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State gives DCSS deadline to hire permanent Albany High principal …



By Terry Lewis, Albany Herald,

October 8, 2012

ALBANY, Ga. — The Georgia Department of Education has issued a letter to Dougherty County School Superintendent Joshua Murfree outlining “corrective actions” that must be taken in regard to the hiring of a permanent principal at Albany High School.

Albany High has not had a full-time principal since Angela Schumate was suspended eight months ago in the wake of the CRCT investigation.

As a SIG (School Improvement Grant) school, at risk is approximately $1.8 million in federal funding for Albany High. The Dougherty School System is currently in the second year of the three-year program.

The Albany Herald has obtained a copy of the Oct. 2 letter from Sylvia Hooker, state deputy superintendent for school turnaround, to Murfree. In part, it reads:

“This letter is to inform Dougherty County School System (Albany High School) of the findings and required corrective actions that must be taken in order for the GaDOE to release School Improvement grant funds for the FY 2013 school year.

“It is the responsibility of the Office of School Turnaround to provide oversight and technical assistance in the program implementation of the SIG grant for DCSS (Albany High). Currently Albany High has an interim principal resulting from the removal of the former principal. In order for DCSS (Albany High) to remain compliant the following actions must occur:

·                  “1. On or before Oct. 9, post the position for Albany High School.

·                  “2. On or before Oct. 12, the date and time must be established for GaDOE designated staff to meet with DCSS Human Resources to assist in screening, interviewing and recommending candidates for principal of Albany High School.

·                  “3. On or before Oct. 19, recommend for approval to the Dougherty County Board of Education the candidate for principal of Albany High School and the start date of the permanent principal must be negotiated to begin immediately.”

The department conducted a cross-functional monitoring review of the DCSS’s federal grants programs on May 24. As a result of DCSS “not providing sufficient documentation for the monitoring team,” state education officials said, the department rescheduled the monitoring review for Aug. 28.

The result of that visit required DCSS to put together a “corrective action plan” that must be submitted to the state by Nov. 19.

The Albany High issue marks the third federal program which now involves the state Department of Education.

Earlier, the department required the school system hire an individual of its choosing to oversee the DCSS’s Free and Reduced Meals applications process. It will soon name a person to monitor the system’s federal program expenditures.

Race to the Top and E-Rate funding could also fall under state scrutiny.


  Sincere apologies that October issue was too late ... can only imagine all the fun going on right now as I push the button to publish!



October 15, 2012 @ 6:00 p.m.


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Wynelle D. Greenway: gwtwjw@mchsi.com 

Phone: 229-435-8746



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*** Class of 1962 ***


The Girls of the Class of 1962 meet quarterly … so watch for the next date!


Joann Roark Arneson or Carol Pate Stark

(jprarneson@aol.com) or (cpstark@att.net)


*** Class of 1968 ***

45th Reunion

April 5th and 6th 2013

Both nights will be Merry Acres

The Grapevine playing Saturday night

More info later!


 *** Class of 1963 ***

50th Reunion

To be held

April 26 - 27, 2013

At Merry Acres

For more information, visit our class website


or contact Bruce Garey at brucegarey@bellsouth.net

or phone (229) 439-0546


*** Class of 1958 ***


May 3 - 4, 2013

FRIDAY, MAY 3: Barbecue/picnic dinner at Merry Acres Motel

SATURDAY, MAY 4: Dinner in the Merry Acres Motel Ballroom

Details will be announced later.

Contact person: Linda Cullom Jordan (LJordan848@aol.com) or AC 229-888-5098

Our webpage: Class of 1958

Click here: '58 Misc. Pics


*** Class of 1983 ***

30th Reunion

Saturday, June 22, 2013

6:00 pm

Location: TBD

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YOU ASKED … ? ? ?


A~  In reply to the article “Who are these youngsters”, I know and recognize the coach. His name is Horace Spires and is still living in Albany next door to Frank Orgel (’56).

~ Jackie Phillips (’57)


A~  Please, let Jay Beck know that while I do not have a copy of the Albany Journal from 1959, I do have a laminated copy of the entire front page of The Albany Herald published the day after AHS won the state championship. If he would like to see that, he can contact me by e-mail. Thanks for all you do.

~ Patti Bishop Savelle (’60)


A~  You might let Jay Beck know in response to his question that a few years ago when I was doing some research on Albany's history and I was looking for several specific articles from the Albany Journal from the early 1980's, Huddy Hudgens went down to their office and they had all the back issues bound year by year and available for review. Huddy was able to copy for me exactly what I needed from the originals. He did not think there were microfilm copies at the library, so hopefully Jay can find what he wants concerning the football team at the offices of the Albany Journal itself.

