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Sometimes ... not often enough ...

We reflect upon the good things

And our thoughts always center around those we love.

And we think about the people

Who mean so much to us,

And for the many times they've made us, so very happy!

  So we count the times we have forgotten to say ...

"Thank you ... and just how much we love them!!!"

~ Adapted from Henry Mancini

Sung by Karen Carpenter








*** Class of 1956 ***

 60th Reunion

April 1-2, 2016

Merry Acres Poolside and Event Center

Keep those replies coming in and let us know if you are coming.


We are presently going through the class directory and calling those who haven’t contacted us yet. Even if you’re not coming call or email us with your updated contact information for our class directory and any messages for your classmates.

Bring your friends and family and other classmates!

All are welcome to join us for

 “The Great Hurrah”

our last major reunion.

Prices for the planned activities are:

$75 single - $150 couple for both nights

If you can only attend one night, please indicate on reservation form which night

Friday night - $25 and Saturday night - $50 per person



We are getting close to the deadline!!!


Send your completed reservation form and money by

 January 15, 2016


Vivian Corbin Theel

1913 Pineknoll Lane

Albany, GA 31707-3756

*** If you don't have a reservation form, click here:



Vivian Corbin Theel – 229-439-8214 or email vtheel@earthlink.net


Leon Perrett – 229-435-9634 or email k4gcr@bellsouth.net



 *** Class of 1962 ***


 Watch for an update! 

Contact: Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com)

Check it out!

*** See other luncheons and pics at: Click here: '62 Girls' Luncheons http://albanyhightimes.com/'62%20girls'_luncheons.htm

*** See our 70th Birthday Pictures @



*** Class of 1961 ***

The Class of  '61 Ladies invited their local male classmates to their Quarterly Luncheon held January 14th at Stonebridge Country Club


Wanda Olivent Proctor said, "We invited the fellows to join us to begin planning our 55th Class Reunion.  If any classmates have any information on classmates that we haven't heard from in a while, let us know so that we can start gathering the information. We don't want anyone to be left out!!"


"If you can't get me on FaceBook, please feel free to call me at home: 229-698-2006 or cell: 229-347-3733.

Contact: Wanda Olivent Proctor


FaceBook: Click here: (88) Albany High Class of 1961 



You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!

Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look! 

*** PLEASE SHARE YOUR reunion ideas ...  i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music ...

Email info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL CONTACT INFO!

ALSO ... Looking for LOST CLASSMATES? 

This page might be of help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find 


~ CLUES!!! ~ 



*** Would you ever try a Coca-cola Hair Rinse?

The Internet is buzzing about a hair hack that promises shiny, voluminous locks!  The trick:  pour a 20 oz. bottle of cola onto dry hair, then rinse with water.  The phosphoric acid in soda tightens the hair cuticle to create shine while the caffeine helps plump strands at the root. But does it leave hair a sticky mess? 

Actually 82% were pleased with the results! 

~ From the magazine, First: for Women

*** January is National Soup Month!  Nothing like a great bowl of homemade healthy soup in the winter months! 




50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ... 



  The Johnston's: Proc, Class of 1954, and Pam Tyler, Class of 1955, Johnston,”celebrated their 59th Anniversary December 28, 2015.

  The Cates: Russell, Class of 1948, and Shirley Rouse Cates celebrated their 61st Anniversary on January 15, 2016



Send your 50th Anniversaries and beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com








? ~  I was wondering if I might make a request to AHS Indians who might have taken dancing at the Maude Evelyn Murphy Dance Studio, to share pics from those days.  The Studio will be celebrating its 70th Anniversary May 8, 2016 … Mother’s Day weekend! Please let me know.

~ Chris Mathis, grandson of Maude Evelyn Murphy! bowdre1970@gmail.com

? ~ I STRONGLY suggest that you include in your titles, etc. the location of your Albany High School since there is, at least, one other Albany High School in Albany, NY and Albany NY folks clicking on your sites are both disappointed and have wasted a bit of time. It also may help your Georgia folks to find you too.
~ Yvette (no last name)

A ~  Yvette - there are nearly 500 pages throughout our Albany High Times' website ... and the name is registered and paid for each month. We prefer it exactly as it is.  I doubt anyone has a website named Albany High Times ... in fact it is impossible.

To be honest - you are the only one who has complained in 12 ...  nearly 13 years. ~ BSH




Frank Orgel with Wife,

Sarah Orgel

In reading the story, "Finding Hope at Christmas", you will be amazed at the life of 1956 AHS Indian, Frank Orgel!  You will also be ready to induct his wife, Sarah Orgel, into our AHS Indian Pride!

