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 86th Edition ~ 03/14/2014

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!




Considering a

“More Than One Class” Reunion?


Did you know ... ALL the classes of  the 1960’s (yep an entire decade!) are planning to have a “Birthday Bash”?!!!  Sounds like fun!


Reminded me of the “Y’all Come" Fish Fry, sponsored by the Class of 1954 in 2002 @ Potter's Community Center! One of the best times ever!  For those of you who attended … take walk down memory lane …

Click here: 2002 1954 Fish Fry


brinson.jpg (640×480)

Brinson Phillips, 1954 60th Reunion Chair





*** Class of the 1959 ***

"55th Class Reunion"

April 25 - 26, 2014


Evenings at Merry Acres

Saturday picnic lunch at Radium Springs


For info, contact:

  •   John Vansant 229- 343-8603

  •   Henry Duggan 229- 869-9872

  •   Linda McAfee Halford 229- 725-8647


*** Classes of the 60's ***


"Classes of the 60's Birthday Bash"

May 30 - 31, 2014

“Living in the 60’s…..Then and Now”


Are you an Albany High graduate of the '60's?  If you are, you’re invited to the AHS Classes of the 60’s Birthday Bash to be held on May 30-31, 2014


The theme of the party is “Living in the 60’s…..Then and Now”.  This is not a Reunion … it is a Birthday Party for everyone that attended Albany High during the decade of 1960-1969


This is an opportunity to re-connect with classmates from those special High School years that you may not see at your Reunion because they graduated in a different year than you.  We are planning a “Meet & Greet” on Friday evening, May 30, and a party featuring the Grapevine Band on Saturday evening, May 31


*** UPDATE ... Now taking registration and payment for our AHS Classes of the 60's Birthday Bash, May 30-31st!

Send your request to Mike Patterson for registration form and details for both nights to this NEW email address:



Also check out our Facebook posts at AHS Classes of the 60’s Birthday Bash.  


For more details, contact:

Mike Patterson at (229) 420-8654

or email to



*** Class of 1962 ***

70th Birthday Party!

May 3, 2014

Paul and Debbie Wallace's Home

1:00 p.m.



The invitations for the 70th Birthday Party, to be held May 3, 2014, have been sent and several have responded. The event will be hosted by Paul and Debbie Wallace at their home (bring a fishing pole! and a chair if you can). We will start at 1:00.


Please make your reservation by April 4th.


No $$$ cost, but we need to know if you are coming as Lynne Mertins is catering a light buffet and Joann will make name tags (because she needs them to help recognize folks!). We look forward to seeing many '62 Indians for this get together!


~ 1962 Girl’s Luncheon

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

11:30 am

Covered Dish Luncheon

@ Joann Arneson's home


If anyone needs directions please contact Joann.


Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com) or

Carol Pate Stark (cpstark@att.net)


*** Check out our other luncheons and pics at: Click here: '62 Girls' Luncheon's



*** Class of 1954 ***

60th Reunion

June 7, 2014


We chose the date of June 7, 2014, the date we graduated in 1954!  This year, June 7th falls on Saturday, so, we felt this would be a perfect day to hold our 60th re-union!


Date: Saturday, June 7, 2014   

Time: 5PM to 10PM  

Place: American Legion Post #30

Background  50's music (no band)

Menu:  Kay Blaylock will cater a delicious meal:

Choice of 2 meats - Roast Beef or Chicken; potatoes Vegetables: California Blend or Green Beans Almandine Salad, Dessert, Rolls, Tea and Coffee.


*** If you want to imbibe in the spirits, please BYOB, or wine or beer. We will furnish any and all setups.


Cost: $25.00 Per Person

Deadline for Reservations:  May 15th 


Mail reservations to:

Laverne Croft

1502 Tenth Ave.,

Albany, GA 31707


The Class of '54 Reunion Committee

Brinson Phillips, Chairman: w4sbp@windstream.net



*** Class of 1969 ***

45th AHS & Deerfield

June 20-21, 2014


Plans are underway for our 45th AHS/ Deerfield Class of 1969 Class Reunion. We are still in the infancy of planning BUT save the date of June 20-21, 2014.


Event will be at Merry Acres and we have a block of rooms set aside at Merry Acres motel for $89 per night plus tax.


