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 82nd Edition ~ 11/12/2013

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!




On November 16th I had almost finished with the “draft” of the November “News & Clues”, when suddenly my laptop gave up, and I could not revive it. We took it to our computer technician the next morning, and he was able to save a lot of the files, but some of them were gone, and so was the computer.


I do have an external drive system for back up, but when working on the newsletter, I take my laptop OUT of our office and into the "den" (to concentrate!) and it is not connected to my external backup drive; thus I lost the newsletter draft and other files, which necessitated my starting from scratch on this newsletter.


With my new laptop, a draft that previously took two or more days to create was drafted in little more than one day … even with the FSU game playing!!! So please note: only email material through November 16th appears in this newsletter … the rest will be posted in the December issue!


Format on the email is not the same quality - sorry!


I am still searching for the latest Albany High Times website folder. Hopefully all that will take is time, and we will be able to publish “on line” again soon!


In the meantime, I’ve a turkey to cook!!!

~ Beverly Smith Herrington








*** Class of 1969 ***

45th AHS & Deerfield

June 20-21, 2014


Plans are underway for our 45th AHS/ Deerfield Class of 1969 class reunion. We are still in the infancy of planning BUT save the date of June 20-21, 2014.


Event will be at Merry Acres and we have a block of rooms set aside at Merry Acres motel for $89 per night plus tax.


Friday night will be a "Meet and Greet" and Saturday night will be a dance with The Grapevine Band out of Macon GA. If you have never heard The Grapevine Band you are in for a real treat! One of the members is our own Robin Hughes ... AHS Class of 66. 

It will be an awesome weekend so please put this on your calendar!

Also in preparation for upcoming communications, please send your address and email address to 
erhinman@mchsi.com or send a FB inbox message. 

Looking forward to a great reunion!!!!!”

~ Elaine Rabun Hinman


** Classes of 1964-65 **

A Combined 50th Reunion

November 7th and 8th, 2014


Planning meetings have started!  Once again, there will be a combined 50th Reunion celebration for the classes of 1964-65 again!


A temporary date has been set for November 7th and 8th, 2014 at Merry Acres.


~ Glenda Shelby Cannon (’64) glendashelbyc@gmail.com


*** Class of 1962 ***

70th Birthday Party!


The planning committee for the Class of 1962 70th Birthday Party is at work!


~ Girl’s Luncheon ~


Our last luncheon was a small gathering. We were happy to have Kay Pedrotti and Carol Rathel join us again. We have enjoyed the covered dish luncheons and want to continue them.


We will meet again on December 11, 2013, at Dorothy Combs home in Gray, GA.


Dorothy and Richard enjoy decorating their whole home for Christmas.  Joann or Carol Stark will send out an email with directions closer to the time of the luncheon.



Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com) or

Carol Pate Stark (cpstark@att.net)


*** Check out our other luncheons and pics at: Click here: 1962 Girl's Luncheons


Are there additional upcoming reunions? Submit your information to:




DID YOU KNOW? You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!


*** Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** IF YOUR CLASS has info you would like to share ... i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music, send info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL CONTACT INFO!


*** Also ... looking for lost classmates?  This page will give you help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find






Coach Graham & Betty Lowe

Invite You

To an

Open House Book Signing


At the home of

Mariellen Johnson Bateman

2409 East Doublegate

Albany GA 31721

From 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Phone: 229-436-5535


You may contact Coach either by e-mail, phone or mail. He will mail the book.  Send your check for $30.00.


Coach’s E-mail address is: gblowe2012@gmail.com.

Phone number: 229-725-5551

Address: 773 Mill Pond Rd, Damascus, GA 39841


He is in Albany on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons at Deerfield-Windsor football field. If you pick up your copy in person you save five dollars ($5) postage and packaging. The cost is twenty-five dollars ($25).

Click here: Graham Lowe, AHS Coach and Teacher


*** Thought I'd include a photo from The Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp, taken on July 26, 2013, at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, Scottsdale, AZ. This is a Camp in which Kingston Trio fans get a chance to perform one song with two members of the Kingston Trio, and on two other nights, they get to perform three songs with Trios that the campers form, among themselves.


