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 85th Edition ~ 02/13/2014

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!





We're Home!!!

Recently I sent an email to new reader, Dian Thompson Clark ('64) AHS I had noticed a personal website posted at the bottom of her email, and color-bred canaries sounded interesting to me  ... and I have always loved the beautiful songs of canaries.  So I added her web info to this section for Indians with websites: Websites etc ... of AHS Indians!!!  


It occurred to me that this time last month, I could not have published new information on the Albany High Times website, so let me announce right here and now ... on February 1, 2014, I did a publishing "test" run ... and all sections of the Times were back in business!!!  Sing the Hallelujah! with me, please!!!  You will see in this issue I have published links to pages that have changed, or added ... or new sections I have created, etc., 


This is like having a 2 ton elephant off my back! I have spent a major portion of my life, the last 3 months, sitting in Pappa Herrington's comfy chair in our den ... most of that time, trying - but failing over and over; and then finally trying once again, and FINALLY ... my baby published and breathed life again!!


Also, in the process, I discovered I needed to upgrade the web account to "business" level with my host company ... the space usage for the Albany High Times was up to 98%.  The good thing is that the increased space has helped posting to the Internet work more efficiently.  The host company technicians have been wonderful in guiding me "through the weeds" on the "publishing" side.


I'm sure there will be errors here and there - so I hope you will let me know, ONLY at albanyhightimes@aol.com, if you find something that does not work.  PLEASE do not send to my private email account .... PLEASE!  And would you take the time to add albanyhightimes@aol.com to your address book? It will be a huge help to me.


Thanks for your patience.  We're home folks! We're home!







*** Classes of the 60's ***


AHS "Classes of the 60's Birthday Bash"

May 30 - 31, 2014

“Living in the 60’s…..Then and Now”


Are you an Albany High graduate of the '60's?  If you are, you’re invited to the AHS Classes of the 60’s Birthday Bash to be held on May 30-31, 2014


The theme of the party is “Living in the 60’s…..Then and Now”.  This is not a Reunion … it is a Birthday Party for everyone that attended Albany High during the decade of 1960-1969


This is an opportunity to re-connect with classmates from those special High School years that you may not see at your Reunion because they graduated in a different year than you.  We are planning a “Meet & Greet” on Friday evening, May 30, and a party featuring the Grapevine Band on Saturday evening, May 31


*** UPDATE ... Now taking registration and payment for our AHS Classes of the 60's Birthday Bash, May 30-31st!

Send your request to Mike Patterson for registration form and details for both nights to this NEW email address: AHSBIRTHDAYBASH@aol.com


Also check out our Facebook posts at AHS Classes of the 60’s Birthday Bash.  


For more details, contact:

Mike Patterson at (229) 420-8654

or email to



*** Class of 1962 ***

70th Birthday Party!

May 3, 2014



The planning committee for the Class of 1962’s 70th Birthday Party is at work!  We have sent out “Save the Date” cards.  The Party will be held May 3, 2014, at Paul and Debbie Wallace's home.  Let us know if you do not receive a card.


We will start at 1:00 PM and there will be no cost. An invitation, along with a response information will be sent in February. We hope many of the '62 Indians will be able to join us for this celebration!


~ 1962 Girl’s Luncheon

To be announced …


Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com) or

Carol Pate Stark (cpstark@att.net)


*** Check out our other luncheons and pics at: 



*** Class of 1954 ***

60th Reunion

June 7, 2014


We chose the date of June 7, 2014, the date we graduated in 1954.  This year, June 7th falls on Saturday, so, we felt this would be a perfect day to hold our 60th re-union!


Date: Saturday, June 7, 2014   

Time: 5PM to 10PM  

Place: American Legion Post #30

Background  50's music (no band)

Menu:  Kay Blaylock will cater a delicious meal:

Choice of 2 meats - Roast Beef or Chicken; potatoes Vegetables: California Blend or Green Beans Almandine Salad, Dessert, Rolls, Tea and Coffee.