Friday night will be a "Meet and Greet" and Saturday night will be a dance with The Grapevine Band out of Macon GA. If you have never heard The Grapevine Band you are in for a real treat! One of the members is our own Robin Hughes ... AHS Class of 66. 

It will be an awesome weekend so please put this on your calendar!

Also in preparation for upcoming communications, please send your home address and email address to
erhinman@mchsi.com or send a FaceBook inbox message. 

Looking forward to a great reunion!!!!!”

~ Elaine Rabun Hinman



** Classes of 1964-65 **

A Combined 50th Reunion

November 7th and 8th, 2014



Planning meetings have started!  Once again, there will be a combined 50th Reunion celebration for the classes of 1964-65, and once again at Merry Acres.

~ Glenda Shelby Cannon (’64) glendashelbyc@gmail.com



*** Class of 1961 ***

 Luncheon News

April 10th at 11:30 am

@ Austin's Firegrill

on Old Dawson Road


Our luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, April 10th at 11:30 am at Austin's Firegrill on Old Dawson Rd. Please let me know ASAP if you will be able to attend so that I can give Austin's a more exact number of how many for them to prepare for. Have a blessed day!!!

~ Wanda (Olivent) Proctor Class of '61 wanda.proctor69@gmail.com



DID YOU KNOW? You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!

*** Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** IF YOUR CLASS has reunion ideas and info you would like to share ... i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music, send info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL CONTACT INFO!


*** Also ... looking for LOST CLASSMATES?  This page will give you help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find






Johnny Paulk, Class of 1954



Johnny is a modern day Rhett Butler! Daily clad in classic golf attire, and two-tone shoes, he is immediately known by his welcoming, Georgia drawl!  "Johnny is a true Southern gentleman," Georgia PGA Executive Director, Michael Paul, said, "He is the consummate pro and always goes out of his way to make you feel special."  For the full article and more pictures, click below:



Vic Miller, Class of 1960


 Georgia River Network's Weekend for Rivers 2014

 Riverhood Unite!

April 5-6 in Roswell, GA.


Vic Miller ('60) will be speaking at this event and encourages anyone with an interest in Georgia rivers to consider attending. There is also a paddle outing as part of this conference planned for April 5-6 in Roswell, GA.


Georgia River Network's Weekend for Rivers 2014 Click here: Annual Conference


Gordon Kilgore, Class of 1956



A new gallery has been added to my web site. This is a bit different and is called "Caribbean Photo Art". The original photos have been made to look more like a painting than a photo. The link is:



Doug Dahlgren, Class of 1965


I will be hosting a new program on

Artist First Radio Network

March 17th @ 7 PM Eastern Time.

Featuring interviews of authors, other writers, and musicians...

some you've heard of,

others you need to know about.
I hope you'll stop by and give us a listen.







"In Memoriam" …

1.    If you find no deceased section listed for your class year, one has not been submitted. 

2.    In rare instances, an Indian will appear in two different classes.  There are 3 probable reasons: 1) they stayed for another year to play football; 2) they started in one class, but graduated with another and consider BOTH their class; or 3) A mistake has been made!


Please report mistakes to: albanyhightimes@aol.com, and always feel free to ask questions.  We want to get it right!  

A special thanks to Pam Wallace Rehberg (’66) who took the time to correct a section of her class for us.  She suggested that the mixup was probably caused while alphabetizing in Excel ... that perhaps the first and last names were mistakenly shifted.  Bingo!  Exactly what happened!  In sorting that out, she added other classmates to the list.  6 months ago there were very few ’66 classmates “In Memoriam” … but with the help of Pam and Brenda Arnett Darbyshire (67), sadly we are able to list 58.



Indian Responses

to February

"News & Clues"


I have just finished reading the February 2014 issue of the Albany High times and the story by Vic Miller titled "A River Legacy".


His story reminded me of the tremendous loss of Radium Springs. As you know, we all grew up on the Flint River and swam in the cold waters of Radium Springs. Mr. Miller's personal experience article, SO RICHLY WRITTEN, is a beautiful story that no child, at least during our life time, will ever get to experience again. While reading his story my mind was flooded with memories of the times spent on the Flint and at Radium and I was held spell- bound by Mr. Miller's use of the English language. His grasp of the King's Language is uncanny.

