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 90th Edition ~ 7/18/2014

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The Ladies Who Lunch!




*** Class of 1962 ***


1962 Girl’s Luncheon

August 21, 2014 - 11:30 AM


Our next luncheon will be on Thursday, August 21st, at 11:30 a.m. We will be gathering at Joann Arneson's creek side home for some good food and fun conversations. Let us know if you will be able to join us and what delicious dish you will be bringing with you!


Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com) or

Carol Pate Stark (cpstark@att.net)


*** Check out our other luncheons and pics at: 

Click here: '62 Girls' Luncheon's


*** See your 70th Birthday Pictures @





** Classes of 1964-65 **

A Combined 50th Reunion

November 7th and 8th, 2014




Once again, there will be a combined 50th Reunion celebration for the classes of 1964-65, and once again at Merry Acres.


Checks should be made payable to: AHS Class of 64/65 and mailed to P.O. Box 3746, Albany Georgia

~ Hugh Westberry / James "Bubba Cagle


Below is a request for donations to the "64-65 Wampum Bowl" to help with the early expenses ... please click to enlarge the class letter from Hugh Westberry and James "Bubba Cagle for further explanation!


(click to enlarge)

 index.64_65letter.jpg (613×799)

facebook  https://www.facebook.com/AHS.64.65

Click here: Albany High School 1964 & 1965


~ Glenda Shelby Cannon (’64) 






DID YOU KNOW? You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!

*** Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** IF YOUR CLASS has reunion ideas and info you would like to share ... i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music, send info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL CONTACT INFO!


*** Also ... looking for LOST CLASSMATES?  This page will give you help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find 








? ~  There was a photograph of a 1956 class that wanted to know what grade and the teacher.

The grade is 8th which would have been the Class of 1961. I recognize Aileen Connors, Kathryn Faulkner, Mac Buntin and Sam Luckey. This was my first year attending the Albany School System.

I have no knowledge of the teacher. It appears to be Mrs. Henson but I not sure.


I graduated in 1961 with your sister (Tina Smith Cowan). We were the low man on the Totem Pole at Albany High. We went to Albany High in the 9th grade. Then the next year they had one school building (McIntosh) that housed only 7th graders while the junior high on N. Jefferson housed the 8th and 9th graders. The photo that I saw would have been the one for N. Jefferson for the school year 56-57. 9th grade would be 57-58, 10th would be 58-59, 11th 59-60, 12th 60-61.
~ Jim Cline, Class of 1961



A ~  Here it is Jim!   It looks as though I failed to type in the name of the Indian who submitted the picture as well as the class year.  If the Indian who sent this photo would let me know, I can insert the correct name!  All the Albany Junior Highs (both original site and the building on N. Jefferson - old AHS) can be viewed here:

 Click here: Albany Jr. High School

 McIntosh can be viewed here:

 Click here: McIntosh 7th Grade

~ Thanks Jim!


? ~ I have a question. I am wondering if you know how to find a person who graduated high school about the same time as we did, 1955, in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

~ Bill Wilson (’55)


A ~ If anyone has any information for Bill, please let us know.


? ~ I’m wondering if a "small group" (can’t remember the name) from Maynard Sell’s Glee Club used to practice at Beverly Smith’s house?


And does anyone remember that when Mr. Sell would leave the room, Ray Ragsdale (Stevens) would hit the piano and play boogie woogie?

~ Barbara Patton Curran ('57)


A ~  Hi Barbara! I'm Beverly, and I remember you!


I started the Albany High Times 12 years ago next month! So WELCOME! Am delighted to add your name to the list!


The group to which you refer, a small group of 32+ was called the Troubadours! Here's the rest of the story ... I was the accompanist for the Glee Club from the fall of 1952 to the end of school year of 1955.  In the fall of 1953, Mr. Sell called me in and said he wanted to start a smaller group to take to the service clubs because the Glee Club was getting too big to be bussed. And asked anyone interested meet at my home (1605 Orchard Drive)? It was fine with my folks - so a good group showed up the first night ... but Mr. Sell did not!


He apologized the next day and asked that we try again the next week. So we did, with even more students. But no Mr. Sell. Ironically he lived around the zig-zag over to 4th or 5th within two blocks of our home.