The story was written by By Jack Smith

When a linebacker went down with an injury during the first scrimmage of spring practice in Athens in 1958, Frank Orgel stepped up. 
He had something to prove to legendary Georgia Coach Wally Butts. 
So Orgel did the only thing he knew to do when Butts snatched the whistle out of his mouth and barked at the team. 
"I need another player!" Butts yelled.
Everyone just stood there. Except for Orgel. 
Frank had been moved from running back to tight end, a position that would not have been his first choice. But like all great or even good players of his era did, the gritty South Georgian had played on both sides of the ball at Albany High School. He knew the basic idea of defense. See ball, hit ball. 
He actually knew a lot more about defense, which came naturally to his football mind.
Orgel buckled his chin strap and hustled to the spot on the field where he guessed he was supposed to be, the steely eyes of Coach Butts boring into the back of his helmet.
Frank scanned the field with intense eyes and took off with reckless abandon on the next play. He made the first of what would be many tackles on that warm spring day. Orgel also made a name for himself during that first scrimmage. 
"I don't think Coach Butts even knew my name, but I jumped up and went out there and played it," Frank said. "I had a really good day. I made a lot of tackles. Then Coach Butts came over there, and he was jumping on the offense and pointing at me and saying, 'Can anybody block this guy here?'" 
 (see below)

You'll want to take the time to read the full story (with additional pictures) of "FINDING HOPE AT CHRISTMAS": click on this link: http://albanyhightimes.com/frank_orgel.htm


You might also enjoy this video!

Former Auburn coach getting stem cell treatments for Lou Gehrig's disease | AL.com





“News & Clues”





*** Happy New Year! Many thanks to you and all that assistant you in publishing Albany High Times. I look forward to receiving it each month!


Recently, I reconnected with two Albany High people not receiving the "News & Clues" publication.


Please add the following to the mailing list per their request: Lynn Seymour Mashburn 1968, and Robert Mike King 1966. Thanks again,

~ Dudley Wier 1966




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NOTE: The article on Frank Orgel was placed on FaceBook before this publication of “News & Clues”.  We appreciate the responses from there!

*** www.auburntigers.com has posted an article on Frank Orgel titled "Finding Hope at Christmas." I have it on my FaceBook page (Betty Rouse) and Russell has it on his FaceBook page (Russell Rouse) It's the story of Frank's playing and coaching career - but more important his life with ALS complete with a lot of pictures. Just thought you might want to know about it......please feel free to look in on our FaceBook pages / they are not blocked from viewing, because we don't know how to do that.....and don't need to.
~ Betty Nix Rouse, Class of 1960 and Russell (Doodle) Rouse, Class of 1959


***  Ken Adams: Frank was an AHS classmate of my sister, Pat Adams . I remember him from my earliest days in All-binny.

***  Jack B. Harris: Frank was a family friend and our swim coach for several years. I love Frank Orgel.

*** Thanks for sharing the article about Frank. It makes us Indians proud. I am so glad that I was an Albany High Indian!!!

~ JoAnn Royal Norfolk (’56)

*** Thanks so much for the article - I graduated in '56 but remember Frank well, and without the article would not know all this information which is so interesting. I wish we had what happened to others.


My Grandson, Brandon J. Sizemore, is such a sports person, he played football and baseball; however, he dedicated to baseball for college. To me and others he is such a good sportsman and so savvy of both games.


I enjoyed reading every word and even though the problems were there Frank was a true sportsman too, he kept on when you thought he couldn't. You have to just do it and believe in yourself


*** My regards to Frank and his family and I hope your holidays are great and you have more of them.

~ C. Laynette McCorkle Sizemore, Class of 1956


Don't miss this!!!!


~* HOME *~

by Betty Rehberg


Albany Georgia!  A wonderful video created by Betty Rehberg with some of her photos.  Enjoy!!!




*** Those of you who only access Vintage Albany with mobile devices are missing out on a LOT of content. We have a huge photo section, videos and many files and links that cannot be accessed without a PC.


~ Betty Rehberg (’74)









... just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!



Thoughts from Grayson Peters

Class of 1950


Jeff Crawford and I grew up about half a mile apart on the Old Sylvester Road, now, then three miles east of Albany. We were the the same age, but he always pulled the “I’m older than you”card on me whenever we got into an argument. He was born on 1 January and I on 25 February, both in ‘33. Most of our arguments were about whether Fords or Chevrolets were the best cars (His folks owned a Ford and mine owned a Chevrolet), or whether the Baptists or Methodists were the “best” folks and which were going to Heaven (The Crawfords were Baptists and the Peters were Methodists). We were good friends, so our arguments were quickly laughed about and soon forgotten.