All three shows are sold out every year. Here is a picture of my song with the Kingston Trio members, a song written by the late John Stewart, called "One More Town."


Henry Barker

Living His Dream!



Left to right in the photo, George Grove (The Kingston Trio); Paul Gabrielson (The Kingston Trio bass player); Henry Barker (AHS, Class of 1961); and Rick Daugherty (The Kingston Trio). My whole life, I wanted to play with these guys. We never grow too old to dream.



 Henry Duggan’s Invitation!

(Class of ‘59)

FREE KINDLE ebook Giveaway

December 3 – 4 2013





A historical fiction novel of desperate survival in 17th century Spanish colonial Florida from the shipwrecked Atocha galleon.

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/dp



Indian Responses

to October

"News & Clues"



 *** This "Thank You" can't wait on a stamp and the Post Office to get our message to you! As you always do - this was an OUTSTANDING EFFORT featuring our Aunt Ruth Flanders.

We were visiting her on Saturday when her mail was delivered and she got
a card from a couple we all know, but didn't know how "they knew" about
her birthday...........driving home I told Russell "it was News & Clues!"


I know many more cards will arrive, and at 100, that's really all that important - hearing from friends and co-workers who you shared times in your life together.  Thanks a million.....
~ Betty Nix (’60) & Russell “Doodle” Rouse (’59)


*** It was so good to see the letters from Sarah Grace and Eleanor Hagin Bradwell. I remember them from 1st Pres. They were just enough older to seem so beautiful and so wonderful to the "little girls". I loved their Daddy & Mother, too.

~ Nan Murphy Claypool (’63)


*** Enjoy the newsletter so much! Thanks again for all your efforts and the love you put into the publication.

Actually, I won that 1956 Miss Albany Pageant!  Wish I could remember the details of the others who placed. They were beautiful girls; I was astonished to win!

There was a pageant the previous year as well which was, I believe, the first, but it was not held at AHS. My friend and fellow dance student of Peggy Pritchett, Jane Towery (’55), won that year and went on to dance with the Rocketts at Radio City Music Hall.

Also found the "Cinderella" program interesting.  Although I do not remember that performance at all, or even knowing Bill then, our names are together on the program. I thought we met in high school!

Isn't memory a strange and selective phenomenon? 
Thanks for keeping us teenagers at heart!

~ Ruth Sasser Garrison (’57)


*** Enjoyed as usual, this month’s newsletter - I remember being Miss Albany in the summer 1953 when I was a freshman at UGA - no big contest then - just Jimmy Simpson from Albany Chamber of Commerce asking me and I said ok!!  I was in 4-5 "pageants" in Talla, Moultrie, etc., but never won anything.  But as I wrote in my freshman year scrapbook, "Sponsored by the Jaycees and journeying west, I toured to Moultrie to a beauty contest.  For weeks I dieted … put curlers in my hair … dreaming of the honors that awaited me there!  I smiled, I strutted and did my duty!  All to discover that I ain't no ravin' beauty!  I came home empty handed.  No tropheys had I won. But I got a cashmere sweater and I had a lot of fun!"

~ Annelle Stem Griffin (’52)


*** I was in that pageant.  Jane Towery, Class of 1955 won. Her talent was dance, and she went on to dance as a Rockett in NYC. Haven't heard anything about her in years.  Pat Murphy, a Jaycee, was in charge of that first pageant.  I was also in 1958 pageant. Think Maureen Bass, Class of 1955,  won that one.  1955 was the very first one and there weren't that many girls in it as I recall. I was too young at 16 to be qualified, but guess they needed warm bodies.


Thanks for all your hard work on these publications. I always enjoy reading them.

~ Judy Collins Hayes (’58)







?~   I have a 1923 Annual  --- I've been thinking about sending it to THRONATEESKA HERITAGE CENTER, Albany, GA.   Is this the best place for it?

~ Robert H. Doan, Class of 1944


?~  Always good to read the Albany High Times.  

I wanted to respond to James (Jimmy) Sawyer's excellent tribute to our AHS teachers Misters Finley and Gore in the latest issue, but I don't think I have his accurate email address. Please forward this note to him and ask him to send it to me.

Too few of us remember to convey how much we appreciate those special people in our lives whose influence and guidance have meant so much to us over the years. Jimmy did, and I thank him for it.


