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*** Class of 1961 ***


Girls Quarterly Luncheon


Wow!!! The AHS Class of '61 Girls had another great luncheon today!! (Pictures to follow) We had a great crowd considering it was July. If you haven't joined us yet, I hope we see you in October!!!


 *Watch for upcoming October date*


Contact: Wanda Olivent Proctor

FaceBook: Click here: (88) Albany High Class of 1961



*** Class of 1962 ***


Girls Covered Dish Luncheon


 *To be announced soon*



Joann Roark Arneson:  229-436-2282

(jprarneson@aol.com) or

Carol Pate Stark:  229-436-3425



Check it out!

*** See other luncheons and pics

@ Click here: '62 Girls' Luncheons


*** See our 70th Birthday Pictures

@  http://albanyhightimes.com/1962.htm  






Planning a reunion next year?  You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers, great bands and DJs and Albany photographers!!

Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** PLEASE SHARE YOUR reunion ideas ...  i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music ...


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Face Book is a wonderful tool, especially for the guys!  Problem is ... many girls drop their MAIDEN name, and are often not known by their married name (hint hint).


This page might also be of help ...


Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find 





 ~ CLUES!!! ~ 




*** Have just  finished follow up work for our 1955 60th Class Reunion this past Memorial Day Weekend.  Since some of our classmates are dealing with a horrible disease personally or with their mates ... I wondered  ... of all the ways I've heard the word pronounced, how do you spell it, and how do you pronounce it correctly? I found out it's not the way you often hear it pronounced ... All-timers.

So if you are interested ... the correct spelling is Alzheimer. 


And here's the word spelled phonetically


Easier yet ... running it all together ... Alltzimers.





50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ... 




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? ~ Please, are any of you able to advise how the 7th grade was set up at McIntosh for the one year it served as a 7th grade school? I have a son, Jim Calhoun (Principal of Castle View Highschool in Castle Rock, CO), who attended McIntosh that year.


Also wondering if any of you have pictures besides the one that is posted now at Click here: McIntosh 7th Grade

~ Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)



? ~ Is there a way to get an email in order to send an AHS friend condolences?  Penny McDaniel Douthit ('56) and I went to the same church and have a lot of fond memories in our school years.  Thanks.

~ Dan Lipsey ('56)

A~  Disregard my previous post. I found Penny's FB page.

~ Dan Lipsey ('56)











Thoughts from  John Boesch

Class of 1957



John once lived at Tarver Plantation!  Recently, he sent these thoughts about a recent visit ...


"My daughter and I were thrilled to stay at the Pond, and visit with the folks who run the place. Don't think they have ever talked to anyone who actually lived on the place. They were full of questions.


Thanks for your support on my "quest." Even got Henry Duggan, Jerry Brimberry and Buster Wasden involved. In order, they would be an across-the-street neighbor on Slappey Drive (now Blvd.), a classmate, and a buddy from ScoutingEach provided a "piece of the puzzle."


I also spent the night of July 12th at Bonnie Brae, cum Tarver Plantation, cum Resora.


Could be a great location for class get-togethers. Some of the Albany groups might do a fish fry as part of a reunion -- or just a gathering. Great site!!!


*** For beautiful pictures of Tarver Plantation visit Betty Rehbergs's Vintage Albany FaceBook.  You will need to go to the Search Bar and put in your subject (see below)

Click here: (96) Vintage Albany Georgia






TARVER PLANTATION is now a conference and events center, called RESORA.  It is Albany GA's newest destination resort and agribusiness farm on 1638 acres of wildlife preserve and farm land.  RESORA is a  former plantation that was originally owned by one of the largest slaveholders' estates in the state.


Search: http://experienceresora.com/




Our Old Favorite Place ...




AHTs' Staff Member ('62)



When at the beach sometimes the gentle waves pull us into the water.

I have learned a trick from a friend for floating in the gentle surf. She has a Velcro closure grocery bag she fills with sand. She then ties a rope to the bag and the other end to her deluxe float. Prepared with her sunscreen, hat, and a Tervis cup of cold water she is ready.