A large pecan grove, now Pecan Haven Housing Development, owned by Mr. Haley lay between and behind our houses. Beyond the trees were fields and woods. The groves, fields and woods were our playground. We began our friendship by sharing and trading toys and playing Cowboys and Indians. Jeff was always the “White Hat” cowboy because he was older than me. No one wanted to be an Indian because they always lost. So, being the youngest, I was the “Black Hat” cowboy, an experience that sometimes proved useful during my military career. Of course, we chose the names of the heroes and villains in the last cowboy movie double feature that we had seen at the Liberty Theater in Albany.

Mr. Haley planted rye, which grew about five feet high, and lespedeza, a vine that grew around and up the rye, as a cover crop around his pecan trees. WW II started in 1941. We never played Cowboys and Indians again. Now we played “War” and the rye and lespedeza became our “battle ground”. Joined by Jeff’s younger brother, Jon, we made trails, hideouts and fortifications. Charlie Will, the black man who drove Mr. Haley's tractor, almost ran into one of our deep, wide and long machinegun pits and his overseer threatened to call the sheriff if we didn’t fill that hole right now! Jeff agreed that we wouldn't use age to determine rank---whoever was able to beg the highest rank insignia from a soldier at Turner Field would be the “commander”. We started out with corporal stripes, but changed “command” several times as we would scrounge higher and higher insignia of rank. Then one day Jeff’s mother got him a star from someplace and I never “outranked” the “general” again. Jon was a couple years younger than us so I doubt if he ever got promoted above PFC. We could make great weapons by pulling up rye and swinging the dirt encrusted root ball at the end. We ambushed each other on the hidden trails, leading to knots, bruises, scratches and sometimes hurt and hard feelings. But most of the time we joined together to fight Japs. We killed an astronomical number of Japs in that rye field under the pecan trees—certainly more than all the Marines in the whole dad-gum war. By the end of WW II, Jeff, Jon, a couple newcomers in the community and I were “parachute jumping” off tabletops and low hanging roofs screaming “Geronimo!!” just like those troopers on D-Day in Normandy. We carried a few “war wounds” from that too---I still have a knot on my head.

There are so many memories---the cake, cookies and other treats served by Jeff and Jon’s mother, the trips to their dad’s American Express Office by the railroad terminal in Albany, the time Jeff’s mother scared the living wits out of us as we tried to pull a Halloween prank on her, the times we walked and hitch-hiked home from school and especially the time we used our “Valentine” money to buy, instead, some pretty little red, blue and purple biddies that we saw in a store window on Broad Street, the time we pulled feathers from the butt of an indignant setting hen to use as “tickets” to ride our only bicycle, the many watermelons that we ate in our backyard, the time we stood in a field in awe as a B-29 Bomber flew overhead and the time we stood in disbelief as we watched two AT-6 Trainers collide and crash in a nearby sugar cane patch. So many memories.

We went different ways after high school, but we kept in contact and enjoyed the opportunities that we had to meet and laugh and talk about the time and place we grew up and the folks that we grew up among. Jeff never lost the patriotism that we learned fighting Japs, or that wonderful sense of humor. I hope a little rubbed off on me.

Jeff got to Heaven before me---guess he’ll “outrank” me again. In the meantime, I join Jeff’s family and his other friends in their sorrow at his passing. We shall not see his like again.

In sadness,

~ Grayson Peters, Class of 1950




Peggy Forehand Pritchett

Class of 1944

Peggy was born on November 6, 1927, in Albany, and was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. D.C. (Hilda) Forehand. She graduated from Albany High School, in the great Class of 1944, as an honor graduate at age 16. 


She taught swimming during the summers at Radium Springs, where some of her friends encouraged her to enter a pageant and she was crowned “Miss Radium Springs”.


In 1948, Peggy graduated from Duke University, majoring in cost accounting. She was Rush Chairman and President of Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, a member of the Neridian Society and the Hoof and Horn Drama Club.


She choreographed and performed in the musicals presented by the Hoof and Horn Drama Club for three years.

She returned to Albany and opened a dance studio in 1948.  Former student, Barbara  Bennett Pippin (AHS '57), joined her in 1960, becoming a partner.  Later, Judy Dabbs and Kathy Hall-Hawkins joined the dancing faculty.


