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. . . just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!



She’s Coming Back!!!!

We have gone from a 12" deficit to a 10" surplus in just 7 months! The water table is up, thus the aquifer has been recharged.

~ Proc Johnston ('54)

Radium Springs

March 16, 2013

(more photos will be posted soon)




*** Class of 1968 ***

45th Reunion


April 5th and 6th 2013

Both nights will be Merry Acres

The Grapevine playing Saturday night


Attention: Albany High School Class of 1968! It’s time for our 45th reunion. Join us on Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th at Merry Acres. We have a block of rooms, so go ahead and make your reservations! If you have moved or know of someone who has a new address, please contact:

Amy Robertson Beaver a_beaver@bellsouth.net


Also we are trying to update records for our deceased friends as well.


Please repost this on your FB wall so as to reach as many as we can. We are also sending out info by mail. Hope to see everyone in April!


*** Class of 1963 ***

50th Reunion


April 26 - 27, 2013

At Merry Acres


For more information, visit our class website

at http://www.ahs1963.us

or contact Bruce Garey at brucegarey@bellsouth.net

or phone (229) 439-0546


*** Class of 1958 ***

55TH Reunion for AHS Class of 1958

Friday Night, May 3, 2013:

Barbecue/Picnic Dinner at Merry Acres Conference Center.

Begin at 6:30 PM - Dinner at 7:30 PM.

Dress is resort casual.

Cash bar.


Saturday Night, May 4, 2013:

Dinner at Merry Acres Banquet Room.

Begin at 6 PM. Dinner at 7:30 PM.

Cash bar

Dress is dressy casual.

Band will play

  • Reservations are $70 per person.

  • Deadline for sending in checks is April 26, 2013.

  • Room reservations at Merry Acres for AHS Class of 1958 classmates is $89 per night

    • Includes full breakfast.

Please send all reservation questions and reservation checks to:

Linda Cullom Jordan

5004 Van Cise Lane

Albany, Georgia 31721.

Telephone 229 888-5098.


Our webpage: Class of 1958

Click here: '58 Misc. Pics


*** Class of 1993 ***


20th Class Reunion!

June 21 - 22, 2013


See weekend itinerary at

Click here: Class of 1993


*** Class of 1983 ***


30th Reunion

Saturday, June 22, 2013

6:00 pm

Location: TBD


*** Class of 1962 ***

*** We are planning a 70th birthday!


The next Girl's Luncheon for the Class of 1962 will be held at Joann Arneson's home on March 21, 2013. Details will be sent in an email to the girls in the class.


Joann Roark Arneson or Carol Pate Stark

(jprarneson@aol.com) or (cpstark@att.net)




Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find ...


*** Are there additional upcoming reunions?

Submit your information to:







The Arctic Bear neon sign shined even brighter outside Mathews Funeral Home on Gillionville Road in memory of Norton Johnston, former owner of the iconic Albany restaurant



Norton Johnston, owner of an Albany icon, the Arctic Bear, passed away on February 20, 2013. Following are links to several interesting articles from the Albany Herald about the Johnston's and their famous "Bear"..............


* Click here: Albany Herald | Twirling neon bear spins up memories

- By Jim Hendricks


* Click here: Albany Herald | Norton Johnston and Arctic Bear remembered

- By Jim West


* Click here: Albany Herald | Arctic Bear sign a piece of Albany, family history

- By Jay Coston ('60)


* Click here: The Arctic Bear - A Teen Drive-in Hangout - from Albany High Times Website



New WebPage Additions


Albany High Website!!!


Special thanks to Indians who mailed or emailed priceless information. Ted Cahill, ('55) mailed an envelope full of articles regarding the deaths ofDurward Pennington and Norton Johnston.


Also Bill Phillips, Class of 1960 mailed CDs of Highland Elementaryclass pictures of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades. In deciding where to place them, I noticed that the class pictures from Kindergarten through Junior High, as well as class plays and band pictures were poorly organized, so I have done a reorg and you will find Bill's pictures and others you may have never seen - each school now has it's own webpage!