Also, my memory of us working together as a committee, and your frequent trips to Albany from Atlanta in an attempt to save Radium came flooding back. Believe me, no one can ever say that we, along with our Radium Springs Casino Preservation Committee, lead by the late Morgan Murphy and Lamar Clifton didn't try to do everything possible that we could to salvage the loss of Radium. Had the citizens and the elected and appointed officials of the City of Albany and Dougherty County truly wanted to save the Radium Springs they certainly could have. They will rue the day that they didn't. What a waste of a God given resource. We certainly provided the elected folks with the ways and the means to do so. But, because of political and financial decisions that had already been made before we came along, pride and ignorance of the elected officials prevailed. Even, as a final effort to preserve a little bit of what we had grown up with, the last recommendation that our committee made to the county was to convert the entire site, all the way down to the river, into a Radium Springs Botanical Garden with both the Radium Springs' Boil and Sky Water Creek being the focal point of the Botanical Garden. Our recommendation was only partially accepted and implemented and consequently only a small floral garden was created and they named it simply "Radium Gardens".


As justification for their decision, we were told that the County only owned a small tract of property surrounding the "spring" and that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) owned the balance, including the spring; that the spring had been set aside by the DNR as a spawning site for the Non-Native Striped Bass. The DNR immediately, after acquisition, erected a chain link fence around their portion of the land in order to keep people out. It is hard to believe that a non-native species of fish took precedence over the historically significant Radium Springs and the Casino. But again, "politics is politics."

I would like to thank Vic Miller for his wonderful story and for preserving the memories of Radium and the Flint River. His story was sincerely appreciated and enjoyed.

~ Marion Hay, Class of 1955






?~  I'm trying to get some information for Mother, Geraldine Hines Barronton, on her high school class. Is there a site for 1942?


Have gone to Albany High Times and did not see anything that old. If not, where do you think I would find a list of grads still alive?  Mother and her sister are the only living left from the Class of 1942 that they know of. They were hoping to hear if any others were still alive. My aunt, Doris Hines Boyd, is 90, as the rest of the class should be. Mother was, and probably still is, the youngest ever to graduate AHS...she was 15!


~ Harold Barronton (Dee)


A~  Dee: When the Albany High Times was started 11 years ago, we did not have contacts or pictures for most classes in the 20's, 30's or 40's. So much of what is there, Tommy Pattison ('54) copied from those older annuals so the earlier classes could be represented.  There are some sections with photos and buttons to explore in that section (see below).

         The 1944 Class has been very active in getting information to post to Albany High Times, and they did have a list of living classmates - but am not sure if it has been updated.

          To my knowledge, there is no other list of living graduates for those generations. Probably the only class lists are those classes that are still actively planning reunions. I know of no other class older than the 1950 class that has met for a reunion recently.

         I have at least three classmates from 1942 in my Addressbook.  I know there is one gentleman who graduated in 1933, and our oldest known Indian is 103!

         Please tell your mother I will definitely put her request in the newsletter, and will send a copy to you. It will come out this week.



Links of Interest 1.http://albanyhightimes.com/ahs_classes.htm - this is a page with a list of all the class decades.

2. http://albanyhightimes.com/1940s.htm - this is 1940's specific. 1942 has pages for their annual printed (some pictures will not enlarge).

3. http://albanyhightimes.com/in_memoriam.htm - this is the section on classmates lost - you have to scroll down to 1942. We have no way of listing everyone, as I can only post names provided to me.

4. http://radiumsprings.albanyhightimes.com/ The Radium section might be interesting for your mother to see!

Hope this helps a little bit!


?~   Do you know how many graduated each class year?   I can't remember how many graduated in 1948. Be interesting to know how many graduated each year.


~ Pat Norton ('48)

A~  Sorry Pat, I don't know those class numbers except for my own class (1955), and even that total is in question!!! ~ BSH


?~  We are looking for Jerry Swain who would probably have graduated in 1964.

He played on the University of Georgia freshman football team in 1964. We are planning a reunion of the team at the Tennessee game. If you know him, please have him contact either me, David Freeman or Wayne Ingle. Thank You,

~ David Freeman

A~ David: I hope this info will at least get you on the right track with answer below.


