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 89th Edition ~ 06/18/2014

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!


             ~ To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow ~







*** Class of 1969 ***

45th AHS & Deerfield

June 20-21, 2014


Plans are underway for our 45th AHS/ Deerfield Class of 1969 Class Reunion. We are still in the infancy of planning BUT save the date of June 20-21, 2014.

Event will be at Merry Acres and we have a block of rooms set aside at Merry Acres motel for $89 per night plus tax.

Friday night will be a "Meet and Greet" and Saturday night will be a dance with The Grapevine Band out of Macon GA. If you have never heard The Grapevine Band you are in for a real treat! One of the members is our own Robin Hughes ... AHS Class of 66. 

It will be an awesome weekend so please put this on your calendar!

Also in preparation for upcoming communications, please send your home address and email address to
erhinman@mchsi.com or send a  FaceBook inbox message. 

Looking forward to a great reunion!!!!!”

~ Elaine Rabun Hinman





The Ladies Who Lunch



*** Class of 1961 ***


July 10, 2014


The date for our next Ladies luncheon is July 10th. If I remember correctly we didn't have one in July last year because so many were out of town. I am going to wait until I see how many will be able to come before I choose a place for us to meet. As always, if you know someone who doesn't receive the emails please send me their email address or phone number and I will add them to the list.


Please let me know ASAP so that I can make arrangements for a place to meet.
Have a blessed day,

Please email me at (wanda.proctor69@gmail.com) and I will be glad to add you to the list.
~ Wanda (Olivent) Proctor



*** Class of 1962 ***


See your 70th Birthday Pictures @



1962 Girl’s Luncheon

August 21, 2014 - 11:30 AM


 Our next luncheon will be on Thursday, August 21st, at 11:30 a.m. We will be gathering at Joann Arneson's creek side home for some good food and fun conversations. Let us know if you will be able to join us and what delicious dish you will be bringing with you!


Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com) or

Carol Pate Stark (cpstark@att.net)


*** Check out our other luncheons and pics at: 

Click here: '62 Girls' Luncheon's



** Classes of 1964-65 **

A Combined 50th Reunion

November 7th and 8th, 2014




Once again, there will be a combined 50th Reunion celebration for the classes of 1964-65, and once again at Merry Acres.


Checks should be made payable to AHS Class of 64/65 and mailed to P.O. Box 3746, Albany Georgia

~ Hugh Westberry / James "Bubba Cagle


Below is a request for donations to the

"64-65 Wampum Bowl"

to help with the early expenses ... please click to enlarge the class letter from Hugh Westberry and James "Bubba Cagle for further explanation!


(click to enlarge)

 index.64_65letter.jpg (613×799)

facebook  https://www.facebook.com/AHS.64.65

Click here: Albany High School 1964 & 1965


~ Glenda Shelby Cannon (’64) glendashelbyc@gmail.com 




DID YOU KNOW? You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!

*** Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** IF YOUR CLASS has reunion ideas and info you would like to share ... i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music, send info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL CONTACT INFO!


*** Also ... looking for LOST CLASSMATES?  This page will give you help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find 




Indian Responses


May 2014 "News & Clues"


Request for Class Info


*** Diana Lynn Pawley - I do find her listed in the 1962 Thronateeska with the Class of 1964.

~ Charles Gillespie (’62)


*** Graham Dozier was in the Class of 1949.

~ Betty Dunn Logan (’49)


*** Linda Mitchell Akridge is Class of 1961.

~ Jim Cline, 1961



Chief Brosnan’s Peanut Butter BBQ Sauce


*** Wonder of Wonders!   My Dad Dorris Holt ('25?)  used this very same recipe EVERY Saturday night when my brother Jack Holt (‘67) was in Jr. and Sr. high.  An old oil drum had been modified to barbeque on.  Love the recipe!

~ Cathy Holt Norton (’52)


*** This recipe looks very familiar. As a matter of fact, it is in a cookbook my mother, Adelyn Pate Whiting has in a cookbook she wrote around 1950. Her tale of its origin didn't include Chief Brosnan as its originator. It was invented by my father, Deming Whiting during the many social outings held by Dad, John Beck, George D. Wier, Bob Holman and many others. I would not be at all surprised if Chief Brosnan "found" HIS original recipe in mother's cookbook. We've had it for years!

