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Happy Birthday ♪•♪ to you ♪•*¨*•.¸¸♪

Happy Birthday ♪•*¨*•.¸¸♪ to you ♪•*¨*•.¸¸♪

•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy Birthday ♪•*¨*•.¸¸


Happy Birthday ♪•*¨*•.¸¸♪ to you!

August 16, 2012

Your 10th Birthday!!!




AHS Class Luncheons

Are Apparently In!!!


Would you say that Lady Indians lunching is not that unusual?  Well you would be correct!  The 1962 Ladies have been "lunching" for some time, and recently the 1961 Ladies are also enjoying luncheons!  I suspect there are probably others! 


But how about the men?  As it turns out, guys in the ever-getting-together Class of 1960 are lunching too!  A notice just in this morning from Raymond Barlow announcing the next get together… and he even graciously extends their invitation to the ladies!


We will be having another luncheon for the men in the Class of 1960 on August 22, 2012 at Blackbeard's on N Slappey at 12:30.


If any of the ladies would like to attend, we will welcome them.


Please call me or email me and let me know if you plan to attend. Looking forward to a good group. Thanks,

Raymond Barlow








Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find ...



*** Class of 1962 ***


The luncheon for the Girls of the Class of 1962 will be at Blackbeard's on Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 11:30 a.m.


Joann Roark Arneson or Carol Pate Stark

(jprarneson@aol.com) or (cpstark@att.net)


*** Class of 1963 ***

50th Reunion

To be held

April 26 - 27, 2013

At Merry Acres

For more information, visit our class website


or contact Bruce Garey at brucegarey@bellsouth.net

or phone (229) 439-0546


*** Class of 1958 ***



May 3 - 4, 2013


FRIDAY, MAY 3: Barbecue/picnic dinner at Merry Acres Motel


SATURDAY, MAY 4: Dinner in the Merry Acres Motel Ballroom

Details will be announced later.

Contact person: Linda Cullom Jordan (LJordan848@aol.com) or AC 229-888-5098

Our webpage: Class of 1958


*** NEW! Older reunion shots submitted by Sharon Smith Spies can be viewed at: Click here: '58 Misc. Pics


 *** Class of 1983 ***

30th Reunion

Saturday, June 22, 2013

6:00 pm

Location: TBD



*** Are there additional upcoming reunions?

Submit your information to:







The Great 1959 Season ...

AHS Football

State AAA Champions!!!



The boys had all known each other since they were children … many playing on midget teams together.  Close friends who together became champions together!  Friends like Jerry Doyal, Marshall Tanner, twins Richard and Robert Creel, Eddie Ogletree and many others!  Several went on to be inducted into the Albany Sports Hall of Fame!


On the coaching staff was John Tillitski, Pat Fields,  Bob Fowler and Graham Lowe. 


For the recent story published by The Albany Journal, and the rest of the story and all the names … Click here: Misc Sports Pics ...

Thanks to Elizabeth Davis Drake, Class of 1943 for sending this article!






Former AHS football Stars Tangle with the

Great 1949 Varsity!!!


A very old copy of an incomplete article published in the Albany Herald (no date available) was read by Evelyn Butler Clifton ('50) at the last Blackbeard's Gathering in Albany GA.  You will enjoy reading this delightful story in the sports history of AHS ... when a collection of former AHS football stars tangle with the 1949 Varsity!!! Click here: Misc Sports Pics


***  Congratulations to Banks Burgess (’67) and Paul Shane of the popular Atlanta-based music duo, Banks & Shane, this month celebrate FORTY YEARS of providing some of the best music you’ll ever hear. http://banksandshane.com/


*** Ralph Calhoun Collages Gallery Exhibition and Sale through September 30th at Hutch and Harris Restaurant – Salem, NC.   Ralph, a popular artist in the area, is Class of 1947.