~ Eddie Ort (’48)


A ~ I emailed Jimmy Sawyer: “I don't give out email addresses unless it is family ... and bless Eddie's heart ... he was gentleman enough to ask if I would send this note to you. Eddie's email address is in blue below I’m sure he will respond!”



R ~ Thanks for forwarding; I was in Eddie's "Gang" in the second grade! Good to be in touch; he was solo clarinet in AHS band, much better musician than the first clarinet … me! Thanks,

~ Jimmie Sawyer (’48)


?~ Who was the AHS Football coach in 1969?  If you can help it would be great. I just celebrated my 50th high school reunion at Wayne High School, outside of Dayton, Ohio, and it was wonderful.

~ Bonnie Jones


A ~ Received several responses for Bonnie! … the answer: Coach Harold Dean Cook, AHS Class of 1953 


Those who responded:  

~ Bill Dorough (’69), Amy Robertson Beaver (’68) Nancy Fordham Paschal (’68), Gail Hedrick Murphy (’68), Jim Ellefson (’69), and Robert “Butch” Windham (’69)!  Thanks y’all!!!


?~ Could you send me the September Albany High Times “News & Clues”?  When I went to open it, it went away.


~ Gene Summerford (59)


 A ~  Gene, I was working on publishing the NEW October issue!  Go to  the Archives: Click here: 09 2013 News & Clues


Note:  October is still posted here: This Month's Albany High Times ... "News & Clues"  When I can, this “emailed” November issue will be posted on the website.


?~  Speaking of annuals, when William "Bill" Edwards ('63) passed away several years ago, I rescued a couple of annuals from his home.


I gave his personal annuals to his sister, but I have one that belongs to Ralph (Butch) Craig, Class of '64 that I would like to return to him.


If you could put a notice on the website next time, maybe we can get this little piece of history back to its original owner.


~ T.F. "Skip" Porterfield, Class of '63


*** Can anyone help Skip locate Butch Craig?


?~  I just found out Bobby Deen went to AHS, but don't know what class. Does anybody know???  Even if he didn't graduate … once an Indian … ALWAYS an Indian!!!

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson (’56)


?~ The “Us Now” website was mentioned in this month’s newsletter. How do I access that site?

~ Linda Anderson Burgess (’66)

A ~  Click here: Us Now - All Grown Up!


?~ Someone asked if Pam Tyler (’55) was a majorette in the AHS band – see attached photo for proof.    


I don’t know if Pam ever saw the picture of her with Bob Duggleby (’56) and Wayne Kennedy (’55 – deceased).


The picture was taken at Jacksonville Beach.

~ Jim Johnson (’56)




50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ...




 59 years ago, on November 20th, I said "I do" to a guy whom I ran all the way down the hall of AHS for, so that I could stroll, nonchalantly, up the stairway that he'd be coming down!  Well, it worked!  Happy 59th Anniversary, Dan Cook, from the 17 year old girl who said, "I do"...and did!  May we have many more!

~ Dan (’54) and Faye McFee (’55) Cook


  Nov. 20, 2013: So thankful that God gave me Bill Randles .... it was the greatest gift I could have ever had. We were married on this day in 1955 in Albany, GA.  

~ Frieda Howard Randles (’54)



Send your 50th Anniversaries

and beyond

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*** Elizabeth Champion:

 You have fullfilled my wish RE: Mr. Sell. He was stolen from AHS to Ole Miss.  I went to grad school at LSU and was there for 2 of the few years Mr. Sell was at Ole Miss.


They got him to sign away his rights to his “Dixie” I am pretty sure. As loud as Tiger Stadium 'Death Valley' is, there was a total awe when Ole Miss with Mr. Sell and the band came out playing his [our AHS] Dixie. It got a standing Ovation in 1967 and 1969?  A year later I was in BR but could not get tickets to game, but I was sitting with friends where there is a great echo, and it was magnificient. 


Sadly by that time, Ole Miss had dumped Mr. Sell.  Love the song, do not like Ole Miss.  I have wanted to hear that again for years!!! Appreciate your link and all you do to preserve our info.