~ Julian D. Whiting, Class of 58'59 



 Memorial Day – “Always Remember”


Tom Herrington, you are so right!  This past Memorial Day I went to the Marion (IN) National Cemetery to visit my brother Jack Holt's grave. 

Happened to get there just in time for the service.  Very moving especially since there was a Jr. High Choir and a young man from the local high school participating.  How wonderful to expose these young people to our heritage.  Besides that, it helped ME to remember the sacrifices made to keep us free.  Then, I have had occasion this week to watch the PBS programs on D Day.  I have visited the American Cemetery twice and if that doesn't raise your emotions I can't think of what would. The last time was with my 19 year old granddaughter, and she was deeply moved also.  She walked and walked and walked all over the cemetery.  LET US REMEMBER and pass the memories on.

~ Cathy Holt Norton (‘52)


*** Another great issue !!  I love the articles, “AHS Indian or Not?” by you and “Always Remember” by Tommy !!!

~ Doug Dahlgren (’65)


*** Go Tom (Herrington), I enjoyed reading your article, “Always Remember”! Best,

~ Bill Wilson (’55)


AHS Indian Or Not?


When I wrote this article for last month’s News and Clues, I had in mind just such a student as this Wild Bill Cody!  He writes, "I only went through the 7th grade in Albany … then moved out to Texas due to my dad's transfer from Turner AFB to Del Rio, TX.  But if I had stayed, my class would have been Class of 1962.  I still have many friends in Albany.”


So when Bill mentioned that he was going to be inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, Class of 2014, I asked if I could include something in our newsletter.  Last month I received this photo and portions of the press release.


Below is Bill with his grown children, Kelli and Bill Jr. the evening of the big event!



WILD BILL CODY – Born August 2, 1944 in Greenwood, MC. He played collegiately at Auburn University, was a 2 time All-American Linebacker in ’64 and ’65, and an All-SEC in ’63, 64, ’65. He was an Academic All-American in 1965, and was the UPI Defensive Player of the year in the SEC 1965. He played in the ’63 Orange Bowl and the ’65 Liberty Bowl. He played with the Detroit Lions ’66, New Orleans Saints ’67, ’68, ’69, ’70, and the Philadelphia Eagles in 1972. Bill is the past Corporate President of Key-Royal Automotic Company-Birmingham, AL. He is married to the former Sue Lehman of Greenville, AL. They reside in Fairhope, AL.








? ~ There was an obituary for Susan Tift McGough in the Albany Herald, Tues. May 27, 2014. I don't know what class, but I'm wondering if she is related to the founder of the Albany Tift's? No birth year was given, but the year would probably be 1921. If anyone knows the class for Susan Tift, please let us know.

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson (’56)

? ~ Why does your missing list stop at class of 1963? Does the missing classmates list mean people have submitted their names and are looking for these persons?

~ Diane Medlock Dishman (’65)

A~ Dianne, I depend on the different classes to submit the names of their missing and deceased classmates.  Otherwise, I have no way of knowing except for my own class.

Some classes have asked me to list their missing for an upcoming reunion in the newsletter, hoping someone might know their whereabouts. But it is very important that the maiden name be listed for the gals – outside of Albany, they will always be remembered by their maiden names.  


? ~ I have been trying to find Mary Knight. The last time I saw her was in 1959. I know she got married after I left Albany. Would anyone be able to help? Thanks,

~ Alice Fay (Smith) Nieves Patchafn@aol.com




50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ... 




*** The Klett’s …Linda Jones, Class of 1956, and husband Robert were married June 14, 1964.

Linda writes, "Hard to believe it has been 50 years since that hot Sunday in South West Georgia!"


*** The Pattison’s … Tommy, Class of 1954, and Betty Holt, Class of 1956, celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary June 14th!