I haven't mastered all of that, I took my fat noodle with me and held on to her rope, and we had a nice visit

PCB holds a lot of memories for Indians. It is still a wonderful place to go.

Being on the beach, it seems time is suspended and you can just enjoy the beauty – and antics of the sea gulls, hopefully dolphins and maybe a ray.





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  http://www.albanyhighschool64-65.org/ http://www.65.org/sellfolio.html




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Don't miss this!!!!

~* HOME *~

by Betty Rehberg



Albany Georgia!  A little video I made with some of my photos. I hope you enjoy it!




*** Those of you who only access Vintage Albany with mobile devices are missing out on a LOT of content. We have a huge photo section, videos and many files and links that cannot be accessed without a PC.

Click here: Vintage Albany Georgia

~ Betty Rehberg (’74)


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Richie Howard

ALBANY SPORTS HALL OF FAME: Richie Howard grateful for the opportunities | Albany Herald


Edwin Willis


ALBANY SPORTS HALL OF FAME: Edwin Willis enjoys giving back | Albany Herald



Ben Lockette


Albany Sports Hall of Fame inducts three new members | Albany Herald





They Sewed ...

and They Sewed...

and they Sewed ....


Sewing Lessons at Singer Sewing Company! 


Teacher unknown with students: Beverly Smith ('55), Roxana Speight ('55), Linda Jones ('56), Hazel Britton ('54), Mary Myrtle Britton ('53), Mary Jean Cook ('55) and Claire Woody ('55).








“News & Clues”





***  I graduated from Albany High School June 6, 1987, under the name Cristy Curles.   I am now Cristy Curles-Smith.  Please add my name to the list.


*** Please add my name to the list of recipients for the AHS Times, etc. I attended Albany schools from second grade until 1954, before my dad was transferred to Birmingham ...  but Albany will always be home to me.  Thanks so much.
~ Jann Pitts Lecroy, Class of 1956


Once an Indian ...

 Always an Indian!!!














Classes of 1932 - 1933


Celebrates 100 Years!!!









The inimitable Chester R. Green graduated from Harvard Business School and served our Country honorably in the Navy during World War II – especially during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which was one of the largest Naval battles in World War II.


Chester joined Kraft Foods in 1933 and during his 50 plus year career with Kraft he rose in the company from an entry level salesman to Corporate Senior Vice President of Marketing, Advertising and Sales Worldwide.


He served as a branch manager for Kraft Foods in Nashville, Tennessee for two years during the early 1950s and during his stay in Nashville he recognized that Country Music had a growing appeal to a large audience of listeners.


Upon his promotion from Nashville and his relocation to the Kraft Foods corporate office in Chicago in the late 1950s, Chester remembered the growing popularity of Country Music from his Nashville days, and he convinced Kraft’s executive staff in Chicago and New York City to help sponsor a new event in Nashville to be known as the Country Music Awards Show; and as part of helping to give birth to the CMA Awards Show, Chester hired Roy Rogers and Dale Evans to host, and Eddie Arnold to begin promoting the show.


Nashville proudly proclaims it owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Green for his role in helping to grow this important part of Nashville’s tourism industry, and for his faith, perseverance, and cheerful spirit that are an inspiration to all who know him.


As Chester enters his 11th decade, he is still an active and productive member of society, participating in various civic and community events, as his health permits.


Chester Green has been a special Albany High Times' friend who has shared many stories of our school.  His emails were as "young" as any of the many received through the years. In a conversation yesterday, his voice was strong, and his wit quick as always! Yes, Chester has been one of the best gifts to the Albany High Times that came out of our great Albany High School!


I opened this piece with the word inimitable to describe Chester ...  for those who were not required to learn definitions at AHS (I had Billy Bragg!) the word means ... "So good or so unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique".  This describes Chester Green to a T, wouldn't you say?!!


For complete Published Nashville Resolution

Click here: RESOLUTION NO. RS2015-1542






Last month I asked for names of Indians (men and women) who served or perhaps gave their life while serving their country. 


Thanks to the following Indians whose names, service and stories have been added to the webpages listed below the list!


