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 106th Edition ~ 11/20/2015

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!









*** Class of 1956 ***


The Great Hurrah!


60th Reunion

April 1-2, 2016

Merry Acres Poolside and Event Center


Keep those replies coming in and let us know if you are coming.

We are about half-way to 100 attendees needed to keep these plans unchanged.

Bring your friends and family and other classmates. All are welcome to join us for

 “The Great Hurrah”

our last major reunion.

Prices quoted are based on 100 attendees

$75 single - $150 couple, both nights

If you can only attend one night, please indicate on reservation form which night

Friday night - $25 and $50 Saturday night per person


Send your completed reservation form and money by the deadline

 January 15, 2016


Vivian Corbin Theel

1913 Pineknoll Lane

Albany, GA 31707-3756

If you need a reservation form, call or email:

Vivian Corbin Theel – 229-439-8214 or email mailto:vtheel@earthlink.net


Leon Perrett – 229-435-9634 or email mailto:k4gcr@bellsouth.net






*** Class of 1962 ***




* Girls' Christmas Luncheon *



Our next luncheon will be

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

in Gray, GA


Dorothy King Combs has graciously invited us to enjoy her beautifully decorated home in December.  She loves everything Christmas and decorates every room in the house!


So please plan to join us and be sure to let us know you are coming (we want to make sure we have enough forks!).

If anyone needs directions, please let me know. If you need a ride, we can coordinate, to make sure everyone has a way or we can caravan, meeting at my home (there is lots of room to park).

By having the luncheon in Gray, we are hoping to make it easier for the girls in N. GA a chance to join us.



Joann Roark Arneson (jprarneson@aol.com)


Check it out!

*** See other luncheons and pics at: Click here: '62 Girls' Luncheons


*** See our 70th Birthday Pictures @





*** Class of 1961 ***


Girls' Quarterly Luncheon

January 14, 2016


Contact: Wanda Olivent Proctor,



FaceBook: Click here: (88) Albany High Class of 1961



 AND …


DID YOU KNOW? You can check out suggestions from other class reunions for your venues, caterers and great bands and DJs!!

Click here: Reunion Ideas ... take a look!


*** PLEASE SHARE YOUR reunion ideas ...  i.e., successful venues, food/caterers and bands/music ...


Email info to albanyhightimes@aol.com with ALL CONTACT INFO!



This page might be of help ...

Click here: Lost Classmates? How to Find 




   ~ CLUES!!! ~ 




Which Wigwam?

Sometimes, in trying to determine the "class" for AHS Indians who have been in more then one class before graduation, I list the class in which they have spent the majority of their years at AHS ... unless I receive directives from the Indian or their family.  As an aside, I am familiar with an Indian who, in the 8th grade, decided he would REPEAT that grade so he could be in a certain girl's class the next year ... HONEST INJUN! ... and he still claims that class, not the original!!  FYI: he is a successful lawyer! 


Yet most Indians I know who left AHS before graduation, still claim the class in which they would have graduated had they remained.  Some classes kept track of those students on their roster, some did not ... it was a class preference - neither right, neither wrong. 


Usually when I don't have an Indian's class ... I email the obituary asking for help from possible classmates.  I always have responses from Indians who take the time to  check their annuals, or who remember the Indian in question.  This was the case in trying to find the class year for Nancy Ivaleen Farrow Elmore.  I knew by her birthday the possible classes she might have been in.  But alas ... the information coming back was not the same!  Usually it works out!


The thing is ... I need a class in which to place Indians who are deceased.  So, since I have found that most students usually claim their original class ... that is what I will honor.


Please ... I ask that you not send Albany High Times' emails to my personal address (bmabz@aol.com). 


I don't keep Albany High Times e-addresses there or any files for either Albany High Times or "News & Clues". 


So please put this email address in your address book .... pretty please: albanyhightimes@aol.com


*** Read Clark Howard's scam alert on the new chip credit cards.






50th Wedding Anniversaries and beyond ... 




  The Brooks: Dennis, Class of 1965 and Gay Knighton Brooks, Class of 1965 celebrated 51 years of marriage on September 12th, 2015.

 The Lesue's: Annette Hancock Lesue, Class of 1955, and husband Carlos celebrated their 54th Anniversary, February 17, 2015.