*** The Deen’s … Jerry, Class of 1957, and Peggy Tanner, Class of 1958, celebrated their 56th anniversary on June 5th. 


Send your 50th anniversaries beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com





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* RIP Classmates of DHS AND AHS

* Click here: (60) Friends of Tift Park..


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?



  Messages from FaceBook!!



If you haven't joined Betty Rehberg's "Vintage Albany Georgia" FaceBook group ... you are missing something special!  Check it out!









Once Upon Our Radium …


~ Luke Simmons, Class of 1952


(original newspaper artical ... click to enlarge)


In 1944 a group of local businessmen bought all of what was known as Radium Springs. The property included the famed springs, a huge casino, Sky Water Lodge, several cottages, and the 18 hole golf course. All of the property is located on 1,852 acres of land.


The purchase price was said to be around $120,000. The purchase was said to be a civic enterprise. "It was bought for the benefit of not a few, but for all the people of Albany and Southwest Georgia.


After extensive repairs and renovations all of the properties will be open to the public by June 1, 1944.




And ... Radium Today!


Interesting!  Don't miss the video - click this link (but read article first)



Albany Fire Department rescue/recovery team trains at Radium Springs


ALBANY — Seven Albany firefighters left the stifling Southwest Georgia heat for the chilly waters of Radium Springs, continuing their ongoing training to become part of the Albany Fire Department’s certified dive rescue/recovery team.

“The Albany Fire Department is not just a collection of firefighters,” Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose, who led the dive exercise, said. “We have a haz-mat (hazardous materials) and a GSART (Georgia Search and Rescue) team. We’ve been talking about a water rescue/recovery team for a while, and we’re pleased to have received a grant that allowed us to purchase the equipment we need to put together a certified team.

“The (dive/rescue) team is another tool that the department has in its service to the people of Albany, Dougherty County and this region.” Carswell said creation of a local dive/rescue team had been pinpointed by area emergency management agencies as one of the region’s public safety needs.

“We’ll be called a dive rescue/recovery team, but realistically that’s a misnomer,” Ambrose said. “It takes a while for a dive team to get to a site and get ready. So unless the site is very close, we’re usually going to be involved in recovery of a victim.

“What we hope is that, as we become more advanced, we’re not only capable of recovering victims, but also evidence that may have been discarded in a body of water.”

In a lighter moment during the dive, the seven AFD team members engaged in a brief recovery “mission” when one of the divers had a fin pop free in the murky water. It was recovered quickly, and the divers soon made their way underwater, headed for the cave that is the source of the springs.

“It’s funny, I was born and raised in Albany, but this is the first time I will have gone into Radium Springs,” Nobles said just before the dive. “My dad talked about going there when he was younger, so I’m really excited about this dive.”

Ambrose said Hal Pinson and Scottie Satterfield, both paramedics with Dougherty Emergency Medical Services, had been instrumental in offering instruction to the AFD divers. The team has completed dives in Florida lakes and in the Gulf of Mexico at Panama City Beach, Fl.

Carswell said that while the dive rescue/recovery team is still in its infancy, it has already been involved in one “real-life” exercise.

“There was a recent drowning (in Lee County), and while the victim had been recovered before our team members got there, they were able to locate and recover some of the victim’s personal effects,” the AFD chief said.




 ~ CLUES!!! ~ 




Class of 1965's

Paula Hiers Deen

 ~ in FIRST for Women

June 23, 2014



Before you start on a new recipe for a dinner party, cue up an episode of your favorite cooking show.  Italian researchers found that watching a video of a chef in action can actually improve your technique.  In the study, subjects who watched a video of an actor doing a task before carrying out the same task themselves displayed enhanced brain structure as well as improved motor skills.  And after two weeks of video-enhanced training. MRI scans and skill tests revealed that the people who watched clips of the tasks have 11 times greater improvement in motor abilities than those shown nature videos!







 ~ Audrey Hepburn 













Albany High Times


June 2014 – May 2015


You can always count on the kindness of AHS Indians!  Every year the response for sponsorship is amazing! Often those who helped in the past are some of the first to respond, but with so many new Indians joining us each year, they are asked to stand aside and let the new ones participate!


