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New Sponsors


Albany High Times


June 2013 – May 2014


Thank you! You can always count on the kindness of AHS Indians! And every year the response for sponsorship is amazing! Often those who helped in the past, are some of the first to respond, but with so many new Indians joining us each year, I ask they stand aside and let the new ones participate!


My address book is mainly set up in class-year groups. AOL has me "white listed" and that allows me to send over 2,000 emails at once; however, I do combine some of the smaller classes. So, the first group of Sponsor request emails were sent out on 5/29/2013 at 7:31 p.m.


The first Indian to respond came in at 7:36 p.m. That Indian was Betty Spell (Class of 1953) Wooddy. The last Indian to make the Sponsor list was Eugene Summerford (Class of 1959), emailed at 9:29.37 p.m.


Our new Sponsors will appear on the Albany High Times Home Page for the next year: Click here: Albany High Times / AHS - Albany, Georgia


Here are your new Sponsors:


Betty Spell Wooddy (Class of 1953): In memory of James L. Wooddy (Class of 1946)


Joe Bowden (Class of 1958)


Ed and Linda Cullom Jordan (Class of 1958)


Joe Hall (Class of 1982): In memory of Mrs. Nancy Castleberry (Class of 1957) Garrison, AHS English Teacher


Lee (Class of 1957) and Margaret Medlock, (Class of 1958) English


Mary Anne Allen Caldbeck (Class of 1963): In honor of the Class of 1963


Elaine Thompson Johnson (Class of 1964): In memory of my sweet brother-in-law, Warren L. Johnson (Class of 1953)


Steve Tanner (Class of 1960): In memory of Phillip Eller (Class of 1960) and Larry Carter (Class of 1960)


Harriet Ort Cornelius (Class of 1955): In honor of Beverly Smith Herrington (Class of 1955)


Paul Russell (Class of 1963): In honor of the members of the Class of 1963, who served in Vietnam and in particular in honor of those who did not survive Vietnam


Joe B. Mann, III (Class of 1964)


Alvin (Class of 1961) and Gail Dennis (Class of 1966) Bales


Tascar Williams (Class of 1944)


Jenny Thompson (Class of 1958): In memory of David Akridge (Class of 1955)


Brenda Cox Wintersole (Class of 1964): In honor of my brother Lee Cox (Class of 1957), my sister Sara Cox Kofoed (Class of 1958), and my brother James Cox (Class of 1962)


Dooley Culbertson (Class of 1954)


Jo Anne Johnston O'Quinn (Class of 1952)


Ray (Class of 1957) and Martha Strong (Class of 1960) Johnston: In memory of John Judson Strong, Jr. (Class of 1963)


Jack (Class of 1957) and Sandra Williams (Class of 1960) Sadler: In honor of Mrs. Helen Long Cordell


E.G. Beckwith (Class of 1961): In memory of Coach Bob Fowler


Harry Helton (Class of 1952): In honor and memory of my sister, Dorothy Helton Mock (Class of 1939)


David Adams (Class of 1956)


Lynda Glass Brimberry (Class of 1959): In memory of my brother Rembert Glass, Jr. (Class of 1957)


Eugene Summerford (Class of 1959)


Joe Henderson (Class of 1957)


And those whose email requests arrived after the slots had been filled, but before my email making that announcement arrived in their mailbox, are listed below!


Albany High Times is extremely grateful to ALL who were willing to help. Let me share those who didn't make the list:


Myron Fisher (Class of 1955)

Phil Youngblood (Class of 1965)

Johnny Boesch (Class of 1957)

Gin Inman Bell (Class of 1961)

Lionel J. Palardy (Class of 1959)

Ladd Jordan (Class of 1963)

Jay Beck (Class of 1962)

Thad Joiner (Class or 1964)

Henry Barker (Class of 1961)

Gordon Kilgore (Class of 1956)

Anna Stephens Arthur (Class of 1962)

Sara Joiner Eubanks (Class of 1961)

Kay Hackney Grant (Class of 1961)

Evelyn Butler Clifton AHS (Class of 1950)

Nancy Coleman McLendon, daughter of Tommy and Grace Traylor Coleman (Class of 1951)

