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 87th Edition ~ 04/13/2014

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!




Our Heartfelt Thanks


Albany High Times Sponsors

June 2013 - May 2014


This website grew out of a plan to start a website for the Class of 1955; however, so many other classes showed interest, that The Albany High Times was created for ALL CLASSES of AHS! 


The website has connected classmates in a wonderful way, and you who volunteered to be Sponsors are a part of making that happen!  


Betty Spell Wooddy (Class of 1953)

Joe Bowden (Class of 1958)

Ed & Linda Cullom Jordan (Class of 1958)

Joe Hall (Class of 1982)

Lee (Class of 1957) & Margaret Medlock, (Class of 1958) English

Mary Anne Allen Caldbeck (Class of 1963)

Elaine Thompson Johnson (Class of 1964)

Steve Tanner (Class of 1960)

Harriet Ort Cornelius (Class of 1955)

Paul Russell (Class of 1963)

Joe B. Mann, III (Class of 1964)

Alvin (Class of 1961) and Gail Dennis (Class of 1966) Bales

Tascar Williams (Class of 1944)

Jenny Thompson (Class of 1958)

Brenda Cox Wintersole (Class of 1964)

Dooley Culbertson (Class of 1954)

Jo Anne Johnston O'Quinn (Class of 1952)

Ray (Class of 1957) & Martha Strong (Class of 1960) Johnston

Jack (Class of 1957) & Sandra Williams (Class of 1960) Sadler

E.G. Beckwith (Class of 1961)

Harry Helton (Class of 1952)

David Adams (Class of 1956)

Lynda Glass Brimberry (Class of 1959)

Eugene Summerford (Class of 1959)

Joe Henderson (Class of 1957)   


An email will come out soon asking for 2014 – 2015 Sponsors.  Every effort will be made to find you sitting at your computer when it hits your e-mailbox!! 


Sponsors are accepted in the order they are received in response to the Sponsor Request email!




*** Class of the 1959 ***

"55th Class Reunion"

April 25 - 26, 2014


*** Evenings at Merry Acres

*** Saturday Picnic Lunch at Radium Springs


For info, contact:

John Vansant 229- 343-8603

Henry Duggan 229- 869-9872

Linda McAfee Halford 229- 725-8647



*** Classes of the 60's ***


"Classes of the 60's Birthday Bash"

May 30 - 31, 2014

“Living in the 60’s…..Then and Now”


Are you an Albany High graduate of the '60's?  If you are, you’re invited to the AHS Classes of the 60’s Birthday Bash to be held on May 30-31, 2014

 The theme of the party is “Living in the 60’s…..Then and Now”.  This is not a Reunion … it is a Birthday Party for everyone that attended Albany High during the decade of 1960-1969

This is an opportunity to re-connect with classmates from those special High School years that you may not see at your Reunion because they graduated in a different year than you.  We are planning a “Meet & Greet” on Friday evening, May 30, and a party featuring the Grapevine Band on Saturday evening, May 31

 *** UPDATE ... Now taking registration and payment for our AHS Classes of the 60's Birthday Bash, May 30-31st!

Send your request to Mike Patterson for registration form and details for both nights to this NEW email address:


Also check out our Facebook posts at AHS Classes of the 60’s Birthday Bash.  

For more details, contact:

Mike Patterson at (229) 420-8654

or email to



*** Class of 1962 ***

70th Birthday Party!

May 3, 2014

Paul and Debbie Wallace's Home

1:00 p.m.



The invitations for the 70th Birthday Party, to be held May 3, 2014, have been sent and several have responded. The event will be hosted by Paul and Debbie Wallace at their home (bring a fishing pole! and a chair if you can). We will start at 1:00.


The AHS Class of 1962 70th Birthday Party is set for May 3, 2014. For those who are curious we set up a time for a group visit to Radium Springs Gardens from 10:00 - 11:30 am. We will meet at Paul and Debbie Wallace's home at 1:00. This is casual, as we will be outdoors. We will have light hors d'oeuvres by Lynn Mertins and beverages available. As of now we have 107 coming with at least 66 classmates!

No $$$ cost, but we need to know if you are coming, as Lynne Mertins is catering a light buffet and Joann will make name tags (because she needs them to help recognize folks!). We look forward to seeing many '62 Indians for this get together!