There are usually questions about the time the "sponsor request" emails go out and that's understandable.  I try to choose a time most folks will be up and about; so I have to consider time zones, in the USA.  This year we even have Indians living in Europe and some vacationing outside our country!


Wayne Gillstrap (’64) comes to mind! He is living in Italy ... if he wanted to be a sponsor, more than likely, he would probably not see the email in time to make the list. It is really hard, even with the time zones in USA to send the request at a day and time convenient to all ... and the slots are filled so quickly, unless you are sitting at the computer when it leaves my email box ... it is almost impossible.  Still year after year ... Indians from everywhere try!


As you can imagine, the slots fill quickly.  I received this response from Bill Upton (’60) when he received the email I sent confirming he would be a Sponsor ...Gee whiz! I responded in 3 minutes and I was 5th??”  Yep you were!


And then this cute email from Ladd King, (’62): “PICK ME!  Thanks for all you do, and by the way I am sending from Belfast, Northern Ireland where we are visiting.” 


Please know… we do the best we can!


SO … here they are … our new Sponsors  for  the next year.  Their names will also appear on the Albany High Times’ Home Page for the next year. 


* Bruce Lanier, Class of 1955


* Eddie Ort, Class of 1948


* Patricia Anne West Green, Class of 1960

In Honor of my dear friends, Celia Davis Cochran, Class of 1960; and Hazel Sutton Brown, Class of 1960


* Claire Ann Hammond Alvis, Class of 1960

In Memory of Bill Satterfield, Class of 1962


* Bill Upton, Class of 1960

In Memory of Nicky Lewis, Class of 1960


* Van Knowles, Class of 1958

In Honor of Wesley Knowles, my bride of 52 years June 20, 2014


* Jane Bass Culpepper, Class of 1950

In Memory of my husband, Roland Culpepper, Class of 1948; and my brothers, Ezekial "Zeke" Bass; John Roy Bass, Class of 1938; and Ray Willon Bass, Class of 1944


* Pam Burgess Middleton, Class of 1961


* Dian Thompson Clark, Class of 1964

In Honor of Class of 1964


* Jay Beck, Class of 1962

In Memory of my mother, Olivia (Livy) Beck, who taught art at AHS from 1946-47. She passed in 2005.


* Marie Fowler Howe, Class of 1956


*Anne Ruffin Folsom, Class of 1956

In Memory of her sister Margaret Ruffin, Class of 1947; and brother Robert Lee "Bobby" Ruffin, Class of 1949


*Joanne Simmons Smith, Class of 1958

In Memory of Dr. Virginia Richardson Morgan, Class of 1947


* “Shawn” Shirley McDaniel Martin, Class of 1963


* Randolph "Randy" W. Sammons, Class of 1960


* Amy Robertson Beaver, Class of 1968

In Memory of Paul Robertson


* The Mullin’s … Paul, Class of 1969, and Pam Dunston, Class of 1971

In Memory of Steve Fuller, Class of 1969, who died much too young


* George Lawson Vann, Class of 1955


* Becky Gammage Dupree, Class of 1955

In Memory of Virginia Claire Morgan


* Hazel Britton Newman, Class of 1954

In Memory of Jack Riley Newman, M.D., Class of 1948


Anna Stephens Arthur, Class of 1962


George Bennis, Class of 1956


Don Callaway, Class of 1964

In Honor of Coach Graham Lower for the many years of dedicated service to the youth of Southwest Georgia


Annelle Stem Griffin, Class of 1952

In Memory of my fab husband Dick Griffin, who passed in 2006


Richard Simpson, Class of 1948


Tom Robinson, Class of 1961


Phil Youngblood, Class of 1965


Walt Green, Class of 1967


Click here: Albany High Times / AHS - Albany, Georgia (home page)



Many thanks to the Indians who did not make the cut! 