~ Elizabeth Champion (’63)


Having been corrected by Richard Stalvey (’62) who was recruited to Ole Miss by Mr. Sell, I was wrong.  It was an accident that took Mr. Sell from Ole Miss. He was somewhat recovered I heard.  In late 1970's I saw him after he retired. His wife did a DOCO Symphony for a while.

~ Elizabeth Champion (’63)


NOTE: Elizabeth - I have no idea why I didn't see your post before, but I have found several messages in this area that date back to 2012!   Your response is very interesting! I had no idea where "Maynard" went after AHS - though the last time I saw him, he and Polly had dinner with us - in 1971, I think!


*** Gayle Hughes Vorse

I know you probably won't remember me, but I grew up at 1517 Fifth Avenue, right around the corner from you, Sharon and Tina.  I always thought you all were so beautiful. Years later, Tina was our organist at First Baptist Church and accompanied our high school choir on many trips for choir festivals. I just read your post to Judy Holman Deriso and read the story about the sunflower...Wow! How that touched my heart!! I also wanted to ask you how to get in to be able to read all about Albany High School.  I’ve gone to the AHS Times site.  Is that the one, or do you have to sign up somehow? Love reading about old times.  I guess the older we get, the more precious those memories become. Thanks for your help...

~ Gayle Hughes Vorse (’63)


 *** Posted on Albany High Times Website's timeline: "Just finished reading News and Clues.  Thank you so much for writing about the Cinderella play. (I was the fairy godmother and I still remember parts of the song I sang).  Also I enjoyed remembering Mrs. Watson's piano recitals."

~ Sandra Boger Steadman ('57)






Veteran Newspaper Man

Had Readers' Interests at Heart


Gordon Wayne Stem

AHS Class of 1950


Longtime journalist Gordon Wayne Stem died in his sleep October 16th after a long illness.  He was 81.


Known as a strong and dedicated journalist, Gordon loved words and writing.  He was known as a true professional with a big heart who cared deeply for the newspaper and its readers.  He never met a stranger!  


Gordon was born on Aug. 24, 1932 in Highland Park, Ill. He graduated from Albany High School, Class of 1950.  He served in the U.S. Army in France before returning stateside to complete a bachelor of arts degree in journalism in 1956 at the University of Georgia.


He began his journalism career while in college, later working at newspapers in Georgia and Florida.  


At the Atlanta Journal, Gordon worked on the sports staff, then later as sports editor at the Macon News and Albany Herald. Moving from Georgia to Florida, he went to work at the former Jacksonville Journal, and then the Times-Union


Joining the staff at the Jacksonville Journal in May 1964, he was later named in 1977 as the Saturday editor of the combined Journal/Times-Union.  


By 1984, he was dayside news editor of the Journal.  In a 1984 “Meet the Press” story, Gordon said that editors and writers at a newspaper have one common ground — “the reader’s best interest.”


When the Journal printed its last edition on Oct. 28, 1988, Gordon wrote a farewell.


“Gordo” retired in 1998 after 34 years as a news desk editor at the Times-Union.  He is survived by his wife, Linda Hanks Stem, sister Annelle Stem Griffin, (AHS Class of 1952), daughter Kathy Stem of Covington, Ky., daughter Ashley Powell, son Tom Stem of Memphis, plus grandson Christopher Nanney of Nashville, stepson J.R. Hanks of Atlanta and stepdaughter Lee Hanks of Jacksonville.

August 24, 1932 - October 16, 2013



Native Son Bobby Deen

Returns Home for

Book Signing


At a November 2nd  book signing at the Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Welcome Center, celebrity chef Bobby Deen, (son of Paula  Deen and Jimmy Deen), came back “home” with a new book, “From Mama’s Table to Mine”, and also his new wife, Claudia! 


If anyone knows anything about traditional Southern cooking it’s Bobby Deen. “When your mother’s Paula Deen ('65), you grow up in a house of good, traditional Southern food,” he said.  “When I got to be 30, I just didn’t feel great health-wise. I wanted to make some changes in my life, and with the encouragement of a good friend who is a strength and conditioning coach I embraced exercise. Once I did that, it changed the way I look at food.  I didn’t really want to sacrifice any of those great foods I’d grown up on, so I started looking for ways to make them healthier.”


