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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!






The Class of 1955 celebrated their collective 75th birthdays during the weekend of June 22nd & 23rd at the Merry Acres Campus.  It is always special, no matter how you decide to celebrate, to visit with classmates who moved with you, through the wonderful years at Albany High School!



One of the highlights of the Saturday night dinner was the serving of the beautiful birthday cake … which caught on fire …. BUT the capable Barbara Culpepper Johnson doused the fire with aplomb and saved the night! … WHEW!




Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** Class of 1982 ***

It’s here…. It’s time for our

30th Reunion

(more info at Class of 1982 Website Link)

When: July 20-21st, 2012

Where: Merry Acres Inn Event Center

1500 Dawson Rd, Albany GA

Time: 7:00pm each night

Cost: $55.00 per person for 2 nights


** Friday night is for AHS Class of ‘82 and guests. Snacks and beverages (sodas, beer, and wine) will be provided


**Saturday night is open to other AHS classes and our friends from other high schools. We will have a DJ, heavy hors d'oeuvres, and a cash bar.  


*** Class of 1963 ***

 50th Reunion

To be held

April 26 - 27, 2013

At Merry Acres


For more information, visit our class website



or  contact Bruce Garey at brucegarey@bellsouth.net 

or phone (229) 439-0546


*** Class of 1958 ***


55th REUNION - 2013




FRIDAY, MAY 3: Barbecue/picnic dinner at Merry Acres Motel


SATURDAY, MAY 4: Dinner in the Merry Acres Motel Ballroom


Details will be announced later.

Contact person: Linda Cullom Jordan (LJordan848@aol.com) or AC 229-888-5098


Our webpage: Click here: Class of 1958


*** Class of 1962 ***



Please watch for an email and/or on our web page to find the location for our next luncheon. We are having to regroup since the Sunset Grill has closed.



Joann Roark Arneson or Carol Pate Stark

(jprarneson@aol.com) or (cpstark@att.net)



*** Class of 1983 ***

30th Reunion

Saturday, June 22, 2013

6:00 pm

Location: TBD



*** Are there additional upcoming reunions?

Submit your information to:




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#1.  ALL Times or "News & Clues" are created on my laptop ... reserved for all things AHS.  Please send ALL emails concerning the Albany High Times or "News & Clues" to albanyhightimes@aol.com mailbox 


NOTE:  I do not have your AHS email addresses on my private email account - so emails sent there often go to SPAM and may get lost.


#2.  Please include your Indian Princess MAIDEN name ... it will save me HEAP BIG TIME looking up each one!  Classmates don't recognize the girls by married names.


#3.  ALL INDIANS, PLEASE include your Class year(s) ... it will save me HEAP BIG TIME looking up each one - CLASS YEARS are important to readers!


#4.  ONLY AHS related material will be published on website, newsletter or emailed to the AHS base.  Therefore, NO POLITICAL MATERIAL will be posted, unless it has to do with the career of an Indian. 


"The Curse"

Beverly Smith Herrington


I receive at least one email "CURSE" each day from AHS Indians ... and they add up!  These emails contain "the single 'link' curse". 


I DO NOT click on them, because I have learned that to click on single "links" with no accompanying message, will bring me "the unintended curse" on my computer!


"The Curse" (my terminology) has been hitting email address books for several years now - and there is practically no way to stop it because when folks receive a LINK from a personal friend, they TRUST THE FRIEND.


Truth is, you cannot be sure - and if you happen to click on it, you receive the "unintended curse" from your friend who is UNAWARE it has been sent, because it was sent to you randomly from THEIR address book. This can happen with any email provider, and yes, even FaceBook.


Here is what I have learned if you are interested:


1.  When sharing "website links with friends ... include a few words, such as ... "This is interesting" ... that would be enough for them to know it is legit.


2.   NEVER open a link FROM ANYONE that does not include a message. Email them first and ask if they sent it before you open.  If not, DELETE IMMEDIATELY.

3. If you DO click on a link from a friend you trust - and you inherit "the curse", then:

        a. Change your password immediately

        b. Notify your friends NOT to open a link from you (however it will probably be too late - they will receive your "CURSE" BEFORE you have time to email them. 

        c. Suggest they CHANGE THEIR PASSWORD immediately, and also suggest # 1 and #2 to them!


I doubt this malicious thing will ever be eliminated.  But we can try!



