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 113th Edition ~  06/15/2016

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!


Your New Sponsors for June 2016 - May 2017!!!

This website grew out of a plan to start a website for the Class of 1955 (first class to graduate from new Residence Avenue building), but soon, when many other classes showed interest, The Albany High Times was created to include all classes. 


After 14 years, we now have classes represented from 1933 to 2006!!!


The website has connected classmates in a wonderful way, and you who have volunteered to be Sponsors for the next year are a part of making that happen! 

*** Sponsor's Names also appear on Albany High Time's HOME PAGE!


*Bob Duggleby, Class of 1956

In memory of Charlotte Gale Duggleby, Class of 1957

            *Helen Blanchard Percilla Barnhart, Class of 1944                    

*John C. Boesch, Class of 1957

In memory of my brother,

Lt. Col, George R. (Bobby) Boesch, Class of 1962

*Anne Alderman Pack, Class of 1969

In honor of the Class of 1969

                    *Bettye Bryan Pate, Class of 1954         

        *Don Shirley, Class of 1956

In memory of Sara Hughes Shirley, Class of 1959

*Jimmy Bell, Class of 1956

In memory of my good friend David Campbell, Class of 1964

*Sara Joiner Eubanks, Class of 1961

In memory of ALL AHS Indians who died serving our country and didn't get to come home and enjoy the freedom for which they fought.

May God eternally bless all of their souls.

*Don Strickland, Class of 1960

In memory of my brother Billy Strickland, Class of 1957,

and my close friend, Frank Thurmond, Class of 1956

*Beth Parker Connors, Class of 1964

In memory of Joyce Gerst Campbell, Class of 1964 - 1965

*Patricia A. Dean, Class of 1948

In memory of classmates: Janet Marks Sobel, Class of 1948,

and Catherine Dismuke, Class of 1948

*John Mangum, Class of 1963

Honoring all of our military veterans

*Dale Briggs Deckert, Class of 1957

In memory of my grandfather, J.O. Allen

 *Carlton Fordham, Class of 1955



*Jessie Herbert Paulk, Class of 1952    

*Mack Lipsey, Class of 1950

In memory of Coach Glynn Sowell

*Lakea M. Chatmon, Class of 2006

*Warner, Class of 1952, and Wisteria Simmons Houston, Class of 1952

In memory of Bridges Simmons, Class of 1950

*T. Raleigh, Class of 1960, and Gail Hall Mann, Class of 1961

In memory of W. David Campbell, Class of 196

*Harvey, Class of 1958, and Twila Mason Willis, Class of 1959

In honor of Harvey's Class of 1958,

and in honor of Twila's Class of 1959

*Robert Waller, Class of 1969

In memory of Bob Allen, AHS Class of 1961

*Leslie Mays Daniel, Class of 1967

In memory of Lanny Mays, Class of 1958;

and Edgar Mays, Class of 1962

*Sumter, Class of 1963 and Lynda Fulford Bradwell, Class of 1968   

*Donald K. Pollock, Class of 1966               

*Barbara Amann Clement, Class of  1955

In Memory of Helen Long Cordell

*Tommy Tarpley, Class of 1952

   In memory of wife Pat Tarpley

                    *Sandra Holloway Hancock, Class of 1958                       

*Beth Wallace Glass, Class of 1959

Honoring the memory of my husband, best friend, and soul mate

Rembert J. Glass, Jr., Class of 1957

*Jerry Lawson, Class of 1960

In memory of Lyn Lofton, Class of 1960.  My best friend all of my life.

*Janis Howze Polin, Class of 1955   

Thanking Indians whose emails arrived after the cut-off!!!