 The Randles: Frieda Howard Randles, Class of 1954, and husband Bill celebrated their 60th Anniversary, November 20, 2015.


*** My apologies to both of these couples for being late - Beverly



Send your 50th Anniversaries and beyond

to albanyhightimes@aol.com







? ~  Hi, is there any chance of getting the pics of the Maude Evelyn Murphy Dance recital programs  (saved by Mrs. Mildred Herrington, mother of Tom ('56), David ('60) and Kay ('62) Herrington)?  I'm her grandson and am living in Albany.  I assume you know my mother, Carol Murphy Mathis?  My mother and my sister Stacy are running the studio now, and are looking forward to the studio's 70th anniversary in May of next year!


Those brochures will give my mother a kick, I'm sure. Thanks,
~ Chris Mathis


NOTE:  Chris ... I am so excited! I adored your grandmother!  And the jpegs are emailed!



       1st row:  Bob Gage and Maude Evelyn Murphy 

      2nd row:  grandson Chris Mathis, Mary Carol Mathis ('62), Stacy and Gene Mathis



? ~  My address in the list of recipients shows ups "fiddler ...@...com.  Would you be able to show my name as Judy Kelley Reynolds so that old friends will now it is me?  I am currently in Dallas.  I so appreciate all of the hard work that you do to keep the remainder of us informed and together.  And yes, I have been a fiddle player since the age of eight and still going. :0)


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our old classmates.  I will never forget you or that wonderful placed called Albany, Georgia. I met the kindest people in the world there!

~ Judy Kelley ('60)


A ~ Judy, I'm so sorry .... but AOL only lists the email addresses ... but I will let your class know ... perhaps some friends will see this!

? ~  At one time we understood that the recipe that David Sherman ('61) perfected for The Victory Club’s Mushroom dish was printed in News and Clues. Please let me know if you did not carry it, if that be the case.

If so could you please send a copy of that article with its recipe to me? We want to compare it with the recipe that the waitress from the Victory Club had wrote [sic]for her files and passed down before she died.


Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter,

Sincerely,  Pat Samford

A ~  Pam, the only recipe I've posted, to my knowledge, was the BBQ Sauce from the Pig & Whistle.

I am a great lover of mushrooms, any way, shape or form ... and I have no memory of such a recipe! Oooooooooooo ... I'd love to have it!







Peggy Houston Henderson, Author

Class of 1954



My novel, SIGNPOSTS TO VICTORY, has just been published. It is classified as religious fiction and is available through www.westbowpress.com (a division of Zondervan), www.amazon.com, and, also, www.barnesandnoble.com.



Signposts to Victory is composed of four parts.


In Part 1, three women set out on what they think will be an uneventful trip to a small southern town. The shocking discovery they make there, however, turns their lives upside-down, placing them in awkward and dangerous positions.


In subsequent parts, a series of unusual finds present unique challenges for other characters, as well. Shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, each surprising revelation calls for a solution, though often accompanied by painful inner struggles.


The question of forgiveness, the overriding theme of the novel, involves a choice each character must make that ultimately determines the path forward-toward either defeat or victory.




Jeanne (Flora) Hall, Author

Class of 1962



It is a simple story yet all of life is in the telling.

My brother Jim and I were born in a small Southern town in the Southwest corner of Georgia. In the springtime large magnolia trees blossomed sprinkling the neighborhoods with their lovely white bouquets. Yellow daffodils filled the air with their sanguine fragrance. The summers brought Spanish moss that hung high from large oak trees and swayed in the summer breezes.

We walked barefoot skipping along unpaved roads and rode our bicycles to the nearby creek where we scavenged for crayfish. There was a sweetness that pervaded our lives. Yet appearances were paramount, silence was golden, gossip was shared, and secrets were hidden. There was an unstated proper order to this tranquil life. It was not to be disturbed. And yet it was, generation after generation after generation.

What is the evidence?