*** Remember my mom's 55 Yellow Olds Convertible?  Click here: The Cars We Drove In The 50s & 60s We used to drag the main - not cruise the avenue!  I remember all those cars, drive-ins (root beer floats and theatres). And, no, I'm sure they wouldn't run on what we have today, but the boys could take an engine apart and fix it in a flash. Wish kids today could experience such wonderful times ... no cell phones, iPads, iTouch, computers ... none of this stuff that “weighs” us down today.


And here’s another for you! http://www.doo-wop.org/doowop_002.htm

~ Annelle Stem (’52)


*** An incredible graduation commencement speech!  Click here: You Are Not Special Commencement Speech from Wellesley High School - YouTube



http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZNxdm824YYUS~ AHS INTERESTS



Career Academy Voted Down 4-3



A standing room only crowd lined the walls of the Dougherty County School System board room Wednesday as speakers voiced their opinions to the Board, pro and con, concerning a possible Albany College and Career Academy at Albany High School. The new charter school was defeated by a 4-3 vote.


For full stories: In the End ...


Dougherty School Board adopts budget, rejects charter school : News : MySouthwestGA.com.  


It looks like the website page title, “In The End”, will have to be changed … apparently Albany High School REMAINS.







*** Kilgore Galleries ***


Eight new galleries have been added to my web site. To see the galleries go to:


The new additions are on pages #1 and #2 and are as follows:

The Azamara Journey and Europe

Bruges, Belgium


Flowers & Windmills of Holland

Midway Atoll


Greece & Turkey

French Waterways


~ Gordon Kilgore, Class of 1956




*** Doug Dahlgren ('65) has been invited to speak to the Piedmont Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution at their Sept 15th Meeting in Roswell, GA.  He will ask if a fictional character, such as Jon Crane from his The SON Silas Rising, can stir a rebirth of interest in the principles of our founding fathers.

*** I have no idea how I ran across this.  It's interesting stuff about Albany – a blog by O. Vic Miller (’60) Put it in "News & Clues" if you like...

Comic Shorts from an Albany Upbringing « Bluegoosegospel's Blog

~ Luke Simmons (’52)



AHS Class Websites



Class of 1960







AHS Class of 82 Homepage

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* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

* Ahs ClassofFiftyfive

* Ahs ClassofSixty

* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) has a new FaceBook page now. Would love to have more Classmates join!

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

* Email for '71 FaceBook: ahsclass71.40th@groups.facebook.com


* AHS Class of 1983


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?




* Messages from FaceBook!!*


*** Becky Gammage Dupree ('55) commented on Albany High Times Website's FaceBook link.  Becky wrote: "This month's News & Clues is great -- as usual!   I was especially appreciative of all the remarks about my cousin - J Tom Morgan. Virginia Claire's mother was my mother's sister, and the sister of Wren ('61) and C. B. Harris. Thanks to all of you for the joy it brought me!!"


*** How to Find Classmates on Facebook | eHow.com




YOU ASKED … ? ? ? http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZNxpt141A0US



? ~ We have not received a newsletter for several months.  Is there a problem that we don't know about?  Thanks.

~ Willis ('56) & Madelyn Bowles


A~ Oh dear, Willis – it is my fault.  Your classmate Willis Ball sent me a change of address and I mistakenly changed YOUR address instead.  I am SO GLAD you caught it and let me know.  I now have both of the ’56 Willis guys with the correct email addresses!! 





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*** Please add my name and email address to the Albany Times. Thanks,

~ Mike Johnston (Class of 59)


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~ Jim Hall (’60)


*** Please add me to the distribution list to receive the AHT. This is my latest and newest email address.


Although I had the misfortune of moving to Tallahassee when my dad was transferred, I am and will always be a member of the tribe. I really enjoy reading the postings about people I once knew so well. Please extend a big shoutout from me to all the old friends I once knew by sight and now only by name.


Also please add Charles E. (PETE) Vann to the list of deceased classmates. I believe he was Class of '61.  He was my best friend growing up.


I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. I am on FB.  Great job of keeping us connected.

~ Benny W. Stearman ('62)


*** Please put me on your e-mail list and include me on your updates.  Thanks.

~ Jim Norris (’63)


*** Please add Virginia Claire Richardson Morgan (’47) to the mailing list.

~ Ralph Calhoun (’47)






50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ….




 Donald Lee and I have been married 57 years on August 30, 2012.

~ Teddie (Alma W. Ellis) Lee, AHS Class of 1953 



Send your 50th anniversaries and over

to albanyhightimes@aol.com





Click here for a great view

of a dear old friend!



