get a baseball game together with all the friends you know, have real action playing ball -- and no game video.


Remember when the doctor used to be the family friend, and didn't need insurance or a lawyer to defend?


The way that he took care of you or what he had to do, because he took an oath and strived to do the best for you. 

Remember going to the store and shopping casually, and when you went to pay for it you used your own money? Nothing that you had to swipe or punch in some amount ...


and remember when the cashier person had to really count?

The milkman used to go from door to door, And it was just a few cents more than going to the store.

There was a time when mailed letters came right to your door, without a lot of junk mail ads sent out by every store.

The mailman knew each house by name and knew where it was sent; there were not loads of mail addressed to "present occupant." 

There was a time when just one glance was all that it would take, and you would know the kind of car,
the model and the make.



They didn't look like turtles trying to squeeze out every mile; they were streamlined, white walls, fins and really had some style.



One time the music that you played whenever you would jive, was from a vinyl, big-holed record called a forty-five.

The record player had a post to keep them all in line and then the records would drop down and play one at a time.


Oh sure, we had our problems then, just like we do today and always we were striving, trying for a better way. 

Oh, the simple life we lived still seems like so much fun, how can you explain a game, just kick the can and run?

And why would boys put baseball cards
between bicycle spokes 

and for a nickel, red machines had little bottled Cokes?


This life seemed so much easier and slower in some ways. I love the new technology but I sure do miss those days. 

So time moves on and so do we and nothing stays the same, but I sure love to reminisce and walk down memory lane. With all today's technology
we grant that it's a plus! But it's fun to look way back and say ...

Hey look, y'all, that WAS us!



~ Submitted by Sharon Smith Spies (’58)







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