A Legacy Of Lies: A Woman's Journey To The Truth: Jeanne Hall: 9781512090208: Amazon.com: Books


Click here: A Legacy Of Lies: A Woman's Journey To The Truth by Jeanne Hall | 9781512090208 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble




Doris Staten English, Author

Class of 1956



***Sweetwater Legacy Series***

 ~ Dreams to Ashes ~

A New Novel



Doris Staton English at a book signing for her new book Dreams to Ashes, the second in her "Sweetwater Legacy Series"

Click here: Amazon.com: doris staton english







The Albany Book Signing


Hamilton Jordan's Book

 A Boy From Georgia




Albany came together to show their appreciation for Hamilton Jordan ('62), his newly published book and his contributions to our community, our state and our nation. Their participation produced sales for over 500 copies of his book, A Boy From Georgia.


To purchase the book please go to daughter Kathleen Jordan's personal website at: http://www.aboyfromgeorgia.com






Class Websites







  http://www.albanyhighschool64-65.org/ http://www.65.org/sellfolio.html



*** If your class has a website - please email your link to: albanyhightimes@aol.com




  Check out FaceBook for

AHS FaceBook Links



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* Albany High Times Website @ Facebook

* Ahs ClassofFiftyfive

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* Albany High Class of 1961 (4) 

* (1) Albany High School Classes of 1964-65 Reunion

* AHS Class of 1969

* Albany High School Class of 1970

* Albany GA. Kids' of the 70's....

* Albany High School Class of 1974 Albany, GA

* Albany High School Grads 1976-1983

* AHS/WHS Class of 1978

*** Email address for Class of '71 FaceBook:



* AHS Class of 1983

* RIP Classmates of DHS AND AHS

* Click here: (60) Friends of Tift Park


ANY OTHER CLASSES to be listed?




 Messages from FaceBook!!


Don't miss this!!!!

~* HOME *~

by Betty Rehberg


Albany Georgia!  A wonderful video created by Betty Rehberg with some of her photos.  Enjoy!!!



*** Those of you who only access Vintage Albany with mobile devices are missing out on a LOT of content. We have a huge photo section, videos and many files and links that cannot be accessed without a PC.


~ Betty Rehberg (’74)



***  https://www.facebook.com/n/?billiesue.corley&aref=1444865489351264&medium=email&mid=52218aca7af8eG2f840d62G52218f63db260G3b4G1b04&bcode=1.1444865489.AblvNqQ59CRfSBx9&n_m=bmabz@aol.com  Billie Sue Strawder Corley likes your page Albany High Times Website.


***  https://www.facebook.com/n/?connie.brown.3323&aref=1445286562501069&medium=email&mid=5227ab6920efbG6e205c37G5227b002811cdG3b4G4478&bcode=1.1445286563.AbkMdtvoG3g2GXJU&n_m=albanyhightimes@aol.com  Connie Findley Brown likes your page Albany High Times Website.


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  A Note to Y'all!!!


You will notice that this issue of "News & Clues" looks like someone didn't care ... well someone does care ... A LOT!


I have been in this den chair every day since Monday (16th) trying to get this issue out (which normally would have taken 3 days).  Alas on Tuesday, my web program quit working, and would not publish.  I have a backup program, but it is lazy and slow, AND it has a mind of its own and does not retain selected bolds - instead randomly BOLDS EVERYTHING and changes or selects its own color palette. And it no longer lets me change "links" to bright blue ... it chooses orange!   I use orange and green for text ... but sometimes IT over rides me with blacks and browns, etc.  So my hands are tied, at least for now ... so I decided to go ahead and publish AS IS.   Yes!  Have plans to visit my Geeks ASAP.



Some wonderful things, some sad things this month.  But it will not look like what I've tried to publish before ... this new program has a mind of its own ...


I hope you will agree ... the content is what's important ... and I also know you'll agree ... news from AHS Indians is very important!


Y'all have a great Thanksgiving!!!

~ Beverly Smith Herrington













~ Alvin Bales, Class of 1961


Please add my name to the list of so many Albany High School graduates who served honorably and well with our military forces.


I served as an officer on active duty in the Regular Navy for 11+ years and then in the Ready Reserve for another 13 years.  My period of service was from February 1966 until October 1990 when I retired as a Commander. My service included two minor conflicts in the Middle East and a tour in Southeast Asia.