Picture by Tommy Pattison ('54)






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… was originally the idea, in 2002, of classmates from the Class of 1950 and 1951 who wanted to provide a quarterly gathering of Indians.  They had an idea that AHS Alums - no matter the class, no matter the age, might enjoy coming together for food and fellowship, starting in January and thereafter each quarter.


Originally led by 1950 classmates Wynelle Davis Greenway, Bridges and Janice Simmons, for the last 10 years it has attracted Indians from the late 1940's to the early 1960's. 


As time has passed, it is now Wynelle who serves as the hostess, who makes sure the banquet room is reserved, who emails folks to remind them to send their reservations to her, who greets attendees at the front table, makes sure everyone has a name tag, and makes any announcements, and makes everyone feel welcome!


AHS alums, Tommy ('54) and Betty Holt ('56) Pattison, are regular attendees!


Martha LeSueur Nicholson, Class of 1956, provides a sign-up sheet for those who have not signed up for the Albany High Times “News & Clues” notifications.


So, if you like to laugh, if you like to see old friends and make new ones, and if you are located around Albany, or happen to be in town at "Gathering" time ...


The next gathering is:

July 16th @ 6:00 p.m.


*** Reservations Needed ***

Wynelle D. Greenway:


Phone: 229-435-8746


*** Check out "Blackbeard Gathering" pictures through the years here:



*** Camp Good Grief ***

Joann Roark Arneson


As I sat eating lunch with other volunteers at Camp Good Grief, June 6, 2012, I realized we were talking about life at AHS and then noticed that the group I had assembled to help with the Arts and Crafts part of camp included several AHS graduates. I recruited friends I made thru the years to help. They included Diane Sizemore Deese, Class of ’88; Lucy Miller, Nashville, TN; Jane Roberts McCrary, Class of ’70; Lenora Nash, Tifton, GA; Ann Ortega Griffin, Class of ’62; Sheila Phillips (wife of Carlos, Class of ‘62); Martha Strong Johnston, Class of ’60; and myself, Joann Roark Arneson, Class of ’62.


The co-coordinator of Camp Good Grief is also an AHS graduate, Ree Rushton Pearson, Class of ‘69.


The camp is sponsored by Albany Community Hospice and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. Camp Good Grief is for children in kindergarten through fifth grade and Camp Journey is for those in sixth – twelfth grade who have recently lost someone close to them – whether it be a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, sibling or a close friend. The programs included team building, sports activities, arts and crafts and group sessions. The camps help the children improve their attitude toward themselves and their loss by helping them deal with their loss from a new perspective.


Camp Good Grief has been ongoing for 17 years. Some of the counselors at the camps over the years have included area school counselors as well as junior counselors who were once campers themselves. I'm sure AHS was represented by several other volunteers. 


Just another little bit of Indian Pride!



http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZNxpt141A0USTribe Notes …


*** Good Afternoon Fellow Alumnus of Albany High School, this website has fascinated me with all of its facts about our great institution. It is awesome to know that Orange and Green is continuing to flow in each and every one of your veins. I simply love this website and cannot express it enough. I will be sharing this website to fellow alumni members of Albany High School and to current students as well.


~ Jonathan Hill, Class of 2009


*** Paul Robertson (Mr. Rob) was the Principal at Albany Junior High School who had a TV set in the auditorium so that we could watch the World Series. I don't know how many years he did that, but my experience was during the years of '55-'57.

~ Ernest Sutton ('61)


*** 7/1/2012 - Fires in Colorado Springs:

Good Morning All!  I know you are getting news reports but I thought I'd give you an insider's view (regarding the fires in Colorado). My younger brother Bill Dyess(1968) and his family live here also and I'm sure some of his classmates might be interested also. They are east of the city and I'm more centrally located. I sold my condo in the hills, downsized, and moved closer in about 6 years ago. (Probably a product of getting older! Couldn't be - Ha!)


Anyway ... this fire is a monster with 3 heads. One head is running the ridge along Hwy 24 (Ute Pass) headed west toward Woodland Park. The 3rd head is north of town and has run down canyons taking out subdivisions along the way (300+ homes and still counting). It's invaded the southern end of the USAF Academy and being fought there by Hot Shot teams. The 2nd head is the one over the ridgeline of Garden of the Gods and the one closest to me. The fire fighters do have a 5% containment there so I think the Garden is probably saved.