Year after year, this group produced creative and spectacular dance recitals and performances. Thousands of little girls will always remember their beloved “Miss Peggy.” Her passion for choreography and theater also led to many fun productions, such as “Pajama Game” and “Damn Yankees” at the Albany Little Theater (now Theatre Albany) .

Peggy was a life time member of Dance Educators of America and Dance Masters of America. She taught at numerous national conventions for both organizations. Peggy had a unique and special way to connect and encourage young dancers.  Statler Record Company produced a record with her work of children’s dance material, with daughter, Paige Pritchett’s, picture on the cover.

Peggy’s inspiration has launched careers of many dance teachers who are spreading the love of children and dance across the country. The studio has had numerous pageant winners, several students who have danced in off Broadway shows, and two who have become Radio City Rockettes!


Miss Peggy would often greet new students with a smile saying, “Welcome aboard. Did you know I taught your mother? Now that I think back, I taught your grandmother, too.” One of her greatest joys was working with the Dougherty County Kiwanis Club as they sponsored the spring recital for many years. The fact that all of the proceeds went to help children and less fortunate in our community gave her great satisfaction. Though she was technically never a member of the Kiwanis Club, they honored her as a George Hixson Fellow in 2000. After 58 years of teaching, she hung up her dancing shoes, but continued to support Kathy Hall-Hawkins as the tradition of …pretty toes…ugly toes… smile and sing loud…and exciting dancing experiences for young girls in Albany will continue.

Peggy was a lifelong member of First United Methodist Church. She used her special talents to teach children’s Sunday school classes, and was active in the Fellowship Sunday School Class.


She held emeritus status with the Junior League of Albany. She enjoyed computer classes at Darton, tutoring students at Morningside Elementary and playing bridge with some of her many friends.


She loved her piano lessons with Gary Unger, which she began at age 79!


Peggy married James Garrison Pritchett in 1949. She and “Jimmy” enjoyed a wonderful 62 years together prior to his death in 2011.


 She is survived by daughter, Paige Pritchett Samples and son, James Garrison “Garry” Pritchett, Jr, of Lawrenceville, GA.


Surely there's dancing in heaven!







Michael Keith Blewett, Class of 1962

Tony Dozier (D), Class of 1953

Jim Brandon, Class of 1958

Kenneth E. Adams, Class of 1963

Hubbard William (Bill) Lancaster (D), Class of 1946



You are welcomed to submit your name or that of an AHS relative or classmate (living or deceased).  See instructions below …


1.  AHS Men and Women Who Served in the Military:  On the above webpage, Indians are listed alphabetically:


2.  Their Stories and Service: On the above webpage, information and/or stories about their service (living or deceased) can be posted.


Please don't forget to add your FULL NAME and AHS CLASS.


If I have omitted listing any Indian, previously submitted, I do apologize. Please let me know.

~ Beverly Smith Herrington (’55)


Send AHTimes emails only to: albanyhightimes@aol.com

Please include your name and class!



 Tribe Notes …




*** I've just finished looking through the AHS annual of 1935. Couldn't put it down ‘til I finished. Surprising how many I knew.

Ben Bozeman, my old scoutmaster's picture was there in the senior class.


AHS has produced so many notable men and women, and all without computers and cell phones. We just had the world's greatest teachers. Merry Christmas,

~ Bill Huggins (’47)

NOTE: Yes, we absolutely did!!! ~ BSH



*** Wishing all you wonderful people a Happy New Year and joyful & great 2016.... Cheers! ~ Jetta & Richard Simpson (’48)


***  Bill & Nancy Winter Huggins

 AHS '47/'49

  Married 62 years!!!



*** I had to open a new email account because my previous one was compromised. Please change.

~ Jim Richter (’57)

*** Please add the name of Hubbard William (Bill) Lancaster who served as a Radioman in U. S. Navy during WW11; he graduated in Class of 1946. He is now deceased. Thanks,

~ Frances Cobb Lancaster, Class of 1946.

*** Please change my email address for future emails. Thank you.
~ John Miller, III, Class of 1956

NOTE: Hope to see you at the 60th Class Reunion, John! ~BSH

*** Does anyone know the MAIDEN name of Deborah Allene Hayes, Class 1969?  We need maiden name to send a notice to her class.  Thanks,

~ Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)


*** Got Joe Saba's obit from you and it was in this morning's paper also. Both stated he was in the Class of '47. If he indeed was a member of that class, we have seriously omitted him from all our class reunions.

I came in seldom contact with Joe but remember him as a very nice and sociable man. Very gregarious. The kind of person any high school class would be proud to claim.