A few years ago I had the honor and privilege of hosting the famous Navajo Code Talkers for a day during one of their periodic trips to Washington. They shared with me their Navajo philosophy that most things related to war and combat should be left on the battlefield and not be brought back home to America. Having adopted that philosophy as my own, I have no war stories to share. I would just be proud to be listed among my fellow Albany High School graduates who have served their nation so well in their military and civilian careers.



AHS Indians who have served, continue to submit their names and service information, and are added to our list of those who have served our country and their stories. 


W. David Taylor, 1964

Michael Gilliam, 1964

Emory Roberts, 1964

Ted Mauldin, 1956

Alvin Bales, 1961

Philip Donald Maloy, 1965

Fred Sumpter, 1956

Thomas "Tommy" A. Flowers, 1964

James "J.W." Roberts, 1964

W. David Taylor, 1964
Bryan Tanner, 1964

Rodd King, 1964  

Robin Hughes, 1964

Paul Joiner, 1964

Chip Shemwell, 1964

Dave Garrison, 1964

Henry Barker, 1961

Tommy Gilliam (D), 1961

Wayman Simpson, 1961

James T. Fitzpatrick, Jr., 1962

Horace Holley, 1956

Jimmy Bence, 1964

Jack Newman, 1948

Justin Robinson, 1948

Paul Nichols, 1948

Dale Dorman, 1950

William Grayson Peters, 1950

Lewis Higgins Peters, 1943

H.L. "Buster" Wasden, 1955

Irwin Strickland, 1954



You are welcome to submit your name or that of an AHS relative or classmate (living or deceased).


1.  On this webpage, Indians are listed alphabetically: AHS Men and Women Who Served in the Military


2.  On this webpage information and/or stories about their service (living or deceased) can be posted. Their Stories and Service


Please don't forget to add your FULL NAME and AHS CLASS.


If I have omitted listing any Indian, previously submitted, I do apologize. Please let me know.



Send AHTimes emails only to: albanyhightimes@aol.com




 Tribe Notes …




*** I believe that Jack Newman fought in Korea and was wounded there. ... Class of '48 or '49.  Also, Col. Dale Dorman, Class of '50, 4 years in the Navy, full career Marine and wounded twice.
~ Jim/James Calhoun ('50)

*** Yes, Jack (Newman) fought in the Korean War and was wounded. He was Class of 1948 and was in the Marines.


I was thinking Justin Robinson (also Class of 1948) was in the military. Justin lives in Dalton, GA was married to Joan Joiner (who is now deceased).

I talked with Justin and he said it was “fine” to add his name to the Military list. He was in the Air Force.  He said Paul Nichols also served in a branch of the service. He is deceased now. Thanks,

~ Hazel Britton Newman ('54)

*** Trying to get my name and two friends who graduated with me on your list of AHS grads who served: W. David Taylor US Air Force, Michael Gilliam US Air Force and Emory Roberts US Marines


We graduated from Albany High School in the Class of ‘64 and served during the Viet Nam War. Emory Roberts was an infantryman in Viet Nam and had a knee replaced due to combat injury.

Thanks and we love your work. Please keep it up.

~ David Taylor ('64)


*** Skip Gnehm, Class of  '62, was recently interviewed on "Shepherd Smith Reporting" on Fox News. 


Skip is an American diplomat who most recently served as the U.S. Ambassador to Jordan.  He is now a faculty member at George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs. 

*** The
Class of 1981 is planning a big ole reunion for next June 2016 and are inviting other classes from the '80s.  Looks like a really fun time! I'll send you links and information.


All the classes are getting smarter (as they get smaller) and have begun inviting other classes and schools. It's much more fun! I went to '81's reunion in 2011 and reconnected with some very special folks I hadn't seen in 30 years.


We invited Westover & Deerfield to our reunion the next year, and same thing ... lots of friends one would not normally see. It's becoming a trend with our crowd, probably because there were so many people we knew from junior high, but not in high school.  Or in my case - people I knew from scouts, dancing or debs, but never to same school.  It's just great seeing everyone!