Van Knowles, Class of 1958

Dotti Reeves, Class of 1955

Tom Robinson, Class of 1961

Bruce Garey, Class of 1963

Brinson Phillips, Class of 1954

Bill Upton, Class of  1960

Becky Gammage, Class of  1955

Tom Ross, Class of 1960

Annelle Stem Griffin, Class of 1952

Joanne Smith, Class of 1958

Alvin S. Bales, Jr., Class of 1961

Judy Dean Wingate, Class of 1960

Floy Leon Perrett, Jr., Class of 1956

Jack Sadler, Class of 1957

Donald Edward Callaway, Class of 1964

Goodloe Yancey, Class of   1946

Connie Thomas Pinkston, Class of 1950

Martha LeSueur Nicholson, Class of 1956

Kay Hackney Grant, Class of 1961

Eugene Lester Summerford, Class of 1959

James W. Youngblood, Class of 1954

Richard K. Simpson, Class of 1948

Charles E. Ruehl Jr., Class of 1962

Neal Moore, Class of 1955

Thad Joiner, Class of 1964

Brian E. Claypool, Class of 1963

Paul Russell, Class of 1963

Jane Minton Womack, Class of 1955

Bill Huggins, Class of 1947

Adair Millichamp, Class of  1954

Bobbie Young Wade, Class of 1962

Pat Rose Duggan, Class of  1963

Wayne Sheffield, Class of 1955

Brenda (Tanner) Shemwell Bottoms, Class of 1964

Joe Bowden, Class of 1958

Paul Lockard, Class of 1962








*** Class of 1961 ***

55th Reunion

June 24 - 25, 2016


FaceBook: Click here: (88) Albany High Class of 1961 



 ***ALL-CLASS AHS Reunion ***

Alumni Weekend! 

July 29 - 31, 2016 


Here is the link to the REGISTRATION PAGE for the Alumni Reunion Weekend. To view the website,  click here: http://albanyhighalumni.wix.com/weekend.

I can't wait to see everyone next month. Have a great weekend!
Lakea Chatmon, Class of 2006


Please spread the word and consider joining us!
We need to support our school to ensure that
it stays ...
... as great as it once was!




 *** Class of 1962 ***

55th Reunion

May 19 - 20,  2017


The Class of 1962 has changed the date for our 55th reunion to May 19 and 20, 2017. We know it is hard to accommodate everyone and hope this will work for most of you who want to come. We will be working on more plans this fall.

Paul Wallace has graciously offered his yard and home for our event again. No other plans have been made at this time. If you have any input or want to be part of the planning please contact Jonnie Holley Douglas (jonnieholleydaouglas@gmail.com), Eleanor Banks Simpson (ysam04@mchsi.com) or me.

We will set another time to meet in the fall.
~ Joann Roark Arneson


~ 1962 Girl's Luncheon ~

June 9, 2016

@ the home of Joann Roark Arneson

We always enjoy getting together. We talked about the millennial's (our grandchildren) always being on their electronic devices and I looked around the table at one point after a couple of hours and guess what?  All our iPads and phones were out - but ... we were looking for pictures of our Grands to share! Then we were trying to figure out how to share the pictures we had been taking of each other. We needed to have a grandchild present!!


Gladys Duke McDonald, Eleanor Simpson Banks, Jonnie Holley Douglas, Dorothy King Combs, Joann Roark Arneson


Ellen Schramm Folmar, Eleanor Simpson Banks,

Gladys Duke McDonald, Joann Roark Arneson, Jonnie Holley Douglas, Kathy Carow Thomas and Trisha Fowler Brooks


Contact: Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com)


*** See June 9th and other luncheon pics at:  http://albanyhightimes.com/'62%20girls'_luncheons.htm


*** See our 70th Birthday Pictures ...





*** Class of 1957 ***

60th Reunion 

May 5 - 6, 2017


Class of '57 Reunion Committee has met and begun work on our 60th reunion! It will take place on the weekend of May 5th and 6th, 2017, and the venue for both nights will be Merry Acres.


We would like for our class members to e-mail their e-mail addresses as well as their mailing addresses to us, and if there are some who haven't quite figured out the computer/internet workings yet, they could call either Mariellen or me.  Merry Acres Motel has "blocked out" some rooms for us which can be accessed by calling them at 229.435.7721, and telling the reservation clerk that they are attending the Class of '57 Reunion.  By providing this much advance notice, it allows our classmates to go ahead and put a 2nd or 3rd mortgage on their home to pay for the face lift, tummy tuck, toupee and dental implants.


We haven't had a reunion since our 50th in 2007, which by all accounts was the best AHS Reunion ever had….Ray Ragsdale Stevens entertained us Friday night at a grand piano with a medley of his many songs, and then on Saturday night we danced to the music of a 16 piece orchestra that he brought down at his expense from Nashville. Albany had never seen nor heard a band like this one…they played all the songs from our era and sounded as good as if not better than the original artists.



Mariellen Johnson Bateman



Jerry Brimberry






You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers, great bands and DJs!!

Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look! 

*** PLEASE SHARE YOUR reunion ideas ...  i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music ...

Email info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL CONTACT INFO!


ALSO ... Looking for LOST CLASSMATES? 

This page might be of help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find 


*** Indian Interests***


~ Beverly Smith Herrington ~


Several of the Indians from whom I receive mails, are those who have been away from Albany for a long time ... and they go something like this ... "The Albany High Times puts us in touch with news of so many friends we would otherwise never hear about."  Truly "News & Clues", an offshoot of the Albany High Times, was never planned ... any more than the outcome of the Albany High Times was planned.  You might say ... BOTH were UNEXPECTED GIFTS.  I know they have been for me!!!