Some time ago, Jud Savelle of the Class of 1960 and his wife Dianne Sedberry Savelle, Class of 1958, submitted a total package they put together for his 50th Reunion. I didn't have the heart to break it up, so I have left that "production" at Click here: 1960 Elementary Days Pics


And then Glen Gosa, also of the Class of 1960, who recently lost his mother, found she had kept wonderful treasures of his from school days!He has emailed the pages, scanned by a professional, from PowWow'sbeginning in Nov 6, 1959, and though I'm not through downloading all he sent, I believe they go through May 20, 1960. There is also a PTA Directory from McIntosh, and he has promised copies of the Junior High Papoose! Also a souvenir program of the Region 1 Band Festival dated March 8, 9, 1956. Below are links what I have been able to download.

NOTE: Anything from newspapers, because of the pixels, are almost impossible to scan well enough to produce on the website. Just FYI!




YOU ASKED… ? ? ?



A~ Ralph Calhoun was asking about Catherine Dismuke. She was a member of the Class of ‘48. The last info I have is from our 50th reunion in 1998. She was not able to attend but sent a bio for the directory we prepared. Among her many accomplishments she was awarded the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service, Air Force Commendation, and Vietnam Service medals. I decided to call the telephone number that was in her bio and found out that she had died about 5 or 6 years ago. She had enjoyed retirement until her death.

~ Carleen Newell Flowers (’48)


A ~ I noticed in the February “Times” that Jim Faircloth was interested in finding my sister, Jeana Stewart – Class of 1962. Please forward this information to Jim Faircloth.

~ Tommy Stewart (‘65)


R~ You have no idea what your web site, and your courtesies this past week, have done for me. Not only did I locate Jeana through her brother Tommy, but rediscovered a photo that had been lost for nearly 50 years. It's a prom picture from 1961, our Junior year. When I couldn't find a date from my high school in Ashburn, I called Jeana and asked if she would attend with me.


It wasn't like she was a distant choice, rather I had been encouraged by teachers to take one of the local girls. The prom was held at Radium Springs, and because Jeana still lived in our old neighborhood five miles or so west of the Albany airport. Meanwhile, thanks again!

~ Jim Faircloth (’62)


? ~ If you hear from Tommy Stewart, the Class of '62 would love to have a contact for his sister, Jeana. He can email me if he would like.

~ Jonnie Holley Douglas (’62)






Gordon Kilgore


I do not enter many photo contest, generally because it is too much trouble. However, with my wife Margaret's prodding, I did enter the 2013 photo contest in the Newnan Coweta Magazine. Now I am $100 richer for my efforts because my entry won the 1st Place ribbon!


Also, I have uploaded my latest slide show, Myanmar, to the Photodex web site. They host galleries for those who use their software, ProShow Producer. The show is 21 minutes 13 seconds long and uses a music soundtrack compiled from some CD's that I purchased in Myanmar. I actually made two shows, this being the shortest and faster moving than the other. I chose to use a straight fast dissolve so nothing fancy. To view the show use the following link:

Burma, Land of the Pagodas - Photodex


Just so you know, if this is your first time at the Photodex site you will be asked to allow Photodex to install a player on your computer. It is a very small file and completely harmless. After the player is installed, to start the show, left click on the show. The default is small screen but the show will be much better full screen. To exit at anytime click your Escape key.


A few pictures from our January trip to Myanmar were uploaded to my web site. They can be viewed at the following link: Picture Perfect Gallery :: Myanmar (Burma)

~ Gordon Kilgore (’56)




Book-Signing Party

for Henry Duggan, Class of 1959



Fran Duggan (’65), and her husband, Jim Sommervile, hosted a book-signing party for her brother, Henry Duggan, who recently published his first novel, "Silver's Odyssey." Among the guests were AHS Indians, Carol Brantley Atwell (‘), Jack Corbin (’59), Jimmy Tolbert (’59) and his wife, Jeffrey Lynn Kling Tolbert (‘59) Claude (Bubba) Hughes (’61), childhood neighbor, Tommy (’56) and Beverly Smith Herrington (’55), and Henry’s wife, Pat Rose Duggan (’63). Over 50 guests attended.

Click here: Henry Duggan, Author




Bill Lightle, Class of 1975

Author and Educator’s

Latest Book!!


Read the first chapter at:




To Dance with the

Devil’s Daughter

God’s Restoration of the Rev. Grady Caldwell


by Bill Lightle


Grady Caldwell



~ CLUES!!! ~



*** IMPORTANT: Dear Indians - you can help me so much if, when you send an email to the Times, you take the time to add your FULL NAME and CLASS YEAR. Here's the rub ... when you don't do that ... I have to look it up and that takes a LOT of my time. I can receive over 200+ emails every month. When you think about it ... this newsletter would not be interesting without full names and classes ... people love to recognize names ... SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT!