And the thought just came to me: is there any source for a list of all AHS graduates from the beginning of time until the present?  Just a thought.

~ Bill Huggins, Class of 1947


*** Did we even know that Jamil Saba ('56) had an older brother? What am I not remembering correctly?? I know I am old, my sister Nancy (Leeger,’56) was one year older, and I think Jamil was 2 years older than I.

~ linda leeger stokes  (’57)


*** I do not think Joe Saba was in the 1947 graduating class.  I do not remember that name and he is not in my annual.

~ Ralph Calhoun (’47)

*** Jon Crawford ('54) has been a special friend since 2003. I knew of him in high school ... he was hard to miss! I have often told him that he looks like Paul Newman!

This week, I received sad news from Jon that he and his sister, Mary Alice Crawford (’60) had lost their brother Jeff  Crawford (’52). Since the beginning of AHTimes, they have lost 2 other brothers, Holt ('41) and Eugene ('44).

I also received an email from Jamie Crawford Leckband, which read: "Hi. My name is Jamie Leckband.  My Dad Jeff Crawford passed away Wednesday January 13th. He has lived the past 30+ years in Kennesaw GA. He was 83 years old."

I must say that I have been touched by children of AHS Indians who love their parents as Jamie does!  They are blessings!

*** Please add my good friend Tony Dozier, Class of 1953, to the list of those who served. He is deceased. He served in the Army in 1954 and 1955.

~ Duffy Frank, Class of 1953


*** Sandra Bigbie was also in our class of 1964. So sorry to hear of Billy's passing.

~ Jennifer Karn Seymour (’64)

 *** Peggy Pritchitt was special!

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson (’56)


*** When I receive an obituary, often from our Genealogic Consultant for "In Memoriam", Brenda Arnett Darbyshire ('67), sometimes the obituary does not include the descedant’s class year, and moreover does not include the woman’s maiden name.  When you think about it, the women are primarily remembered by their maiden names.  It is important, in sending out notices, that we know both the maiden name and class year.  So I usually ask for help!


This time several 1964 classmates were quick to send the answer.  I’d like to thank them all!:

Robert Margeson ’64, Martha LeSueur Nicholson ’56, Beth Parker Connors ’64, Gail Hurt Swindle ’64, Bonnie Ennis Otts ’64, and Cynthia Youngblood Jones ’64

Also, much appreciation to those Indians who send notifications for classmates who have died.



*** So sorry to hear of Jeff Crawford's passing. He was such a funny guy! I was in the band with him at Georgia Southern when he was there. That trombone playing was really good!

Enjoyed time together in the Albany High Band also. Blessings to his family.
~ Cathy Holt Norton AHS '52
*** My name is Keith Chandler and I am June Webb's oldest son. It is with great regret that I have to inform you this way, but Mom passed away on January 13th. My brother Chris and I are now going through her emails and texts and trying to notify those people or groups that she was  in contact with. It seems she had quite a few emails from you regarding Albany High School. She passed peacefully with my brother, my wife and myself at her side. She was cremated and her ashes scattered at her church, Holy Trinity Parish in Decatur, GA this past Saturday as per her wishes. Kind regards,
~ Keith Chandler, son of June Webb, 1955



In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe,
but where I loved ... I live ...


*** Bobby Ray Bullington, Class of 1955; husband of Gail Watson, Class of 1958

*** Jim Joseph (Joe) Saba, Jr., Class unknown; brother of Jamil Saba ('57) NOTE: (If anyone knows Joe's class year, please let us know.)

*** James Russell Medlin, Sr., Class of 1954; husband of Toby Turner, Class of 1959; father of James Russell Medlin, Jr., (class unknown), and Stephanie Medlin Franks, Class of 1977 
*** Jean Smith McDaniel, Class of 1961 

*** Florence Ann Kulp, Class of 1961, sister of Corky Kulp

*** Peggy Price Heard, age 95. Class unknown

*** Howard Lamar Lominec, Class of '60 died in June 1978
*** Edwin Earl McDonald, Jr. DDS, Class of 1949

*** Rhonda Shea Glass Jones, 58, class unknown

*** Bill Yielding, Class of 1964

***James "Jim" ť Robert Anderson, Class of 1973

*** Jeff White Crawford, Class of 1952; brother of Jon ('54) and Mary Alice ('60) Crawford

*** June Webb Chandler, Class of 1955

*** Ann Earl Mull Jones, Class of 1956

*** Riley Frederick "Fred" Crosson, Class of 1956


Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if relatives are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times' "In Memoriam" webpage: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA

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