So - I asked the group if they would like to start rehearsing something - and asked Linda Jones ('56) to play! We did quite well not knowing what we were doing ... and the next day, Mr. Sell apologized again. I told him we had just gone ahead with the rehearsal. He looked surprised but said - well it you all want to do that - call yourselves The Troubadours. I said okay .... and off we went.


I directed my junior and senior years ... Bobby Hawkins directed the next year, and I'm not sure if Troubadours made it the next year because the boys dropped out. SO ... I think it was at that time the Mellonettes (may have incorrect spelling) were born! Don't know how long that group went on. But for me, that was the start of my directing and I went on to work in church music ministry for 55 years! I owe the directing part to Maynard Sell who had no idea what he started!!!




50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ... 




  The Saye’s: Aloha Mallard, Class of 1947, and Bob Saye celebrated their 66th Wedding Anniversary on July 10, 2014.


   The Paulks: Charles Donald Paulk, Class of 1950, and Laverne McDaniel Paulk, Class of 1952, were married June 14, 1952. That makes 62 years for high school sweethearts!


 The Nieves: Alice Fay Smith Class of 1961, and husband, Raul, celebrated their 50th Anniversary on May 23 rd 2014.



Send your 50th anniversaries beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com





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* AHS Class of 1983

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ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?




  Messages from FaceBook!!




  Another great "News and Clues”!!!

~ Landra Wills McCrary (’70)


*** If you haven't joined Betty Rehberg's "Vintage Albany Georgia" FaceBook group ... you are missing something special!  Check it out!

Click here: Vintage Albany Georgia









Was hoping to get you to share news of our new Tift Park Community Market with your readers. It would be nice to get their support. We are open every Saturday, so this is an every weekend event!  Come check us out!


We are located by the tennis courts. The courts need attention, so maybe we can draw attention to that this weekend.


We should have a lot of locals out. If there is anyone who would like to be a vendor ... it's free!


Just contact me:
~ Stephen Brimberry





Click here: Friends of Tift Park set to unveil Community Market | Albany Herald



~ CLUES!!! ~ 




SHINGLES seem to be rampant this year … if you’ve ever had Chicken Pox, you have the potential to develop Shingles.  This year I’ve heard of more cases than I can remember... including people who have had them before, and people who have actually had the “shot".  Some were extreme cases. and were ill for months.   Check with your doctor …  



   In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...


*** Ronald Eugene Bryant, Class of 1955 passed away April 25, 2007; brother of Charles, Mavis and Linda Bryant
*** Judy Gerst Flegel, Class of 1968
*** Milton Bullington, Class of 1970; brother of Mike and Tammy Bullington

*** Judy Gerst Flegel, Class of 1968, died March 13, 2002

*** John Samuel Murphy, III, Class of 1960; brother of Harold and Tim Murphy


*** Clarence Emory “Bud” George, Jr., Class of 1950


*** Harry Demmitt Ort III, Class of 1959; brother of Harriet Jane Ort Cornelius and Charles Ort


***  James Baldridge Harper, Jr., brother of Richard "Gooch" Harper, Class of 1954


***  Ginny Cowart Crisler, Class of 1965; died December 14, 2004


*** Eddie Power Ort III, Class of 1948


*** Kay Jones Fleming, Class of 1957: sister of Theresa, Beth, April and Krista Jones

Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage : Click here: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA

Please send corrections or additions to






NEW “News & Clues”  



*** Please add John Vansant, Jr., (’59) to the mailing list for the Albany High Times. 

~ Mary Dale Vansant Kea (’56)


***  Please, please add me to the list. I was Barbara Patton, Class of 1957. I’m married to Dick Curran from Columbus, whose cousins are the Creel boys.


*** Would you please add Jack B. Harris, Class of 1968.

~ Diane Medlock Dishman (’65)


*** Please add Ruby Helen Hambrick to your monthly updates.

~ Chet Green (’33)


***    Could you please add Sara Alligood Loveless - AHS Class of 1950 to your emailing list. Picture of Sara and the famous Georgia Bulldog statue Caesar Dawgustus. He resides in the Honda dealership in Athens.

