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 98th Edition ~ 3/16/2015

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!










AHS Classes of the 60's




April 24 & 25, 2015




We are again hosting the Birthday Bash for the AHS Classes of 1960 through 1969. Everyone that attended last year’s event said they had a great time and thought we should do it every year, so here we go!


The theme for 2015 will be “Spring Break Revisited”. I don’t know if we can duplicate the fun we had during Spring Break in our high school days, but we are sure going to try. Dust off your flip-flops and your best “Hawaiian” shirt and “cut-offs” and plan on enjoying the weekend with a few hundred of your friends and AHS classmates. This year’s event will be on Friday and Saturday, April 24 & 25, 2015, and both nights will be at the Hasan Shrine Temple.


None of us know how many more opportunities we will have to attend an event like this, so don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy a good time with good music and GREAT friends. We’re going to have soooooo much FUN!


If you have any questions, email Mike Patterson at AHSBIRTHDAYBASH@aol.com  or call him at 229-420-8654 or 229-407-0385.


Hope to see you at the Bash

For more information:

Send email to ahsbirthdaybash@aol.com

Or call (229) 420-8654.




*** Class of 1960 ***

55th Reunion

May 1-2, 2015




The 55th Reunion of the Class of 1960 is planned for May 1-2, 2015.

Friday night: We will be around the pool area at Merry Acres with heavy hors d'śuvres

Saturday Lunch: Box lunch will be at Riverfront Park by the Riverquarium. Tours of the Riverquarium and Heritage center will be provided for those interested.

Saturday Evening: Dinner/dance will be at Merry Acres.

The Rock House at Merry Acres will also be available for social gatherings Friday and Saturday afternoons.

Price has not been settled yet, but will follow.

If you missed the last planning session, there is still time to volunteer your services.

Go Indians! ~ Jim Hall




*** Class of 1955 ***









*** Class of 1962 ***




Girls Luncheon

Covered Dish

To be announced



Joann Roark Arneson:  229-436-2282

(jprarneson@aol.com) or

Carol Pate Stark:  229-436-3425



Check it out!

*** See other luncheons and pics at: Click here: '62 Girls' Luncheons


*** See our 70th Birthday Pictures @







DID YOU KNOW? You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!

Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** PLEASE SHARE YOUR reunion ideas ...  i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music ...


Email info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL VENUE CONTACT INFO!



This page might be of help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find 





    ~ CLUES!!! ~ 



The Difference Between


Click here: The difference between HTTP and HTTPS-Truth!


The difference between "http" and "https" is GREAT information! Once in a while, there is something that comes down the pike that is of real importance. So, what is the difference between http and https?  Don't know how many of you are aware of this difference, but it is worth sending to any who don't.

The main difference between http:// and https:// is this ... it's all about keeping you secure, online.

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The added "S" (big surprise) stands for "Secure".  


If you visit a website or web page, and look at the address in the web browser, it will likely begin with the following: http://. This means that the website is talking to your browser using the regular "unsecured" language. In other words, it is possible for someone to "eavesdrop" on your computer's conversation with the website.  So, if you fill out a form on the website, there is a possibility someone might see the information you send to that site. This is why you never ever enter your credit card number in an http:// website! But if the web address begins with https://, that basically means your computer is talking to the website in a secure code, and no one can eavesdrop.

If a website ever asks you to enter your credit card information, you should automatically look to see if the web address begins with https://. If it doesn't, you should NEVER enter your sensitive information ... such as a credit card number, SS #, etc.

PASS IT ON ... you may save someone a lot of grief.

 ~ Tommy Pattison, Class of 1954

Have fun!!  Thought all the Indians would enjoy this! What was the #1 song on the day you were born?  Click on link below!

~ Peggy Jo Irwin Davis '54

*** From Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56):

Click here: Memories of the 1950’s | NetHugs.com


Apologies to the Indian who sent the next link ... I failed to get their name:






50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ... 




The Crossons': Perry Eugene and Dorothy (Dotti) Reeves Crosson 1955 will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on April 10, 2015.

Dottie writes:
Thanks for including us in the over 50th group!


The Duke's: Jimmy, Class of 1958 and Gayle Griffith, Class of 1962, Duke celebrated 55 years of marriage on March 17th 2015.


Send your 50th anniversaries and beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com









? ~ Does anyone know the name of the AHS Indian who flew the SR-71 Blackbird for 4 years.

~  Charles "Chuck" McCorvey ('55)


? ~ I was just reading the "News and Clues".  Nona Ammons Wood ('46) was my first cousin … her mother and our daddy were siblings. I spoke to her in January ….I almost asked her to give me (her daughter) Lori’s phone number but didn’t!