Doris Dupree Crowder (Class of 1957)

Annelle Stem Griffin (Class of 1952)

Tom Tarpley (Class of 1952)

Wallace Hawkes (Class of 1955)

Raleigh (Class of 1960) and Gail Hall

(Class 1961) Mann

Ann Ortega Griffin (Class of 1962)

Wynelle Davis Greenway (Class of 1950)

Skippi Moncrief Posey (Class of 1961)

Duffy Frank (Class of 1953)

Katie Sue Jordan Gunnels (Class of 1954)

Patty McCorkle Macolly (Class of 1955)

Michael Harris (Class of 1964)

Willis O. Bowles (Class of 1956)

Bobbie Young Wade (Class of 1962)

Aloha Mallard Saye (Class of 1947)

Bettye Bryan Pate Class of 1954)

Anne Watson O'Connor (Class of 1961)

Barbara Baxley Mebane (Class of 1965)




*** Class of 1993 ***


20th Class Reunion!


*** June 21 - 22, 2013 ***


See weekend itinerary ...

Click here: Class of 1993


*** Class of 1993 ***


20th Class Reunion


Will be held Friday and Saturday


*** June 21-22, 2013 ***


Merry Acres in Albany GA


*** Class of 1983 ***


30th Reunion


*** Saturday, June 22, 2013 ***

6:00 pm

Location: The State Theatre


For those who haven't lived in Albany for a while, The State Theatre was purchased and renovated several years ago and is part of the revitalized downtown scene. It has hosted a number of concerts and other events and will be terrifically fun space for our reunion. DJ Jimmie Jam Wafford's equipment will be set up on stage and he'll have access to the house disco lights. The floor nearest the stage will be available for dancing.


We'll have plenty of room for those who want to sit, talk, eat and drink. We will, of course, have food. The bar will be open and we'll even have a popcorn machine going!!


Of course, it will be decorated with AHS colors. And you'll experience a little nostalgia as you enter since all of us have probably seen at least one movie at The State Theatre. I hope you are making plans to attend what will be the best AHS '83 reunion yet!!!!


David A. Golden posted in AHS Class of 1983

For more information:

Click here: Class of 1983


*** Class of 1978 ***


35th AHS/WHS Reunion


July 26 & 27 2013


Friday night - Casual plans

Saturday BIG Night


Hay Y'all! Davis Kinney with Relapse just sent us some great new photos of the band that will be playing for us at our 35th Class Reunion!


Please remember to mail your check made payable to AHS/WHS Reunion: AHS/WHS Reunion, P.O. Box 71053, Albany GA 31708.


Cost for the reunion is $75 per person.


Entertainment by

RELAPSE – Southwest GA’s Party Band!!!

Click here: Relapse Southwest Georgia Party Band "LIVE" part 1 - YouTube


Simply friends relapsing into the days of their collective youth!!! We're ready to get this reunion party started, so mark this date on your calendar and plan to be with all of your friends from AHS & WHS on Saturday night, July 27, 2013. More casual plans on Friday night too. You don't want to miss it!! We will keep y'all posted.


The Committee ... 2 members

Lisa Duffer AHS ‘78

Sheryl Nichols Giles AHS ‘78


~ Submitted by Sam Lee AHS ’78

Kids of the 70s


*** Class of 1962 ***


*** The planning committee for the Class of 1962 70th Birthday Party is at work!


~ Girl’s Luncheon ~

June 20, 2013


The next Girl's Luncheon for the Class of 1962 will be held at Joann Roark Arneson's home on June 20, 2013. Put the date on your calendar and plan to join us!


Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com) or Carol Pate Stark (cpstark@att.net)


*** Check out last luncheon and pics at: Click here: 1962 Girl's Luncheons


*** Class of 1958 ***


The class picture and reunion review for your 55th Reunion is available on your 1958 Class webpage. Click here: Class of 1958



* Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!

You'll find suggestions for venues, caterers and great bands ... from 2 musicians to 15!


* Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find


*** Are there additional upcoming reunions?


Submit your information to:





File:Father and son fishing little boy helps his father to fishBrowse ...