     "If Jerry has an email address - his class would like to have it if possible!" (Glenda included Jerry's address)

~ Glenda Shelby Cannon


I publish the Albany High Times' website and put out a newsletter each month where I place requests like your email. ~ BSH


?~   I am asking for your assistance; I grew up in Albany for a number of years before the family moved to Indianapolis, IN.


A family that lived next door, the "Ward's",  had two sons: Lee was the oldest, then Charles and then Sandra.  She would have graduated in 1963. I have tried to find her and can not.

I had seen her mother just before she passed away a few years back, but she could not speak. I was told that Sandra and her husband (don't know his last name) live (I think) in Newnan GA.??????


If you could or would be kind enough to check with her class mates, or if possible I would place a Ad in your monthly news letter, if that is possible, just let me know and what the charge would be. Thanking you in advance for your assistance and kindness.


Nunnally (SONNY) Brunson ('59)

A~ Sonny, am placing your question in “You Asked”.  Perhaps someone will send the info.  If they do, I will be glad to send your info to Sandra, and she can take it front there.





Class Websites


*** If your class has a website - please email your link to: albanyhightimes@aol.com



Check out FaceBook for these

FaceBook Links



You must be a member of FaceBook and signed on first to open these pages.


* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

* Ahs ClassofFiftyfive

* Ahs ClassofSixty

* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) has a new FaceBook page now. Would love to have more Classmates join!

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

* AHS/WHS Class of 1978

* Email address for Class of '71 FaceBook:



* AHS Class of 1983

* RIP Classmates of DHS AND AHS


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?




from FaceBook!!


Cathy Baxley (’57) posted on Albany High Times Website's timeline: "Came across this old picture of the Lincoln tree in a box of my mother's pictures. She graduated in 1931 or 32.  We think this picture was taken before her graduation as it has her maiden name on the back. Mother’s maiden name was Catherine Greene and she was married to J.E. Jimmy Palmer in 1932.



Click here: (88) Betty Rehberg - Newsreel about Winecoff fire of 1946



"Teen Drive-in Hangouts" Art

Prices Reduced!


You can pull up all the fabulous Albany Art of popular teen hangouts of the 50’s and 60’s … Radium Casino, the Pig & Whistle and the Arctic Bear, all paintings by Jean Weiner.  View from this link: 
















Bill Satterfield, Class of 1962


Picture taken by classmate, Ed Faber;

it was cropped for this issue

Written by Classmate, Joann Roark Arneson


I attended Bill Satterfield's funeral on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. It was a celebration of his life. His granddaughter, Elaina Satterfield, was endearing as she spoke of his love of the Kingston Trio and explained that the departing music would be "Charlie on the M.T.A." and a bit of Charlie's story.  Jean's (his wife) nephew, Dave Wills, spoke of the times when he first knew Bill, and a few adventures. Bill Wright spoke of his love of the outdoors and the trials of this past year. The Minister Dr. Don Adams knew Bill well as he was active in FUMC, and spoke to his love of travel and adventure. He said, "Bill wrung everything out of life".


I was pleased with the number of members of the Class of '62 who attended. I remember seeing Patti Bedenbaugh Howze, Virginia Johnson, Carol Mauldin Rathel, Marvin Allen, Carlos Phillips (Sheila), John Wolfe (Gail), Dale Swilley Cox, Sara Pattison Dunn, Sandra Tanner Wright (Bill) and Paul Wallace (Debbie) from Albany; with Ladd King, Charles Gillespie (Marilyn), Carol Rockett Megathlin and Jay Pryor from out of town.


William Satterfield Obituary - Albany, Georgia - Kimbrell-Stern Funeral Directors


"Reflections of Radium"

Bill Satterfield, Class of 1962

(Re-Run for your pleasure)


You  don’t want to miss this!  Beautiful pictures and wonderful words of love submitted by Bill Satterfield a couple of years ago… for Radium

Click here: Reflections On Radium



We Recommend …


New Web-Section on Tift Park


“Sale of Tift Park” notices, letters and emails and an outpouring of memories can be viewed at http://albanyhightimes.com/tift_park.htm and http://albanyhightimes.com/letters.htm


You are welcome to add your own memories …

please email only to albanyhightimes@aol.com.  Thanks!