~ 1962 Girl’s Luncheon

The March 2014 AHS Girls Luncheon was held at Joann Arneson's home. We were small in number, but we really enjoyed the afternoon. Attending were: Eleanor Simpson Banks, Fay Willis, Carol Mauldin Rathel, Betty Glenn Driver, Jonnie Holley Douglas, Tappie Hambrick Sauls and Joann.

We will not meet again until late August.  Peace,
~ Joann Roark Arneson

Stay tuned for the next luncheon!


Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com) or

Carol Pate Stark (cpstark@att.net)

*** Check out our other luncheons and pics at: Click here: '62 Girls' Luncheon's


*** Class of 1954 ***

60th Reunion

June 7, 2014


We chose the date of June 7, 2014, the date we graduated in 1954!  This year, June 7th falls on Saturday, so, we felt this would be a perfect day to hold our 60th re-union!

Date: Saturday, June 7, 2014   

Time: 5PM to 10PM  

Place: American Legion Post #30

Background  50's music (no band)

Menu:  Kay Blaylock will cater a delicious meal:

Choice of 2 meats - Roast Beef or Chicken; potatoes Vegetables: California Blend or Green Beans Almandine Salad, Dessert, Rolls, Tea and Coffee.

*** If you want to imbibe in the spirits, please BYOB, or wine or beer. We will furnish any and all setups.

Cost: $25.00 Per Person

Deadline for Reservations:  May 15th 

Mail reservations to:

Laverne Croft

1502 Tenth Ave.,

Albany, GA 31707


 The Class of '54 Reunion Committee

Brinson Phillips, Chairman: w4sbp@windstream.net


*** Class of 1969 ***

45th AHS & Deerfield

June 20-21, 2014


Plans are underway for our 45th AHS/ Deerfield Class of 1969 Class Reunion. We are still in the infancy of planning BUT save the date of June 20-21, 2014.


Event will be at Merry Acres and we have a block of rooms set aside at Merry Acres motel for $89 per night plus tax.


Friday night will be a "Meet and Greet" and Saturday night will be a dance with The Grapevine Band out of Macon GA. If you have never heard The Grapevine Band you are in for a real treat! One of the members is our own Robin Hughes ... AHS Class of 66. 

It will be an awesome weekend so please put this on your calendar!

Also in preparation for upcoming communications, please send your home address and email address to
erhinman@mchsi.com or send a FaceBook inbox message. 

Looking forward to a great reunion!!!!!”

~ Elaine Rabun Hinman


** Classes of 1964-65 **

A Combined 50th Reunion

November 7th and 8th, 2014



Once again, there will be a combined 50th Reunion celebration for the classes of 1964-65, and once again at Merry Acres.


Checks should be made payable to AHS Class of 64/65 and mailed to P.O. Box 3746, Albany Georgia

Hugh Westberry / James "Bubba Cagle


Below is a request for donations to the

"64-65 Wampum Bowl"

to help with the early expenses ... please click to enlarge the class letter from Hugh Westberry and James "Bubba Cagle for further explanation !

(click to enlarge)


index.64_65letter.jpg (613×799)


Click here: Albany High School 1964 & 1965




~ Glenda Shelby Cannon (’64) glendashelbyc@gmail.com



*** Class of 1961 ***

 Luncheon News


"Stay tuned for the next luncheon!"


~ Wanda (Olivent) Proctor Class of '61 wanda.proctor69@gmail.com




DID YOU KNOW? You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!

*** Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!

*** IF YOUR CLASS has reunion ideas and info you would like to share ... i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music, send info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL CONTACT INFO!


*** Also ... looking for LOST CLASSMATES?  This page will give you help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find






a  Retired

AHS Real-live-Indian-Mascot

And A Clown, Extraordinaire!


I was just a shy AHS freshman in 1952, when I first saw our AHS real live Indian Mascot dancing away at Mills Memorial Stadium, Indian head dress flowing with his movements!  He was really good! When I saw him in the halls of AHS, he was tall ... I mean REALLY TALL!   We called him Harry ...  Harry Helton, Senior Class of 1952!


After he left, he began using his first name, Henry, and he went from being one of the greatest "live" Indian mascots at Albany High School to take on the role of "Happy the Clown" ... and the truth is ...  the name "Happy" suits him best of all!