Is there a way you could give me an email, or better yet, a phone number of the person who was her good friend at AHS? I wish I had known. My sister, Nancy, who is still in Albany also didn’t know.  She could have attended the funeral service. Thanks for all your hard work. I might have not known about her death until this Christmas. Thanks in advance for your help.

~ Dianne Cowan McLaughlin

A ~ That information was sent to Dianne.


A ~ Myra Clark Johnson ('57) asked in the "Times" if anyone knew how to get in touch with Ted Mauldin. I have the information. Myra did not give any contact information or I would have sent her the information direct.

~ Gordon Kilgore ('56)

? ~  Does anyone remember when Richard Davis Ward '57 died?

~ Jim Tolbert, '59


? ~  Sonny Brunson ('62) would like to contact Sandra Ward ('62)


NOTE: If you have that information, please send to albanyhightimes@aol.com, and I will contact Sandra to ask for permission to share her contact information






Class Websites






  http://www.albanyhighschool64-65.org/ http://www.65.org/sellfolio.html




*** If your class has a website - please email your link to: albanyhightimes@aol.com





  Check out FaceBook


AHS FaceBook Links



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* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

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* (1) Albany High School Classes of 1964-65 Reunion

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

* AHS/WHS Class of 1978

*** Email address below for Class of '71 FaceBook:



* AHS Class of 1983

* RIP Classmates of DHS AND AHS

* Click here: (60) Friends of Tift Park


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?




 Messages from FaceBook!!


*** Thank you so much for all that you do to keep A.H.S. alumni connected and informed. Great issue as usual!

~ Joanne Simmons Smith ('58)


*** Gloria Beaudet, Class of 1955, likes Albany High Times Website.

*** Dee Barronton likes Albany High Times Website.

*** Marty King Thornhill likes Albany High Times Website.

*** Albany High Times' FaceBook page:

I loved diagramming sentences! Was I weird?

 ~ Barbara Little Howell

*** Those of you who only access Vintage Albany with mobile devices are missing out on a LOT of content. We have a huge photo section, videos and many files and links that cannot be accessed without a PC.

Click here: Vintage Albany Georgia

~ Betty Rehberg (’74)







“News & Clues”






*** Please put Julia Stimpson Christian’s name on the AHS Times list. She is a 1973 graduate of AHS. Thank you.

~ Ponny Manuel (’55)

NOTE:  My apologies for leaving out Julia's maiden name in the February issue ... maiden names for the girls are SO IMPORTANT - many classmates do not recognize them by their married names!


*** Please add me to your email list. Thanks!

~ Danny Jewell, Class of '64

*** Please sign up Bob Thrower, AHS 1966


*** In calling some of our classmates who will not be able to attend our 60th Reunion in May, I spoke to Claire Cherry's daughter, Cherry Lynn DeReus ('77) and found out she is also an Indian.  I invited her to join other Indians receiving "News & Clues".  In response to my email welcoming her ... Cherry responded: "Thank you so much! I will keep up. Best of luck to you for keeping up with all of this. You are awesome!"

~ Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)


*** I met a friend of Uncle Phillip's (Plummer - '58) last week, and of course we talked about Albany and the fun they used to have together.  Could you please add Owen Wimmer to your Albany High Times' list???  He would like to receive it even though he didn't attend AHS. He also mentioned his sister who would like to receive it, but will send it to her after he receives it ...

~ Gina Teri Mansfield, daughter of Tommy ('53) and Linda Plummer ('56) Mansfield




A spend the night party at Ann Ruffin's


1956 Gals: Martha Hackney, Wilma Muse, Linda Jones, Linda Plummer, Betty Holt, Marty Macbeth, and Ann Ruffin.


I thought it would be a cute pic to post!

~ Tommy Pattison ('54)















A Salute to our Incredible Teachers

Through the Years!








    Tribe Notes …




*** Hi! I'm not missing! I am: Marilyn Cook (now Klosko), Class of 1965, living outside Baltimore in Greenspring Valley, Maryland.


*** Not certain from reading the latest if you are actively collecting these old class photos or not, but I found several around here with no dates. Clearly one is taken at Mamie Brosnan and another at the old McIntosh School, while another is at Junior High.