 "Faber's Features"


No doubt Ed has a talent with a camera!  But his "stories" are also wonderful.  This month:



new photos

(1) Cotton Field; (2) Egret at Lake Loretta http://albanyhightimes.com/faber's_features.htm



New "Before High School"

Class Pictures for Class of 1961


Thanks to Bill Feild, Class of 1961, who submitted the following pictures for the "Before High School" section:  Mrs. Reeves' 3rd grade - Mamie Brosnan; Miss Muns' 4th grade and Mrs. Cotton's 6th grade - McIntosh; and  Bob Fowler's 8th grade - Albany Jr High.




 ~ CLUES!!! ~ 


Don't forget ... Albany High Times has is a search engine @ http://albanyhightimes.com/search_engine.htm




Click here: St. Patrick: Why Green? Video - History of St. Patrick’s Day - HISTORY.com

2 min TV-PG


Why Green? Green was not the first color associated with St. Patrick, so just how did green come to represent this holiday?




Click here: NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade Video - History of St. Patrick’s Day - HISTORY.com


The St. Patrick's Day Parade on Fifth Avenue is a New York City tradition, but did you know the first one was held even before the Declaration of Independence was signed?





The “News & Clues” would not survive without your emails! to tell the truth, there might be a 4 page issue, instead of a 16 page issue … but YOU make the issues with your wonderful emails! 


However, often 95% of the signatures are either not there or are incomplete … so I have to go to my AddressBook to look up the "email addresses" to find the info I need.


Yet as many times as I ask for full name and class, it doesn’t seem to sink in …


*** so now I’ll BEG!!!


When I receive emails with (1) no signature, (2) first name only, (3) (for girls) first name with married name only, (4) and no class info, it makes a difference as to how fast I can get the newsletter out each month. And no – I can’t remember all that info for over 2,000 Indians. Don't assume I can (smile)!


So here is what I need so I don’t have to interrupt working on the newsletter to look up the missing info in my Addressbook. 


I always need:

Girls: First, maiden and married namesY’all are remembered by your maiden name ... many don't know your married name! So I need your FULL NAME.

Guys: First and last name.

Both: Class year


This is how it should be submitted …

Beverly Smith Herrington (’55); or

Tom Herrington (’56)


Not whining, but I can cut the time it takes to create the newsletter in half  (from 4 days to 2) if you will do this ONE thing!


It's TRUE, it's ACTUAL


Everything will be Satisfactual!!!



  Tribe Notes …



 Mrs. Honora "Nora" Barrett Teahan, (Class of '41), sister of Effie Barrett Dodson, Mary Barrett Champion, Echo Barrett Hopkins, Frank Barrett, Laurie Barrett and Sidney Barrett, celebrated her 90th birthday, January 26, 2014, surrounded by her family!

~ Echo Barrett Hopkins, (‘59)


 *** Just talked with Gene's (Crawford) widow and learned that Candy (Mary Camille) Day's works in Blue Ridge at the Art Center. Candy conducts art classes twice weekly there.

~ Jon Crawford (’54)


NOTE: Candy painted the handsome picture of Jon in last month's issue!


*** The Author's section is excellent and I am proud to be listed with people like Ben Swilley and Henry Duggan !!

~ Doug Dahlgren ('65)


*** My e-mail address changed a few years back and I have not been receiving Albany High Times. I would like to keep up with everyone.
~ Barbara Amann Clement (’55)


*** I purchased an Ipad at the Apple Store. I do love it, and enjoy playing Word with Friends on it. Who would ever have thought that an 81 year old woman could have so much fun playing games!


Being in touch with old friends and keeping up with their activities is my favorite part of it, as well as staying in touch with the 4 grandsons and their activities. I guess one is never to old to learn new things.


I am studying Spanish now, too, since I took 4 years of Latin from Mrs. Dobbins, 2 years of French from Miss Boatright, and two more years of it at Mercer University from Madame Corrine Byrd. Looking back, I wish that I had taken Spanish from Mrs. Juhan instead. Who would have ever thought back in the late 40’s and early 50’s that we would need to know Spanish rather than French!