Ken Adams, '63

Janet Harrison Mills '56

Len Alligood, '56

Frieda Howard Randals '54

Jon Anderson, '53

Charles Johnson '54


Pat Johnston Matthews '58

Brenda Arnett Darbyshire, '67

Sara Joiner Eubanks '61

Roy Barfield, '66

Owen "Mickey" Kenan, Jr. '42/'43

Brinson and Gail Barlow Phillips '54

Ladd King '62

Barbra Baxley Mebane '65

Tommy Kinney '62

Angel Bradford, '79

Jerry Lawson '60

Jerry and Lynda Glass Brimberry '57 & '59

Leon Perrett '56

Helen Burton Kinney '66

Martha LeSueur Nicholson '56

Laverne Cato Croft '54

Barbara Lipsey England '52

Ruth Chambers Honick '58

Harvey and Twila Mason Willis '58 and '59

Jim Cline '61

Carolyn McBurnett Parks '71

Frances Cobb Lancaster '46

JoAnn McClelland Kitchens '58

Jon Crawford '54

Bob Mock '69

Billy Creech '59

Julie Purvis Montgomery '68

Eugene and Dorothy Reeves Crossan '52 and '55

Barbara Gene Murphy Stough '61

Mike Cumbie '73

Carleen Newell Flowers '48

David Cuthbertson '60

Jim "Jimmy" Norris '63

Doug Dahlgren '65

Karen Oakes Smith '69

Wynelle Davis Greenway '50

Claire Randall Rice '53

Edwina Davis Shealy '58

Joann Roark Arneson '62

Judy Deen Wingate '60

Paul Russell '63

Carol Dorsey Thompson '61

Tom Sawyer '48

Henry and Pat Rose Duggan '59 and '63

David Sherman '61

Norma Durshimer Patterson '55

Alice Fay Smith Nieves '61

Ed Faber '62

Richard Stalvey '62

Edward Fleuren '61

Freddie Sumpter '56

Charles Gillespie '62

Connie Thomas Pinkson '50

Wayne Gillstrap '64

Sandi Thrower Nichols '60

Helen Gregorie Bush '61

Frank Wells '48

Kay Hackney Grant '61

Barbara Westberry Bynum '61

Raleigh and Gail Hall Mann '60 and '61






We Recommend … 








In the next several weeks, I am going to have a chance to photograph a 500 to 600 acre Cypress Pond.

Ed Faber








Class of 1963 7th Grade Homeroom

"Miss Cartee", teacher


Before Linda Cartee Chapman (’56) was 8th Grade Homeroom teacher in 1963 of the future Class of 1968 in 1963 at Albany Junior High, she was “Miss Cartee”! Linda writes, "This was my last year teaching at Albany Junior High, before moving to Athens ... GREAT students!!!!!

~ Linda Cartee Chapman, Class of 1956





The “J’s” Together Again!




Jane Kieve Depee, Judy Pryor Hoxie, Julia Massey Culpepper and Jamye Aultman Ivey were together again in Pittsburgh. Jane and her husband, George Depee were wonderful hosts. This was the first time all 4 of us have spent time together since high school (see pic below) and it was a joy!

~ Judy Pryor Hoxie ('58)


*** The recent Henry Duggan ('59) interview by Doug Dahlgren ('65) on the Doug Dahlgren Show was not only interesting ... but fun!  It was the first time I had heard Doug on his show and he sounded as if he had interviewed all his life ... he was totally prepared as he interviewed Henry about his historical novel, "Silver's Odyssey"!

Henry's story is based on historical facts in Florida, and I was amazed at the years of research that went into his book!  Must have been a magical trip into history for Henry!  My ears perked up when another AHS Indian friend was mentioned .. Harold Carter ('59) who took Henry on his hydroplane boat locating springs throughout the river. 


Was proud of both guys!  Both are outstanding authors ... and they are AHS Indians!




   Tribe Notes …




 *** I really appreciate the attention to memories. I met Shirley (Neldon Sawyer ’49) in the band my Junior summer at AHS, she played flute, I played clarinet, second chair to Eddie Ort. We had wonderful times, and AHS helped me survive the death of my father to a heart attack my senior year. Shirley and I dated in AHS, I spent 4 years at GA Tech dating her, graduated in 1952, married her the next day!