“People ask me all the time if Mama is mad at me (for altering her famous recipes),” Deen said. “I can tell you, she’s not. First of all, I’m her son, and like all parents she’s happy to see me improving my health. Second, I’m not butchering her recipes or turning my back on my Southern heritage.”


Even with his emphasis on healthier dining, there are some Southern recipes that are simply untouchable. “Believe me, there were things that I couldn’t make work, no matter how hard I tried. A fried green tomato is a fried green tomato. You can’t mess with that.”


Deen said he looked forward to bringing his new bride, Claudia, to Albany. “Claudia is from Caracas, Venezuela, and she’s never been to Southwest Georgia. I’m looking forward to showing her where I went to high school (Albany High School), and the old neighborhood I grew up in. We were at Mama’s house last night with Aunt Peggy (Ort) — Mama fixed this wonderful vegetable soup like no one else can — and we were talking about churches.”


“One of the things that I’ve been wanting to do back home is go to First Baptist Church, where I was baptized in 1981.  I understand the church itself and those beautiful stained-glass windows are no longer there, but I think I want to attend church at that structure (which is now Friendship Baptist Church). I love coming home to see my dad (Jimmy Deen) and his side of the family, but if we make it there three times a year that’s a lot. I’m closer to Albany, New York now than I am Albany, Georgia. So this weekend is going to be special for me.”


NOTE: Copies of “From Mama’s Table to Mine” are available this week at the Convention & Visitors Bureau Welcome Center’s 112 Front Street offices during business hours.


For complete Albany Herald article: Native son Deen returns home for book signing | Albany Herald



We Recommend …



***  Visit days of yore through pictures taken BEFORE AHS from your school years  ...

Click here: Before AHS - When We Were VERY Young!



~ I recently visited my mom and family in Albany when she gave me precious class photos.

I attended Kindergarten at St Teresa; Grades 1 and 2 at Broad Street, Grades 3-6 at McIntosh, Grade 7 at McIntosh, as it converted to seventh grade only in 1958-9 and grades 8 & 9 at Albany Junior High.

I transferred to Westminster Schools in Atlanta for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, where I graduated in 1964.

Michael Harris (’64)



~ CLUES!!! ~



 *** PLEASE, double and triple PLEASE add your NAME, INCLUDING MAIDEN NAME, PLUS your CLASS YEAR when emailing anything to the Albany High Times


I can’t tell you how much time I spend looking up that information … when putting together the “News & Clues”, I go through at least 100 emails or more every month to post your new messages, and every time you write and only give your first name, I have to stop and look it up in my AOL Address Book, and trust me, that interrupts the old brain flow, not to speak of how old it gets!!! 


Some folks don’t even put their name, so I actually have to find out who sent the email by looking up the email address.  At my age, I can even forget a close friend’s last name.  So, I’ve asked before … and I’m asking again … PLEASE help me out!  Send your full name AND class ... PLEASE!

~ Beverly Smith Herrington (’55)




Albany Online Calendar

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson ~


There is a new online calendar of events in Albany designed to provide local residents and visitors with a free resource to publish events and find local art, recreational, and cultural events in the Albany area.  Check it out here before your next visit!



For more information on using the online calendar see:

Click here: Albany Visitors Bureau launches online calendar | Albany Herald


***  This will take you on a walk down a long forgotten memory lane with fun memories.  One of the best compilations! Don’t think they left out anything … some we like to remember, a few we'd like to forget!  But I think you'll enjoy.


~ Bruce Garey (’63)


*** America the Beautiful. Gorgeous pics from every state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here: America the Beautiful in Autumn: Peak Fall Foliage Dates for 48 States [50 PICS]

~ Annelle Stem Griffin (’52)


*** PRICELESS !!!!!  If Johnny Carson was still around, Leno & Letterman wouldn't have a chance!  Johnny’s is the real Tonight Show!


These are the good ole days … this trick has never been repeated in modern times!!! Ladies and gentlemen … presenting Johnny Carson and Dom DeLuise!  