*** If you want to imbibe in the spirits, please BYOB, or wine or beer. We will furnish any and all setups.


Cost: $25.00 Per Person

Deadline for Reservations:  May 15th. 


The Class of '54 Reunion Committee

Brinson Phillips, Chairman: w4sbp@windstream.net



*** Class of 1969 ***

45th AHS & Deerfield

June 20-21, 2014


Plans are underway for our 45th AHS/ Deerfield Class of 1969 class reunion. We are still in the infancy of planning BUT save the date of June 20-21, 2014.


Event will be at Merry Acres and we have a block of rooms set aside at Merry Acres motel for $89 per night plus tax.


Friday night will be a "Meet and Greet" and Saturday night will be a dance with The Grapevine Band out of Macon GA. If you have never heard The Grapevine Band you are in for a real treat! One of the members is our own Robin Hughes ... AHS Class of 66. 

It will be an awesome weekend so please put this on your calendar!

Also in preparation for upcoming communications, please send your address and email address to 
erhinman@mchsi.com or send a FaceBook inbox message. 

Looking forward to a great reunion!!!!!”

~ Elaine Rabun Hinman



** Classes of 1964-65 **

A Combined 50th Reunion

November 7th and 8th, 2014



Planning meetings have started!  Once again, there will be a combined 50th Reunion celebration for the classes of 1964-65, once again at Merry Acres.

~ Glenda Shelby Cannon (’64) glendashelbyc@gmail.com



*** Class of 1961 ***


The ladies of the Class of '61 got together January 16th for a luncheon at the home of Joan (Cato)Pollard. Those attending were Corinne (Beverly) Flannigan, Joan (Cato) Pollard, Dolores (Hall) Ford, Wanda (Olivent) Proctor, Katherine (Meadows) Ahouse, Jean (Smith) McDaniel, Helen (Gregory) Bush, Billie (Dykes) Strickland, Anne (Watson) O'Conner & John, Kay (Cates) Fickel. We brought salads to share but the main thing that was shared was conversation.


We've been getting together once a quarter for about 2 years now and have had such a good time getting to know each other again. If you are in Class of '61 and would like to come to our ladies luncheon, please send me your email address and I will notify you when we have the next one.  Have a blessed day,

~ Wanda (Olivent) Proctor Class of '61 wanda.proctor69@gmail.com



DID YOU KNOW? You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!

*** Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** IF YOUR CLASS has reunion ideas and info you would like to share ... i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music, send info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL CONTACT INFO!


*** Also ... looking for LOST CLASSMATES?  This page will give you help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find






Reflections of Radium

Bill Satterfield, Class of 1962


You  don’t want to miss this!  Beautiful pictures and wonderful words of love submitted by Bill Satterfield a couple of years ago… for Radium! 

Click here: Reflections On Radium



Great Gathering of Indians!


AHS authors, Diane Pulliam Wells (57) and Don Wells (57), travel through the southeast doing 34 seminar presentations annually on the Mountain Stewards work on Indian Cultural Heritage. 


Don reports, “Today we were speaking to the GA Chapter of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims meeting in Atlanta, GA. At the meeting, we met several folks who had graduated from Albany High School. When I asked the audience of about 40 people how many had graduated from Albany High School, eight hands went up, including Diane and I. The oldest was in her 90's. We found it fascinating that in one place in Atlanta, on a Saturday, there would be so many Albany High School graduates!


Ouida Ellis, Class of 1939 (still lives in Albany); Shirley Ann Thompson, Class of 1960; Alma Ellis, Class of 1953; Earl Dean Branan, Class of 1952; Gloria Anne Branan Beaudet, Class of 1955; Alice Branan, Class 196; Don Wells, Class 1957; and Diane Pulliam Wells, Class 1957.


Thanks for including us in the authors section on the Albany High Times page. May need to add a new section later this year because Diane and I, and the Mountain Stewards, are producing a feature length documentary entitled "Mystery of the Trees." This has been underway for seven years filming tribal elders across the country. We filmed Wes Studi (Dancing with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans, Geronimo, etc) in December 2013, and should finish up filming in the late spring.