~ Tom Sawyer (’48)

*** Could you put me back on the mailing list. I have a new e-mail address. Thanks,

~ Bubba Phillips ‘56

*** Please ... it is Ed. Clarence Edgar ... UGH! Such reminds me of Miss Cochran (English) and Capt Findley ... (Algebra and Junior Police) ... or Mr. Loveless (Biology ... at our very last class, he tap danced on a lab table ... demonstrating his skill as a past vaudevillian!) ... if I properly, but fondly recall them from ancient history. Teachers, then, were formal in address.

Thanks for the note and enrollment. I especially enjoyed the "Times" edition noting Lamar (Clifton '46). I do not recall when we first moved to Albany ... very early 40's, but I readily recall our first meeting ... it was a rag tag schoolyard football game ... at the end of a play, a tackle, Lamar had one leg (who? no memory!) and I had the other. We smiled at one another ... and met as friends to be ... later graduating in 1946. Seeing an "In Memoriam" for him was sad news.

I left town, and Georgia, for good, for school in 1949 ... but I do still have family and the Brunson homestead in Perry ... we correspond regularly. I found reference to Lamar on the net, got a phone number and called a few days ago. I had a newsy, enjoyable chat with Evelyn Butler ('50) Clifton ... a pleasant refresher to the fact that our Southern ladies are still affable charmers ... who readily caught me up to date on many of my long lost classmates ... many "In Memoriam." 


I look forward to your newsletter with Thanks! By the way ... I could have sworn that Quintard was one of the class academic stars of my graduating Class of 1946.

~ Ed Brunson (’46)

*** Thanks for keeping us all updated. Keep going.

~ Richard Simpson (48)

***  My name is Diane Medlock Dishman (’65). I have five brothers and three sisters. All of us went to Albany High except my brother Tommy, who graduated from Westover!

After I sent you that e mail about the deceased classmates, I discovered the rest of the classes are under “In Memoriam”. Was so surprised to see some of the names there and how many were not with us anymore!

I found James "Jimmy" M. Tumlin listed as missing on the 1962 "Missing Classmates" webpage.  Jimmy is married to Hope Fryer, Class of 1965.

Also, here are two more1965 classmates who are deceased: Camille Walker and Linda Maloy.

Thank you for your response!!

~ Diane Medlock Dishman (’65)  

*** Two additions to “In Memoriam”Jean Walker, Class of 1939 and Homer Walker, Class of 1941.That is all four siblings Richard Walker, Class of 1938 and Ann Walker, Class of 1947.

~ Tom Pattison (’54)

*** Patricia (Trish) Tabb Rigsby, Class of 1965, passed away on 5/26/2014.  She married James Rigsby during the summer before her senior year, and didn't finish AHS. They lived together happily for 49 years lacking only a few days to reach 50 years. She was a beautiful, kind and loving person whom I will miss very much.

~ James Rigsby, Class of 1961 




   In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...


*** Dan L. Brooks, Jr., Class of 1956; husband of Patricia Ann Fowler Brooks, Class of 1962.
*** Ronald K. Powell, Class of 1966; brother of Donny and Tommy Powell.
*** Grace Page, Class of 1948
*** Jean Walker, Class of 1939
*** Homer Walker, Class of 1941
*** Larry Hollis Askew, Class of 1969
*** Diana Lynn Pawley, Class of 1964
*** Patricia (Trish) Tabb Rigsby, Class of 1965; wife of James Rigby, Class of 1961
*** Mary Ann Poole, Class of 1956; sister of Clint Pool, Class of 1961
*** William E. "Bill" Woody; Class of 1959
*** Roger Callway Dickinson, Class of 1954; brother of Jimmy Dickinson ('57)
*** Linda Maloy Metze, Class of 1965, November 2013.
*** Camille Walker Haynes, Class of 1965; sister of Claire Walker Bowles ('58)
*** Linda Mitchell, Class of 1961
*** Linda Maloy, Class of 1965
Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage : Click here: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA.