~ Ben Swilley ('60)


*** Please add Rev. Chip Gresham to your mailing list. I have just joined his church. His mother is Louise Terry Gresham. She does not have a computer. Chip asked me to have you put his name on the list to receive every month and he can print this out for Louise or she can read from his computer. Thanks,

~ Sylvia Lewis Knight ('56)












 *** Fish Tales ***

Reporter Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56)



Jack Ivey ('56)



 Martha: You can always count on expert fisherman, Jack Ivey (’56), to come up with a new and better fish tale every year. This year’s big catch took place on a recent 2 day deep sea fishing trip out of Apalachicola, FL. Fishing with 6 others on a friend’s boat, Jack caught the big grouper seen in one picture and the string of red snapper and grouper shown in the other.

Jack shared his pictures with me, and I asked for more information about the fish, the boat, and the trip. What follows is his own story in his words. He tells it far better than I could!


Jack: I have a hunting and fishing friend who owns a 28 foot center console vessel powered by two Yamaha 225 HP outboard engines. The boat has all of the amenities to make your day of fishing something to remember. The following are just a few:

1- Ice reservoir to ice the fish down

2- Live bait stations fore and aft

3- A place to clean fish

4- Dry storage for your personal items

5- Rods and reels kept in good shape


 On the 5th of June seven of us went out 35 miles to 140 feet of water and began fishing. Our Captain was the son of the owner. A Captain's duties are to make sure that nothing happens to himself or the other six souls on board, pilot the boat over reefs, etc., and hold to (fast) while everybody drops their bait down. The object is to drop to the bottom and bring the line taut so you can feel the bite. There is no time to weigh fish when they are biting, you just need to catch 'em before the boat drifts off the reef. The Captain said our fish would weigh between 20 and 26 pounds each. Of course the smaller ones would not. For bait, we used frozen Cigar Minnows, frozen Spanish Sardines, and live Pin Fish. I caught the first fish and the most that day. I also caught the most on the second and final day of fishing (the 6th of June). There are tips and tricks to fishing off shore such as the difference between standard monofilament line and fluorocarbon line. Standard mono leaves a foot print in fresh and salt water whereas fluorocarbon is invisible therefore the fish only see the bait. Truly that was my edge on the rest of the guys.


 Now, as for the Captain, after running out about 35 miles and stopping 4 or 5 times on the numbers chart and catching fish from 09:30 hrs. to 15:00 hrs., anyone can become tired. So, being familiar with the boat’s instrumentation, I offered to pilot the boat back to shallow waters. The captain accepted my offer, and we were soon in sight of land in about 1.5 hrs. The boat runs about 25 knots @ 3600 rpm. For those of you who want to do the math to check me, just remember I had to make several "P" stops for those beer drinkers. The Captain, being familiar with the inshore oyster beds, took the boat back to the dock ending a very productive two days of fishing. Everyone had a great time...can't wait for the next time!

~ JWI  



Martha: It’s no wonder Jack knows all the tips and tricks to bringing in a big catch. Fishing is a lifelong hobby for him. I used to watch him fish in flooded cornfields across the street from my house when we were little kids growing up "out in the country" back when Slappey Dr. and Third Ave. were dirt roads. I never thought it was strange at the time to be fishing in a cornfield. We lived in a "Let's Pretend" world then. Anything was possible! I asked him a few years ago what he had expected to catch in the cornfield, and he said tadpoles! Geez! Now he has an airboat…specially built by him...for frogging! So he has frog tales to add to the fish tales…after 4 recent outings in the frog boat, he had gathered over 200 frogs…83 of them in one trip! That’s a lot of frog legs! For his next big catch he’s planning to go scalloping. Anybody getting hungry? Let’s all go eat at Jack’s house!




 We Recommend … 




Email Notes From Indians

In the Beginning


*** Next month, August 16th, the Albany High Times will turn 12!!!  You may be interested in reading email correspondence  I received from Indians ... in the very beginning! 


Click here: Notes from Indians ... in the beginning!






You'll enjoy this page ... some of the AHS teachers actually attended AHS!!! 

Click here: Remembering AHS Teachers Who Made An Impact




Incredible photography!  Gordon has traveled to all 50 states, all 7 continents, and 166 countries

Click here: Kilgore Travels


Gordon Kilgore, Class of 1956, is represented by Look South of Atlanta.  You will enjoy his several  galleries, which include a new addition: Texas Birds. 