In between "Harry" and "Happy" he was Henry who served in the Army for two years, then was given early release to attend Florida State University (presently NFL champions), graduating with a BS Degree; then his Masters at Georgia State University


His first performance as "Happy" was at the 1958 Gator Bowl! Of the clowning career Harry says, "Red Skelton was my idol".  He has based his acts on this famous quote from Mr. Skelton, "If you have to use four-letter words to tell a joke, you're not funny." 


He taught leadership dynamics and program development at Appalachian State, and was the associate executive director of the YMCA in Conover NC, 40 miles north of Charlotte. 

Harry was recently chosen as "A Notable Neighbor" in the Hickory Daily Record, a local newspaper! 


Harry says of his notoriety since the article came out, "It has really caused a lot of conversation.  I was walking into a business while a man and his wife were coming out.  I had never seen them before, but they started a conversation with me by pointing at me and saying, "You were on the front page of the newspaper!"  We talked a good 5 minutes.  This has been going on for 4 weeks!"


Thanks to B.B. Rhodes, Class of 1952, who asked Tommy Pattison ('54) to scan the full Helton article and picture for the Albany High Times website.  Often newspaper copy does not scan well because of pictures.  But we have posted the full article and pictures, which can be found at: http://albanyhightimes.com/harry_helton.htm




Coach Graham Lowe

will be inducted into

Albany Sports Hall of Fame

April 28, 2014




Paul A. Webb, Class of 1961



Paul A. Webb, Class of 1961, proves the old adage ... "Some people bloom early ... some bloom later"!


After graduate school, Paul began a forty-year career in the scientific instrument industry, devoting the last thirty years to the physical characterization of particulate matter. Soon recognizing the need of researchers for more information about instrument design and the theory of measurement, he began regularly to publish on the subject.

In the late 1990's, collaborating with Prof. Clyde Orr (GA Tech, retired), they decided to consolidate their knowledge on the subject in the form of a text book, "Analytical Methods in Fine Particle Technology".

Although the subject is highly specialized, the book has been widely used over the years and continues to be cited in research papers, today. While the original text is still in print, work on a second, expanded edition is underway.

Since the vast majority of people have neither knowledge of, nor interest in this area of science, the following (examples) may suffice, but almost any material could be placed in the parentheses as the example. The book explains how various instruments are designed to measure the surface area of a grain of (cosmetic powder), to measure the opening size and volume of pores in (artificial bone), to determine the sizes and number of grains in (a gram of pharmaceutical powder) and to perform other physical measurements that may seem of limited practicality, but, in fact, greatly affect the properties and applications of almost all natural and manufactured materials.


Semi-retired, Paul continues to contribute articles on particle characterization.


The book can be ordered from any bookstore, although the price varies, typically around $110 per copy.



Indian Responses


March "News & Clues"


*** Tift Park ***



I'm sure that we both fondly remember "The Park" and the Wigwam. I was distressed to hear that the City was contemplating its sale for development.


It appears that may not happen. However, I think it may help if interested parties in Albany will band together and educate the community regarding the "8 ways that parks improve your health."


Long story made short. My wife is a third term member of the Board of Directors of the 'NC State Parks and Recreation Foundation Trust' Board (PARTF for short). They administer a fund that awards funds on a grant-request basis to NC municipalities for improving recreation options for the general population.


To help make the case for a strong state and community park system, they are using a publication of "The Trust for Public Land" entitled 8 Ways That Parks Improve your Health."


It may behoove someone(s) in Albany to explore what The Trust for Public Land might be able to do to elevate the awareness of public and local government regarding the benefits of parks.  It is within the realm of possibility that the TPL might be able to help in other ways.


Their web site is http://www.tpl.org/.  Perhaps there is someone who can evaluate and possibly use this information.


Thanks for all you do to keep "Indians" in touch.

Best personal regards...

~ johnny boesch. '57


Click here: (60) Friends of Tift Park..







?~   I just scanned the 1948 "In Memoriam" list - been a lot that have gone on. Do you know how many graduated each year?  I can't remember how many graduated in 1948.  Be interesting to know how many graduated each year.


~ Pat Norton (’48)

A~  I don't have that information, but hopefully one of your classmates will reply with that information for you!


?~  Are the deceased teachers listed in the "In Memoriam"?