New WebPage Additions


... when we were young!


I received an email from Fran Foster ('73) Chandler asking if I had any pics of BIG CHIEF. I did, but I had a hard time finding them on the website. So when I did, I decided to make a web page just for BIG CHIEF!


"He" has a great story. Would love for anyone from that era to submit memories for "His" website!! Personally, I think this is the mightiest hand-made mascot I've ever seen! (click below to view his webpage ...







Nan Murphy Claypool ('63) has submitted a group of class pictures for Palmyra Elementary and Albany Junior High, plus a picture of a Children's Choir at the 1st Presbyterian Church, and also St Theresa's Kindergarten Graduates of 1951 - the future classmates of Class of 1963!


NOTE: During the years when I received occasional class pictures, I put them in a folder attached to their class. However, I am now receiving so many pictures of classes from so many different schools, I am relocating the old pictures and putting them in the actual school folder, i.e. Palmyra Elementary School, etc. The pictures are posted in the section for their CLASS YEAR! So for later classes, scroll down and take a look ... it might be fun to see yourself and your friends as little tykes!

NOTE: Remember ... Any picture or article from newspapers, because of the pixels, are almost impossible to scan well enough to produce on the website. Just FYI!


In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...
*** Charles Eugene Harrell, Class of 1961
*** William Stephen (Steve) Frantz, Class of 1979
*** Rex Byrd, father of Cindy Barrett, Class of 1979
*** Jody McNeil Gooch, AHS class of 1976, died on March 26. She was the daughter of Morris McNeil, Class of 1948 and Joanne Fitzgerald, Class of 1949
*** Joel Lamar Ortega, Class of 1964; brother of Ann Ortega Griffin (1962)
*** Dorothy Jane "DJ" Wilson McArthur - Class of 1941
*** Edgar Pritchett, Class of 1965 (deceased 2011)
*** Ledell Jones Murphy, Class of 1965
*** Lenora Marie (Nora) McCoy, mother of Matt McCoy, Class of 1960
Note: Thanks to all those who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We would otherwise not be aware of our losses.
* Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, plus the classes of the spouse, child, or close relative, as soon as possible. Each is then listed on the “In Memoriam” webpage and also in the "News & Clues" the following month.
Please send corrections or additions toalbanyhightimes@aol.com
Check out your class at In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates






?~ Please instruct me on how to join so that I might view pics from the 1963 class reunion in April last ... I'm a graduate, and wasn't able to 
Thanks so much...

~ Diane Cowan McLaughlin ('63)


A~ I have entered your email in the Class of 1963 e-address book. Also check out the 1963 webpage ....


Winston McDonald

has posted PHOTOS of our 1963 50-year reunion weekend at



?~ Can you add these pictures sent by Hugh Wallace to our Class of 1958 section ? Thanks so much.

~ Linda Cullom Jordan ('58)

A~ Absolutely! Click here: Class of 1958


?~ I'm a former resident of Albany and a 1969 Graduate of AHS. I saw where there was a pictorial book of the story ofRadium Springs ... (Skywater) and wondered if there were any issues available? I realize I am somewhat late in this inquiry, but thought I would ask.

Best Regards,

Jim Ellefson ('69)

Greenville, SC

A~ Click here: Purchase Skywater written by Morgan Murphy and Lamar Clifton

R~ I appreciate your adding my name to the 1969 AHS notifications. Will order the Radium Springs book today. Lots of fond memories of RS growing up in Albany!

Take care,

~ Jim Ellefson ('69)


?~ Hi, I look forward to the news and updates of Albany High Times. I did notice my class of 1964 is missing two deceased classmates and because of the small number, I unfortunately suspect there are more.


They are Susan NeSmith Gray and Rhonda Dethridge Hall. However, I left Albany in 1964 and do not know any deceased dates and

am not even sure of their married names at the time of their death. Can someone verify these?


~ Dian Thompson Clark (1964)

A~ Thanks Dian. These names will be added to the new sections in "In Memoriam" for the Class of 1964 and the Class of 1965

** See article about "In Memoriam" for 1964 and 1965 classmates.


?~ Does anyone remember Charlotte Lee? Dark short hair, very cute. I believe she would have been Class of ‘58. Her family might have been military. Would like to contact her.

