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 100th Edition ~ 05/19/2015

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         YES! IT'S OUR 100th ISSUE! 


"A Reunion" and "News & Clues"


My 1955 60th Class Reunion and the assembling and publishing this months' News & Clues fell during the same time period!  So two days out, anyone know how you put two peas in a one-zy peapod???? 


In the middle of name tags and reservations, I kept thinking ... I MUST get to the News & Clues ... I'm late!!!  Well I'm past the 15th of the month when I like to get it out ... but then our reunion dates, May 22 - 23rd, loomed heavy over my head; and now here it is ... May 19th ... oh dear!


So yesterday, it dawned on me just how important this issue is, ... this particular issue is actually the ONE HUNDREDTH EDITION of "News & Clues" ... so I really got excited! 


AND ... here's the good news for my dilemma.  Not very much news has come into my mailbox since the April issue, and for that I'm thankful! (for this issue only, of course)!! 


So this will go out TODAY ... AND I think our reunion attendees will all have their name-tags, directories and so forth as well!!! 


Y'all wish us a great reunion ... Harriet Ort Cornelius, chair, and I have been working together ... she in Alabama and I'm outside of Atlanta!  It hasn't been easy this time, because we're just at that point in our lives where our losses are overwhelming, and the classmates left seem few.  It's been hard to learn of deceased classmates during our "Phone Blitz" ... and we had no idea until the callers discovered we had lost them.  In addition, there are so many who either are too ill to attend, or who need to stay at home with a beloved mate who cannot be left behind.  It all has hit us suddenly ...


So it seems our autumn leaves are falling fast, and we miss them all.  God bless those who are left ...


... and God bless our EXTENDED TRIBE, which includes YOU!







*** Class of 1955 ***







Friday, May 22nd

*Radium Springs*

11:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Box Lunch Picnic


5:30 p.m. – til?

Indian Dutch Treat!

*Thronateeska Heritage* Center

10:00 – 12:00 noon

*Reunion Registration”

*Pick up your Registration Packet and visit!


***Saturday Evening***

at Thronateeska Heritage Center

Music by Raymond Barlow (Class of 1960), @ Barlow Music and Entertainment , Inc.  He provides a jukebox that plays music of the 50's!!!

6:00 p.m.  - Class picture by Kenney Barr, Jr., photographer, son of our classmate,  Kenneth Barr, Sr. and Carolyn Conaway ('57), followed by our Social Gathering


Catered by

Kaye Blaylock


Southern Elegance Catering


***Welcome: Harriet Ort Cornelius

***Alma Mater played by AHS Band of 1961-62

***Blessing: Joe Ed Rossman


***"Ode to Our AHS 1955 Classmates" and Recognition

of Our Deceased Classmates: Jimmy Phillips

***Tribute to Helen Myers Long Cordell: Beverly Smith Herrington

*Closing words: Harriet Ort Cornelius


Chair: Harriet Ort Cornelius harrietc@otelcom.net

Co-Chair: Beverly Smith Herrington





*** 2015 Albany High Bash ***


Notice from Don Fisher:

2015 Albany High Bash


Anyone wishing to still order memories of the 2015 Albany High Bash ...please contact me by message with name, year you graduated, address and telephone number. Leave your message with information on my telephone, as I do not get email. Number is 229-291-3952.


I will send the package with my return address, so you can send me a check for $25 for a DVD and an 8 x 10 picture of your class. I would like to close this out soon. Thank you so much.





Girls Covered Dish Luncheon


 *To be announced*



Joann Roark Arneson:  229-436-2282

(jprarneson@aol.com) or

Carol Pate Stark:  229-436-3425



Check it out!

*** See other luncheons and pics at: Click here: '62 Girls' Luncheons


*** See our 70th Birthday Pictures @










You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!

Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** PLEASE SHARE YOUR reunion ideas ...  i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music ...


Email info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL VENUE CONTACT INFO!