Click here: Egg trick

~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson (’56)




Tribe Notes …



*** Thanks so much for the mention in “News & Clues”.   I really appreciate your support. Come see us when you can…

Kindest Regards,

~ Banks Burgess (’66)


*** Thanks for my SILVER’S ODYSSEY free Amazon ebook plug for Nov. 5-6!

~ Henry Duggan (’59)


*** I'm so enjoying reading this (“News & Clues”) ...thanks for your hard work.

~ Diane Cowan McLaughlin (’63)


*** I just discovered the Albany High Times website, which I am enjoying checking out.  I am Sandy(ra) Redding Bell ('63).


I clicked on the "missing students" section and spied Vernon Smith's name under Class of '62.  I don't know Vernon, but my sister does and was FB friends with him, and let me know that he had moved to Blairsville, which is where I live. I friended him on FB and know for a fact that he is alive and well! My hubby has even met him ... small town! Let me know if you want more info on Vernon because I can easily get it.


Also, I think Fred Tetro died a couple of years ago. Bruce Garey ('63) would know for sure. He manages our '63 website.


Thanks for all this helpful information! I will be checking in again.  Look forward to reading more news in the future.

Sandy  Redding Bell (’63)

Blairsville, GA


*** I buy the Sunday NY Daily News because it has a tv guide & some crossword puzzles. The clues for the smallest puzzle usually have to do with tv & movie names & actors, so I can do very little of it; however, an Oct 20th clue for a name of 3 letters was “musician Stevens”. I’m sure it must be “Ray” Ragsdale aka Stevens class of 1957. I’ll have to try to remember to check next week.

~ Wilma Muse (’56)


*** Sorry, it was “Cat” Stevens not “Ray”. I did look Ray up in Wikipedia & there was an extremely long article which I suppose his agent entered.

~ Wilma!


*** I was glad to see the surfacing of Jimmy Sawyer ('48) in Albany High Times. He and other of my friends went to Tech while I went to Georgia and graduated with no particular dishonors, followed by a couple of years in the Army.


We were blessed with good teachers at Albany High. Jimmy mentioned Cap'n Finley, one of my favorites as well, and I had the same experience, that early college math was largely a repeat of his senior class.


The same was true of Miss Cochran's English and Mr. Loveless's Human Biology. When I went to Athens I spoke French like a native (Albanian), but this was not Miss Boatright's fault; we (including Roland Culpepper and Lamar Arnold) misbehaved in her class.


I realized later in life that teachers like to hear from people who benefit so much from their dedication, but they probably hear from too few. By the time this occurred to me it was too late to tell my own teachers. Do you know someone who should hear from you?


Our splendidly-uniformed and well-trained band was a major part of the Albany High experience.  I can still hear them opening up with a blast of the newly-popular St. Louis Blues March with Billy Huggins providing the attention-getting drumbeat opening and Jimmy's (Sawyer) clarinet somewhere in there. The band and our often-victorious football team, urged on by exuberant cheerleaders Anita Pait, Carleen Newell, Barbara Traylor and others, gave us many joyous Friday nights.


Thanks to you who create Albany High Times.

~Frank Wells ('48)


*** Want to say many thanks for your hard work to bring the news to everyone!! I always enjoy!!

~ Bobbie Young Wade (’62)


*** Please share with your friends!
Thank you,
~ Doug Dahlgren (’65)


***  Many thanks to Brenda Arnett Darbyshire (’67) for letting us know of 20 of our deceased classmates.  Some of us have been discussing creating this list. 


Guy Odom was in our class as I remember him from Palmyra Elementary School. However, I do not recall if he graduated with us.  For this purpose, I suggest including him in Class of 1967.


Also, a few other names to add...

- Terry Foreman- 2012

- Randy Sikes- 2013

- Richard Armstrong-?

- Danny Stickel -?


Thanks for doing this!

~ Walt Green(’67)


*** I looked, for the first time, to the list of deceased classmates. Under 1964, I was shocked to see the name Clive Rainey. You may not know that Clive was volunteer number one for Habitat For Humanity. He was involved since day one. Habitat and tens of thousands of new homeowners, and all Americans for that matter, owe a great deal of gratitude for all he has done. He is a truly outstanding person, loved the world over.


I'm sure his passing would generate some press since he is the last surviving founder/employee/volunteer of Habitat.

Since I haven't heard anything about his passing I contacted Habitat. It was a surprise to them! We couldn't reach him because, at the moment, he was giving a speech to volunteers and supporters in New England.