~ Pat Norton (’48)

A~  Visit this section in the Albany High Times website on "Remembering Our Teachers" ... I do have 3 lists - but they are from years 1953, 1954, and 1955.  But there are also a few obituaries posted. ~ BSH


Click here: Remembering AHS Teachers Who Made An Impact


?~  Please pardon me, but I need to get in touch with someone from Rebecca Q. Bass' family. I am doing my family history and there is a Bernice Rebecca Bass as well as several Zackariah-s. I am positive that we are related.  Does anyone know how I might contact that family?

Thank you,

~ Tascar Williams (’44)

A~  I hope someone can help you Tascar!





Class Websites


*   www.1955.albanyhightimes.com

*   http://albanyhightimes.com/1960.htm

*   http://www.ahs1963.us

* http://www.albanyhighschool64-65.org/sellfolio.html

*   http://www.ahs76.webs.com

*   www.ahsclassof81.zoomshare.com


*** If your class has a website - please email your link to: albanyhightimes@aol.com



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* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

* Ahs ClassofFiftyfive

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* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) has a new FaceBook page now. Would love to have more Classmates join!

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

* AHS/WHS Class of 1978

* Email address for Class of '71 FaceBook:



* AHS Class of 1983

* RIP Classmates of DHS AND AHS

* Click here: (60) Friends of Tift Park..


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?




from FaceBook!!


Betty Rehberg: A link to most of our videos ...

Click here: Videos of Vintage Albany Georgia , www.facebook.com  


If you haven't joined Betty Rehberg's "Vintage Albany Georgia" FaceBook group ... you are missing something!  Check it out!








Kay’s Dream Becomes

A Reality! 



Kay Huston Hind (’47), Executive Director of the Southwest GA Council on Aging, had a dream 20 years ago of a place where all the many and various offices and activities under her direction would be housed under one roof. Her dream has come true…finally!!!


Ground was broken on the new state of the art facility on Society Ave. in October 2012. She moved into her new office late last year, and on April 10, 2014, the ribbon cutting/grand opening was held. State and local officials spoke at the dedication and all gave credit to Kay for making this dream become a reality. It was announced that the new Senior Life Enrichment Center will be named for Kay. It is an amazing accomplishment of her 46 year career that began with her and one other woman in a housing project for the elderly ... helping people find social services they needed.


For the rest of Kay's amazing story, Click here: Kay Huston Hind, Class of 1947


The webpage includes links to Albany Herald articles, which include:

1.   Video interview with Kay and more pictures and details

2.   Video of the grand opening; and

3.   Other stories and background on Kay’s career in editions of “News & Clues”


A Special AHS Teacher …

Helen Long Cordell

Celebrates Her 102nd Birthday!


Picture by Pat Rose Duggan (’63)

Albany GA


I no longer announce Mrs. Long/Cordell's birthdays until after her celebration.  She is now 102, and is in good health, except she does have macular degeneration.  So you can understand, she is unable to see or respond to the cards that would shower her. 


She welcomes phone calls and visits!!!  What a dear woman!  What an amazing teacher and friend!


We Recommend …


New Pictures "Before High School"

Class Pictures for Class of 1961

Submitted by Bill Feild, Class of 1961


Mrs. Reeves' 3rd grade - Mamie Brosnan; Click here: Mamie Brosnan Elementary School


Miss Muns' 4th grade and Mrs. Cotton's 6th grade - McIntosh; Click here: McIntosh Elementary School


Bob Fowler's 8th grade homeroom - Albany Jr High, Click here: Albany Jr. High School.


Note: The links were mistakenly omitted last month, so here they are! For each link, scroll down to Class of ’61 to view the pictures!  You may even see other classes of interest while you visit!


Again, thanks to Bill Feild, who submitted the following pictures for the "Before High School" section: 


 ~ CLUES!!! ~ 


*** This website needs no explanation for "oldsters of the 50's and 60's!"  You younger ones please be warned that if you click on one of the songs we danced to back then, you will hear good music, clear voices, smooth rhythms, and romantic or nostalgic themes ....


Video Jukebox of songs from the 50s and early 60s with over 1,000 selections

~ Received from several Indians from the 50’s!