At times I receive unexpected and moving emails ... this is one I wanted to share!  I had responded to Beth Wallace Glass ('59), a new Albany High Times' Sponsor, who wanted to honor her husband, Rembert  Glass ('57).  My husband, Tommy Herrington ('56) remembered that Rembert always carried a pocket New Testament!  I mentioned that to Beth in my response to her, and her response was an unexpected gift!!!


"... Rembert continued his interest in religions, and he taught philosophy and world religions at Ohio University. He had an AB in philosophy from Emory, and an AM and was all-but-dissertation toward his PhD in History of Religions (religions of the world) from University of Chicago Divinity School.  His later career was as Director of an alcohol/drug-abuse counseling center, followed by private practice as an alcoholism therapist.

I only lived in Albany 1956-1959, but Rembert was born there and knew a lot more people than I, a shy kid, knew. He was in his forties when he died in January 1988, the winter after he saw old friends at their 30th class reunion. We didn’t usually attend reunions, though we returned to Albany at least once a year to visit our parents, and I continued that until all our parents, his and mine, were gone.

I met Rembert through his sister, Lynda Glass Brimberry. Lynda and I were in the same year at AHS, graduating in 1959.

Rembert and I were married in-body for 28 years, and we have been married an additional 28 years in-spirit. I was only 15 when I met him, and I’ll be 75 this weekend. I am so very grateful for this long journey, and I continue to learn…..

~ Beth Wallace Glass


LOWE Scholarship UPDATE!


The Coach Graham Lowe Scholarship Fund has now reached $8,400!! 


A list of Indian donors can be found at: http://albanyhightimes.com/lowe_scholarship.htm


To be a part of this group ...

Email: 66bubba@att.net

Phone: 601-381-1038





A H S Class Websites







*** If your class has a website - please email your link to: albanyhightimes@aol.com



  Check out FaceBook for

AHS FaceBook Links



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FaceBook to open these pages. 

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* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

* Ahs ClassofFiftyfive

* Ahs ClassofSixty

* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) 

* (1) Albany High School Classes of 1964-65 Reunion

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

* AHS/WHS Class of 1978

*** Email address for Class of '71 FaceBook:



* AHS Class of 1983

* RIP Classmates of DHS AND AHS

* Click here: (60) Friends of Tift Park


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?




 Messages from FaceBook!!


***    Jane Rhodes likes your Page Albany High Times Website.

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A lot of unsung heroes don't get recognized until they die, and that's a shame, but most of them don't feel that way about themselves. ~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson


Curtis Dale Gunn

Class of 1954

(taken from his obituary)


  Captain, Dr. Curtis Dale Gunn, 32nd Degree Master Mason, Master Mariner, Master of Ocean Going Steam and Motor Ships, age 80, of Andalusia, served his country in several alphabetic units of the government, only one or two of which he was ever able to identify publicly.

His family knew when he was called on assignment, but they seldom knew where he was or what he was doing. The only member of the family ever able to successfully find him anywhere in the world was his mother (just ask the General she tracked down). When his girls were asked at school what their daddy did for a living, they would say “ABCDEFG” and laugh, knowing the agencies he worked for were confidential. The real value in Dr. Gunn’s career is not in knowing who he worked for but knowing whether he felt the service he gave to his country was worthwhile, worth doing, and worth time away from home; it was.

Dr. Gunn was a sergeant in the US Army, a scuba diver with Jacque Cousteau, and a race car driver in Monterey, California. He received his Ph.D. in 1974 from the University of Alabama, earned a master’s degree from Tulane University, and attained his bachelor’s degree from Southeast Louisiana University.

Dr. Gunn spent more than 30 years serving the needs of Alabama’s mental health patients. He also spent 40+ years teaching, including the last 15 years as a tenured history and psychology professor for Lurleen B. Wallace Community. He made a difference in the lives of so many. Dr. Gunn believed every human needed to feel special. His office was often filled with people who had lost their way or who just needed someone to listen. He was a gentleman and a man of integrity, and he lead by example.

Though teaching and serving his country were his callings, his real ministry was serving children as a Sunday school teacher and Santa Claus.

Everyone in the community knew he was an avid collector of trains, helicopters, and automobiles. He was a gifted storyteller, and visitors could not leave his office without hearing a story about one of his grandchildren or his great-grandchildren. He lived his life in adoration of his wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. His love was unconditional.

To all his students, he bids one last “Konnichiwa.”