One more reminder: if you send Times information emails to my personal email account, bmabz@aol.com, you run the risk of me forgetting to forward your information to albanyhightimes@aol.com. It's a sign of the times (age!)


PLEASE help me with these requests.

~ Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)


*** Thanks to all you Indians who invited me to join you on Linkedin. I hope you will understand that I cannot be further involved than I already am.

~ Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)


*** What memories do you have of the 40's? We all lived through them, but somehow we have just concentrated on the fifties. Boy, does this bring back memories. I grew up during this time and was 4 years old when WW II broke out. I can remember the sirens during blackouts when we had to turn off all the lights and close the shades. We usually just sat on the couch in the dark. We also had a family across the street who lost a son and the whole neighborhood was in mourning for them. Sometimes, several families would gather on the front porch to listen to the radio for news of the war. Then, going to the double-feature cowboy movies in town on Saturday, we also saw the war scenes in the newsreel.


On the lighter side, I can remember chasing the ice wagon drawn by a horse to get pieces of ice to suck on. I have many more memories, too many to share here. What a time!


This is truly well done. A great history lesson. This is where we came from! Click on The 1940s It advances automatically. Be sure and turn up the sound to catch all the great music too!

~ Dan Lipsey (’56)







50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond


Eugene and Dorothy (Reeves) Crosson will celebrate their 58th Wedding anniversary April 10, 2013!


Send your 50th anniversaries beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com



AHS Class Websites



Class of 1960




AHS Class of 82 Homepage


*** If your class has a website - please email your link to:albanyhightimes@aol.com



Check out FaceBook

for these

FaceBook Links


NOTE: You must be a member of FaceBook

and signed on for these to work.


* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

* Ahs ClassofFiftyfive

* Ahs ClassofSixty

* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) has a new FaceBook page now. Would love to have more Classmates join!

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

* Email for '71 FaceBook: ahsclass71.40th@groups.facebook.com


* AHS Class of 1983

ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?



Messages from FaceBook!!


 Bobby Tripp - Feb 19

Please add me to your list. Thanks.

~ Bobby Tripp - Class of 68






50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond


Eugene and Dorothy (Reeves) Crosson will celebrate their 58th Wedding anniversary April 10, 2013!


Send your 50th anniversaries beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com


















Hal Foster King

AHS Teacher


Hal Foster King, who went to his Maker on February 28, 2013, was a beloved teacher who taught Diversified Cooperative Training and Woodshop at AHS. 


Perhaps you did NOT know … in 1942, in World War II, he volunteered for the Army Air Corps and flew missions in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater in the 75th Fighter Squadron, as a Flying Tiger and in an aerial acrobatic demonstration team.


Hal was born in 1922 in Cusseta, Georgia, and attended Georgia Tech and later Auburn University to become a Mechanical Engineer.


He returned, moving his family to Albany in 1952, where he spent many years serving Dougherty County in education--as shop teacher at Albany High School, and McIntosh Junior High, and principal of Magnolia Elementary and McIntosh Junior High which was 7th grade only.


Hal and his wife Jeane were founding members of Sherwood Baptist Church, and served there faithfully for over 60 years there.


He was preceded in death by his wife, Jeane Fisher King, and two sisters, Virginia King Robertson (wife of Mr. Rob) and Helen King Thompson.


He is survived by three AHS daughters, Kathy King James ('66), Kaye King Walden ('68), and Karen King Kirkland ('74).  Hal leaves them a legacy of wonderful memories of going fishing, family reunions, summer trips to the beach, weekends on "the farm," wood projects in his shop, home-grown vegetables, and strolls among his camellias.


He made many lives richer for his presence and will be missed for a long time.




Thomas Durward Pennington, Jr.

Class of 1958



by Beverly Smith Herrington (’55)


The three of us, Tommy Herrington ('56) Sharon Smith Spies (58) and I attended the service for Sharon's classmate, Thomas Durward Pennington, Jr. How All-benny of me, but until I saw his name in print, I always thought his name was DURWOOD!!!


We drove up at 1st Methodist Church of Gainesville, GA thirty minutes early … and as we entered the beautiful church, we noticed there were few seats left. A few Indians were there, but many, many, many Bulldogs and former students were there to pay tribute.