The old Search Engine quit serving us because the service was discontinued.  In researching new services, it became obvious the Albany High Times website had grown too big for "free service!  In fact the old Search Engine did not pick up "all responses", so for some time, I had been having problems not finding the pages I needed to update webpages, etc.. 


So this new Search Engine will be invaluable to me, but I hope TO YOU AS WELL!  Think about it ... ever want to see if you were on the website, or you knew you were and couldn't find yourself, someone else, or a special event?  Now is the time to look! 


The Search Engine will look like this – BUT DON'T TRY TO USE IT ... IT IS ONLY A VIEW!

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To use the New Search Engine

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   Tribe Notes …



*** In the section about Mrs. Honora “Nora” Barrett Teahan, Class of ’41: I know her sister, Mary Barrett Champion('48) well, also knew sister Echo Barrett Hopkins (’59), and brother Sidney ('52), but not as well. Mary and her family lived in a duplex on 2nd Avenue with Mama (Mrs. LeSueur, AHS secretary) for many years. My daughter Kathy Nicholson Hanson (’83) and Ashley ... Mary's younger daughter ... played together a lot. The house was owned by Billy and Vera Stokes, and their daughter, Sandra Stokes Brown (’63), wrote the book One Eye Sleep about Albany. The cover is a photo of the trees on 2nd Avenue in front of that duplex. Sandra's son made the picture. It’s the neighborhood my sister, Claire LeSueur Bagwell (’63), grew up in … along with Jerry Doyal (’61), Jeff Doyal ('63) and all their siblings, and Howard Barnard ('63) who married Connie Cordell (‘62). When we moved there I was a Junior at AHS, and Bettye Bryan Pate (’54) and her family lived in the other side. Wow! What a flood of memories that brought back!

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson (’56)


*** I am one of those rare people - an "unclaimed blessing' - never married - never had children. There used to be 3 or 4 of us from the class, but I may be the only one left now that has not married.

Thanks for all you do and thanks for putting my name in the addressbook. I had to contact Carleen to remind me how to sign up.

~ Pat Norton (’48)


***  I'd like to mention Doug Dahlgren and his highly regarded, plausible fiction The SON Series. The first in the series, The SON Silas Rising, is a work-in-progress for film or TV.... and interested industry players are monitoring The SON Series hoping to see a growing number of reader reviews and activity!

Let's show support to one-of-our-own.
Bill Hall (‘60)


*** Thought you would be interested to learn that Harvard Business School after all these many years is announcing the launching of their web site HBX.

Too bad they did not contact you as a consultant. Do not know what you could offer at this late hour but you may want to "welcome them to the field" and slip them a little free advice!

~ Chet Green (’33)

NOTE: Chet you are a mess!


***  New E-Mail address for me!
~ Gloria Branan Beaudet, Class of 55


***  The 3 little kids sitting or standing on the side of the swimming pool were Kathy Spann, Bubba Hughes and me (Nan Murphy Claypool). I'm the youngest, Bubba was probably 3-31/2 and Kathy may be a year older. It was taken in Kathie's backyard on Slappey, and that poor little pool was probably 6ft x 6ft, but we loved it.


 Kathy Spann, Nan Murphy (’63) Claypool and Bubba Hughes (’61)


For another picture of these 3 and other Tiny Boppers, Click here: Tiny Boppers ... When We Were VERY SMALLl!! 


*** I read of Bill Satterfield's love of the Kingston Trio in the March issue of "News and Clues." In the November 2013 edition of "News & Clues, a photo is included of my singing "One More Town" with George Grove and Rick Dougherty, two current members of the Kingston Trio at Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp XIV in July, 2013, in Scottsdale, AZ (Click here: 11 2013 "News & Clues" ). Paul Gabrielson is the Kingston Trio's bass player. I wish Bill could have joined us there. He would have loved it! George, Rick, and Bill Zorn carry on today with the traditional music of the Kingston Trio. I thought I would like to let Bill's family know that.  All of the Kingston Trio music is available at www.kingstontrio.com, and I am not a part of that. I am just a big fan, just like Bill was.

~ Henry Barker (AHS, 1961)


*** Sadly, the Class of 1964 lost my very good friend, Janette Couch Allen on March 3, 2014

Also, I noticed that on the Albany High Times website under the Class of 1964 “In Memoriam”, Elizabeth Berg is listed twice. This is not a complaint, but if it should be there just once, I thought I would comment.  Elizabeth was a friend.