This is a list of our Albany High Times’ Staff.  This month we add to Albany High Times' Home Page, Brenda Arnett Darbyshire (’67) as Genealogic Consultant for "In Memoriam".  Brenda has already helped us find many Indians we would otherwise not have known were deceased. 


When I decided to take the tiny “original” AHS website, which was originally housed in my personal website, and create the new website Albany High Times, two Indians were of tremendous help to me by scanning pictures from annuals, and proofing text before publishing for the first time.  They were Tommy Pattison (’54) and Tommy Herrington (‘56).  Yet their most time-consuming and boring assignment came when I wanted to carry forward the “hits” (which totaled about 1,000 at the time) to the new website, and I asked if they would join me by sitting at their computers, clicking on and off the website, until we reached 1,000 hits! 


Naturally I asked that these two continue to serve when a STAFF was created.  Through the years, we have added 4 more to our Staff, which now totals 7 Indians! 



      *Creator and WebMaster: Beverly Smith Herrington ('55), albanyhightimes@aol.com

      *Reporter/Editor: Tommy Pattison  ('54), goldenoldie35@yahoo.com 

      *Advisor/Photo Editor: Tom Herrington ('56), THFISHW8@aol.com

      *Reporter/Editor: Martha LeSueur Nicholson  ('56), mlnicholson@yahoo.com

       *Liaison to 1960's and 1970's: Joann Roark Arneson ('62), Jprarneson@aol.com  

       *Liaison to 1970's and 1980's: Lynne Garrison Johnson ('82), Yquem29@aol.com

      *Genealogic Consultant for "In Memoriam": Brenda Arnett Darbyshire ('67), badarbyshire@gmail.com

      *Original WebDesign “Teacher” and Advisor: B. Dianne Calhoun, WebDesignbyDi@aol.com

      Note:  Dianne is the daughter of James M. Calhoun ('50) and Beverly Smith Herrington ('55).


*Many thanks to Buster Wasden ('55) and Dan Brooks ('56) who also helped get the Albany High Times off the ground in 2002!






A~ One of the most often asked questions submitted to the “Times” comes from Indians looking for annuals to replace their own. 


I seldom get a response, but recently Betty Rehberg ('74) posted the following announcement on Vintage Albany Georgia (FaceBook)

Betty Rehberg: Currently there are several yearbooks from the 60s & 70s and more, from all the high schools for sale on Ebay albany, georgia yearbooks | eBay


Perhaps some of you can locate “your” annual year on ebay! So, visit eBay for great deals on a huge selection of Albany, Georgia yearbooks! www.ebay.com


A~ Thanks to Jim Richter (’57) who sent the information requested  by Patti Bishop Savelle (’60) in last month's issue.


? ~  When did you get the idea for the first Albany High Times, and when did the first news letter go out over the air waves?  Also, how many issues have you sent out to date?

~ Marion Hay (’55)

A~ The pending destruction of Radium Casino happened, and I needed a vehicle to "pass around a bunch of emails I received from Indians" expressing their love for Radium, and their displeasure with the City of Albany for even considering such a thing.  It grew from there with memories of Albany High School, the teachers and the times ... and so I embedded a few AHS website pages on my personal website (Click here: ... and Whatever Tickles My Fancy!) in June of 2002.  More emails, memories, pictures, etc., came in and I decided to create a new website ... the name was obvious ... the Albany High Times (for times past and times future) in August of 2002 ... it has grown to include Indians from Class of 1933 through Class of 2009!


I soon realized that I was emailing way too many emails; and not wanting to be a nuisance, I decided that a monthly newsletter was the best way to combine memories, pictures, reunion announcements, etc.  And January of 2007, the "News & Clues", a monthly newsletter, was born.  This February 2014 issue will be the 85th published newsletter!