~ David Sherman, Class of 1961




Class of 1961 Kids at Mamie Brosnan


NOTE: If anyone recognizes the grade or any of the teachers or students in this picture or in the links below, please let me know at albanyhightimes@aol.com 


You can see all of David's pictures listed under Class of 1961 in the following schools:

Mamie Brosnan: http://albanyhightimes.com/mamie_brosnan.htm  McIntosh: http://albanyhightimes.com/mcintosh_elementary.htm  Albany Junior High: http://albanyhightimes.com/albany_jr__high.htm

*** My email address has changed. Would you please change my address? Thanks so much, I surely don't want to miss receiving the Albany High Times!!!

~ Peggy VanZant Roberts ('61)

*** This is Shirlann Ballew, Class of 1960. I miss getting the news letters. Please use this new email address.

~ Shirlann

*** I was on your e-mail list at one time, but for some reason was dropped several years ago. Please list me again

~ Carolyn Malone Dukes, Class of 1961

NOTE:  You are back in!  The addressbook is over 2,000 and on occasion one slips out of the class folder - still on the master list; but unless the email address is in the class folder, the newsletter is not sent.  Thank you so much for letting me know. ~ BSH

*** Please change my email address!

~ Bob Duggleby ('56)

*** New email address! Looking forward to the '55 reunion in May. See you there ...

~ Shelby Youngbloold Olimpieri ('55)

*** Sheri Bailey ('63) was a good friend in high school … I was so sorry to hear about her illness. Another way "News and Clues" has been a lifeline to the past.

~ Diane Cowan McLaughlin ('63)

*** I was reading the list of our deceased classmates. I want to give you one that has not been sent to you. I am sure the son of my classmate does not even know about “News and Clues”. Her name is Martha Jean McCook (Crabtree). She died last year. We were friends all through high school and for the past 50 years.


*** Just wanted to pass this on to you for you to list on the 1956 list of deceased classmates. Thanks again for all you do. It is so nice to keep up with our former Indian classmates.

~ JoAnn Doyal Norfolk ('56)

*** Hello, my brother, Dick Kashey, was a student in Albany HS, Class of 1964. He passed away May 11, 2014, in Carlsbad, CA. He was preceded in death by his father. He is survived by his mother, Rose Kashey, brother Robert and myself, his sister. He wanted no services and no obit. His cremains were scattered in the Pacific Ocean, off the Coast of California and in the Dungeness Strait, Dungeness, WA.
~ Sincerely, Patricia

*** Please note that Nellie Grace Carden was a 1952 graduate of Albany High and that she died February 24, 2005. Her name at that time was Nellie Grace Carden Becker. Thanks,

~ Vivian O. Collins (her daughter)

**** I read an obit in the Herald of Saturday, 2-28-2015 for a Thomas Samuel Luckey, AHS Class of 61. Did not know him though. I think he would have been in Tina's (Smith) class.

~ Bill Dorough ('69)

*** Got a phone call today from Joan Kling Sappington's son- in-law. He told me that Joan passed away this year, Feb. 03, 2015.

I did not ask any questions as to the cause. Simply to him, Joe Gunn, the son in law, that we will miss her as we remember her well. Certainly, we will keep them all in our prayers.

~ Kenneth ('55) and Carolyn Conaway ('57)Barr

NOTE:  Kenneth was a "Phone Blitz Caller" for Class of 1955's 60th Reunion. 


*** Joan Kling Sappington ('55) worked hard on our reunion committees, and was such a big help. I am so sorry to hear this sad news.

~ Harriet Ort Cornelius ('55)



*** Sadly ... two sisters, Peggy ('54) and Joan ('55) Kling, died in the month of February 2015.


*** As a last resort in finding classmates we have been unable to contact by our Phone Blitz callers for our 60th reunion, I turned to obituaries.  Sadly, I found our beloved '55 classmate, Ranny Parham who died November of 2013. Apparently, his wife, Carol, died earlier in 2013.  They had been married 54 years.

~ Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)


*** I am so saddened by the news of Ranny Parham's ('55) death!  RIP RANNY!!

~ Harriet Ort Cornelius ('55)


*** I was so sorry to read about Carol Sue Mitcheson Abbott, Class of 1977.  She was a sweet person. She always came to speak to Steve (Arneson - '57) and me when we ate at Pearly's. I think she really liked Steve. When I came in without him one day, Carol asked if she could visit with him? I still have her phone number.
~ Peace, Joann Roark Arneson ('62)

I thought would send you the info regarding the passing of Richard King, Class of 69.

I have known the family since a kid and he will be missed. I know you can't publish the complete obit in the news, but will enclose for the info. Thanks for your continued work for all the Indians!!
~ Bobbie Young Wade ('62)


In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe,
but where I loved ... I live ...