Thank you,

~ Bonnie (Ennis) Otts, Class of 1964

NOTE:  Bonnie ... I never was good as a proofer, and I welcome any help in making information on our website CORRECT!  Thanks!


*** My beloved wife Marion Coleman, Class of 1959, went home to be with our Lord, March 29, 1999.  Please add her to your list. We married the Saturday after she graduated from Albany High. We were together 40 years.


*** Thank you for the work that you do. I am new reading your website but it will be my daily pleasure.

~ Donald (Don) F. Moore, Class of 1958


*** Brenda Arnett Darbyshire, our Genealogic Consultant for “In Memoriam”, finds many of our deceased Indians for whom we had no information, in the website, “Find A Grave”.  She recently found an AHS couple, James Madison Murdoch (class?) and the love of his life, Edith Goode (’41).  Each are listed this month “In Memoriam” (below).  If anyone knows James' class year, please let us know so we can place his name in the proper class on "In Memoriam".


James and Edith Goode Murdoch


*** I am very saddened to read of the death of Virginia Claire Morgan. Her family in Albany were friends of my family in Albany, so I knew her from the time we were children until we graduated from Albany High School in 1947.  She and I were in plays together in high school.

~ Ralph Calhoun (’47) 


*** The obituary for (Henry) Hilton Brooks, Jr. ('50) appeared in Thursday’s Albany Herald listed under SWGA.


Hilton loved our quarterly gatherings at Blackbeard’s, and really missed them. He drove down to Albany a few months ago and took Wynelle Greenway (50) and me there for dinner.


We knew that he was diabetic, but were surprised to learn that he had died.  With Melba Nix Donley’s death, that’s 2 of our classmates in the last couple of weeks.

~ Evelyn Butler Clifton (’50)


*** I had to do a little research on Charles William "Billy" Tyson, Class of 1963. He was indeed a member of Class of 1963. I found him in the Key Club Directory for 1961-1962. He was listed as a Junior as were the rest of us in the class. He must have left Albany before the 1963 Thronateeska was put together. We never had him listed as “missing,” much to our disgrace.  I am sorry we never found him through Albany High Times or Classmates.com. Nonetheless, he was one of us.

~ Bruce Garey (’63)


*** Rebecca Bass was a Junior in my husbands 1944 annual so would presume she was a graduate in 1945.
~ Connie Thomas Pinkston ('50)

*** Rebecca Bass is listed as a Junior in my 1944 Thronateeska.

~ Tascar Williams (’44)


*** Rebecca Bass's picture of JUNIORS appears on the 3rd row of page 26 in the Thronateeska 1944.

~ Robert Doan, ‘44


*** Lester Whatley, Class of '63, who passed away on March 28th, was the brother of Delores Whatley McCue (deceased), Class of 1956; Larry Whatley, Class of 1959; and Jane Whatley Palmer, Class of 1969. Another brother, Scott Whatley, graduated from MHS in 1979. Just wanted to send this along to you in case you didn't have this info.

Thanks for all you do,

~ Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck ('63)



Paul D Lipsey Jr., Class of 1944



Paul Lipsey graduated Albany High School in 1944, serving as president of his senior class. He was a recipient of the Henry T. McIntosh Award and a member of the 1943-44 State Champion Football team. He attended Principia College in Elsah, IL, where he majored in English and Drama, earned a B.A. Degree in Liberal Arts and was elected Valedictorian of his graduation class in 1948.

He returned to Albany the following year and joined Lipsey Heating and Plumbing Co, in partnership with his father, Paul D Lipsey Sr. who founded the business in 1926. He retired as President and CEO of Lipsey Mechanical, Inc., in 1999.

Mr. Lipsey was a charter member and past president of the Albany Kiwanis Club, served as Lt Governor of the 3rd Division of Georgia District of Kiwanis International, and achieved 57 years perfect attendance. He was instrumental in the effort to found Dixie League Baseball in Albany, instituted by the Kiwanis Club. He served as a member of the Darton College Foundation for 25 years.

He served on the board of The Albany Housing Authority for 39 years (ten years as chairman), was former chairman of the Albany-Dougherty plumbing board and a member for 32 years, a member and shareholder of The Flowing Well Club, the Pine Lake Club in Merry Acres and the local Thronateeska Club.