*George R. (Bobby) Boesch (D), Class of 1962

*Monique Hawthorne, Class of 2000

*Santwan Odom, Class of 2000

*Don Moore, Class of 1958

*J.W. Willis, Class of 1955

*Ken Adams, Class of 1963

*David Cravey (D), Class of 1954

*Marion Hay, Class of 1955







None submitted this month

Suggestion ... Click here: Their Stories and Service  are so interesting ... check them out when you have a bit of time to learn how our Indians served their country!



ALL who have served are welcomed to submit your name or that of an AHS relative or classmate (living or deceased).

See instructions below …


1. Click here: AHS Men and Women Who Served in the Military:  On this webpage, Indians are listed alphabetically, with class year.


2.  Click here: Their Stories and Service: On the above webpage, information and/or stories about their service (living or deceased) can be posted.


3.  Please don't forget to add your FULL NAME and AHS CLASS.


If I have omitted listing any Indian, previously submitted, I do apologize. Please let me know.

~ Beverly Smith Herrington (’55)


*** Surely there are others, so please let me add your name!!! 


I will need:

1. Your full name: first, maiden and married names

2.  PLUS your AHS class year!

Send to: albanyhightimes@aol.com




1. Please send AHTimes emails only to: albanyhightimes@aol.com

2. Please include your name and class!

3. Please do not email @ bmabz@aol.com.  This is my private account and does not connect to Albany High Times or "News & Clues"



 Tribe Notes …




*** My cousin, Karen (Smith) Griffin is not on the circulation list for the "News and Clues." Her father (my uncle) was Charles H. Smith III. He was an "Indian;" Class of 1936. He graduated from The Citadel, and was a Naval Aviator in the pacific during WW II. He and my grandfather were in the RE biz in Albany. Later, Charles was elected Tax Assessor, a position he held for years. Karen grew up in Albany, but attended Deerfield. She and her family now live in the Atlanta area. I think she will find it interesting.


However, my true interest in Karen having it is to share with her Mom (my Aunt), Betts Smith, who was incredibly active in Albany and highly-regarded. I am keen for her to have access because she knew a horde of Albanians, many of whom show up in the "News and Clues." She and Charles settled in Albany right after WW II. She was there for more than 60 years. She lived there for years after Charles passed and was very active in a number of organizations in Albany. She is a very alert 92, and would, I am sure, find great joy in reading the "News and Clues" and seeing the names of so many Albany friends.


Even tho' I left as a high-schooler, I recognize many names that I come across as friends of my Smith - Gatlin - Boesch relatives. As an aside, I was the Den Chief for my brother's Cub Pack. In the past three years, as George's (Bobby's) health deteriorated (from 2 wars), I established contact with 5 of those former Cub Scouts, thru the "News and Clues". I was able to keep them informed about Bobby's situation -- and heard from each of them after he died. He always regretted not being an "Indian"! Just another way you serve former "Indians." Thank you.

~ John C. (Johnny) Boesch ('57)

*** I just visited your site and saw that my name is among those missing for the Class of 1953. My name is Peggy Joyce Thompson and I currently live in Oceanside, California.

I married shortly before graduation and left to join my husband in England immediately after graduation. He was in the Airforce and was sent to England which triggered a hurried marriage so that I could join him as soon as I graduated.

I hope all is well with my classmates. Sincerely,

 ~ Peggy Thompson, Class of 1953

NOTE: Forwarded your email to your class!  

*** I just noticed that my deceased husband's name, William E. (Bill ) Maxwell, is listed in the Class of 1957 and it should be 1958. Thanks for your hard work.

~ Marideane Melton Maxwell, ('58)

NOTE:  Made that correction Marideane

*** Please change my sister, Claire LeSueur Bagwell's (Class of 1963) email address for AHTimes. Thanks!

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56)

*** Charles "Monk" Thompson ('54) was happy and pleased when I told him of our e-mail exchange. He asked me to send you his new e-mail address and to please add him to the distribution list for Albany High Times.

~ Charles E. Ruehl, Sr.('62)

***I love Albany and really miss it and the South---and all the AHS Indians---Hooray---

~ Helen Blanchard Percilla Barnhart ('44)

*** I just noticed in the newsletter that it has 1954 as my class but it should be 1964.

~ Kay Chandler Hornik ('64)
NOTE: The corrected copy is now in the Archives, as this month's issue has replaced last month's issue - I'm so sorry!

*** Thanks for all you do to keep all of us informed. ~ Cynthia Clyatt Ferguson, Class of 1960




In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe,
            but where I loved ... I live ...