Thanks for the great job you continue to do. Call on me when ever you need to check on something from the “olden days.” All of a sudden I am among the oldest live native Albanians!


~ Evelyn Butler Clifton ('50)


*** Thank you for all your work.

~ Jerry Lawson (’60)


*** What a pleasure to read the Feb 14th issue of Albanyhightimes - I think it is one of the best issues that I have read. What a great painting of my classmate, Jon Crawford, by his niece. I know how proud Jon and his family is of that painting.

~ Peggy Jo Irwin Davis '54


*** Please continue your labor of love. All of us Indians certainly do appreciate it and look forward to each month's News and Clues.

~ Pam Wallace Rehberg ('66)




NOTE:  Somewhere in the WigWam Book of Rules, you will surely find: "Once An Indian ... ALWAYS an Indian."  I receive emails from new readers who send AHS memories or news, and some end with ,"... but we moved before I graduated."  And I always write back and quote what the WigWam Book says!  I still remember my grammar school friends in Florida ... always wished they would invite me to a reunion ... so this is why, to me, it is so important to include those who "should have graduated", but "could not", for whatever reason.  


Here is an example of a guy, Bill Cody, '62, with part of his heart still invested in friends from his days in Albany.  Last month he sent a picture of  him and his 1961 friend, Bubba Hughes, standing proudly in their Auburn shirts!  Ironically, I was in my FSU shirt when I read his email (had to get that one in!).  Later he sent another email announcing the exciting news that he will be inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame on May 17, 2014! I asked him to send pics afterwards! 


Here is his first email:

*** My dad was stationed at Turner AFB and we left Albany after my 7th grade year..my sister Peg was in the 8th grade… I still have lots of friends in Albany…I would have been in the Class of '62…I finished in Orlando, Florida before going to Auburn on a football scholarship….my sister Peg, Class of '63 went to Florida State…..some of my friends to this day are Tony Wiggins, Carlos Phillips, Rusty Kaliher, Bubba Hughes, etc. Thanks,

~ Wild Bill Cody, Class of 1962


*** Mom, this is really incredible. I am sure you have provided many hours of nostalgic moments for all the alumni.

Love you,

~ Jim (James M. Calhoun, Jr.)


*** Please add my name to the listing of authors. I have researched, compiled and published 85 books to date on Family Histories, County Cemetery Surveys, Courthouse Marriage Records, County Wills, etc for South Georgia and North Florida.


Also, lectured and instructed on genealogy research and book publishing, that I designed and wrote. I also have a website that has some 189 files/books on family genealogies and county research material.

Appreciate your work and continued dedication for this website

~ Jessie Paulk Class '52


*** If you include technical works in the list of books published by AHS grads, then I'd like to submit my publication:

Analytical Methods in Fine Particle Technology

Paul A. Webb / Clyde Orr

Micromeritics Publications, 1998. Thanks,

~ Paul Webb, AHS Class of 1961


*** Please change my email address.  Thanks to you and your staff for all the work you do in keeping up with the Albany Times. I always enjoy reading it so much.
~ Alice Branan Lagessie, Class of 1961


Please change my email address. Thank you.

~ Anita Mock Hudgens, Class of 1964

My father, Marion Glenn Martin, was AHS Class of 1940. He is buried in Albany at Crown Hill Cemetery.


Also, I am in Class of 1976 and know that we have had several deaths and I know of some I believe are in Crown Hill.

Carol Ann Cheatham Walker, Jodie McNeil Gooch. and John Boyette, USMC

~ Nancy Martin Bryant (’76)


*** Jan McGregor Frith passed away. I did not know her, but her older brother, Hal, and sister, Anna, went to AHS. I think she might have gone to AHS also but she was a good bit younger than the rest of us so I’m not sure. She was 64. The announcement is with Kimbrell-Stern.

~ Ben Swilley (’60)


*** You know I am rarely serious and I think I can live longer if I continue to laugh and be lighthearted. Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart I pass on to you that the dear pal of my youth , Nick Lewis (Nickson Bruce Lewis) Class of 1960 passed away  02/12/14 in Jacksonville, Florida. At his side and holding his hand was his loving daughter Christy Lewis Bowen. with his devoted brother Bo there holding his other hand. Nick had battled a brain tumor for almost four years now. He was a tough fighter and his toughness often belied the fact he was one of the most gentle and kind people I have ever known. We will miss him more than we can imagine.