My pre-evacuation order was lifted this morning but I'm keeping my car packed until this monster is dead! It truly does look like a war zone in the areas that have burned. On the plus side, the wonderfully warm and caring people in this area have really stepped up to the plate. As with any disaster area, the Red Cross has shelters in many places, the Humane Society has established several shelters for our 4-legged family members and the community as a whole has donated water, food, clothing, blankets, pet kennels, sleeping arrangements, etc., etc.  The Broncos ( Go Team!) have donated $50,000 specified to help those directly affected by this monster. Other donations are coming in that are too numerous to list. The out-pouring of help and caring really is beautiful.


Aside from the horror of all this, finding pieces of charred books, paper, etc. in your backyard is a little scary to me. You can't help but wonder who's home did it come from? I run my sprinkler system every evening to wet things down because of flying embers. The smoke and ash in the air make it hard to breathe. Even though there have been times when smoke has closed portions of Interstate 25, the truckers with supplies, fire fighters with their equipment, etc. are still finding ways to get through. This has all been an education to me, about things I'd never really thought about and had known even less about. You have to experience something like this to fully appreciate what you do have. Five of the Dept. of Defense C130 bombers are here to assist by dropping the red retardant over areas ahead of the fire. The freight-train type noise they make when coming over the house doesn't bother me a bit!


Thank you for your concern. Even with almost 36,000 people displaced, acres of beautiful hillsides and homes gone, things do get better. The wonderful, caring folks risking their lives to kill this monster will be successful. So far, the material stuff that has been lost can be replaced. There have been NO lives lost and no serious injuries!!! A blessing for sure!

Stay happy my friends,

~ Marney Dyess Talbert (’60)


*** When I was a kid, I used to draw the image of the long nosed bald head peeping over the fence with eight fingers showing. I always wrote “KILROY WAS HERE.”

Somebody even drew this figure and wrote the statement in my Thronateeska. I never knew why. NOW I KNOW!

A bit of trivia - even if you have never heard of Kilroy before.

Click here: WWII's Kilroy Was Here , The inside info on how the legend started

~ Bruce Garey (’63)


***  You have no idea how much pleasure Albany High Times brings into our lives. I guess I am getting so old & sentimental that I just crave to hear from old friends. You probably know but the class of ’61 girls have started having a luncheon once a quarter and we are all getting re-acquainted. We have had so much fun finding out what everyone has been up to for the last 50 years.

Thank you so much for sharing your time & talent with us.  Have a blessed day.

Wanda L. Proctor, Class of 1961


*** Thanks to Bill(y) Upton for his remembrance of my dad’s business that flourished during the 1950s and 60s. Along with myself, some other famous (or infamous) Indians who worked there during their high school years were Richard Creel (60) and Frank Godwin (58). There may be others I am not remembering because I had forgotten that Billy worked there. Larry Styles and his sister, Susie, lived down the street from us on 10th Avenue when we first moved to Albany in 1955. Dad was always willing to give us high schoolers a chance to earn money, a lot of which was spent on greasy french fries and sweet iced tea at the Pig ‘N Whistle!  I assume maybe this comment will be in the next issue as I would like to see if anyone else who worked there responds.


Thanks so much for keeping the good old days alive for us! As you can tell from the number of subscribers, it means a lot.

~ Patti Bishop Savelle (60)


*** Thanks Patti,

I have fond memories of my employment with your father. In spite of our foolish pranks, Mr. Bishop was always gracious and utterly fair. I learned valuable lessons that I use to this day. For instance, I still know how to remove stains from my clothing. As I age and become more prone to dribbling my food, that recalled knowledge becomes more and more useful.

Your Dad occasionally put me on a uniform route that included several dairies. This entailed leaving off freshly laundered uniforms and picking up soiled ones. That experience exposed me to more awareness of milk production than I cared to know and caused me to forgo drinking milk for the balance of that summer. Hope you are well!

~ Bill Upton ('60)


*** Dianne Flowers ('57 ) Dixon also hosted the Saturday morning program with Ray (Ragsdale) Stevens ('57). She lives in Camilla.

~ Nancy Arthur Moore ('61)


*** My senior year at AHS, around January or February of 1956, I had to quit the Record Hop because all the Senior Parties started!!!!!(You remember all those senior parties, don't you?)  So, Diane Flowers took my place at the Record Hop and finished out the year (don't exactly know how long she and Ray continued because after his junior year, he moved to Atlanta). Don't know if Diane continued with someone else the next school year (she is a year younger than I.....she's Ray's age).