*** Edgar Mays, Class of 1962, passed away in Albany April 23, 2011. Edgar is the brother of Leslie Mays Daniel, Class of 1967

*** Joyce Melanie Gerst Campbell, Class,1965; siblings Janet, Debbie & Jerry Gerst

*** Billy Drew Layton, Class of 1954


*** Cornelia "Corky" Kulp Gilmer, Class of 1965

*** Nancy Ruth Whitfield Smith, wife of J.W. Smith, Class of 1956

*** Charles William Tyson, Class of 1962 and 1963

*** Robert Wallace Bruner, Class of 1954; husband of Shirley Barton and brother of Helen and Lucille Bruner ... all Class of 1954

*** Jim S. Nix, Class of 1954

*** Flora Jean Summerlin, Class of 1963

****Hugh Morgan Hays, Class 1969; brother of Hank and Kaellen Hays

*** Jacolyn Holland Murphy, daughter of well known Albany Herald photographer, Jack Holland and wife of Morgan Murphy ('46 & '47), staunch and devoted defender of saving Albany's Radium Springs Casino, died May 30, 2016. She was a member of the Class of 1949.

***Curtis Dale Gunn, Class of 1954


Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if relatives are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times' "In Memoriam" webpage: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA

Please send corrections or additions to



~ CLUES!!! ~ 


Once An Indian ... Always An Indian!!

So many of our Indians moved before graduation, did not graduate with their class or went to military school,  but they were a special part of their class and friends for many years before they left!!!!

Please don't ever hesitate to send news of any kind of or from an Indian who did not graduate with their class for any reason. Many are forever connected ... and that's what I want to honor!!!


*** I saw this on FaceBook! I will order one ... (take a look) https://www.gearbubble.com/albanygr

~  Jim Richter (57)

*** You may have seen this 10 Minutes of Nostalgia before but enjoy again. Unfortunately, the guys who produced this missed the Pavilion at Radium...too bad...

~ Tom(my) Williams,'57

This set of 100 quick movie clips in 10 minutes is pretty cool. Some of the "best and most memorable lines ever." Once you start, you can't stop watching.
~ Teri Mansfield, daughter of Tommy ('53) and Linda Plummer ('56) Mansfield

City of Albany-Dougherty County Official website - featuring Albany Kids ... Ray Stevens, etc.
 ~ Annelle Stem Griffin ('52)




50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ... 




  My husband, Bruce and I celebrated our June 54th anniversary, by taking an Eastern Europe River cruise in the spring.  Lots of fun and a very interesting trip.

~ Cynthia Clyatt Ferguson, Class of 1960


We had our 55th wedding anniversary this year on June 10th.
~ Willis (Class of 1956) and Madelyn Bowles

55 years ago, David Cuthbertson, Class of 1960, was swept off his feet by Rachel Sirmons of Blakely, GA. They were married on June 24, 1961 and lived happily ever after.


We will be celebrating 58 great years of togetherness on June 5th 2016

Peggy Tanner Deen (class of 58) and Jerry L Deen (class of 57).


Happy Memorial Day to my best friend and awesome husband, Bill Stark. He loved being in the Air Force, traveling and flying the C-130 plane but made the decision to leave the Air Force before he was eligible for retirement because he wanted to be with me and our daughter, Jamie, full time. He is truly my hero - we will celebrate our 50th anniversary in November 2016.

~ Carol Pate Stark, Class of 1962


Peggy VanZant Roberts, Class of 1961, and Burton Roberts will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary June 22.



Send your 50th Anniversaries and beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com






“News & Clues”




*** Please add my email to your website. Thank you.

~ Toby Ivey, Class of 1957

***Would you please add Muff Gosa Bushnell, Class of 1962 to Albany High Times mailing list. Thank you.

~ Charles Cloud, 1961

*** Please add my cousin, Karen (Smith) Griffin to the circulation list for the "News and Clues."

~ John C. (Johnny) Boesch ('57)



~* HOME *~

Albany Georgia!  A little video Betty Rehberg made with some of her photos.  Enjoy!!!








? ~  Any questions?

A ~  Will try to provide the answer!






* For any class who would like to add their Missing Classmates ... here are instructions:


(1) Please email your missing classmates' list, single spaced in "last name alpha order"- with first name, last name (girl's maiden names only)


Example: Johnny Appleseed

Melody Ann Bass

Curtis Carter

(2) If you have additions, deletions or corrections, please send ONLY the changes, not the whole list - I'll insert or delete.

(3) Please include your class contact name with email, phone or residence address.

(4) Email to: albanyhightimes@aol.com


The 4th of July is coming up  ... 

Why not try out the original  PIG & Whistle BBQ Sauce ... honest injun!


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