? ~ Noticed you were looking for a Donald Pye,  54 yrs of age. There was a Donald Pye in my Class  of 1948 - may be his son?  I remember him as a really nice guy. Don't have any info on

him but he would probably be in his 80's.  Definitely an Albany Indian. Very active.

~ Pat ('48)


? ~ Brenda, how can I get a copy of your book about Randolph County, GA.  My mother's family is from that county, and I would like to see if any of her family ( SAULS ) are mentioned in the history.

~ Thad Joiner, Class of 64

A~ Brenda Arnett Darbyshire ('67) is our new Genealogic Consultant for "In Memoriam.  Her email is: badarbyshire@gmail.com



  AHS Class Websites



*** If your class has a website - please email your link to: albanyhightimes@aol.com



Check out FaceBook for these

FaceBook Links



You must be a member of FaceBook and signed on first to open these pages.


* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

* Ahs ClassofFiftyfive

* Ahs ClassofSixty

* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) has a new FaceBook page now. Would love to have more Classmates join!

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

NEW!    * AHS/WHS Class of 1978

* Email address for Class of '71 FaceBook:



* AHS Class of 1983


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?




from FaceBook!!


Information posted by Betty Rehberg on Vintage Albany Georgia


Yearbooks from 60's & 70's from ALL high schools for sale ...


Currently there are several yearbooks from the 60s & 70s & more from all the Albany high schools  for sale on Ebay: albany, georgia yearbooks | eBay  http://www.ebay.com/


Visit eBay for great deals on a huge selection Albany, Georgia yearbooks!






In a recent email from Jay Beck, Class of 1962, he wrote:  “In the book "Albany, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, there is a great essay “A River Legacy” by Vic Miller (’60).  I suggest you reprint it in the newsletter if permission can be granted by the publisher.” 



O. Vic Miller's ('60) writings are very popular, and Jay's idea was a great one!  I wrote and received permission to publish Vic’s essay on his Albany High Times’ webpage. 


His “A River Legacy” was originally published in “Albany, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow,” Thronateeska Heritage Foundation edited by K.K. Snyder/photography and by Todd Stone (2012).  So, Vic's essay "A River Legacy" is now included on this page: Click here: O. Vic Miller. Author - Class of 1960


To purchase a book, contact Thronateeska at (229) 432-6955. All proceeds from sales benefit go to Thronateeska, at www.heritagecenter.org



New Section!

Click here: Published Authors from AHS

AHS Published Authors




NEW “News & Clues” Subscribers!



*** Can you add Mike Patterson ('67) to your mailing list?  Someone usually forwards the newsletter to him, but he asked me to add him. Thanks!

~ Gloria Middleton Haguewood ('67)


*** Please add me to the Albany High Times' list and I will print a copy each month for dad.

~ Karen Tallent Padgett (daughter of Charles Padgett - '50).


*** Please add Whaite Clark, Class of 1946 to your email list for The Albany High Times.

He was on it previously, but somehow with his recent move, he is not getting it. Being out in California, he really enjoys the hometown news.

Thanks for your continued hard work. I don’t know of another high school in the entire country that keeps us with graduates like AHS!


*** Would you please add Theorin E. "Gene" Pearre a 1953 graduate to your mailing list for the newsletter? Thank you.

~ Gene Pearre ('53)


*** Please add my e-mail to your list to receive this newsletter. So great to be able to keep up!!  Thanks,
~ Nancy Salter Smith (’65)


*** Frances Cobb Lancaster (’46) is not receiving The Albany High Times. She was the Girls’ President (back then they had a Boy’s President and a Girl’s President.) She is always the “mover” in getting the Class of 1946 Reunions organized and implemented.

Frances is the widow of Bill Lancaster, Class of 1946. She will love reading it.

~ Evelyn Butler Clifton (’50)


*** Every once in a while I get a phone call from an old friend of Steve's (Arneson), Bill Watson, Class of 1957.  We were talking about AHT, and he would like to receive the News and Clues.