Sharon commented that she was so glad she attended the “Service of Worship and Celebration”, because she had never known what became of Durward after his graduation. I, too, was proud to learn who he became!


Durward died driving home from Amelia Island. Apparently his heart had given him problems for some time. He had been married to his wife, Betsy, 51 years and they have 8 living grandchildren.


Durward went to Georgia on a scholarship under Wally Butts; so did Fran Tarkington! So Durward became the most famous kicker in UGA history! He kicked the winning point to secure the SEC title in 1959. And in 1961 he kicked a 52-yard field goal that was a UGA record for 13 years. A beautiful and moving painting (collage) of Durward kicking was placed in the middle of the chancel of the church.

Everything that was said would have made Indians proud! Two ministers, a beautiful solo (Amazing Grace) and two speakers,Loran Smith (color announcer of the Bulldog network) andPhilip Wilheit (a close friend), uplifted the family, friends and students of Thomas Durward Pennington, Jr. Beloved Coach “P” to many, many in that congregation! …


As we were leaving the sanctuary, Sharon saw Bobby Erkhart (’58) in the lobby and we visited with him for a while.



Bobby had brought a relic from his past … “MY SLAMBOOK”from the 6th grade! I wish I could remember all the names in the book … but Durward’s was in the group ... so was Phillip Plummer (’58) and others!


I thought as we left the church, every day counts …


Don't miss reading this beautiful tribute by Loran Smith, Voice of UGA Football ... Albany Herald | COLUMN: There will never be another like Albany's Durward Pennington




Tribe Notes …


Wishing you a rainbow

For sunlight after showers

Miles and miles of Irish smiles

For golden happy hours -

Shamrocks at your doorway

For luck and laughter too,

And a host of friends that never ends

Each day your whole life through.


Happy Saint Patrick's Day

~ Bob Duggleby (’56) and Duke


*** The powers to be will close Albany High. It is in the mill.

~ Kenneth Faircloth ('55)


*** I’m Bill Phillips, Class of ’60. I have recently acquired some old photos that may be of interest to you and our classmates. The photos are of my classmates when we attended Highland Avenue School, period 1950 – 1954. These are our 3rd, 4th , 5th, and 6thgrade class photos.

There a lot of familiar faces in these photos that made it to the Class of ’60. Regards,

~ Bill Phillips (’60)


*** Thanks for another great edition of AHTs. And thanks for the inclusion in last month's N&Cs of my email re: Earth Angel. Hope that many Indians will remember those wonderful times. Here's one that we dance to now .... one of the best beach music bandsaround. Check 'em out. Best "Over the Rainbow" ever.

Over The Rainbow - Band of Oz - YouTube

~ Bob Duggleby (’56)

Note: Mr. Duggleby still cuts a mean rug ... shagging!


*** In the current newsletter Homer Cole asked for information concerning Broad Avenue School 1948-1950 and I offer the following: I lived at 609 Oglethorpe and started school at Broad Sept 1951. The Coles lived next door to me (611?) in the front apartment. The Little Family lived in the rear apt which is why Homer stated that he had to go out his front door and go to the rear of the house to cross the alley to go to school. On the other side of my house lived Mary Prisant. I can remember when the school cafeteria was built which was about the time I started school and I can remember the small store that Homer mentioned as well as the widening of Oglethorpe Blvd. My first grade teacher was Mrs. Gregory who later was my principal at Northside Elementary School where I attended grades 5 & 6. I have fond and some vivid memories of Broad Ave School. Maybe this information will be forwarded on to Homer Cole.

~ David Taylor (’64)

Note: Yes, I forwarded it!


*** Article: “Norton Johnston and Arctic Bear remembered”… written by Jim West (Albany Herald)

~ Mike Johnston (’59)


*** (Response to Jim West – Albany Herald) Hi Jim, I now live in Snellville, GA but so thankful I grew up in Albany and at such a time that I did. Thank you for your article which was sent to me byNorton's nephew (Clarence's son), Mike Johnston who was one of my three best friends growing up. You brought out what this institution really meant to those of us who enjoyed the food and the friendship of the Arctic Bear. "Freeman", we called him, always called me by name and Norton with his crisp white apron is etched into my mind...not to mention that their burgers were just different...a really good kind of different. Now the folks who work in the fast food places may not even know English! I am sorry to learn of "Mr. Norton's" passing.