*** Ronnie Flowers ('76) reports that “The Alzheimer's Association and DOCO Credit Union Memories & a Mustang" event was a great success!   "We raised over $50K for the cause and  had tickets purchased from all over, including Indiana, New Jersey, etc.  But mostly this area and region were the main purchasers of a chance on the 1966 Ford Mustang GT Fastback, which was won by someone in Nashville GA.


We had a great team and the South West Georgia folks supported us well."



AHS Class Websites



Class of 1960







AHS Class of 82 Homepage


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* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

* Ahs ClassofFiftyfive

* Ahs ClassofSixty

* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) has a new FaceBook page now. Would love to have more Classmates join!

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

* Email for '71 FaceBook: ahsclass71.40th@groups.facebook.com


* AHS Class of 1983

ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?



*Messages from FaceBook!!*


Doug Dahlgren 8:22pm Jul 13

Pleased to announce that I have been asked to speak to the Piedmont Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution at their Sept 15th Meeting in Roswell, Georgia. I will ask if "a fictional character, such as Jon Crane from my The SON Silas Rising, can stir a rebirth of interest in the principles of our founding fathers."  I'm really looking forward to the opportunity.


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“News & Clues” Subscribers!



*** Can I subscribe to this newsletter? Thanks.
~ Skip Porterfield, Class of '63



 YOU ASKED … ? ? ?


? ~  If you ever discover what happened to Danny or Darlene Pope I'd appreciate any information I can get.

Your crazy old Uncle Skipper who lives under the stairs.

~ Skip Porterfield (’63)

A  ~ Skip, hopefully someone can help … I don’t have them listed in my e-address book.


? ~ Any suggestions on how I can find out about an Indian named Lou Williams? She may have graduated around '61 or '62.  I believe she went to Wesleyan, and married AHS Coach Collin's son from Camilla. She lived on 3rd avenue, I believe, around the 1100 block close to Raines and Nancy Wakeford. She was a very sweet young lady with awesome parents --- just curious about what happen to her?  I would appreciate you including this as a “You Asked” request.

~ Dan McIntyre (’57)

A  ~  Can anyone help?


? ~ Would anyone in your circle of contributors be interested in helping me gather some information on Coach Bevin D. Lee? I am writing a manuscript on Southern reserve officers who served with the 32nd "Red Arrow" Division at the Battle of Buna in New Guinea, late 1942-early 1943. This was the first Infantry unit to win a victory against the Japanese in World War II. The 32nd was historically a Michigan and Wisconsin National Guard unit that was activated to Federal status, and somehow a good number of Southerners were rolled in to all three regiments. The Southerners were graduates of ROTC programs, mostly from South Carolina (Clemson, Citadel, Wofford College, Presbyterian College) but also from other programs in the Deep South.


Bevin D. Lee was one of them. While most of the officers were graduates of the 1939, 1940, and 1941 classes, Lee was actually a 1925 Wofford College grad and was teaching at Albany High School when he received his call-up notice.


My research using the patchy evidence available indicates that Lee coached both football and basketball at Albany. The record states that he coached football in the 1930 and 1931 seasons (4-6-0, 7-2-0 respectively) before Coach MacNabb took on the role. In basketball, however, he is shown as having coached the 1934 and 1935 seasons, reaching the state semifinals in 1934 and state champs (Div. "B") in 1935.


It is possible that he coached track if there was a track team then. Otherwise, he taught mathematics and held a Master's Degree, though I have not yet determined from where and in what discipline. What would help is if someone had access to Albany HS yearbooks from the era, and could scan some pictures into pdf or jpeg files. Also, if anyone might be willing to research the local newspapers on microfilm that your public library may have.


Evidently, according to his surviving relatives, Mr. Lee returned to Albany after the war and stayed one more term, before moving back to South Carolina. He eventually (1950s) became Superintendent of Cherokee County School District and oversaw the consolidation of the old one-room county schools into the modern district (centralized elementary and secondary school) structure that we mostly take for granted since then. He passed away from cancer in 1957.