~ Joann Roark Arneson (’62)


*** Please add Susan Owens Greene’s (’69) name to The Albany High Times’ email list.

~ Evelyn Butler Clifton (’50)


*** My name is Karen Ford Stephens and I am a member of the Class of '69. I would like to receive the newspaper. Thanks and have a great day!!!


*** Please add me to your distribution list.


~ Joan Freeman Yarbrough, Class of 1961


*** Please send me the newsletter.

~ Robert Waller, Class of 1969


*** Please add me to the Albany High Times.

~ Wanda Owens Bass, Class of 1967


*** Jane Joiner, Class of 1967


*** Sign me up for the newsletter.

~ Hal Gurr, Class of 1970



"Teen Drive-in Hangouts" Art

Prices Reduced!


You can pull up all the fabulous Albany Art of popular teen hangouts of the 50’s and 60’s … Radium Casino, the Pig & Whistle and the Arctic Bear, all paintings by Jean Weiner.  View from this link: 











Clive Rainey

Habitat for Humanity’s

First Volunteer

Class of 1964



Click here: Clive Rainey: A life of service - YouTube

(for a short u-tube video of his 33rd anniversary with Habitat)  


In an email message, Robert Dan Vick ('64) wrote: Clive Rainey and I were great friends throughout high school and college so when I read his obituary in an announcement from the Albany High Times, I just had to find out. 


I can't tell you how relieved I was to find out the reports of his passing were in error.  If you do a search on Clive Rainey you will find tons of information.


.... and there was!!!!


On September 11, 2013 Evergreen Habitat for Humanity held its annual ‘Raising the Roof’ breakfast at the Vancouver Hilton Hotel. Clive Rainey, Habitat for Humanity’s first volunteer, shared stories from Americus Georgia and Guatemala, where he now resides.  


Clive joined Habitat in 1977 and is responsible for the concept of “sweat equity”, using family’s unskilled labor on their house and others as their down payment. Sweat equity, is a key part of every "Habitat build" nationwide, and in 80 countries worldwide. During his 36 years of service he has traveled the world and challenged Habitat affiliates to serve as leaders in their communities in the effort to eliminate substandard housing. Clive was instrumental in helping to make Habitat for Humanity one of the most recognized brands in the world.



We Recommend …

Peruse the art of these AHS

Professional Artists!!!


* Ralph Calhoun ('47):       http://albanyhightimes.com/ralph_calhoun.htm


* Linda Leeger ('57):



* Pat McDaniel Forsberg ('65) http://albanyhightimes.com/pat_mcdaniel_forsberg.htm



 "Faber's Features"


You'll want to see the latest additions to Ed's webpage ... including his beautiful Blue Heron's Snake and Egret photos, and also a letter of appreciation from former president, Jimmy Carter. 






~ CLUES!!! ~ 



*** The year 2014 is the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key's penning of the words to our National Anthem.  This offering will take your breath away ... Click here: 7NEWS - VIDEO: Kentucky All-State Choir's hotel atrium performance of 'Star-Spangled Banner' goes viral - Story -




*** Hank Williams, Jr. brings a 4 year old accordion player on stage to perform with him. This little boy is so unassuming and unaware of his amazing talent!

Click: 4 Year Old



  Tribe Notes …



***  Welcome aboard to the "new" Brenda on the Times' Staff!  What a resume, and how exciting to have a genealogist join us. Your skills will be very useful to us all. Beverly has already confused me saying she got something from Brenda.  Didn't that used to be me she was calling "Brenda"??? LOL!!!


 Brenda, hope you enjoy being a part of this group as much as I have.
~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56)
A.K.A. Brenda Starr, Reporter


*** I attended Kindergarten at St Teresa; Grades 1 and 2 at Broad Street, Grades 3-6 at McIntosh, Grade 7 at McIntosh, as it converted to seventh grade only in 1958-59, and grades 8 & 9 at Albany Junior High. I transferred to Westminster Schools in Atlanta for 10th ,11th ,and 12th grades, where I graduated in 1964.