Gordon writes: I have put together a nine minute slide show of some of the Texas birds and uploaded it to Photodex, the company that makes Producer, the software that I use. A link is below. There is a small program that your computer is required to have in order to play the show. It is free and loads quickly. To play the show full screen you can right click and select "full screen".   So, for those that like birds here is the link:

Click here: Texas Birds


P.S.  I have heard from several Mac users that they could not view the video. Now I know why, Photodex does not support Macintosh.


So, to solve the problem I shortened the video to about 4 and one half minutes. Then it was uploaded to You Tube.


Here is the You Tube link should you care to view it or send it to your Mac friends:









Click here: Faber's Features ....


Blue Heron's Snake









Nancy Reimer, Class of 1975

One of 2 Honored by

Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia



ALBANY — Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia announced that Judy Randle and Nancy Reimer have been selected as the 2014 Women of Distinction honorees for the Albany area. A dinner in their honor will be held at 6:30 p.m. on June 5 at Doublegate Country Club. The Girl Scouts Women of Distinction Award honors women whose lives reflect the values in the Girl Scout Promise and Law and who serve as excellent role models for girls. These women are valuable community servants, serving in leadership roles throughout the community. Reimer is a retired educator who is an active volunteer for Covenant Presbyterian Church and many other community organizations. She chairs the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia’s Legacy Circle in Albany. 




Jay Beck, Class of 1962 was recently included in a gathering of 10 Medal of Honor winners.  Jay is shown here with some of the dignitaries.



General Glenn Spears (on the left) and Col Mack Secord (on the right) — both interesting guys in the foreground.   In the back I’m talking to USAF Medal of Honor winner, Joe Jackson.




 J.Tom Morgan, Class of  1973, is a nationally recognized trial attorney specializing in criminal defense and general civil litigation, and an expert on the prosecution of crimes against children.  He has appeared on CNN’s Talk Back Live, the Oprah Winfrey Show, Court TV, the Today Show, and 48 Hours.    JTom, formerly District Attorney for DeKalb County, was recently featured on Investigation Discovery TV's "Southern Fried Homicide" in the 2002 case of the sheriff of DeKalb County, Sidney Dorsey, who was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his successor, Derwin Brown, sheriff-elect for DeKalb County.





   Tribe Notes …




*** Ed and Linda Cullom Jordan (Class of 1958)have recently moved from Albany GA to Hayesville, NC.


*** Thanks for what you do. I know that you must spend a lot of time doing this for the group. Who would have ever thought this would be possible to communicate the way we do now. My mother read the comic strips to us each day. We were amazed that Flash Gordon could go to outer space in his space ship and that Dick Tracy and B. O. Plenty could have miniature TVs on their wrists just like watches. We took it for what it was worth-entertainment. Now the whole thing has come full circle.

~ Jim Cline, ‘61


*** Carlene Newell Flowers, graduated from AHS in the Class of 1948, and returned to teach math in 1952 -1953.  


She recently moved to be close to her children.  As she was cleaning out, she came across a couple of scrapbooks with pictures from her Class of 1948 and general pictures from the 1940's classes. 


She approached Tommy Pattison, Class of 1954, to scan the pictures for the Albany High Times.

Carleen went to a "master scanner"!!!  Tommy Pattison played a big role in scanning pictures from many, many annuals which was a huge help to me in creating the Albany High Times.  Almost ALL of the pictures in the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's were scanned by Tommy!  He was also named the first staff member for the Albany High Times.


I will be working during the next month to post the pictures.  It will be a great addition to the Albany High Times!  Thanks Carleen ... Thanks Tommy!!!


Kid’s Day – Classes of 1947 and 1948 


L to R: Helen (Looks like Tush or Lush?), Kay Huston, Virginia Richardson, Marie Arthur, Ramona Cannon, Betty Sasser, Jeannette Barrow, Charlotte Mulford, and Carleen Newell.


*** I have a 1934 AHS Yearbook that belonged to Mr. F.A. Wallace. I borrowed it from his daughter, Pam Wallace Rehberg ’66 and have scanned it in its entirety. If you would like to have a copy to add to the Albany High Times, send me your mailing address and I will be glad to send you a copy on disc. The file sizes are much too large to e-mail.


1934 was my mother, Marguerite Green Kinney's, AHS 1937 freshman year. Mother turned 95 June 1st and lives at Lee County Nursing and Rehab. I also have her 1937 yearbook but have not yet scanned it. If you are interested I will also send a copy of that one too as soon as I get it scanned.