~ Vicki Thayer Owen (’57)


A~ We have Charlottes in '57, '60, and '68. But not with the name "Lee."


?~ Hello. My name is Sylvia Idlett, Class of 1993, and I was given your contact info in regards to advertising our 20th Class Reunion. It will be held Friday and Saturday June 21-22, 2013 at Merry Acres in Albany GA. Please let me know if you will be able to advertise that for me. Thank you.
A~ Absolutely, Sylvia … and welcome! Your info appears above with the rest of the reunions!



Fishing is free this weekend Kid's Fishing Derby – OutdoorsAHS Class Websites



Class of 1960




AHS Class of 82 Homepage


*** If your class has a website - please email your link to: albanyhightimes@aol.com



HowStuffWorks "How are fishing reports created?"

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FaceBook Links



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* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

* Ahs ClassofFiftyfive

* Ahs ClassofSixty

* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) has a new FaceBook page now. Would love to have more Classmates join!

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983


* Email for '71 FaceBook:ahsclass71.40th@groups.facebook.com


* AHS Class of 1983


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?





from FaceBook!!


Betty Rehberg posted in Vintage Albany Georgia



Update on the Albany Theater

Majesty of Albany Theatre endures(Click)www.albanyherald.com

The Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority is working to restore and repurpose a city landmarks.


Chehaw Park May 22, 2013 (Click)


If you have not been to Chehaw in awhile you should go. Very pretty!


Also ... Click here: (45) Photos of Vintage Albany Georgia





Enjoyable Fishing Spots | Get Entertain with Ariose Band!


In looking for pictures of fathers and daughters fishing - I found none. Then I remembered the touching song, "Just Fishin'" ... written and sung by big Trace Atkins. I cried when I heard it. I had fished with my daddy since I was small, and I the lyrics he sang touched my heart ...


"... this memory's a biggun';

but she just thinks we're fishin'!



Happy Father's Day!





A Fishing Story


Click here: A Fishing Story







!!! HITS !!!













Class of 1952


When it comes to movers and shakers who work behind the scenes, Reba Stewart of Albany has to be near the top of the list.


Born one of 10 children, Stewart learned at a young age the value of kindness; the importance of compassion and the divinely-inspired joy of caring for others.


Those traits have carried her through 60 years of marriage and more than 60 years in a ever-changing banking business.


In a recent interview with Herald reporter J.D. Sumner, Stewart talks about life in the banking industry, her reliance on God and the most important things young people need to keep in mind when pursuing a corporate job.


Don't miss this wonderful interview ...

Click here: Albany Herald | On the Job with Reba Stewart



Daffodil And Narcissus Spring Flowers In A Green Metal Watering~ CLUES!!! ~




*** Friends ... I have tried very hard to make the Albany High Times free of anything political. Please, please, please ... send ONLY ALBANY HIGH TIMES-related emails to: albanyhightimes@aol.com !!!


ALSO … PLEASE do not send Albany High Times-related emails to my personal email (bmabz). Understand … I run the website and the newsletter on my LAPTOP where albanyhightimes@aol.com “lives”.


It just makes more work for me when you use my personal email.



*** Recently I received this email: “I would like to send a card from our class to let our classmate know that our thoughts and prayers are with them during this most difficult time in their lives.” This, and several classmates contacted me for a home address or email address for their classmate.


I do not keep street addresses or phone numbers; however, I do have email addresses for those who participate. I sent the email address I had. HOWEVER IT BOUNCED. That left several frustrated classmates. I was able to contact a member of the family and received an updated email address. Another classmate was able to share a street address! Many were then able to send condolences to their classmate!


So, I ask you … please remember to update AlbanyHighTimes whenever you make a change your email address!



*** We used to do something similar (smile)! Click here: #.UUeSAI6EzHg

~ Proc and Pam Tyler Johnston



*** As soon as you discover someone or something has invaded your email address book and sent a "link" to people from your address book without your permission ... CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD ... IMMEDIATELY.




For those in Atlanta area - you can't get any better than the music of Banks and Shane. Banks Burgess is a 1966 Indian!