~ Michael Harris (’64)


Scroll down to the 1964 pictures to visit Michael's newly published pictures at:

*** My niece, Candy, (brother Gene's daughter) surprised me with this portrait - from an old photo. She's very good, as evidenced, by making a fellow look half way decent as opposed to real life.



Candy (Mary Camille) Day's studio is in Blue Ridge at the Art Center. She conducts art classes there two times weekly

~ Jon Crawford (‘54)


*** I didn't read the N&C's last night at 3:15 AM when it was published, but here I am, just put my feet on the floor and I have just read it from start to finish - before I even turn on the heat!
~ Joann Roark Arneson ('62)


*** Another Great Job!!

~ Marion Hay (’55)


*** Always a pleasure to read--you all (Yawal) do a fantastic job. Did notice a spelling error in my name (picky I know) Tarpley not Tarply. Of course, most of the ones from '52AHS are away or too old to read.

Keep up the good work--A labor of love! And it is appreciated.
~ Tommy Tarpley, Class of '52


*** Thanks for your work. I was especially interested in hearing about Darlene and Maryanna Hazelton. She was awesome. Between her talent and hearing Ray (Ragsdale Stevens), it's a wonder I didn't just give up on music. I had just begun to learn piano. The article about Mr. Otto Beckman was good too. I took lessons from Mrs. Beckman for a year before they moved or whatever. She inspired me with Chopin's Military Polonaise.

Keep up the good work.

~ Dale Briggs Deckert ('57)


*** The class picture that I sent you was Mrs. Helen Southwell's 5th grade class at Flint Avenue School. That school became the Administrative Building for many years before the present one was built.

~ Carleen Newell Flowers (’48)


*** What a nice surprise....Bubba Hughes ('61) from the old days in Albany, GA!  We had a good visit, and some great fried chicken at Danny's Fried Chicken here in Fairhope, AL.  Lots of good conversation about the old days too....


(I'm the taller of the two in the photo!!)

~ Bill Cody ('62)


*** Bill Cody ('62) let me know that you do not have a good email for me. Please record the correct one.


~ Bubba Hughes ('61)


*** If the "new" Times’ website is as good as that Super Bowl Chili cooking in the kitchen, the world is truly a better place!!!!

~ Tom Herrington (’56)


*** Hi, please change my email. I am Dian Thompson Clark ('64) AHS, I have read the January issue but if you could change for the next one, I would greatly appreciate it.


I love to read about Albany and the alums. I have been away from Albany since 1965. Thanks !

~ DianThompson Clark ('64)

Master Breeder and Exhibitor of Colorbred Canaries

Website: http://myredcanary.com/


*** Please check to see if my e-mail address continues to be on Albany High Times News & Clues. I trust your computer problems have been solved .... I always look forward to reading AHT newsletter!  Please use this e-mail address. Be well,
~ Bill Hall (’60)


*** An amazing job of connecting all of the AHS Classes. Thank you so much for your tireless work.

~  David Golden ('83)


*** I have not received the monthly Albany High Times for a long time now. I’m not sure what happened, but if it is still available, I would appreciate you adding me to the list again, as this also happened once before a few years ago.

~ Paul Henry, Class of ‘61


*** Thank you so much for your usual quick response. You were instant help the last time as well. You do such a great job on it, I hope you continue until you’re 95! (or more).


~ Paul Henry, Class of ‘61


*** Attached is a copy of the Memorial Service for Larry Lake (Class of 1960). Larry passed away recently in Canada, where he spent most of his adult life.

Plus, allow me to thank you for all the work you do to keep us informed and entertained with the Albany High Times.

~ Jim Fort (’60)


***  I wish my "homeys' (the Albany crowd) would gin up a reunion one of these days!

~ John Boesch (’57)


*** I was receiving the Albany High Times but have not in several months. Please add me to the list.


~ Benjamin Toy Martin '59


*** Robert Denson (’56) died 11/30/2012. Thanks,

~ Dioneca Denson ('57)


*** Mary English Wren (deceased) was Robert English's ('54) and Lee English's sister. I called my sister, Sara Pattison (’62) and husband Hinky Dunn (’59) said she was in his Class of 1959.