I have so many memories of the Arctic Bear...one I'll share was when Mike and I would skip school at lunch time and ride over to the Bear on his Triumph Tiger Cub motorcycle for a quick burger before sneaking back to school. One more...pulling up to the Bear in our '49 Pontiac on a double date when I was only 14 years old. Kids at this age now are too busy texting to learn how to properly operate an automobile! Thank you again for all that you included in this article and to Mike for sending it to me. It was a very pleasant step back in time and may the "Bear" live on!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers and blessings,

~ Harold Carter (’59)


*** J. Tom Morgan featured in Class of 70 is from Class of ‘73’~ 
~ Rhenda Coxwell


NOTE: Thanks! correction made.


*** I have lost "Hambone" Hamilton (1952)! I sent him a Christmas Card to his Pelhem address and it came back. I called BB and he thinks that Hambone is living with his son. Hambone and I were in scouts together. After high school and sometimes during high school, he and I would go to Davis Bros Restaurant and get a pot of coffee for (check this out) twenty-five cents. We would sit there and drink coffee until, sometimes they would ask us to leave. He and I shared all of our past, present and future with each other.


He went off to University of Florida and I went into the army. After the army I went to University of West Georgia. We would write off and on, but I lost track of him. If you or any of the readers of the Albany Times know where he is let me know.


I wish that I could get back to Albany more often. It is like Mr. Jim Champion told me (that is Bubber Champion's father) when he turned 90. I went to the Albany Rotary Club and they celebrated his 90th birthday. I went up to him after the meeting and congratulated him. He said and I will never forget it, "I am as fit as a fiddle, just a little bit out of tune." That is me. I can't hit the high notes any more, but I can hum a mean tune. Thanks Beverly and keep up the good work!!!

~ Henry - Harry Helton ('52)


*** ~ Chet Green (Class of 33) sent this FROM HIS I-PHONE!!! This 1938 ALBANY BLUES team, made up offormer AHS Basketball Players and 2 AHS Coaches, played the World Champion CELTICS in 1938 & 1939.



*** Would you please include Barbara Lipsey England (’52) in your e-news. Also, please change my email address.

~ Kay Lipsey Boynton (’55)


*** Please change my email address. Thanks alot.

~ Jackie Brown Chapman (’56)


*** Please use this new email for my personal contact. Thank you,

~ Dan Lipsey (’56)


*** While viewing the Missing Classmates I noticed that MargitElizabeth Lagerstrom's name was not among them. She has never attended a reunion and we have not been able to locate her. Please add her name to the 1954 Missing Classmates section. Thanks.

~ Tommy Pattison (’54)


*** Wow thinking of Hal King brings to mind how much I loved his shop courses and how lousy I was. For me he was a really good guy. I am sure he is up there!

~ Karl Heinzman (’55)


*** I’m sure there are many people from Albany High School that didn’t know that Hal King is the brother of Paul Robertson’s wife Virginia. I didn’t make the connection until recently. Mrs. Rob was my second grade teacher.

~ Jackie Phillips (’59)


*** David Akridge died last night. The graveside service will be in Albany with Matthews Funeral Home in charge of the arrangements. I'm not positive of the year he graduated, but it wasaround '56----maybe '55.

~ Jenny Thompson (’58)


*** John Lane (Class of 1966) passed away 5 Feb 2013

~ Tommy Stewart Class of 1965


*** A Classmate of ours, Scott Ellis 1979, is missing from your list. His obituary is listed at Mathews. I am Dani Stevens Tippins 1978. Have a great day! Let me know if you need anything else.


*** Kaye King Walden's father, Hal King died last week. She is married to Larry Walden and has two sisters that went to Albany High. Complete obit is with Kimbrell Stern I think. He was buried last Saturday.

~ Margaret Green Brannan ‘66


*** I lost my birth mother, Elizabeth Baldwin, whom I found in2000. Had thirteen great years with her. She was 90. We are still trying to keep the Herrington Music Scholarship going at Albany 1st Methodist. That is where I had asked that memorials be sent for my birth mother. Thanks for starting that!

~ Margaret Green Brannan ‘66


*** My dad passed away today at the VA Hospital in Columbia, SC. He was just two months shy of his 91st birthday. I do not have an obit for you right now, but will send one later.