*** Bonnie Watson Hartley, Class of 1959


*** Martha Jean McCook Crabtree, Class of 1956


*** Rosalynn Duke (Lynn) Carswell, Class of 1978


*** Marilyn Brunson Hunnicutt, Class of 1956; sister of John Brunson ('59) and Nunnally (Sonny) Brunson ('62)


*** Nellie Grace Carden, Class of 1952


*** Eulie Frank "Brockey" Brock, Jr., Class of 1972


*** Dick Kashey, Class of 1964


*** Joan Kling Sappington, Class of 1955; sister of Bernice ('58) and Jeffrey ('59) Kling


*** Peggy Kling Andreoletti, Class of 1954; sister of Bernice ('58) and Jeffrey ('59) Kling


*** Steve Woolard, Class of 1969, brother of John Woolard


*** Melvin Randolph "Randy" Scott, husband of Joy Jackson Scott, Class of 1967


*** Betty Ramsey Shealy, Class of 1945; sister of  John Alex Ramsey and William Thomas “Bo” Ramsey


*** Sue Daniel, Class of 1956


*** Thomas Samuel Luckey, Class of 1961


*** Betty Sue Cox Powell, Class of 1955


*** Richard A. King, Class of 1969, husband of Sharon Chambliss King, Class of 1964


*** Ranny Parham, Class of 1955


*** Loretta Maxwell Daniels, Class of 1953, sister of Charlie, John & Marilyn Maxwell.  There brother Joseph Maxwell died several years ago.  Not sure of the class.


*** Carol Sue Mitcheson Abbott, Class of 1977, sister of Bob Mitcheson, Edward A. (Eddie) Mitcheson, Patty, Donna, and Laura Mitcheson


*** Mary Frances Joiner Boggs Joiner,  April 16, 1920 - February 2, 2003 (class not known)


*** Toby Wallace Tucker, Class of 1974; brother of Patricia, Teresa and Tamara Tucker


Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if they are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage : Click here: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA

Please send corrections or additions to











Class of 1955


Recently I received a copy of an article from Ted Cahill ('55) which appeared in the January 2015 Health Matters - The Magazine of Phoebe Putney Health System


The article was written about an amazing procedure performed by the Phoebe cardiovascular surgery team to repair Buster Wasden's aorta, which had calcified ... a condition that ruled out the traditional coronary bypass surgery.  His surgeon, Dr. Anthony Hoots said, "It would have been like trying to sew up a broken eggshell".  So the team decided on a "beating heart procedure".


The good news is ... Buster successfully underwent the surgery ... while his heart remained beating! 


Buster says, "I'm grateful for my extended lease on life.  I am a true champion of Phoebe!"  Today, Buster enjoys special times with wife, Brenda Martin ('59) Wasden, two children and four grandchildren.



You will enjoy reading the rest of this story about Buster and Phoebe ... we recommend you read the full article!












Several classes have had successful picnics at Radium.  In making plans for our Class of 1955 60th Reunion, we are changing up a few things we've "always done" (see our great postcard up in "Upcoming Reunions" for our plans).  So we went to Radium to check it out.  I once vowed I would never step foot in/at Radium again ... and many of you understand why ... but I thought it was time to "make peace" with what I could not change ... that being the outcome of what the city did to the Casino and our Pavilion.  It was "time"! 

As Thomas Bruce was showing us the places used for picnic spaces,  I saw a young man (picture below) up by "the Boil".  I approached him asking if he had attended AHS?  He said "yes"! I introduced myself, and told him why we were there.  He introduced himself ... Bob Thrower ('66), and said that he receives notices for "News & Clues" publications!  We had a nice visit about our wonderful Radium, our great AHS and the wonderful town where we grew up ... Albany GA! 

Bob Thrower, Class of 1966 - Bonaire, Georgia


Crowds Return

for Tift Park Community Market Reopening

By Carlton Fletcher



Stephen Brimberry, the primary organizer of the Community Market, said the event had quickly “gotten back into the groove.”

"Everyone seems to be excited about having the market back,” Brimberry said. “We have several new vendors here today, and a lot of the favorites from last year are back. We’ve had a lot of folks in their (Snickers) marathon T-shirts come in, and we’re hoping some of the runners will come by after they finish the race." “We’re just excited to be a part of this big weekend in Albany."


Stephen is the son of Olin ('54) and Nancy Huff ('59) Brimberry, and nephew of Jerry ('57) and Lynda Glass ('59) Brimberry.


Be sure and read the full article, click below!

Click here: Crowds return for Tift Park Community Market reopening | Albany Herald










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