Al Hutchison,  Class of 1961

Donald K. Pollock, Class of 1966

Billy Weekley, Class of 1960

Tommy Weekley, Class of 1966

Grady Sceals, Class of l959

Bob Thrower, Class of 1966

Randolph W. (Randy) Sammons,  Class of 1960

James M. "Mike" Cumbie, Class of 1973

Wendell Anderson (D), Class of 1959

Clarence "Bud" Hopkins, Class of 1957

Jim Hopkins, Class of 1965

Ernest "Ernie" Fordham, Class of 1961

Doug " Butch" Fain, Class of 1962

Michael "Mike" Harris, Class of 1964

Charles Ruehl, Class of 1962

Fred Pollard, Class of 1961

Bill Gissendaner (D), Class of 1954

Gordon Kilgore, Class of 1956

Ernest "Ernie" Walter Bivens (D), Class of 1937

David S. McIntyre, Class of 1952

Lee English, Class of 1957

Tommy Milner, Class of 1966

Duffy Franck, Class of 1953

Robert "Bobby" Doan, Class of 1944

Joe B. Mann, Class of 1964

Waddell "Waddy" Hagin, Class of 1953

Baldwin King (D), Class of 1939

Cliff King (D), Class of 1940

Waymon Kimbrell, Class of 1957

Catherine Dismuke, Class of 1948

Joe Greenway (D), Class of

John L. Davis , Jr. (D), Class of 1947

Suhayl Rafeedie, Class of 1956

Ernest Hall, Class of 1958


Below are the links for you to check the FULL list of Indians!


1.  A webpage listing our Indians who served (living or deceased) listed alphabetically by name and class only. 

Click here: AHS Men and Women Who Served in the Military


2.  A webpage telling "Their Service".  A page to share brief information and/or stories (living or deceased).

Click here: Our Military - Their Stories


You are also welcome to submit your/their story. Please don't forget to add your FULL NAME and AHS CLASS.


Send only to: albanyhightimes@aol.com



Remembering a Long-Ago


Principal and Coach

Bevin D. Lee

Through the Research and Writing of
32 Answered - A South Carolina Veteran's Story

A Message

from Dr. Joe H. Camp, Jr.

About three years ago you and the Albany High Times network assisted me with my research on some WW II veterans, one of whom was a former Coach and Principal of Albany High School, Bevin D. Lee.

I did not know anything about Coach Lee until I started this research. He was way before my time.  I discovered his Silver Star award, when a WW2 veteran in Michigan, who was helping me at the time, remembered him particularly from the New Guinea campaign.  I continued searching which led me to the current mayor of Gaffney, SC (county seat of Cherokee County) who knew Bob and put me in touch with him in 2011.  I never met him in person, just through many phone calls and a few letters all regarding Coach Lee's military service and postwar career.

So, essentially, Coach Lee’s story was all but lost to history, had it not been for Chet Green (with the pre-war background) and Coach Lee's son, Bob Lee (with the wartime and post-war details).  And thanks very much to you and the Albany High Times for putting me in touch with Chet back in 2012.

The Book Tells the Story

South Carolina servicemen made an exceptional and early contribution in WW II, when in February 1942 a group of them, all products of the state's four pre-war ROTC programs, were assigned to the 32nd "Red Arrow" Infantry Division (Michigan-Wisconsin National Guard). In this odd and expedient pairing, and in one of the earliest Infantry units to be ordered overseas after the Pearl Harbor attack, they participated in the first offensive waged in the Pacific Theater under General Douglas MacArthur's command. In victory, the Red Arrows suffered over 90% casualties there at Buna, Papua New Guinea. Those who emerged from that first tragic and defining battle stayed on to form the Division's core of leadership for the remainder of the war, and in doing so amassed some of the highest total hours in combat in U.S. Army history. The title "32 Answered" alludes not only to the Division's nomenclature but also to the thirty-two total documented South Carolina reservists discovered in the course of this research, who stepped up to answer the call to duty soon after the war emergency's onset.

Bevin D. Lee was one of them. While most of the officers were graduates of the 1939, 1940, and 1941 classes, Lee was actually a 1925 Wofford College grad and was teaching at Albany High School when he received his call-up notice.