~ Ben Swilley (’60)


*** RIP, Nick.

~ Bill Banks (’60)


*** So sad to hear of Nicky’s passing. He was a good man.

“The life given us, by nature is short; but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal.”

― Cicero

~ Bill Upton (’60)


*** Melba Nix was in my class – 1950, and faithfully attended our quarterly Blackbeard’s gatherings.
~ Evelyn Butler Clifton (’50)


*** Melba Nix graduated in 1950. Her picture is on page 42 of the 1950 Thronateeska.


Many thanks for the wonderful job you do to keep all of us Indians connected. I look forward to the newsletter every month.

~ Helen (Paulsen) Arndt, 1953


*** Thank you for informing me about Inman Owens. He was a classmate of my oldest brother. I knew him fairly well.
Best wishes,
~ Richard Simpson (


I learned that Karyl Arn Evans’ husband Ron died Feb. 22, 2014.  She is Class of 1962. There is a page on Caring Bridge for Ron. You can go to www.caringbridge.com to leave a comment or tribute. They are planning a memorial service in March.

~ Joann Roark Arneson (’62)


Bill (Satterfield, ’62) and I were both “keepers of the list” for our respective classes. He encouraged me to take on the job for 1963, and he helped me set up my first database (in DOS). We rode bicycles together daily for years. We were both totally involved in our church’s television ministry for about 15 years. I already miss him dreadfully. A lot of my history went with Bill.

~ Bruce Garey ('63)



 In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...


***  Michael E. (Mike) Gavin, 5/7/57 – 1/25/14; brother of Mark and Theresa Gavin
*** Graham Pinson Dozier, III, March 26, 1932 – February 12, 2014
*** William H. Carswell, Class of 1965
*** Robert Gene Watson, Class of 1965, brother of Phillip ('65), and Larry ('61)

***  George Reginald Farr, Class of 1967


*** Jan McGregor Frith, Class of 1967; sister of Hal and Anna McGregor


*** Melba Jean Nix McLendon Donley, Class of 1950


*** Polly DuVernet Jones, Class of 1935


***  Ron Evans, husband of Karyl Arn Evans, Class of 1962


*** Bill Satterfield, Class of 1962


*** Janette Couch Allen, Class of 1964


*** Marion Glenn Martin, AHS Class of 1940


***  Carol Ann Cheatham Walker, Class of 1976


*** Jodie McNeil Gooch, Class of 1976


*** John Boyette, USMC, Class of 1976


***  Grace Page Cheatham, Class of 1948 (7/8/2012)

Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise not be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage : Click here: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA.

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50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ...


  Herbert "Jessie" Paulk, AHS Class of 52, and Delma Wilson CHS, Class 1957, celebrated their 53rd Wedding Anniversary March 3, 2014.  Jessie also celebrated his 80th Birthday the same day.

~ Submitted by daughter, Robin Paulk


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~ Martha Ann Gray Alkonis ('60)


 *** My wife Carol and I are in Sautee-Nacoochee, GA visiting Harvey and Twila Mason Willis (58),  He has just received this month's (February) AHS Times. Would you please add me to the mailing list? We both were in the Class of 1958.


I really enjoyed reading about all the news of our fellow classmates. You and your staff do a tremendous job. Thanks for all you do.

An old AHS Indian,
Don Moore, Class 1958


*** Please add Gary Ann (’66) and Thomas Jackson “Jack” Burdeshaw (’68) to the mailing list for News and Clues.

~ David Cuthbertson (’60)


*** Please ad me to your mailing list. My name is Sydney Spivey, Class of '61.

Thank you.
~ Syd (’61)


*** Please add the following email to your list for the Albany High Times, etc. The address is for a '62 classmate, Barbara (Bobbi) Cranford LeGrand. Thanks so much for all the work you do!!
~ Bobbie Young Wade (62)


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~ Cathy Cain Kavanaugh, Class of 1969


***  Please add my name to receive the Albany High Times. I was in the Class of 1948. Thanks,

~ Pat Norton ('48)






Tift Park Emails

*** Are you aware of pending sale of Tift Park?

~ Julie Mayer Bridges ('61)


NOTE:  Julie attached John Sherman’s ('63) letter to Rawson Circle neighbors, Albanians, Historians, and South West Georgians.  His letter,  as well as a second letter, plus Huddy Hudgen’s ('63) letter, a Sketch Map and picture of the Wigwam, and a response from Mayor Dorothy Hubbard can be found at Click here: Letters to Save Tift Park.  Also email responses and memories of Tift Park from Indians at Click here: Memories of Tift Park .