This page might be of help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find 





 ~ CLUES!!! ~ 




*** If you ever want to email anything either to Albany High Times or "News & Clues", please use this address only:albanyhightimes@aol.com.  And here's why ... I do ALL my work for the website and for "News & Clues" on my laptop, where the above email address is housed.  I keep no folders, pictures, website info or anything to do with "News & Clues" or the website on my desktop computer, which is where my personal email address is housed.  The truth is, it makes more work for me, plus I sometimes forget to forward the Albany High Times information from my personal email to the website email.  I really would appreciate it! My thanks!

~ Beverly Smith Herrington





50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ... 




*** The Patterson's:  Pat and Norma Durshimer ('55) Patterson celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary in June!


Send your 50th anniversaries and beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com








? ~  I saw Larry Hopper in the memoriam section of News and Clues, and am wondering if you have any information on were I can find his obituary?  We were room mates in college. Thanks.

~ Tommy Milner ('66)

A~ Am sending to you the obituary from Crawfordville, Wakulla County Florida, USA


? ~  Do you have any news, updates, contacts from 'Monk' Thompson ('54)?  Regards,

~ James Cook, AHS 1963


A~ Have forwarded a link for you!





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  http://www.albanyhighschool64-65.org/ http://www.65.org/sellfolio.html




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***  Gladys Dowdell likes Albany High Times Website


*** Edgar Webb likes Albany High Times Website


Down Deep In "The Boil"!!!

Cave Dive in Radium Springs, GA - April 14, 2015


*** Karen Oakes Smith shared the following from Wanda Richardson Dollar. It runs about 8 minutes // Go Full screen and Enjoy!!


*** Those of you who only access Vintage Albany with mobile devices are missing out on a LOT of content. We have a huge photo section, videos and many files and links that cannot be accessed without a PC.

Click here: Vintage Albany Georgia

~ Betty Rehberg (’74)








“News & Clues”





*** Welcome Gerry Brown Hill, friend of Class of 1955.


*** Please add to the Times mailing list Roy Aycock (AHS '54) and Karen Robinson Aycock (AHS '57). Thanks,

~ Tommy Pattison (TAP  '54)

*** Please add Judy Segroves Briggs ('62) to the mailing list. Thanks again for all the work you do for AHS classmates. Have a wonderful day.

~ Bobbie Young Wade ('62)





Our Fallen AHS Indians



With the 1955 60th Reunion falling on Memorial Day Weekend, they proudly recognized those who had served our country at their Saturday night dinner  Sadly, they do not have a list of those whose memory would be remembered on this Memorial Day. 


So, I would like to start a new webpage listing, by class, those who served, and perhaps gave their life while serving, but also those who made it through, but are no longer with us. 


If you have a name(s) you want to submit, please send only their name, branch of service and AHS class. 






AHS 1957 Indian Classmates Present

A Documentary on the Essence of Native American Indians



(click to enlarge)

1957 classmates, Don and Diane Pulliam Wells, wrote to "News & Clues" some years ago when they published their book, Mystery of the Trees in 2011.


They now have produced a documentary film of this book through their organization, The Mountain Stewards. The premier screening of the 1 hour documentary was held on Saturday, February 7th in the Jasper, GA. It received a standing ovation!


The film offers the first-ever glimpse into a part of Native American culture that has been mostly hidden from public knowledge.


The narration  and participation of  telling this story by Native American actor Wes Studi (Dancing with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans, plus many other films) and interviews with tribal elders from the Cherokee, Muscogee-Creek, Comanche, Delaware, Ute, Osage, Quapaw and other tribes anchor the film.


In a seven year journey, the Mountain Stewards, formed to build trails so that hikers could experience the beauty of the North Georgia mountains, moved from mere curiosity about oddly shaped trees they began to encounter, to an in-depth research study of what many call Indian Marker Trees.