*** Nancy Coleman McLendon, daughter of Tommy and Gracie Traylor Coleman (Class of 1951) wrote: I just wanted to let you know that Wayne Shipley, AHS Class of 1972 passed away today, January 19, 2014 in Albany.

~ Nancy Coleman McLendon


*** Sorry to hear about Robert Denson ....I thought he was in the Class of ‘56, possibly ‘55, but certain he is not in my Class of ‘57. Also recently learned that Jimmy Austin, probably Class of ‘54 recently died,  You may recall he had a younger brother, J.O., who may have graduated with you or close thereby. Thanks for all you do to keep our unique group bound together.

~ Jerry Brimberry ('57) 


*** Over the last couple of years Lynda (Glass – ‘59)  and I would frequently see Jimmy Austin and his wife having dinner at the Quickie Restaurant which moved from downtown ( its original location, having opened in the mid-50’s). He was very personable and fun to talk with. Other than gaining a few pounds Jimmy appeared to be enjoying reasonably good health. He and my brother Olin were pretty good friends and saw each other more often.  Jimmy’s brother, J.O. (’56) still lives in Albany and is married to his high school sweetheart, Ann Riley (’58). Jimmy was, and remained a good man.

~ Jerry Brimberry (’57)


*** Thank you for putting Daddy's obit in the AHS news!!

~ Susan Owens Greene, Class of 1969


*** Billy Daniel, Class of 1966 … deceased 2007.

~ Roy Barfield, Class of 1966


*** The AHS Class of 1969 is sad say that we have lost 2 Classmates in the last few months.  Judy Katherine Todd and Robert (Bob) McCall.

Many Thanks,
~ Karen Oakes Smith ~ AHS Class of 1969


*** Just wanted to pass along to Brenda Arnett Darbyshire the loss of another '69 classmate: Paul Cato. I noticed his name wasn't included with the other classmates who had passed away. He died in April 2012, while living in Hawkinsville, GA. He was a dentist in the same city.


There is a very short obit in the Albany Herald for which I have attached the link.

Click here: Paul Cato | Albany Herald

Best Regards,

~ Jim Ellefson ('69 AHS)

*** Parents are not supposed to have to bury their children. I am praying for Darlene Darden (’55) Carter’s family.

~ Harriet Ort Cornelius (’55)


*** RIP Nick.

~ Bill Banks ('60)


Thanks to our new staff member, Brenda Arnett Darbyshire (our Genealogic Consultant for "In Memoriam"), who through her research, has sent the names and class years for 80 deceased Indians in the last month.  Many were found on the “Find A Grave” website, etc. 