Banks writes: "Eddie Owen's Red Clay Theater, in downtown Duluth, GA, is one of the greatest venues we have ever played. It is a fantastic place to see a show, and a fantastic place to play a show. Great sound, great lighting, and not a bad seat in the house! Click Here for tickets!


There are some great restaurants, all within an easy walk to The Red Clay, so come on out and celebrate the start of Summer with Banks & Shane!"


Saturday, June 15 - 8:00pm

3116 Main Street Duluth, GA 30096

(404) 478-2749



Spring Flowers In The Grass Against The Sky Royalty Free StockTribe Notes …


** I would like to dedicate my Sponsorship as a gift in honor and memory of my sister, Dorothy Helton Mock, Class of 1939. She was my best friend and I miss her very much, even after the 45 years that she has been gone. She left 9 children.
She was a go-getter! The Boy Scouts were going to drop the church Cub Scout Pack because there was not a man who would take charge. Dorothy stepped up and told theScout Executive that she would do it. “Oh! you can’t do that. You are a woman!” Well she did it anyway, and the Cub Pack stayed active!
~ Harry (Chief) Helton ('52)
*** My sister, Joy, and I grew up at 1315 8th Ave and 1320 6th Ave. Sis is a '62 graduate of AHS. Our younger brother Bob, is '69 AHS graduate. Thanks for your hard work on Albany High Times. I worked forLamar Clifton at the Albany Chamber from 1982 until he left to work with First State Bank. I was saddened to hear about his passing.
~ Al Hutchison, Class of 1961
Rossville, GA
*** Thank you so much for scanning my class pictures to the Albany High Times website! They actually look clearer than the pictures I sent you. I have not gone in to review the names - but I will and get back to you soon.

Interesting that you saw Fred Chappell in the 4th grade class. I'm thinking he might have been in the 5th or 6th grade classes too. I saw Fred at our 50th reunion three years ago. I believe he still lives in Tallahassee - don't know if he still teaches at FSU, but is probably retired. My mother's name was Frances Nix. Mother and daddy owned and operated Bob Nix Nursery on the Dawson Road, and after I went off to college and married, mother opened Wagon Wheel Antiques. We lived in "the country" in those days - but today the property is behindK-mart! Albany certainly built in that direction.
I'm just thrilled that through you, I have been able to share those pictures and hope classmates will check them out and find themselves. Also, our 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Jordan lives at Morningside in Albany. She was 100 on her last birthday - Sincerely,
~ Betty Nix Rouse, Class of 1960
NOTE: Betty sent classes of 1960 at Mamie Brosnan, Highland and McIntosh
*** Loren Shealy won Sports Illustrated Female College Athlete of the Year! We are so excited!! Thanks to those of you who voted for Loren! For a wonderful video, interview, and article
Click here: UNC's Loren Shealy wins SI's female College Athlete of the Year award - College Athlete of the Year - Kelli Anders
~ Edwina Davis, Class of 1958, and husband, Sonny Shealy
*** "You all" do a fabulous job. Thank you!
~ Tom Tarpley, Class of 1952
*** I love my classmates! And, our 50th Reunion was fantastic!
~ Mary Anne Allen Caldbeck (’63)
*** Boy O Boy - - You publish to over 2,000 Indians! That shuts me up for sure when I think you are struggling with 75 or 80 and I am trying to find you a few more!!! You should put out a little run down once or twice per year bringing everyone up to date on just what has happened over the years or maybe you have in the past and I am just catching up. Now as to those 1932 & 1933years, last I heard there just were not many of us left!
Chester Green (’33)
*** I look forward to the Albany High Times. Thank you so much to everyone for sharing and for it to be so much fun. The 8 years I lived in Albany was the longest period of time I have lived in any one place at a time. Then I married and, for the next 19 years, the Air Force chose where we would live and how long we would stay in one place. In those 29 years, the longest we lived anywhere was one 3 year assignment. The rest of the time we moved more often, so forming lasting friendships was impossible. It means so much to be able to be in touch with a period of time that was special to me. I always enjoy the news, and sharing.
~ Joan Hand Murphy, Class of 1961
*** Mrs. Helen Long Cordell has been a long-time friend and teacher of our family. We have found her to always be a gracious lady and an inspiring teacher in many areas of life.
~ Jack (’57) & Sandra Williams (’60) Sadler
*** Will you please change my e-mail address? I enjoy so much reading about Albany High. You're doing a great job Thanks,
~ Diane Flowers Dixon, Class of 1957