Former Wigwam @ Tift Park


 *** Written to Albany High Times Staff: I don't publish "political - type" subjects in the Albany High Times or "News & Clues.  Yet often city decisions are political - just as was the destruction of the Radium Casino. Through the years, I have had people write, asking me to post certain political subjects, "... Because you can reach so many people".  I did not; I have wanted to keep the "Times" remembering wonderful memories and making connections ...


However as to whether to publish letters concerning the sale of Tift Park, I remembered ... the Albany High Times had its birth in its support of SAVING the Casino - by collecting and sending email updates to a small group of Indians... but in no time at all, many additional Indians began sending memories and outrage ... so I opened a few webpages  on my personal website to post the emails. At the time,  Indians Marion Hay ('55), Joe Ed Rossman ('55), Lynn Garrison Johnson ('82)  and I were serving on the Radium Springs Casino Preservation Group with leaders, Morgan Murphy ('46 & '47) and Lamar Clifton ('46) and others.


Tift Park affects Indians who lived/live in that area ... and it contains memories of those who, along with their friends, used the park, the zoo, the pool, and the WigWam, etc.  So I have decided to send the information to Indians of the 50's and 60's, along with a notice to Betty Rehberg ('74) asking her to post on Vintage Albany Georgia FaceBook.  I remember how valiantly she fought for the Broad Ave Bridge.

~ Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)


*** No, I have heard nothing!!!

I am posting this in Vintage Albany.

~ Betty Rehberg (’74)


*** Somebody needs to go to the Clerk of Court's Office and pull up a copy of the deed that where the property was deeded to the City of Albany to see if it had a reversion clause in it. Back in those days when property was given to a city for a particular purpose and it ever ceased being used for that purpose then it reverted back to the original grantor's estate. Somebody needs to get a copy of the original deed.
~ Marion Hay (’55)


*** I hope maybe the park can be saved.  I was down in Albany several weekends ago---saw the old bridge gone---broke my heart----not much left of the Albany that we knew and loved----sad to go back and see all the terrible changes-----Radium and Tift Park are the saddest of all.

~ Erline Hayslip Reeves (’61)


*** Ironically, it was “misled people" and their seemingly “misled” decision to tear down the Radium Springs Casino and Pavilion that gave birth to The Albany High Times.

~ Beverly Smith Herrington (’55)


*** Parks, providing all sorts of recreation, are a necessary part of a HEALTHY community. It would behoove Albany and Dougherty County to IMPROVE the existing parks and create MORE parks, accessible to ALL citizens, providing all sorts of recreation. This would make Albany a more appealing destination for corporations to locate there, as well as making the area a more pleasant place for current residents to live.


To destroy a wonderful park is DESTRUCTIVE to the health of the community.

Julie (Mayer) Bridges '61


NOTE: More of Julie's email plus other Indians write of their “Memories of Tift Park." Click here: Memories of Tift Park


*** The public pressure was too much for the City Manager and the Commissioners to handle and they dropped it like a hot potato. I saw one of the Associates with Rowel Realty & Auction Co. at lunch yesterday, the ones who had the property listed for sale, and they told me that the City of Albany had deleted the Tift Property from their sales list because of a reversion clause in the original deed and that they, the city, didn't have authority to sell it.


This, in my opinion, was only an excuse because John Sherman had told me early on that there wasn't a deed restriction on the sale of the property. I would think that public pressure was the culprit that caused the city to remove it from the auction list and that there is, and never was, a reversion clause. Albany High Times helped excite the public pressure.
~ Marion Hay ('55)


*** Asa Tift's son is still in Albany.  I was under the impression Tift Park could never be sold.

~ Brenda Arnett Darbyshire (’67)


More memories published at:

Click here: Memories of Tift Park



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