~ David Sherman (’61)


Response from Jay Beck:

I  want to thank "News and Clues" readers for the suggestions to locate the newspaper clip I needed. I have it now and appreciate the cooperation. You all are great!


?~ Can you help me get in touch with Ralph "Butch" Craig?  I think Class of '64. I have one of his high school annuals. Thanks,
~ Skip Porterfield, Class of '63

?~  I am looking for info and pics on a cafe called "The Black Cat".  Apparently it was popular in the late 1940's. My parents are celebrating their 65th anniversary and I would like to know more about this cafe or drive-in. I would appreciate your help if possible. Their anniversary is Nov. 16th  I'm looking for information, menu, pics, etc.  My mother was raised in Baconton and went to school there, not Albany.  My dad worked in Albany after the war and so he took her to eat at the Black Cat.  He attended Russell High in College Park, GA.  Mom's maiden name was Vivian Lewis. His name is Horace Phillips.  I found, with help of Vintage Center in Albany, a matchbook cover from there, but would love pictures of inside or outside and even a menu. Thanks.
~ Vivian McCain


?~ Albany High Class of 1963 is looking to see if we can re-connect with our classmate Danny Pope. We remember him being in our class Sophomore and Junior years. But we “lost” Danny as Seniors. Does anyone know how we can get back in touch with him to invite him to our 50th reunion next year?  Danny Pope (if my memory is still working) was the son of the guy who operated “LeLani Shores” out near where the Moose Club is now. He had water ski boats and I seem to remember that Danny was a hotshot skier. Either Danny or his dad was known as “Lonzo” Pope. I think I remember us calling Danny by Lonzo. However, I THOUGHT that was his father’s name. I’m pretty sure there were other Popes in Albany. There were the Popes in East Albany that ran Pope Burial Vault. I just looked in the Albany phonebook and there are probably 15-20 different Popes listed now. Pope Burial Vault is NOT listed though. LaVerne would have been just old enough to be gone from Albany High when our class got there. We didn’t move over from Albany Junior High until SOPHOMORE year (1959-1960). LaVerne would have just graduated. Once a 1963 Indian, ALWAYS a 1963 Indian!

~ Bruce Garey (’63)






Tommy Pattison and Joanne Hall McKemie, 1954 classmates, have been friends forever. Tommy says, “Her birthday is in October and mine is in December. I don't let her forget that she is older than I.”



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Messages from FaceBook!!

 NOTE:  Don't know why this Indian is not published.  He is one of the funniest and most clever guys I have ever known.  I had the privilege of knowing his brother Billy ('54) and sister Sandra ('55) ... so take it away Ben Swilley ... Class of 1960 ... YOU ROCK!


Know the Difference Between You’re and Your And You’ll Understand This Ditty I’m Sure!

At Albany High, Georgia’s number one school,
we learned our English grammar rules.
From Mister Billy Bragg and Miss Thelma Plant
who drilled us in grammar from can to can’t.

Then along came e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.
We are old folks now, our thoughts all-a-flitter.
We cannot remember what Billy and Thelma
taught us so well back in old Sowega.

Now, as I read these e-mail notes you write.
It has become so hard for me to tell,
did Thelma Plant and Billy Bragg
do their best to teach us well?

Then I heard Thelma speak as I slept in my bed.
She shook me by the shoulder and then she said,
“Remember, you grammarians, this little riddle,
And write no more your thoughtless piddle!”

“Hold fast, this little gem!
“THEIR” belongs to them.
And if you’ve ever paused to wonder,
“THERE” is a place over yonder!
Now, for your further satisfaction,
“THEY’RE” is “they are” in contraction!”


Editor's Note: I still love Thelma and Billy ... their standards made us better! They're simply the best ever. Believe me, there was never a better school than Albany High School!!!


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*** Please add Hugh Mitchell ('64) to the mailing list. Keep up the good work!

~ Billy Seymour ('64)


*** My sister, Mary Myrtle Britton Brown would like to be on the email list for the News & Clues newsletter. I have forwarded this to her a few times and she thought she signed up online, but it did not work.


Thought you could help her out with this. She is a 1953 graduate of Albany High School Thanks,

~ Hazel Britton Newman ('54)




50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ….