During the Buna-Sanananda operation, Captain Bevin D. Lee commanded "L" Company, 3rd Battalion, 126th Infantry Regiment of the 32nd Division. His company was one of the first to engage the enemy during the operation along the Sanananda-Soputa Track. Lee received the Silver Star and a Purple Heart, being wounded on November 25th 1942. After recovering from injuries he remained in the 126th until being rotated back to the US.


If anyone is interested in helping out, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Joe H. Camp, Jr., Ph. D.

Greenwood SC

864-554-7775 mobile


 A  ~ Unfortunately the Albany Herald microfilm is not indexed, so unless someone comes up with dates of particular games, etc. it would be hard to find information without spending hours going through reels of film. The film is there, however, so if anyone comes up with more specific time frames I can look.

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson (’56)

 A  ~ In looking through our 1946 and 1947 annuals, I see that he was Principal of Albany High those two years. The two preceding years, 1944 and 1945, Mr. J.J. “Joe” Cordell was the Principal and Mr. J.O. Allen was the Superintendent.


That is all that I know. I can copy the dedication page from the 1946 annual which contains an excellent photo of Mr. Lee and also Mr. McNabb in their military uniforms. I only knew him one year, my freshman year of 1947.

~ Evelyn Butler Clifton (’50)





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Wonder if we will reach 100,000 during our 10th year?









Pat McDaniel Forsberg

Class of 1965


*** Award-winning Artist ***


I was introduced to Pat McDaniel Forsberg, AHS Class of 1965, and her breath-taking art, by her sister, Shirley McDaniel Martin, Class of 1961.  


Pat Forsberg is an award-winning artist who lives and paints in Charleston, South Carolina. She studied art at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida and has studied with esteemed artist, Elizabeth Bronson, for several years. Her most recent award was the Charleston Artist Guild's 2008 People's Choice Award sponsored by First Federal Bank of Charleston.


Pat says, “Thank you so much for wanting to include me in your next issue of "News & Clues". I am actually a "late bloomer" when it comes to art. I had NO talent in high school and I dabbled a little here and there until I started painting seriously about 10 years ago.


I am now in the Hamlet Gallery in Charleston, I have won several competitions and am a Piccolo Spoleto artist during the Spoleto Festival - this year was my seventh year!


I will have the good fortune in September to study with a master impressionist so I will be quite busy."


Don’t miss some of the works in the Gallery of this gifted AHS Indian:

Pat Forsberg, Charleston, South Carolina artist, her work.



Bob Fowler Memorial

for Riverkeepers


The Bob Fowler Memorial Fund for Riverkeepers honors the well known coach, educator and administrator from a family of distinguished naturalists. Fowler Farms on Mud Creek and Chehaw on the Muckalee, designed by brother Jim Fowler (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom), have fascinated and educated generations of children and their parents with its menagerie of exotic animals.


“Bob loved the Flint River,” shared O.Vic Miller ('60), who recently wrote his memories of Fowler in “Gentle Giant,” an article in the March/April issue of Southwest Georgia Living magazine. “He and BB Rhodes ('52) fished every nook and hole of the Flint and all its shady tributaries.”


Ida English Fowler ('56) survives her husband at their home on the banks of Lake Worth (now Lake Chehaw), where the tributary waters of the Kinchafoonee and Muckalee pool to join the Flint in its meander down to the Chattahoochee and the Gulf of Mexico. The Fowler home, weathering alluvial floods, is located in the epicenter of a “Riverhood,” a riparian neighborhood of water, according to Miller, “where a kid could range a right smart piece without a driver’s license.”


Any sunny afternoon a covey of grandchildren can be seen from boat or bridge diving off the Fowler dock, splashing and frolicking like otters. “No family in Dixie has sucked more Flint River up their noses, or been a better steward of our precious, threatened river,” says Miller, who encourages others to contribute to the fund in memory of Bob Fowler.



~ CLUES!!! ~





An important purpose of "News & Clues" and the Albany High Times is for Indians to see the familiar names of their classmates and friends.  Please do not ask to submit anything anonymously.  Anything published on either must include a FULL NAME (including maiden name) and CLASS YEAR. 