I really enjoy the times. Thank you for all your hard work over the years. Please change my e-mail address. Thanks,

~ Joe R. Taylor, Class of 1956

*** Coach E. M. Mooney returned to the AlbanyYMCA as Physical Director and Coach of the ALBANY BLUES in the late 1930s. He served for just 2 or 3 years that second time around due to age and physical condition. We had a big Reunion/Farewell Dinner at Radium Springs Casino consisting of about 50 men he had coached and influenced at one time or another. Many did not realize he was a diving and swim coach as well as basketball and physical education including the rings & parallel bars. He even performed in Barnum & Bailey Circus for a few years. We had a great relationship.
~ Chet Green '33
** Saw something you had in "News & Clues" about the Albany Blues. I am at the Albany YMCA in the hallway reading history of Y through Albany Heralds, March 6, 1912, and July 10, 1994 and saw this excerpt:
" In early 1920's, E. M. Mooney became physical director and coach of the Blues, the Y's championship team."
~ Mariellen Johnson Bates (’57)
*** I am finally finished with the College of Dentistry at the University of Florida. Thursday is my last day. Please change my email to my home email address so I don’t lose track of your wonderful publication. I read every word! Thanks for all your hard work!!!
~ Karen Barfield Nelson, ’64
*** Thanks to Cindy Barrett ('79) for the memorial notification for William Stephen (Steve) Frantz (’79)
*** My brother’s name is misspelled. His name is Lynn Thayer, Class of 59. This was very interesting information. I remembered so many of these people. Brought back so many happy memories.
~ Vicki Thayer Owen, Class of 1957.
*** Please add my brother’s name to the deceased list for the Class of 1964. Joel Lamar Ortega died May 26, 2013.
~ Ann Ortega Griffin (1962)
*** Ed Strickland, Class of 1956, died on 3/28/13, and we had his service on Monday 4/1/13, in Perry GA. Our twin cousins, Eloise and Caroline King ('58), were there.
You forwarded my email address to Eloise, a cousin on the Strickland side of the family. My oldest son, Will and I had not seen her since 1991, when Will was awarded his wings as a Marine Corp pilot. She drove up from Gulf Shores, AL.
During his career, Ed delivered over 10,000 babies and, as he was very proud to point out, he never had a law suit filed against him! Thanks for asking and for your help....
~ Troy Strickland ('54)
*** Wish you could have been here for the Warren Johnson Memorial Fish Fry...a marvelous tribute to Warren! Close to 150 old friends and family were here braving the rain for the gathering to celebrate his life. A number of people traveled from North Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama.
Of very special meaning was the fact that all three ofDavid ('53) and Nancy Castleberry ('57) Garrison'schildren came. David Jr. from St. Simons, Lynne fromNorth Carolina and Lucy from Thomasville. Friends cannot be any more special than that.
There were some awesome stories shared. We were all packed into the house and enjoyed fried catfish, cheese grits, slaw and Jimmie's hot dogs (the first thing Warren asked for when he arrived in Albany this trip). When I was talking with Linda Leeger Stokes ('57) the next morning about how sorry I was that we were so crowded the evening before due to the rain she replied , "Oh I think we all just sorta enjoyed bumping into each other!"
Thanks again for being in touch and getting our message out to our growing up friends.
~ Mariellen Johnson Bateman ('57)
*** Went to Warren Johnson's wake last weekend in Albany. Such a lovely time with so many dear friends. Warren is truly missed and remembered well. Also spent an afternoon visiting with Mark and Bea Murphy, so I'm at least partially up to speed on Radium. Tried to get out to Radium, but it was closed when I got there. With many obligatory stops to the hospital, cemetery, friends' houses, and Maryland's Fried Chicken, I didn't make it back while I was in Albany. All in all, a great trip. Will try to get back soon.
~ Lynn Garrison Johnson (’82)
1964 and 1965
"In Memoriam"
Thanks to Doug Dahlgren ('65) and classmates from1964 and 1965 for their help in establishing their class sections in the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage. Previously there had been no classmates listed for those two classes. Doug volunteered to send out an email to classmates, and he also posted the request on theClass of 64 and 65 page in FaceBook. Now there is a good start for both classes.
Check out your class at In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates





50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ...