Sonny ('48) and Betty Dunn ('49) Logan celebrated 59 years on October 10, 2012!




Send your 50th anniversaries beyond

to albanyhightims@aol.com









A Plethora of

New Indian Novels




Savannah to Sweetwater:

the Long Journey Home


Doris Staton English, Class of 1956, has just published a new book ... Savannah to Sweetwater: the Long Journey Home.  This, her fourth book, is the first in a trilogy of a historical novel antebellum period, filled with intrigue, conflict, history and romance.   You may find it available at Amazon in both print and ebook, as well as Barnes and Noble ebook.  BARNES & NOBLE | Savannah to Sweetwater: The Long Journey Home by Doris Staton English, Maplewood Publishers | NOO



Doug Dahlgren



has just released his 4th in “The Son” series!

The fourth installment of The SON series … the saga of one man who did something … is now available. Doug writes, "The quote from Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing " has been paraphrased by some, but the message is always the same. It comes from a time that gave birth to our country … and in one simple sentence explains the essence of what makes us free. The willingness to take a stand for what is right, against any odds. Those ideals are the inspiration for my character, the mysterious and secretive assassin known to the world only as, “The Son.”


***  Where is the line between patriotism and terrorism?

***   When does loyalty become conspiracy?

*** Who are the masterminds?

***   Who are the Pawns?

The Four Samaritans: Doug Dahlgren: Amazon.com: Books



Also a reminder of last months’ announcement of Henry Duggan’s first historical novel! …


 ALBANY -- Henry Duggan ('59) beams when he talks about his first novel, "Silver's Odyssey." And why not? It only took 17 years for him to be able to hold it in his hands.

"I wanted to write this book for a long time," the first-time author said. "It was always in my head but I never had time to write it until I retired from the (Regions) bank."


For the rest of the Albany Herald September 23, 2012, article, click here:  Albany Herald | Duggan fulfills dream .  You may also find more information here: Click here: Silver's Odyssey: Henry C. Duggan III: 9781468587340: Amazon.com: Books


 The Plethora Revealed!


All Indian authors can be viewed on their web pages - click links below:


Shirley Austin Wright, Class of 1957 – Click here: Shirley Austin, Author


Bill Lightle, Class of 1975 - Click here: Bill Lightle, Author - Class of 1975


Doug Dahlgren, Class of 1965 - Click here: Doug Dahlgren - Author, Class of 1965


Henry Duggan, Class of 1959 - Click here: Henry Duggan, Author


Doug Fain, Class of 1961 - Click here: Doug Fain, Author


Lynne Pierson Massey, Author and Motivational speaker, Class of 1960 - Click here: Lynne Pierson Massey, Author and Motivational Speaker


Mary Alice “Lacey” Connell King Class of 1960 - Click here: Mary Alice Connell, Author


O. Vic Miller, Class of 1960 - Click here: O. Vic Miller. Author


Doris Staton English, Class of 1956 - Click here: Doris Staton, Author


Sandra Stokes, Author, Class of 1963 Click here: Sandra Stokes, Author


Don & Diane Pulliam Wells – Class of 1957 The Wells - Authors Don and Diane Pulliam Wells



And check out this section of "Unpublished Indians"  featuring …


Jon  Crawford (’54), Bill Dyess (68), Barbara Amann Clements (55), Tom Herrington (’56), Beverly Smith Herrington (’55) - Click here: We Write - Unpublished Indians



    ~ CLUES!!! ~



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 Tribe Notes …


 *** I enjoyed reading about your feelings about 9/11 and all that our country means to us. You were so right when you said how slowly time moves when we are young but now that we are old it goes so fast. Friends, family, our country and our health are very precious and we should be grateful for every day we have.

~ Mary Jean Cook Selman (’55)


*** Thanks again for all the news about AHS. Keep it coming. Cheers!

~ Richard Simpson (’48)


*** Thanks for another fine issue of N&C.

~ Bruce Garey (’63)


*** Thanks for all your kind words and your enthusiasm.  Many of our mutual friends have bought the book.  Enjoy !

~ Henry Duggan ('59)

** Thank YOU Henry!


*** I first want to thank you for the awesome job you do with "New and Clues". It must be daunting as well as time consuming. We are all so grateful!


Would you please add our reunion info  to the list of upcoming reunions?