*** Click here: Funny Prayer about Getting Old at the Caregiver of the Year Dinner - YouTube

~ Tom Herrington (’56)


*** Several Indians sent this “Clue” … Annelle Stem Griffin (’52) was first!


Wow this is amazing! Peeling boiled potatoes  … I am going to try it the next time I want mashed potatoes or potato salad! If you take the time to watch this, you will not only be glad you did, but you will forward this to all your daughters, sisters, moms, any cook Just when you thought you knew everything about boiling potatoes .....


To all who love making potato salad but hate peeling the boiled potatoes, here is the solution for easy peeling. This will BLOW your mind. Well, we do learn something new every day.


I wish I had known about this thirty years ago. Peeling the cooked potato was the least desirable part in making a potato salad. Enjoy. It works.

Click here: Dawn Wells Potato Peeling Video



Tribe Notes …


*** That was a great article by Joann Roark Arneson (’62). It's wonderful that people do that for children.  My sister could have used the help when Daddy died.  She was just 5 and really didn't understand.

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson (’56)


*** I saw the mention of Virginia Claire Richardson Morgan (who now lives in Chandler, AZ) in the most recent edition of News & Clues. Virginia is the mother of J. Thomas Morgan, Jr., whom you wrote about recently after seeing him speak at a function (high school, I believe) up there. He was the District Attorney for DeKalb County, GA and spoke about his mother being scheduled to be with the group from Albany which was at the tragic Winecoff Hotel fire - but that his mother had been unable to make the trip because of illness. Guardian angels can certainly make huge differences in our lives.

~ Ernest Sutton (’61)


*** Last month you did an over the top job! That link you have on the July issue of "News & Clues" to Vic Miller's various stories in his Bluegoosegospel's Blog ... Comic Shorts from an Albany Upbringing « Bluegoosegospel's Blog was of definite interest to me as I browsed it. There are some new stories in there, and the one about Bill Chancey is, in a way, like a parable. Those who threw the Herald knew and understood Bill.


Nobody ever tried to make fun of, or take advantage of Bill without finding out that back in those days, almost everybody had respect for Bill - and they would teach respect to those who didn't. Bill was like a free credit report, available for all to see. If he was sitting on your front porch into the sunset, bankers and loan officers made note. You would be talked about ... and, down at the glassed-in window at the Herald, where you paid your weekly bill for your papers (a scene which is pretty close to the "cage" on the old TV sitcom, "Taxi", where Danny DeVito held court), Billy was always on time with his money. Nowadays, people would get a court order to keep Bill off their porch after dark. Back then, they found the money to pay him. It was a much simpler, workable society...  

~ Tom Herrington (’56)

*** I especially enjoyed Ritchie Marbury’s tale in the last issue.  

We miss you at FUMC and I’m STILL singing in the choir…

~ Van Knowles (’58)

 Note:  Van Knowles was a member in good standing of "The Troubadours", a popular mixed ensemble started in the fall of 1953 ... of the Class of 1954.  Just a few years later, it apparently was not "cool" for guys to "sing", and the ensemble became all girls ... "The Mellonettes".


*** I'm still reading the newsletter, but I spent an hour laughing at Vic Miller's tales of growing up in Albany.  Sure glad Luke Simmons ('52) found his blog and sent it to you.  Some great memories there since I grew up here, too. Vic is a great storyteller, and I'm so glad he wrote about all these memories for us all to enjoy.

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson (’56)


** Please note my new e-mail address!

~ Jimmy Bence (’64)


*** Special thanks and appreciation to Tom Herrington (’56), my husband; and Sharon Smith Spies (’58), my sister, for checking links and proofing “News & Clues”! 

~ Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)


*** Great picture and tribute to Wynelle Davis Greenway (’50) and Blackbeard’s Gathering info.

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56)


*** Thanks to Ernest Sutton (’61) for notifying us of the death of Libby Womack (’61).  He mentioned he was not sure it was his classmate because there was no MAIDEN NAME listed.  Perhaps you can appreciate, gals, that your classmates do not usually know you by your married name … that’s why I stress – MAKE SURE YOU SEND YOUR MAIDEN NAME.  You are alphabetized everywhere on the website … BY YOUR MAIDEN NAME!