~ Mary Shular Hopper, daughter


*** I just got word from a classmate that Durwood Penningtonhas died. I do not have any of the details as yet. He was living inGainesville, Georgia and his wife's name is Betsy. I just heard he was on his way home from Amelia Island and slumped over the steering wheel. I will let you know more as I know it. As you know, Durwood is in our Class of 1958. Thanks.

~ Linda Cullom (’58)


** Just saw this obit for Durward Pennington in The Albany Herald today. Thought you might like to view and post on Albany High Times. I am sure a lot of the classmates will remember him.Thanks, 
~ Bobbie J (Young) Wade
AHS 62


*** I was at UGA when Durward was the kicker. It was so exciting to see a classmate making points for the Bulldogs.

~ Joanne Simmons Smith (’58)


*** In our 1958 yearbook Durward’s name is spelled Durwood,but in the other 3 it's spelled Durward. He was a wonderful young man.
~ Sara Cox Kofoed - Class of 1958


*** Durward wasn't in my class, but always knew of him. He was well known and I know everyone that was in his life enjoyed being part of that.

~ Bobbie Young Wade (’62)


*** In this mornings paper; Ralph R. Bruner, Class of 1954, diedSat, March 9, 2013, at his residence. Funeral services will be at 3 p.m. at Mathews Funeral Home, with visitation one hour earlier.
~ Brinson Phillips ('54)


*** My father, William Alfred Shular, Jr., Class of 1940, was laid to rest on March 15, 2013 at Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA. A World War II veteran, he was captured at the battle for Anzio and taken to Rome where he escaped; eventually being recaptured and transported by railroad car to Oflag 64, a German POW camp in Szubin, Poland, where he was held until being marched out of the camp in advance of the Russian invasion. He escaped during the march and ultimately made his way to the Russian port of Odessa where he was united with the authorities for the United States. He was honored with the Bronze Star with bronze OCL, Purple Hearts (3) and numerous medals and awards during his long military career.


I appreciate your efforts in trying to locate my uncle, Edward Shular. Please don't worry about it .... it was just a hope of mine. I am very grateful to you. Best wishes,

~ Mary Shular Hopper


William "Bill" Shular Jr. Obituary: View William Shular's Obituary by The State



In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...


*** Hal Foster King, who went to his Maker on February 28, 2013, was a beloved teacher who taught Diversified Cooperative Training and Woodshop at AHS.  He is survived by his 3 daughters, Kathy King James (66), Kaye King Walden (68), Karen King Kirkland(74), all graduates of AHS.


*** John H. Lane, Class of 1966


*** Ada Darden, Class of 1959, passed away August 7, 2004, mother of Candace Hudgins Mann, Class of 1991


*** Scott Sumner Ellis, Class of 1979


*** Marianne Smith Marbury, Class of 1943; mother of Felix ('67) & John Marbury ('68)


*** Frances Mozelle Faircloth, Class of 1955


*** Catherine Dismuke, Class of 1948


*** David C. Akridge, Class of 1955


*** William Alfred Shular, Jr., Class of 1940


*** Linda Hicks Sanchez, Class of 1975


*** Ralph R. Bruner, Class of 1954, brother of Robert, Cile and Helen Bruner


*** Elizabeth Baldwin, birthmother of Margaret Green Brannan ‘66


*** Catheryn Gosa, mother of Glen Gosa (’60)


*** Patricia Mock Benton - February 12, 1925 - March 12, 2013, Class of 1942


Note: Thanks to all those who send obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We would otherwise not be aware of our losses.


* Notices and/or obituaries are sent to the deceased’s class, plus the classes of the spouse, child, or close relative, as soon as possible. Each is then listed on the “In Memoriam” webpage (if the class has submitted a list) and also in the "News & Clues" the following month.


Check out your class at In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates


Send corrections or additions to albanyhightimes@aol.com




“News & Clues” Subscribers!



*** Please add me to your list. Thanks.

~ Bobby Tripp - Class of 1968


*** Please add Martha Hamilton Brown, Class of 63 to yourNews and Clues lists. I had a delightful visit with she and her husband at the Dairy Queen. We lived across the hall from each other on the 4th floor of North Myers Dorm at UGA. Peace,

~ Joann Roark Arneson (’62)


*** I would like to be on the email list. Do you have to be onFacebook to connect? Are there any plans for the class reunion yet? Thanks for your help.

~ Jerry Lawson (’60)



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