~ Amy Robertson Beaver

Class 0f 1968


*** Thank you once again for keeping all of us updated on AHS alumni news!

~ Pat Rose Duggan (‘63)


*** I have a new email-please update! Thanks.

~ Jane Tolbert Kinzle (’56), now in Ohio


*** My deepest sympathy to Don Nicholson on the death of his wife.

~ Sandra Boger Steadman (’57)


*** We have known Susan Lee O'Bryan was ill we have been keeping in touch just letting her know we care.  ALS is such a devastating disease. Peace,

~ Joann Roark Arneson ('62)


*** Cathy Willis Spillers (’59) was a good friend and neighbor. We will miss her.

~ MaryAnn Allen Caldbeck, Class of 1963


*** Hello - - Just an idea - what about making a list of the classmates who are still kicking, rather than those who have left us? To look at the roster of the class of 1944 and see how many have departed this vale of tears makes me want to run and HIDE! Thanks for your efforts.

~ John Grissett (’44)



In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ...



* Charles Leonard (Butch) Dollar, Class of 1963


*  Susan Lee O'Bryan, Class of 1962


* Trudy Nicholson, wife of Don Nicholson (’56-’57) died in Texas, September 17, 2012, after a long battle with cancer. Trudy was the sister-in-law of Wilburn ('53) and Martha ('56) Nicholson.

Note: Don will be moving back to Albany in the near future.


 *  Catherine Willis Spillers, Class of 1959


*   Norma Herring Dykes, Class of 1946


Note: Thanks to all those who send obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We would not otherwise be aware of our losses.


Notices and/or obituaries are sent to the deceased’s class, plus the classes of the spouse, child, or close relative, as soon as possible. Each is then listed on the “In Memoriam” webpage (if the class has submitted a list) and also in the "News & Clues" the following month.


Check out your class at In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates


to albanyhightimes@aol.com





The Albany Theatre


You paid 10 cents to enter and sit in the Albany Theatre and watch wonderful musical shows on the week-ends with gorgeous Betty Grable or handsome Howard Keel, or perhaps you were in the Hospital Follies and you actually performed on that stage yourself … but I’ll bet you never ever imagined that one day that would all be gone and the building would be converted into lofts providing living arrangements … oh my how things change … Click here: Albany Herald | Lofts headed into historic building



 Albany - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


In September, we received information on the Thronateeska release of  Albany - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow as I was ready to publish “News & Clues”, and included information along with this note from Mike Johnston (’59), This is a great book... especially if you grew up in Albany. The introduction by Vic Miller ('60) will bring back memories of Albany, Radium Springs and growing up here when it was the indeed the ‘Good Life City’.” 


The book features nearly 100 pairs of  “yesterday and today” photographs from the Albany area and celebrates 175 years of history!


Note: Thronateeska Heritage Center is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization located at 100 West Roosevelt Avenue, Albany, Georgia. Facilities include the History Museum, Wetherbee Planetarium, Science Museum, and Archives. Admission is free to the History & Science Museum. Annual Memberships are available. Group reservations may be scheduled by contacting the Thronateeska Heritage Center office at (229) 432-6955.



Southwest Georgia Living


One of our famous Indian authors, Vic Miller, is often featured in the Southwest Georgia Living magazine.  Whether you still live in the Albany area or now reside elsewhere, we all like to keep up with what's going on around Southwest Georgia … it’s our home!


Well just in time for the holidays, Southwest Georgia Living magazine is offering Albany High alumni a buy one, get one free special. Buy a subscription for yourself and receive a free one to send as a gift. Or send two gift subscriptions for the price of one. Call us at (229) 883-8610 or email info@southwestgeorgialiving.com.






Hello: I am the new Director of Sales and Marketing for Merry Acres Inn and Event Center. One of our owners, David Campbell (’65), has spoken so highly of the Albany High Times web site.  

We would like to be included on your email list since Merry Acres is such a tradition here in Albany and so many of the class reunions are held here at the Inn.

We are also home to the Arctic Bear sign, which I know holds so many fond memories for so many of the classes. The bear sign belongs to the Thronateeska collection, however Tommy Gregors, who is the son of Joyce Fitzgerald (’55), was bringing it back and forth so much for the many reunions held here, and the neon was getting broken, so now it lives here with us!

We extend an invitation to Indians planning a reunion to visit us and let me show all the many improvements the Campbell and Henry families have made here at Merry Acres. Our hotel is just beautiful!

With warm regards,

Sandy Gregors

Director of Sales and Marketing

Merry Acres Inn & Event Center

1500 Dawson Road

Albany, GA 31707

229-435-7721 ext. 240





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