Please send corrections or additions to






NEW “News & Clues”





*** Please add me to the list to get Albany High Times News and Clues. Thank you for all you do.

~ Beverly (Brown) Harris, Class of '63


*** Please add Raymond Barlow, Class of ’60, on the mailing list.  Thanks,
~ David Cuthbertson (’60)


***  Please add my brother.  He was in the Class of 1957.  His name is George Perrett.

~ Leon Perrett (’56)


*** I have just had a long distance call from Edgar Brunson, Class of 1946, who was looking for Lamar (Clifton - '46). He was one of Lamar’s “long lost” classmates, whom they could never locate to send reunion notices to.


I told him about the Albany High Times, and gave him the link. While we were talking, he looked at the obituaries for that class, and noticed that Quintard Wright was not listed. I told him that he should be able to pull up archival Times from the past. Is that still true?

Here is his information so that you can put him on your list to receive your outstanding newsletter, obituary notices, etc.:

~ Evelyn Butler Clifton (’50)


NOTE:  I sent Ed a link to the News & Clues that featured Lamar. ~ BSH


***  Please add Julie Purvis Montgomery, Class of 1968.








It all began January 20, 2014.  Harriet Ort Cornelius ('55) and Marion Hay ('55) began to plan a surprise function to be held June 6, 2014 in Albany GA.  These two spent HOURS over the next 5 months to make it happen! They needed the emails for all Indians listed in the Albany High Times email address-book, but they only had e-addresses for Class of '55; so they punted.  They started contacting people they knew who might have email addresses for their classmates.  And with that plan, they were able to reach many Indians in classes from 1933 to 1963; but they had no contacts for the years beyond that. But somehow, it all came together ... and so ... between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 P.M. the gathering of AHS Indians took place at the Veterans Amphitheatre with the beautiful Flint River as a backdrop!

I had been told we were going to Albany because friends of Don Braswell ('55), our next door neighbor, wanted to honor him for his great football career at AHS, which included an All-American Guard award.  And when they called Don's name to come sit at the front table, I led the applause and began to take pictures! 

A beautiful invocation gwas iven by Dr. Don Kea, husband of Mary Dale Vansant ('56) Kea.

Then Marion Hay, Master of Ceremonies, called my name to come up front ... and slowly it became clear ... this surprise was for me ... and the tears started.  

A Proclamation was read by Dorothy Hubbard,  Mayor of the City of Albany ... declaring June 6, 2014,  as Beverly Smith Herrington Recognition Day in the City of Albany.  They also presented a copy of Skywater to me, knowing that my personal copy had been borrowed and lost.  It didn't have Morgan Murphy and Lamar Clifton's personal note and signatures, but Morgan's son, Mark Murphy signed it for them!  I could not have been more pleased!  

Pam Tyler Johnston ('55), came over to share her Kleenex with me, because the tears just kept flowing. Then Harriet Ort Cornelius read a proclamation by the past and present Albany High School Students, graduates, Alumni and friends and it too, was framed to match the mayor's proclamation!  And when they presented me with a gift of appreciation, I was simply overcome.  I recovered enough to try to express my appreciation for all the work it took to make the event happen, and to those who sent messages and gifts of appreciation, and to those who were able to come ... some traveling from quite a distance!  I was able to share a few things about the Albany High Times website and the newsletter ... and as I looked at faces I knew, and faces I did not know in the Amphitheatre ... I told them, in the last 13 years .... the greatest gifts that had come from the Albany High Times experience were the incredible "connections" it had brought forth. 

And then it was time to mingle and hug!  The neatest thing was to finally put faces with Indians with whom I had been in touch through these several years!  Now let me be honest ... the births of my children and my marriage to Tommy Herrington ('56) just over 10 years ago, were the greatest days of my life.  But this day, June 6, 2014, turned out to be right up there next to them!  I will never forget the kindnesses of AHS IndiansAnd they came from "... just a small town in South Georgia, that grew the best kids ever raised!"

Please understand, if you were NOT notified, it was because the planners were unable to get your email address ... honestly they really tried! 

Maybe someday, we can all get together and have a great big Albany High Times' POW WOW!  And for a start ... I've have ALL the emails!  

Special thanks to Johnny Holland and

Tom Herrington, photographers







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