The thing with the Georgia Music Hall of Fame is NOT about Ray and me and the Record Hop, it's about Milt George "seeing the future" and hiring Ray and me to start the Record Hop.


Diane lives in Camilla and her daughter, Terry Stumpe runs The Royal Collection, a great dress shop in Albany.


Surely did enjoy the latest Albany High Times!

~ Mary Dale Vansant Kea (’56)


*** Thank you for sending me the newsletter, it's great to keep up with everyone! Please continue to send it me...

~ Pansy Hawk Stevenson (’52)


** I just talked to Virginia Claire Richardson Morgan (’47). My son, Ralph, and I will go to Phoenix and Tucson for his 50th birthday trip. Virginia Claire lives in Chandler, Arizona which is next to Phoenix and I had written her that I was coming out that way and would like to see her.  Her family was friends with our family and she graduated from high school with me.  So, she called.


I sent her the current issue of the Albany High Times. She said she was not on the mailing list, and I told her I would her email address so you could add her to the mailing list.

~ Ralph Calhoun (’47)


*** Got the Albany High Times this morning and could hardly quit reading to go to a doctor's appointment! I, for one, can't thank you enough for all you do for us old graduates. It's so good to be in touch especially since we live in Jacksonville and don't get to Albany very often. Thanks heaps,

~ Betty and Sonny Logan (Classes of '49 and '48)


*** I am so happy to hear that (my sister) Dot VanZant was found in Class of '45. She loved hearing from and keeping up with her classmates. She attended most of their class reunions in the later years and would talk about them forever!!


Yes, I would love to receive the newsletter! Please add me. I only recently found the AHS website and have really enjoyed catching up on all the news and events.


Thanks again for the help in finding Dot's class.

~ Peggy VanZant Roberts (’61)


*** I am so excited about having re-connected with Mary Ann Allen Sandy Caldbeck (she's as bad as I am with all those names). She is the one who told me about Albany High Times and Vintage Albany. What a walk down memory lane. I'm having the time of my life looking at all the pictures. I just can't get over the long lists in the "In Memoriam" section.


I also told my sister, Pat McDaniel Forsberg about Albany High Times.  She, too is excited to hear about it. She is one of Charleston, S.C.'s premier artists and her work can be seen at www.patforsberg.com

~ Shirley McDaniel Martin (’63)


*** I am so sorry to hear about Carl Glass' passing. He was in my class and I remember he was always smiling and friendly to everyone.

~ Duffy Frank (’53)

Note:  Thanks to Al Higginbotham ('54) for notifying us.


*** Fred and Fran Chandler (’61) Hand obviously died just a day or so apart.  He was in a facility in Alabaster, AL.  He was an attorney, and apparently a well-respected one. He lived most of his life in Pelham and was not an Indian. That is both sad and sweet, that they died so close together.

Thanks for all you do,

~ Anne O'Connor (’61)


*** AHS Mascot, Danny Rabb (’55) has left the tribe (see “In Memoriam”).





In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...




*** Carl Julian Glass, Class of 1953, died October 12, 2011*


*** Frances (Fran) Chandler Hand, Class of 1961


*** I am sad to report to you the passing of my father Daniel James Rabb, IV, Class of 1955.  He died at his home on June 15, 2012.


Thank you for your friendship to him throughout the years.
~ Mary Rabb Catlette, daughter


*** Lamar Staines, Class of 1977, son of Roy ('55) and Dorothy Bridges ('56) Staines.


*** Ann Hall Benford, Class of 1947; sister of Hazel ('53) and Mary Beth Hall


*** Ruby Diane Mixon Davis, Class of 1963


*** Bettye Glass Peacock, Class of 1948*


*** Sara Lula Layfield King, Class of 1938


*** Charles Leonard (Butch) Dollar, Class of 1963


*** Mrs. Earl Wade Sauls Sr., mother of Earl Wade Sauls, Jr. (’62), and daughter-in-law Tappie Hendrick Sauls (’62).


* Carl and Bettye Glass were brother and sister.


Note: Thanks to those who send obituaries of AHS Indians outside of Albany.  We would not otherwise be aware of our losses. 


Notices and/or obituaries are sent to the deceased’s class, plus the classes of the spouse, child, or close relative, as soon as possible.  Each is then listed on the “In Memoriam” webpage (if the class has submitted a list) and also in the "News & Clues" the following month.


Check out your class at In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates








10th Anniversary





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