*** I saw in the Albany Herald this morning that Mary Elizabeth "Libby" Dean Womack (Class of '61) passed away on July 22. The paper stated she had an extended struggle with cancer. Just wanted to let you know.

Enjoy reading the Albany High Times...thanks for you do!!!

~ Gloria Thornton (Class of '61)


*** Thank you for the obituary on Libby Dean. I believe she was also the widow of David Wolfe ('61). It sounds as if she led a very active and distinguished life. My condolences to her friends and loved ones. I always remembered Libby quite fondly.

~ Henry Barker ('61)


*** I don't know how appropriate or suitable it would be to mention this, but Libby was first married to another one of our classmates, David Wolfe. He was in the service (Army, I think) and they were stationed in Texas. While out on maneuvers one day, he died. He was one of the first, if not the first, of our classmates to die. Just thought I would let you know and leave it to your discretion. Thanks!

~ Sara Joiner Eubanks, AHS Class of '61

*** Libby and David were sweethearts in high school and they both graduated from Georgia so she could teach and he could be a pharmacist. After his additional years study and internship they married and he was pharmacist at Phoebe Putney Hospital. Those were the days of the draft so when he had opportunity to go to Officer Candidate School (OCS) he went, graduated and then they were stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. Unfortunately he collapsed when he was out training his group and even though they sent a helicopter to take him to the hospital he died.

Thank you so much for sending this information. How sad to lose such a sweet and wonderful girl at such a young age.

Georgia Wolfe Burns (’54) and sister of David Wolfe.


*** Knew Bettye Glass well. She was not only a great and beautiful lady. She was also a great high school friend. God bless her.


Thanks to Albany High Times again for the information regarding LTC (Ret.) Eldon Leroy "Lee" Mansfield, Class of 1947.  I knew Lee very well and also his brother Bobby. We all attended AHS and North Ga. College
~ Richard Simpson (’47)

*** You sent announcement about Leroy Mansfield’s death. I knew him better than others in high school.

I wrote something for the memory book. The write up said he learned Russian. So did my friend, Steve Juhan, That means at least two people from that graduating class learned Russian. I took German in college but they did not teach you to speak it.

~ Ralph Calhoun (’47)



In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...


*** Mary Elizabeth "Libby" Dean Womack, Class of 1961, sister of Catherine Dean


*** Bettye Glass Peacock, Class of 1948


*** Mary Elizabeth Street Ewin, Class of 1955


*** LTC (Ret.) Eldon Leroy "Lee" Mansfield, Class of 1947


Note: Thanks to those who send obituaries of AHS Indians outside of Albany. We would not otherwise be aware of our losses.


Notices and/or obituaries are sent to the deceased’s class, plus the classes of the spouse, child, or close relative, as soon as possible. Each is then listed on the “In Memoriam” webpage (if the class has submitted a list) and also in the "News & Clues" the following month.

Check out your class at In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates





50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ….



 Frances (Fran) Shadburn Davis (56) and Jack (55) will celebrate our 56th anniversary on the 18th of August. The years have been great and full resulting in 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 4 great grands, all in just a short 56 years.  Time flies when you have fun!


 Peggy Jo Irwin (Class '54) & Jack Davis will have been married 55 years on 8/25/2012


Send your 50th anniversaries and over

to albanyhightimes@aol.com




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Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56), Reporter/Editor

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Tom (fna Duf) Herrington ('56), Advisor/Photo Editor

Tommy (TAP) Pattison ('54), Reporter/Editor (center)

Lynn Garrison Johnson ('82), Liaison to 1960's and 1970's (the baby)!

Also ... many thanks to Buster Wasden ('55) and Dan Brooks ('56) who helped get the Albany High Times off the ground in 2002!



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