James W. Flowers, “Dub” and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary on June 7, 2013. We met atMercer University in 1951 and were married in 1953 after I had taught Math my first year at AHS. We had three children but lost our first daughter to cancer at the age of 19 months. Our daughter, Leah Flowers Sowellwas graduated from AHS in 1977 and Wesley Flowersalso graduated from AHS in 1979. After returning to Albany in 1969, Dub was Counselor, Assistant- Principal, and Principal of Westover High School. The Lord has blessed us with five precious grandchildren.

~ Carleen Newell Flowers ('48) (AHS Math Teacher)


Preston and I hit the 50th on June 22nd! We will be inHilton Head (where we spent our honeymoon - when there was 1 hotel on the island). With us, will be our daughter Presley w/ her husband, Steve Troyer and their 3 children from Saratoga California, and our sonWade and his wife Kristi Stokes, and their 2 children from Tallinn, Estonia!

~ Linda Leeger Stokes ('57)


Brenta and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this past Saturday, June 8, 2013. It doesn’t seem possible that 50 years have gone by! It IS true that time flies when we’re havin’ fun! And the older we get the faster it flies!

~Don Poole,

AHS Class of 1956


Pat and I are today (June 10th), celebrating our 57th wedding anniversary. It all found its beginning in Carrollton, GA and found its way through residences in Arlington, VA; China Lake, CA; Macon, GA; Mobile, AL; Fairfax, VA; Marshall, VA and finally here to Casper, WY. We like it here very much but miss those we have known along the way and, especially for me, the many friends I was privileged to make in Albany. May God bless and protect you all.

~ Howard Law AHS '52


Tommy ('54) and Betty Holt ('56) Pattison will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary, June 14th!


Send your 50th anniversaries and beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com





Who Is The Cute, Prissy Young Lady?
Photo submitted by Jay Beck ('62)
In the photo is Jay Beck, Connie Cordell, Harry Davis and Bobby Bosch in front of Strawberry Hill Kindergarten
Doug Dahlgren ('65)
The Albany High Times and the monthly newsletter," News and Clues", are a great way to stay in touch with old friends from Albany ... and with help from FaceBook... introduce some old, "new" friends.

David Butler, Class of 1963 had heard about me and my books. We were separated by a couple of years atAHS and likely never actually met.

Last year, David, an excellent writer in his own right (
“Growing up Albany GA Style” … some special memories plus other blogs), ordered the first of my"Son" Series ... then read the entire series!
He caught up with me on FaceBook and we became friends. David, in fact, helped with the latest book, Eight of Six, volunteering to be a "proof-reader"!

Toward the end of April, of this year, David suggested that he, his wife BJ (Barbara), a friend of his J.B. Hall (who had also enjoyed my books) and his wife Judy, meet in Atlanta and get their books signed! 
My wife, Donna and I, met them for dinner. We all came back to our house for a great chat session! I am delighted to report Donna and I now have four terrific, new friends!

Thanks to David, Barbara, J.B. and Judy; and special "thanks" to Albany High Times for offering the opportunity for 
special connections!

J.B. Hall, Doug Dahlgren and David Butler




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~ Al Hutchison, Class of 1961


*** Wow, this was my first time seeing, or knowing about, the great publication that bring back so many memories. What a wonderful job undertaking. I would love to be included in the mailing list.


~ Beth Parker Connors - Class of '64


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Class of 1957. Thanks.

~ Eugene Summerford 1959


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Juanita Fitzgerald Benson, Class of 1959. THANKS!

~ Joanne Fitzgerald Gauntt ('48)


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~ Gene Plummer, Class of 1953




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