~ Lynne Johnson ('82)


*** Something I'd like to pass on to folks ... is to suggest you consider creating a document (or at least make a list) of what you would prefer be included in your obituary.  Then family doesn't have to guess what you would have preferred be included.  You would be surprised at the obituaries I receive that don't include their high school and class, and since I notify classes (when I receive notification) when they have lost a classmate, I need the class year to notify.  There are times when the family guessed the class year.  Often I have to go by a birth date and ask Indians of that age for help in class placement.  They haul out their annuals, and send responses that are extremely helpful in placing the classmate in the correct class on "In Memoriam", and I thank them all!  One who is a big help with the 1940's era is Bill Huggins ('47).  I love his emails!


Here is a breath of fresh air from Bill ....

"...Google doesn't help, Beverly .... mostly your stuff out there. I recall when I was roster chairman for my 1947 reunion, I enlisted the help of a retired principal who, through schools records that reached back to 1947, provided some useful information.

We found all but one classmate (Johnnie Stokes) and knew several things about her including her old Albany address and where she applied for college. Even her grades were still on record which we had no use in knowing.

An added bonus ... he provided me with my own grades which I wasn't particularly interested in seeing. We still haven't found her. Maybe some kind school administrator will look Betty Kirkland up for us in some AHS past records and provide her class year.

I wonder what ever happened to all those old trophies that were in that case located just inside the front doors (of the Jefferson Street AHS)?  And all those pictures of past football teams that adorned the dark halls with those creaking floors.

Those were the days my friend.

We thought they would never end ...
~ Bill Huggins ('47)

*** Please change my email address.  We are closing our old account, so the previous address is going away. Thanks so much,

~  Carolyn McBurnett Parks AHS Class of '71


*** Trying to once again get back on the e-mail list to receive the Albany High Times.... Please advise. Thanks.
~ Hugh Mitchell ('64)

Hi there, I came across your Albany Links - Where To Go ... What To Do!  page today while searching for information about Albany. There’s a lot of great content on there – thanks for taking the time to put it together.

While checking out some of the links, I noticed that the link to the Albany Museum was broken. Thought you might want to take it down!

Also, I wanted to pass along another useful resource with similar content: "Albany Livability" http://www.areavibes.com/albany-ga/livability/. I figured your visitors would probably find it valuable as well.

Let me know what you think. Hope you have a great day!  Thanks again,

~ Diana Walberg

NOTE:  Thanks to Diana, The Albany Museum link has been updated on Albany Links. http://www.albanymuseum.com/


You may want to visit the Area Vibes website Diana suggested (see above link).  Many thanks to her for her interest in our website!


*** I have a few names to add to the list of deceased classmates from AHS 1981. So sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm sure you see it in every class.

They are Greg Brown, Loretta Smith, Ricky Eidson, and Cindy Bragg Rowles. I heard Loretta Hatcher is dead as well, but I need to confirm.

Cindy Bragg was the most recent death from 1981, and she got left off your email. She touched everyone who ever knew her. Lovely girl, wonderful saxophonist, and Homecoming Queen '81. Don't worry about it, though. Everyone knows, and everyone misses her.

~ Lynne Johnson ('82)


***  I have yearbooks 1960 through 1962 and found Bip Farrow in the '61 class. However I didn't find Nancy or Hilda Farrow.

~ Bobbie Young Wade ('62)

*** Very sad news. I'm pretty sure that Nancy would have been Class of '62. She and I were in the same grade but at different schools when both our fathers worked at Haley Motors (later Pritchitt Ford). She was a sweetheart, my first schoolboy crush before Dottie Bunch.
~ Jim Faircloth ('62)


*** If my memory is correct, Bip Farrow was in AHS Class of '60.

~ Tom Ross ('60)


*** Bip Farrow is Class of '60

~ Jim Hall ('60)


***  Hilda Farrow is in the AHS Class of 1952.  I don't know the other siblings.

~ Tommy Pattison ('54)


*** Bip Farrow is definitely from the Class of 1960. He has recently had to change his email address. So, I forwarded your message on to him and suggested that he notify you of his address change. Thanks for all you do for us.
~ Randy Sammons Class of 1960


*** Based upon age/DOB you'd expect Betty to be in my class but I do not have her in my databases.
~ Charles Gillespie ('62)


*** Bip Farrow was in my sister-in-law's Class of 1960. She is sitting beside me! We are about to go into the Holly Fair in PCB.  Peace,
~ Joann Roark Arneson ('62)


*** i think Betty was in our class of 1962.  

~ jonnie holley douglas ('62)


*** I show a Bip Farrow in Class of 1961 and a James Farrow in Class of 1960, they appear to be the same person. Could not find any of the others.