In the best tradition of scientific exploration, probing the mystery (first found in their own back yard) raised many questions.  As a result, in 2007, researchers from multiple states joined with the Mountain Stewards in exploring this fascinating but obscure story. As research continued, interviews with tribal elders provided glimpses into the understanding of the cultures which, after living close to nature for thousands of years, were almost destroyed.


The interviews with the elders not only resulted in a greater appreciation of the Indians use of trees, but also instilled in the researchers a deeper respect for the spirituality and wisdom of those who were the first people on the land.


It is hoped that the documentary will encourage the preservation of the story-telling trees as well as point the way to future areas of study about many other aspects of Indian culture that have been impacted.


The initial presentation of information on the Indian trees was offered in a book Mystery of the Trees published by the Mountain Stewards in December 2011, with a second printing in November 2012. The book offers an in-depth, world-wide look at the story of the trees. It can be purchased through the web site at www.mysterytrees.org.


Don and Diane  have been traveling the country doing screenings of the film. They will soon be heading to film festivals for showings as well.


Other information about the Mountain Stewards, a 501(c)(3) organization, can be found on its main web site, www.mountainstewards.org



     Tribe Notes …




*** Tommy Gregors, Executive Director of Thronateeska Heritage Center, is the son of 1955 graduate, Joyce Fitzgerald Callahan.

*** Please change my email address. Will be dropping my other account soon. Thanks.

~ Marion Gandy ('54)

(Old gardeners never die, they just go to seed.)


*** Thanks to Gerry Brown Hill who sent the following information: Wiley Post Smith, Class of 1955, died May 10, 2001, in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the twin of Will Rogers Smith.


Their sister, Sylvia Sue Smith Lanier, 81, died April 10, 2015.  She graduated from Plains High School, Class of 1944.


*** Please add LaNora Simmone-Mitchell to the Class of 1962 Deceased list. I just found out that she died 12/13/13.

~ Charles Gillespie ('62)

My wife’s mother, Jane Beverly Acker, graduated from AHS. She was born in 1920 and graduated when she was 16 (a March birthday), so that would have put her in the Class of 1936. She passed away in 2005 but is not listed in the "In Memoriam" section of AHTimes under the Class of ’36. Would you please add her name to that list? Thanks much,

~ Ernest Sutton ('61)


*** David Herrington, Class of 1960 and brother of Tom (who graduated from AHS in '56) and Kay Herrington ('62), has been added to "In Memoriam".  The Herrington's moved to Columbus GA around 1957.  Once an Indian ... always an Indian!



In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe,
but where I loved ... I live!



*** David Cravey, Class of 1954


*** Wiley Post Smith, Class of 1955


*** Lucy Martha Gurr Yarbrough, Class of 1938


*** Jane Beverly Acker, Class of 1936


*** Gary Barfield, Class of 1962


*** Mrs. Clyde Segler, mother of Hilton ('56) Segler and Jean Segler


*** Ruth L. Flanders, Class of 1933


***Jerry A. Folmar Class of 1964; husband of Billie Giles Folmar, Class of 1968


*** W. Larry Dudley, Class of 1968


*** LaNora Simmone-Mitchell Class of 1962, died 12/13/13


*** David Herrington, Class of 1960 (deceased March 17, 1976); brother of Tom and Kay Herrington


Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if they are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage : Click here: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA

Please send corrections or additions to









Doug Dahlgren announces the release of his new novel

"The Eagle"


The Eagle, is loosely based on the life of Albany High Alumnus, Charles "Chuck" McCorvey, Class of '55 ... U.S. Air Force ... NSA Operative.


This will not be the first appearance of The Eagle.  He first appeared in "The Daedalus Directive," the conclusion of The SON Series.


This story, however,  goes back...before Silas and introduces several characters who will also appear in the series.


The Eagle takes us on an investigation into a threat to national security.  The theme of the fictional storyline is, "Do we always know about the threats to our country?" " Do we really want to?"

More information available soon on Amazon.com

For more information email: doug@dougdahlgren.com











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