A well-known thespian, Mr. Lipsey spent many years in local theater, participating in over 50 stage productions, including leading roles in "The Music Man", "Pajama Game", "Damn Yankees", "The Sunshine Boys", "Brigadoon", "Born Yesterday", "Gaslight", among others, in participation with the Albany Little Theater.


His favorite pastimes included reading, fishing, music and acting. 



 In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...


*** Janette Couch Allen, Class of 1964
*** James Madison Murdock, June 2, 1920 – February 4, 2011
*** Marion Coleman, Class of 1959; wife of (Don) F. Moore, Class of 1958
***  Thomas Hall "Tommy" Pritchett, Jr., Class of 1967
*** Virginia Claire Morgan, Class of 1947; mother of J.Tom & Claire Morgan Jackoski
*** (Henry) Hilton Brooks, Jr., Class of 1950
*** Charles William "Billy" Tyson, Class of 1963; brother of Brenda Tyson Cooper
*** Joseph Richard Lawson, Class of 1968
*** Robert J. Middleton, Class of 1939 – died October 2, 1967
*** Lester Whatley, Class of 1963; brother of  Larry, Scott and Jane Whatley Palmer
*** John Milton Bullington, Class of 1962
*** Takis Christo, Class of 1940; died January 10, 1995
*** Joyce Ann McDonald Goff, Class of 1959.  She died of leukemia in July of 2011.
*** Rebecca Q. Bass, Class of 1945
*** Shirley Ann Hortman, Class of 1958
*** Melanie Diane Mott, Class of 1976
*** Paul D Lipsey Jr., Class of 1944; brother of Franz Lipsey ('56)
*** Johnny Wade White, Class of 1969
*** Ronald David Akridge, Sr., Class of 1961
*** Rachel McKinnon Gilbert, Class of 1960
Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage : Click here: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA.

Please send corrections or additions to




50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ...



Send your 50th anniversaries beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com






and Best Wishes!!


Congratulations and Best Wishes to Roy Staines ('55) and June Tomlinson Haynes ('57) who recently became engaged!


Roy proposed to her in their Sunday School class, much to the delight of the entire congregation at Avalon UMC in Albany!


The wedding is planned for April 25th at Avalon!




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No New “Bear”… but………

By Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56)



Those of us who knew and loved the Arctic Bear back in its heyday were looking forward to a revival of the popular teen hangout with the iconic rotating sign still used at many class reunions. Unfortunately, an agreement could not be reached with the heirs of the original owners, so Bo Henry and Stewart Campbell have decided to proceed with their latest restaurant venture without the “Bear”.


  The site of the new drive thru will be 2408 Dawson Rd. in the old Wagner’s BBQ building. Plans are to have outdoor seating as well as drive thru and walkup service. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and milk shakes will be served in a fun, family oriented atmosphere.


A name has not been chosen yet, but plans are to incorporate some Albany history in the name and décor. “We’re going to pay more of a tribute to the old restaurants with old pictures and such,” Henry said. “But we’re not going to name it after any of them.”


Opening day hasn’t been set, but the name will be announced as soon as everything is ready to go forward with Stewbos’ 6th Albany restaurant. The group also owns Merry Acres Inn and Event Center, a popular place for class reunions.  


More details available at this link…………..

Click here: New Albany restaurant will not have Arctic Bear name | Albany Herald



 Albany Downtown Manager Aaron Blair prepares for

‘State of Downtown’ address


Submitted 3/16/2014


Tom Herrington ('56)



Aaron Blair stands inside the abandoned Albany Theatre, which could become part of a development project being discussed by Shandon Development Properties of Charlotte, NC (File photo)


By Carlton Fletcher – Albany Herald


“Yes, it’s going to be a challenge this time, no doubt,” said Blair, who came to Albany as downtown manager in October of 2010 after Buie, his predecessor in the position, was fired and eventually jailed for misappropriation of funds. “Not to say this is an excuse, but 2013 was a very difficult year, a hard year for everyone. Even if it hadn’t been, there just was not as much excitement downtown in 2013 as there was the year before.


For the rest of an interesting story …: Click here: Downtown Manager Aaron Blair prepares for ‘state of downtown’ address | Albany Herald 










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