But no question, Clive is alive and well.

Sincerely (and thanks for all you do),

~ Robert Vick, Class of 64


NOTE:  The Indian Pride section will feature an article on Clive Rainey (’64) in the December News & Clues!



I am at the mercy of kind Indians who send the names of deceased Indians from the Great Medicine Man.  Most of the time, this is correct information.  However, in the past year, I was informed that an Indian brave from Class of 1953 had died.  So, I sent the notice to his classmates.  Immediately I heard from another Indian who called to check on him and who HAD TALKED TO HIM that day! I also heard from his cousin who called and reported back that he was fine!  Of course I immediately sent a retraction and apology to his class.  I was pleased as punch to find out that he still lived amongst us!  


I can tell you, that on a rare occasion, reports of an Indians’ demise are “greatly exaggerated” … but most times, it is an honest mistake!



*** I was a good friend of Imanell Beasley. She was in the Class of 1948.  Hope this helps.

~ Martha Fort McDowell (’49)


*** I just corresponded with Sue Anne Rathel, sister of Richard, on Face Book. She said that he died 4 years.  Please add his name to our 1954 deceased list when you have time. Thanks.

~ Tommy Pattison (’54)


*** My wife Sharon’s mother was Jane Beverly Acker. She passed away in June, 2005, and was an Albany High School graduate, Class of 1936.  She then went to Stevens College for one year and then to UGA for three years (Class of '40). She always said it didn’t take as long to get educated in those days.  Sharon says she was 16 when she graduated from AHS (11 grades) and 19 or 20 when she graduated from UGA.


Sharon is not an Indian. Her father was an AF officer when he married her mother in Albany in early ‘40s – therefore, they experienced transfers. He actually was trained at Darr Aero Tech south of Albany and was later stationed at Turner when Sharon attended Palmyra Elementary School for one year before he was transferred to another assignment.  She graduated from Melbourne HS in ’62.  

~ Ernest Sutton (’61)


*** I regret to pass along that Gordon Stem has passed away.  I worked with Gordon years ago at the Florida Times-Union, and had been in touch with him since returning to Jacksonville Beach from Albany. He was as beloved and respected as a newsman and colleague. I think there will be an obituary in tomorrow's paper; I'll get it to you.

All the best,
~ Kevin Hogancamp


·     *** Kevin is missed!  You may remember that he bought the Albany Journal, which in the 50’s was previously an embarrassment.  But those who know Kevin know the Journal became an admired newspaper in Albany under his watch.  He always had our back when he noticed an Albany High Indian listed in the obituaries, and notified us immediately.  He was and is a special friend!


*** Just a quick sincere thanks for your tenaciousness in "spreading" the word about the death of my brother, Gordon Stem (’50). Amazing how many emails & phone calls I've received.  FYI:  Gordon also went to Vanderbilt his 1st year of college; then he joined the service and was stationed in Orleans, France, a few years.  He came back home and finished his college, majoring in Journalism at UGA - he even got to know Lewis Grizzard when working at the Atlanta Journal/ Constitution!

~ Annelle Stem Griffin ('52)


*** I attended the service this morning.  It was great to learn more about Mr. Stem's life from his family and to hear our former colleague Nick Bournias' humorous recollections of Mr. Stem, particularly his sometimes-overboard enthusiasm for baseball.  Indeed, there were many generations of journalists, myself and Mr. Stem included, who were ostensibly lured into newsroom careers by our love for the game of baseball.  My friend and current boss Phillip Milano, who worked at the Times Union for 25 years, says that Mr. Stem was probably the kindest, most thoughtful journalist-colleague he's ever had.


That's how I remember him, too.

~ Kevin Hogancamp



In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe, but where I loved, I live ... 
*** Gordon Wayne Stem, Class of 1950; brother of Annelle Stem Griffin, Class of 1952

*** Georgia Ann Dorminy Fleck, Class of 1962


*** Ronald  (Ronnie) L. Jones;  AHS Class of 1964, who died Sept. 17, 2013



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***  Robert Marshall, Class of 1964


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~Frank Wells ('48)


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~  Gayle Hughes Vorse (‘63)








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