Barbara Hill, 1929

James H. "Jimbo" Smith, 1934

Jack Beck, 1935

William Harold “Pete”Ragan, 1935

William Jacocks Rivers, Sr., 1937

Robert Ragan, 1939

Cary Cheatham, Sr., 1940

Ann Hilsman, 1940

Collins Knight, Jr., 1940

John Ragsdale, 1940

Sonny Warren, 1940

Samuel Yarborough, 1940

Jetta Mae Sauls, 1941

Jane Sellers, 1941

Doris Terrell, 1941

Jule LeGreve, 1942

Asa Tift, 1942

Eloise Ragan, 1948

Merrell B. Tallent, Sr., 1948

Martha Hammond, 1949

Gordon Wayne Stem, 1950

Eve Adams, 1953

Richard Rathel, 1954

Carolyn Floyd, 1956

John Edward Martin, 1956

Bobby Joe Erkhart, 1958

Thomas Julian Watson, 1958

Mary English, 1959

John Robert "Bob" Joiner, 1960

Larry Lake, 1960

Henry Forrest Wren, 1960

Georgia Ann  Dorminy, 1962

Jim Gilmer, 1962

Albert (Bo) Godfree, 1962

Helen Pafford, 1962

Charles  Rainey, 1962

Edward Derks, 1963

Gary Hammons, 1963

Bobby Kulp, 1963

Alex Mills, 1963

Cecelia Thomas, 1963

Walter Hubert Whitaker, 1963

Elizabeth Berg, 1964

Gail Jones, 1964

Wanda Badders, 1966

Bubba Bowles, 1966

Buford Alan Burns, 1966

Gail Dennis, 1966

Buford Driver, 1966

Jeffrey Edmondson, 1966

Dick Gilberg, 1966

Benjamin Lee Hardy, 1966

William "Bill" Helms, 1966

John Lane, 1966

Jimmy Lanier, 1966

Becky McKoon, 1966

Winston Tucker, 1966

Sandra “Smile” Adams, 1967

Ernest Creel, 1967

Gigi Fleming, 1967

David Jones, 1967

Nella Jones, 1967

Titus Mock, 1967

Chuck Britt, 1968

Doug Chatman, 1968

Suzanne Holt, 1968

Debbie McIntyre, 1968

Clarence Smitherman, 1968

Lee Tatum, 1968

Roger Thompson, 1968

Lillie Ann Campbell, 1969

Jeff Cheshire, 1969

Dianne Pruett, 1969

Tommy Rainey, 1969

Patricia A. McMillan, 1970

Howard Joseph Woody, 1970

Bennett Dixon Cotton, 1971

Donald Lewis Pye, Jr., 1971

Paul "Red Rob" Robertson, Jr., 1973

Dennis E.  Nobles, 1983



In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...


***  Henry Forrest Wren, Jr., Class of 1960, husband of Mary English Wren (deceased)
*** Billy Daniel Class of 1966. Deceased 2007
*** Joyce Hendricks Kennedy, wife of Wayne Kennedy ('55) – deceased
*** Jerry Wayne Shipley, Class of 1972; brother of Billy Lee, Luke, & Dollie Shipley
*** Paul Cato, Class of 1969 died April 10, 2012
*** Robert Denson, Class of 1956;  brother of Rose Denson, Class of 1956
*** Judy Katherine Todd, Class of 1969
*** Robert (Bob) McCall, Class of 1969
*** Jimmy Ray Austin, Class of 1955; brother of Marie and J.O. Austin,  Class of 1956
*** Charles Inman Owens, Jr, Class of 1940; father of Susan Owens Greene, Class of 1969
*** Raymond Cecil Tilley, age 68.  (Does anyone know Raymond’s Class?)

*** Alisa Darden Penrod, daughter of Darlene Darden Carter (’55)


*** William H. Carswell, Class of 1965


*** Nick Lewis, Class of 1960, brother of Bo and Sylvia Lewis (56)


*** Robert Gene Watson, Class of 1965, brother of Phillip (65), and Larry (61) Watson

Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not  otherwise not be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage : Click here: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA.

Please send corrections or additions to albanyhightimes@aol.com




50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ...


  We just celebrated our 51st AnniversaryJim Richter, Class of 1957. My wife, Lois Moen - graduated 1957 from Airdrie High School, Alberta, Canada, and Holy Cross, Class of 1961.


Glen (Jan) Gosa, Class of 1960, and Judith (Judy) Diane Belle-Isle Gosa, Class of 1963, celebrated our 51st Wedding Anniversary January 11, 2014.


Glenn Chapman, Class of '54 and Linda Cartee Chapman, Class of '56,  celebrated their 50th Anniversary on December 22, 2013, with 82 of their closest friends!


An evening of dinner and dancing was enjoyed by all. Their children presented them with a black and white oil painting of their wedding photo.



  My 58th Anniversary chocolate cake from my wife, Sue, of 58 years!  I love you Sue Burnett. (as seen on FaceBook)


Walter and Sue Kendall Burnett are

1955 Classmates!


  Bill, Class of 1957, and Rose Watson were married June 28, 1959. They will celebrate 55 years of marriage this year!


Send your 50th anniversaries beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com







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