~ Trisha Fowler Brooks ('62)

*** I am sorry to inform you that Mary Myrtle Britton Brown, Class of 1953, passed away October 9, 2015

~ Hazel Britton Newman ('54)


*** Bob Miles is in my annual as Class of 1966
~ Doug Dahlgren, '65

*** (10/10/2015)  I just found your website today, which would have been my mother's (Jean Allen, Class of 1952) 80th birthday.

She was married in 1954 in Athens, Greece, to my father - Don Blevins.
who was not a graduate of Albany HS.  He was from Tennessee. My parents met, married, and had their first child in Athens, Greece. My father was stationed there in the Air Force; my mom's father ran the PX/commissary and other concessions. They always laughed about how they went halfway across the world to meet, even though they grew up in neighboring states.

They were married for 38 years until she passed away June 22, 1992, in San Marcos TX.

My father, both my brothers, David and Dennis and I survived her.


My father passed away April 19, 2014.

~ Donna J. Blevins

Attorney at Law


*** What a beautiful tribute (for his wife) from Tommy Tarpley as I knew him. We lived next door to each other on 3rd Avenue as mere children. One can surmise from this obituary that he deeply loved his wife. Sorry to hear about her demise.

~ Peggy Jo Irwin Davis ’54.


***  Hilda Farrow was in the AHS Class of 1952.  I don't know the other siblings.

~ Tap Pattison (’54)




In Memoriam ...
Not where I breathe,
but where I loved ... I live ...



***  Greg Brown, Class of 1981

***  Loretta Smith, Class of 1981

***  Ricky Eidson, Class of 1981

***  Cindy Bragg Rowles, Class of 1981

***   Nancy Farrow Elmore, Class of 1962, wife of Ray Elmore, Class of 1960; sister of "Bip" ('60) and Hilda ('52) Farrow

***  Denise Chastain Tinney,  Class of  1975

*** James Turner (Jimmy) Terry, Class of 1965; brother of Louise Terry Gresham, Class of 1956

*** Robert Allen "Bob" Miles, Class of 1966

*** Betty Kirkland Strickland, Class of 1940

***  Winston D. Sanders, Class of 1957

***  Barbara Ann Cain, Class of 1972; died July 27, 2007

*** Jean Allen Blevens, Class of 1952

*** Patricia "Pat" Newman Tarpley, wife of Tommy Tarpley, Class of 1952, died October 28, 2015.

*** Gerald Albert Chancey, Class of 1943
*** Jack Giddens, Class of 1943

*** Jack Holland, Class of 1943

*** Max Sweat, Class of 1943

*** Roger Dill
, Class of 1943

Elizabeth Davis Drake, Class of 1943

*** Uncle Ed (Norman Edwin) Washburn, Class of 1966

Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside and outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.  
FYI: Email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased’s class, and if relatives are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parents, as soon as possible.   Each is then listed in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also on the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" webpage: In Memoriam - Our Deceased Classmates - AHS Albany GA

Please send corrections or additions to



AHS Memories


(click to expand)


Albany High School Glee Club

1950 - 1951


I forgot to wear my white shirt and bow tie, so I stooped down to hide my shirt that I was wearing. You just can see me - kinda in the middle of the group between Fred Liggin and Solon Skandamis.

~ Tommy Pattison ('54)





“News & Clues”





*** Please add Gina Paulk Griffis, AHS Class of '75.

~ Gina Paulk Griffis ('75)


*** Please add me to your distribution list. Class of 1964. I grew up in Albany and have lived in Baton Rouge since 1967.  Go LSU Tigers!  I was in Albany this past weekend. Fun to go back.
~ Robert Sutton ('64)

*** Please add Dorothy King Combs, Class of 1962, to your list to receive the N&C's.

~ Joann Roark Arneson ('62)


*** Please add James "Jimmy" Kennedy. Class of 1967


*** Could you please add me to your "News and Clues" list?  Thanks,

~ James Sanders ('67)








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