The album is unlike most I’ve seen as it has a soft cover. Although it is bound, it is also hole punched as if to be placed in a ring binder. The seniors are the only group with names by their picture. All other classes have a list of names then very small individual pictures so unless you know a person they are impossible to identify. The ads are also very interesting.

~ Tommy Kinney AHS ‘62


NOTE:  Thank you so much Tommy.  I am at the point in my life where I am trying to cut back.  I do have a 1930 Annual, but I'm just not going to be able to take any more ... as much as I would love to have them.

I was looking in the 1930 Annual for the mother of a friend.  But in that annual, if you weren't a senior or an officer, your name was not listed for the lower classes. 


*** Thanks for the nice mention of the interview with Henry Duggan (’59). Henry was fun to talk to, and his book, Silver’s Odyssey, is great!

Another terrific issue and enjoyed reading about your "surprise."  Congratulations, again...well deserved !!

~ Doug Dahlgren (’65)


***  Estol Belflower(’56) and his wife Beth Davis (’57) have moved from Juneau, AK to Quitman, GA. They have a new email address!

~ Joann Roark Arneson (’62)


*** I was so sorry to have to miss your “surprise” gathering at Veterans’ Park, but I was in Cashiers, NC, for the wedding of Andy Clifton and his bride Sarah which was on June 6. Andy is the son of Butch Clifton (Class of 1959), Lamar (Clifton's, '46) younger brother.


Otherwise, I would not have missed it for the world. You amaze me at how you keep up with everything and everyone – better than those of us who still live in Albany. And “the Times” has brought old friends back in touch with one another, at a time in most of our lives that makes us appreciate them even more than ever.


By the way, my grandmother, Eva Bertha Hooks, b. 15 October 1873, was sent from the Hooks Plantation in middle Georgia (Macon Co., just northeast of Montezuma), to Albany to live with her older sister, Belle Hooks Greer, so that she could attend Miss Sterne’s School and get “a proper education.”  It was located in a wooden house on the corner of North Monroe Street and Pine Avenue (facing on Pine). It is still standing today, having served as a law firm at one time. I have one of my grandmother’s text books from the school,A Manual of Composition and Rhetoric: A Text-Book for Schools and Colleges”, by John S. Hart, L.L.D published in 1887, in Philadelphia. Aunt Belle was married to one of Albany’s early mayors, Hon. Archibald P. Greer, 1883. The Sherman’s tell me that Uncle “Arch’s” business building is the oldest standing commercial building in Albany. It is at 319 N. Washington St., and was built circa 1885, on a lot purchased from Nelson Tift.


My grandmother married Gabriel Newton Butler, and had three children. She died at the age of 26 in Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, where she was sent to a sanitorium for the treatment of tuberculosis.


Enough of genealogy. I remember that Flint Avenue School was originally Albany Academy, and I had a photograph of my uncle Emmet Steele in a group photo on the steps of Albany Academy.  In recent years, I gave the photo to my first cousin, his granddaughter. I could walk from my home at 415 Flint Avenue the two blocks to Flint Avenue School, where I attended 5th and 6th grades. Interestingly, I was the “Mayor of Little Albany” in 6th grade at Flint Avenue School. There was a photograph of me, Miss Minnie Pate, the principal, Mr. J.O. Allen, the Superintendent, and Miss Griffin, our faculty advisor.


We did a history of the schools, along with photographs, in our Classes of 1950/51 50th Reunion Book.

~ Evelyn Butler Clifton (’50)


My DAR Chapter, Thronateeska, researched and published History and Reminiscences of Dougherty County in 1924. The history committee consisted of Mrs. Sidney J. Jones, Mrs. John Randolph Whitehead (remember Iris Court, her beautiful antebellum home?)  Mrs. William E. Rowsey (you may remember her granddaughters who visited in the summer time – Jetta Rowsey and Bernie Rowsey), and Miss Lucy T. Pond. Miss Lucy was the maiden great aunt of John Inman, Robert Inman, and Eloise Inman (Class of 1950).


Our Chapter was so proud of this massive undertaking. The history was reprinted in 1978, this time with an index. I have a copy of the original, as well as the reprint version.

Keep up the good work!

~ Evelyn Butler Clifton (’50)









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