During the Buna-Sanananda operation, Captain Bevin D. Lee commanded "L" Company, 3rd Battalion, 126th Infantry Regiment of the 32nd Division. His company was one of the first to engage the enemy during the operation along the Sanananda-Soputa Track. Lee received the Silver Star and a Purple Heart, being wounded on November 25th 1942. After recovering from injuries he remained in the 126th until being rotated back to the US.

B.D. Lee's Albany GA Great Adventures!

Coach Bevin. D. Lee, to whom the

1933 AHS Thronateeska was Dedicated

My research, using the patchy evidence available, indicates that Lee coached both football and basketball at Albany. The record states that he coached football in the 1930 and 1931 seasons (4-6-0, 7-2-0 respectively) before Coach McNabb took on the role. In basketball, however, he is shown as having coached the 1934 and 1935 seasons, reaching the state semifinals in 1934 and state champs (Div. "B") in 1935.


It is possible that he also coached track if there was a track team then. Otherwise, he taught mathematics and held a Master's Degree, though I have not yet determined from where and in what discipline. Evidently, according to his surviving relatives, Mr. Lee returned to Albany after the war and stayed one more term, before moving back to South Carolina.

A Move to South Carolina

He eventually (1950s) became Superintendent of Cherokee County School District and oversaw the consolidation of the old one-room county schools into the modern district (centralized elementary and secondary school) structure that we mostly take for granted since then. He passed away from cancer in 1957.

I am happy to send an update on the (book) project, in case any of the Albany High Times folks are interested. I was able to make my book, 32 Answered - A South Carolina Veteran's Story, available at the end of May.

32 Answered: A South Carolina Veterans' Story: Joe H Camp Jr.: 9781507859612: Amazon.com: Books

It is available through Amazon and can be ordered by your local bookseller, including Barnes and Noble. It has a great deal of information about Coach Lee which was provided by Chester Green ('33) and Coach Lee's son, Bob Lee (of Centerville Texas) who died November of 2014.

*** Many thanks to Dr. Camp who provided so much important, unknown historical information to the Albany High Times!




     Tribe Notes …



*** I was looking for a way to add my name to the list of military members under the website. I do not see any device to click on to add my name is there a link that I am missing?
~ Bob ('66) and Mary Thrower

NOTE:  Bob, there is no way for anyone except me to add to the Albany High Times' web program.  Though sometimes, I think that would be wonderful (smile); however, everything on the website is copied or typed by me!!!

*** My sister, Nancy Reimer, tells me you played the organ at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Albany, and may have played at my wedding! August 9, 1970 ... one of the last in the old church that is now a big gym/ fellowship hall!

~ Fran Reimer Barnes ('68)


In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe,
but where I loved ... I live!



*** LaNora Simmone Mitchell, Class of 1962


*** Barbara Arlene Lee, class unknown


***  William E. "Bill" Gissendaner, Class of 1954; brother of Kay Gissendaner Roll , Class of 1957 and Doug Gissendaner, Class of 1960


*** Norman P. Pritchett, Jr., Class of 1960; husband of Lesley Batey Pritchett, Class of 1960


*** Ruby Helen Green Hambrick, Class of 1940; sister of Chester Green, 1933


*** Connie Raye Hale Watts, Class of 1974


*** Paul Munnerlyn Nichols, Class of 1948


*** Clarke Douthit, Class of 1954; husband of Penny McDaniel Douthit ('56)


*** James Hughes, husband of Jo Wright Hughes, Class of 1954


***  Dianne Cox Kirkman, Class of 1960


*** John Larmon Davis Jr., Class of 1947; brother of Wynelle Davis Greenway, Class of 1950


***  Claire Cherry Granado, Class of 1955; mother of Cherry Granado DeReus, Class of  1977


*** Mary Scarbrough Barker, Class of 1955


***  Michael Hilton, Class of 1977


*** Venalyn Eubanks Johnson, Class of 1948


***  Jeanette Fenn, Class of 1970


Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if they are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage: Click here: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA

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